Luckly Me Gay


Luckly Me Gay
I had been to a local bar getting a drink after college midterms. This was a just a normal bar, one that I had been to on a few occasions, and I was trying to unwind after all the studying I had been doing. All of a sudden a big muscular guy in biker leather walked up to the bar beside me and ordered two boilermakers. He looked over at me, looked me up and down actually. He asked if I would like another drink. I said no thanks, and that I was just about to leave, that I had classes earlier tomorrow morning.

“Suit yourself,” he said and walked away with his drinks. I finished my drink and headed to the bathroom, before I left. When I came out I noticed the guy, sitting with another biker type at a table and they seemed to be looking at me and saying something to one-another. I shrugged it off and left.

I was walking through an alleyway back to campus, when all of a sudden I was shoved from behind. I was hit hard enough that I fell to the ground. I heard someone laugh. I got up and there the two guys from the bar were standing behind me. “What the fuck?” I said. That was all I could get out, when they grabbed me and forced me up against the wall. They again laughed, and said, “Yeah, he looks like a real good boy, should be fun.”

At this point one of them started undoing my belt, as the other held me there by my throat. The one who was stripping me pulled off my pants and threw them over his shoulder. Then they both laughed. I was wearing a jockstrap under my pants, because I was out of regular underwear. The one looked to the other and said, “Great, he must have wanted this. We won’t even have to take them off.”

At this point I was terrified. Then the one guy unzipped himself and let out his monster hard on. His buddy released his grip, and the other grabbed my head and forced my mouth onto his cock. The other shouted in my ear, “Ok bitch. Now do what you do. And you better not fucking use any teeth, or I swear to god we’ll knock ’em all out.” The one with his cock in my mouth said, “Ok now I want you to suck my cock head. I am going to show you the proper way to suck cock.” I began sucking his cock head and running my tongue over his piss slit. Apparently I was doing a good job because he was moaning loudly. I just did what I thought I would enjoy. I heard the other one ask how I was doing. His buddy said, “Little cock sucker is a natural. I may just have to keep him.” At that point his buddy grabbed my head and started fucking my face. I had never done anything like this in my life, even thought about it either. I then felt the other guy get behind me and spread my cheeks. He then started eating my ass. I will admit it felt pretty good. He was using his tongue to dart in and out of by asshole, and then he would go really deep. But my real attention was to the monster cock being forced in and out of my throat. I just concentrated on keeping my mouth open and tried to relax my throat. Then all of a sudden the guy behind me stopped eating me. I felt him grab my ass cheeks and spread them again. This time he shoved what must have been a hard cock just as big as his buddies, right up my virgin ass. The force of this forced my face all the way onto the other guys cock. My nose was buried in his pubic hair and I actually felt his nuts slap against my chin.

Neither let me rest or get used to the feeling. They started fucking me from both ends relentlessly. One had a hold of my hips and was really pounding my asshole, while the other one held my head and fucked my throat. I was being ****d by two burly, leather clad bikers, right in the middle of an alley. I couldn’t even hope to scream, because I could barely get a breath from having that cock in my throat. The one in my ass felt like it was ripping and stretching me apart. I couldn’t do anything about it. They just had their way with me all they wanted. They started to get into a real rhythm, and really going’ to town on me. They were grunting and moaning all the while. They apparently had no fear of being caught.

Realizing I had no choice and was not able to get away, I tried to relax my asshole and throat muscles. I had hoped that this would cause me less discomfort. The one fucking my ass must have felt this, because he suddenly drove his hard cock even deeper into my ass. This intrusion caused me to scream in pain. Or I would have screamed, if not for the cock in my mouth. The guy in my mouth laughed and said, “Buddy I think this little bitch likes what you are giving him. He just moaned onto my cock. I think he wants more.” I tried to spit the cock in my mouth out, but the hands on my head held me in place. I tried to look up at the guy whose cock I was sucking. We made eye contact and I tried to shake my head “no” and to plead with my eyes. But he only petted my head and said, “Don’t worry boy, I know you want him to make a man out of you.”

The guy in my mouth then began throat fucking me again. I had to take quick breaths, whenever he would pull out of my throat. I figured the best way to breathe was for me to get it over with as fast as possible. I started to really suck his cock. I put everything I had into sucking his cock. I sucked deep and hard, imagining I was trying to suck something through a clogged straw. I knew it would not stay “clogged,” but figured the sooner he came the sooner it would be over. I used my lips to stroke up and down his shaft, and my tongue to stimulate his cockhead. The guy in my mouth moaned. He said, “Damn boy. That’s it. Work my hard cock. He must really need my cum, because he just went wild on my cock.”

The guy fucking my asshole started going faster as well. He even started smacking my ass cheeks from time to time. He started talking really dirty, saying “This bubble butt was made for fucking. I bet he has always wanted to feel what real men can do. After this, I bet we will have ruined women for him. Once realizes how much he loves cock, how could he go back to pussy. I bet we can turn him into a real cum whore. What do you think? Think we can fuck him until he cums?” His friend in my mouth laughed and said, “Shit, I don’t care what he does. I haven’t cum in a few days. When I cum down this bitch’s little throat, I bet he won’t need to eat for a week after what I give him.”

I felt them gaining more and more speed, and depth with each thrust. The one behind me kept gripping my ass cheeks and pulling me into him, all the while saying things like, “Yeah, take it you bitch. You like my cock in your ass don’t you? Oh your ass feels nice and tight.” While the other had a hold of the sides of my head and kept feeding me more and more of his cock, he just kept saying, “suck my cock, boy suck it.” over and over again. After what seemed like an eternity of the assault, the one in my mouth said, “I’m about to cum. How close are you?” The one in my ass says, “Yeah. I won’t last much longer in this tight asshole. They both picked up more speed and drove their cocks even deeper inside me. I knew this would be over soon, so I worked both of their cocks even harder.

I began feeling pleasure. I had never done anything like this before. But I did know about the prostate and how much pleasure it was supposed to give when stimulated. I was starting to really love this. I felt them gaining more and more speed, and depth with each thrust. The one behind me kept gripping my ass cheeks and pulling me into him, all the while saying things like, “Yeah, take it you bitch, you like my cock in your ass don’t you, oh your ass feels nice and tight.” While the other had a hold of the sides of my head and kept feeding me more and more of his cock, he just kept saying, “suck my cock, boy suck it.” over and over again. I started to clinch my asshole as tightly as I could around the cock burying itself in my ass. The guy fucking my tight virgin asshole must have liked this. He started saying, “That’s right bitch. Squeeze my cock with your ass. Make me cum. You know you want me seed in your ass. That’s it, take my cock. Just like that.”

At this point my jaw and lips were hurting from how wide I had to keep my mouth open. I didn’t realize that my asshole no longer was hurting. I just felt my asshole as it was stretched around a hard cock. I felt every punch as the hard cock in my ass slammed into my prostate. I started really working the cock in my mouth with my tongue and lips. I felt by my body being bounced between the two of them. When one would thrust their cock into me, the force of the plunge would drive me deeper onto the other cock. The one fucking my ass saw this and laughed. He said, “Hey look. We can play Ping Pong with this bitch. Watch this.” With this he slammed is cock deeper and harder into my ass than he had before. The force of his deep thrust into my ass sending my body move forward and my mouth to go deeper onto the other cock.

The one in my laughed and said, “Yeah. I like that. But how do we keep score?” The one in my asshole said, “How about the first one to cum in this bitch wins.” The guy in my mouth says, “Ok. I’ll go first.” He then slammed his cock back down my throat. I was pushed back onto the other guys cock, burying it deep in my bowels. The other guy moans and says, “Yeah that was a good one.” He then fucks my ass with a good deep ram, sending me forward and deeper onto the cock in my throat. They then take turns fucking me back and forth. They pick up speed and slam both my holes for all they are worth. They both soon lose track of their game, and proceed with fucking me harder than before.

After what seemed like an eternity of the assault, they both slammed their cocks all the way into me, and started cumming in both of my holes. I had one spewing cum up my ass, and another cumming down my throat. The cock in my throat was blocking my airway and left me no choice but to swallow all his hot cum. I slurped and sucked as fast and hard as I could, hoping to be able to breathe soon. I felt every spurt of the cock in my ass as it filled my warm ass with his hot cum. I will admit, after the rough anal pounding, the hot cum flooding my ass was a relief. The guy in my ass pumped my hole to milk his cock. I assisted him by clinching my ass muscles around his cock as he would pull out. When they had both finished and had cum all they could, they both pulled out, zipped their flies and walked away like nothing had happened. I was left in a sweaty heap on the alley floor, breathing heavy, with cum still dripping from my asshole.

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