Mattie, My Journey to Freedom; Part 2

Mattie, My Journey to Freedom; Part 2
Mattie, My Journey to Freedom; Part 2

My recovery from surgical procedures went better than expected.
I felt a-bit giddy on the examination table, without the paper gown, naked. Jenny placed my feet in the stirrups and ran Velcro straps across my knees and feet. My legs were stretched away from each other as she adjusted the height of the seat and spread my legs even further. With my cunt open, Jenny began poking and touching me. She seemed to have lost her professional detachment and was simply playing with me and I did not mind. Jenny put one finger into my vagina and said “Squeeze like you’d do a cock”. I did and she slowly pulled it out. Then she said “Squeeze your pussy shut” and I did as she had asked. With her palm up, she tried to push two fingers into me. I kept my cunt closed, after a while I let her into me. She began rubbing my G-Spot and I enjoyed it and felt my juices flowing. I surprised myself with the ease at which I got so wet and hot. Jenny did not stop fingering me and increased the pressure on my g-spot and with her thumb was rubbing my clit and just like that she made me cum. “It looks that your vagina is back to its tightness from when you were a young woman” she said as she removed the Velcro and I took my legs off the stirrups.

Back in her office, Jenny looked directly into my eyes and said “You probably guessed that I’m not a regular person. In fact, we’re coming on the celebration of death and rebirth of Osiris. I as high priestess of Isis get to lead our followers with song, dancing, feasting, drinking and be a “the hand of God” to the High priest. Listen” she continued, “go to ‘Victoria Secrets’ and ask for Sara. I have something special planned for you and she’ll take good care of you and.”

Feeling frisky and sexy, I decided to go commando and without a bra to Victoria’s Secret. When I entered the mall, I could feel the chill of the air-conditioned air flowing up my skirt and my nipples got painfully hard. I was sure people were noticing, but I made believe of not noticing them and entered the store confidently not showing any emotions. A well-dressed older woman approached me. “You must be Jenny’s friend. She told me you would be stopping. I’m Sara and I think we have what you need. Please follow me,” She led me into a room in the back of the store. The room had one of those 3 sided mirrors so you can see every angle of your body even your ass. It also had a couple chairs and a plush couch for the viewers to relax in while they waited. This room was obviously built for several people to be in at one time. “Take off your dress and let me see the new you” Sara said. I pulled up my dress over my head and threw it to the floor leaving me totally naked. Then I walked toward the mirror and took a good look at myself. My new tits stood out proudly with the nipples poking toward the ceiling. My newly toned and flat tummy with a smoothly shaved pussy looked absolutely hot.

Sara came over and with a tape took few measurements left the room and returned with a basket of sheer bras, thongs. My tit size would vary between 36B and 36C. When I tried on the 36B, it was a bit tight, and since my nipples are VERY sensitive, that made it uncomfortable. Sara noticed that and came back with a new bra saying that from this manufacturer tended to be slightly smaller in the cup and asked me to try it on. I put on the new bra, and I agreed that it fit perfectly. With few more tryout, we settled on the perfect thong.

“Now, Jenny told me that you’re invited to the Isis and Osiris birth and rebirth celebration. The religion of ancient Egyptians was all related to sex. If you’ll look at the pictures of the Temple at Karnak, its columns are chiseled to represent aroused penises. The legend is that in order to get Osiris to be happy, Isis stripped of her clothes and danced provocatively of him showing her sex and make him cum. At the same time, virgin girls would dance, sing and experience their first sexual encounters.” I was fascinated by this tale as she continued. “Now, Jenny is the Isis Priestess who will perform the ritual dance and you’ll be the holy virgin to the Gods and I have the Egyptian style beaded net dress that we made just for this occasion.”

By mail my invitation arrived asking me to be at Isis and Osiris celebration at Jenny’s house. Arriving on time I stood in front of Tiffany Style ornate massive doors. The work was so beautiful that it could have rivaled any church stained glass windows. Sara opened the door and silently guided me into what seemed to be changing room, except that in its center there was a large contoured medical table on which a gorgeous naked black man was lying. He was being shaved by another man. Sara saw my puzzled look and in a low voice told me that all men at this ceremony must be totally cleanly shaved. Per tradition of the Isis and Osiris priests, they had to be absolutely hairless. That included head, chest, back and legs from ass crack to scrotum. She also informed me that all the men were required to abstain from any sex for at least five days, so that they are full of seed for this celebration. When his shaving was done, I was already naked and Sara told me to climb onto the table. Then she spread my legs, made sure that there were no stray hairs on me. Then took a small ball of wax and gave me a quick Brazilian. When she was done, she motioned me to stand up. “I’m going to give you a special dress for you to wear. We made it special for this kind of an occasion and it is a copy of the kind of a dress that worn by priestesses of ancient Egypt would wear. With that she produced a beautiful the bead-net dress of a dark turquoise color that was crafted with several thousand faience beads in a fish-net pattern. The dress fitted me tightly and fitted few inches below my mons pubis and my hard nipples were poking through. As truth be known, I was horny and hot as hell.

Sara took me into a very spacious room that was decorated in burgundy and gold. In its center there was a big royalty-style throne chair. In front of the throne, covered with soft fabrics was a small bed sized podium which looked like an altar.

Sara directed me to stand near the altar. As I realized that near the altar there was a semicircle of black men and white women. The women were naked except for floral garlands in their hair and an ornate waist-string on their hips. The men were well hung and it seemed that there were three men for every two women.

A murmur went round the room, and then there was hushed silence. The sound of hushed silence filled the room. Jenny and Winston entered the room. Jenny was wearing a fishnet dress similar to mine but it was most exquisite made of beads of many colors with beaded collar and headdress.

Both of them made their way to the throne and motioned for me to get closer to them. As I reached them, a woman passed me a large goblet that was filled what smelled like a mead wine. “Drink this” said Jenny. When I finished drinking, she said “Face Winston and get down on your knees”. I did as instructed.

Then in a loud voice she continued “We are gathered to celebrate the birth and rebirth of Isis and Osiris. As per reaffirmation of new life, know that Osiris’s seed is as plentiful as the stars in the sky”.

Then continued:
“O, good king, come to your house”
“O high priest come to us”
“O lusty bull show your manhood”
“O lover of women come to your priestess”
“Come to us and give us the semen of life”

With that she placed her hand on his cock, moving it up and down, up and down, drawing an involuntary groan from him. Two of the women walked over to Winston and started licking and nibbling his nipples. His face showed signs of ecstasy. Jenny would not stop in stroking his cock. The base of his manhood was moving up and down with its scrotum hanging and swaying with every jerking motion. He gave out a loud grunt and I could see his huge balls tense up reading to shoot his load. Jenny did not let up on holding and jerking his shaft. With her free hand she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to his cock-head. Pointing his erection towards me and to the cheers of all gathered, Winston sent a stream of cum onto my face. Smiling triumphantly, he sent several more jets of hot cum onto my face. As the remnants of his hot cum spurted from his bulbous purple knob, Jenny directed it to my forehead and let that seeping ooze dribble down.

Surprisingly, I felt happy. Looking at all gathered I noticed that all the women were sexily gyrating to their men. There was no doubt that they were hot and ready to fuck. Sara came over and with a perfumed cloth, cleaned and refreshed my face. Jenny and Winston looked at me and positioned themselves at my side. Jenny and Winston in a ritualistic flourish moved me toward the ‘altar’ and made me lie down on my back. Jenny pulled up the beaded dress’s hem exposing my bottom to all. Winston spread my legs up and with fingers started teasing and stroking my sensitive bud in an up and down motion with increased intensity. Jenny went to my nipples, tugging and pinching, rolling them between her fingers, pulling them. I was becoming lost in the heat.

Winston in a booming voice proclaimed “Hubwa Kisu, come to us and claim your wife”
By lifting my head I saw the most beautiful charcoal black African man. His oiled skin shined its luster like no chocolate colored toned skin can do.
His rugged muscular physique was adorned with an uncircumcised cock that was as thick as my wrist. His foreskin was cut and shaped in a way that it resembled a second penis. I knew from reading that the Maasai warriors would fold that foreskin in a manner that with every stroke, the folded foreskin would give extra friction in rubbing the woman’s ‘G’ spot with every stroke. In anticipation, my pussy was a frothing mess and my nipples were so hard they felt like they would break and fall off.

He got on top of me and using his elbows supported his weight without crashing me. Jenny took his cock glided its head up and down my labia lips. I arched my body wanting him in me and not tease me any longer. But Jenny was deliberate, just allowed his cockhead penetrate me. I could feel his massiveness as my body was adjusting to his size. Jenny pulled him out and then slowly pressed him in but not more than my opening. Winston, grabbed my ankles and pulling them apart and over my head opening me. I adjusted my hips just a little and moaned. I have never had anything so big entering me. He stopped when he was about partially in. I started to buck my hips attempting to prod him on but Jenny controlled his rhythmic shallow thrusts and kept him no deeper than my opening.


Jenny pulled him out and rested him just outside my pussy lips.

“Oh yes Fuck me. Give it to me. Oh God”. I wailed in desperation.
This time Jenny started to press him into me. I could feel him stretching me. I have never had anything so big entering me. He stopped when he was partially in. I steeled myself for the brief moment of pain that I expected. I placed both hands on his hips and pulled down. The enormous-feeling head slid in about an inch, encountered some bit of resistance, and then I felt a POP inside me. I screamed in the mild pain but loved it better then when I lost it the first time.
I was feeling his massiveness in pain as I went into me screaming & moaning & writhing on that altar wanting it to stop & yet I wanted it to continue more & more. I grabed his ass and held him inside me all through my first orgasm. When my body relaxed. He did not pull out but continued with steady forceful thrusts. With every motion, his folded foreskin was rubbing my ‘G’ spot. I pushed back to get the full length of his man-spear. In no time, uncontrollably my body convulsed again with one huge orgasm after another. Kubwa Kisu griped me tightly; I felt his cock practically penetrate my womb and spurt hot and endless stream of seed. After a few moments, he softened and slowly pulled his dick out of my cunny. I could feel the cum leaking out of cunny. My mind was screaming “OHHH-MY-GGGGOD”.

He did not pull out but rested with his cock inside me. I felt him go soft and then he started with shallow thrusts and in no time he was hard and stretching me again. My vagina walls loosened but I used my muscles to hold him cock tight in me. He increased his pace, pure pleasure overwhelmed both of us, each thrust was building up to the impending orgasm. My pussy was on fire inside and the only thing that felt good was his big black cock sliding in and out. Never in all my dreams, I dreamed that a cock could feel so good. He was hitting places deep inside my pussy that no one had ever touched. It must have felt good to him also as he moaned and then buried all of hisbig black cock deep inside of me. Looking down I couldn’t believe this. His black curly pubic hair was massed against my bald pubic mound; I had all of his cock inside of me. I started humping up to him as if it was the first time in my life I came on another man’s cock. I was yelling out, “OH YESSSSSSS, GOD YESSSSSSSS I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG, OH DON”T
STOPPPPPPPP OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEEE!” As I was cumming and pushing up to his hard cock he also pushed deeper inside of me. This made my orgasm so much better. He gave his cock a hard push. I started cumming again. Only this time it is even better that the last. Everyone could hear me yelling out, “OH FUCK MEEEEEEEEE, YESSSSSSSS OH GOD YESSSSSSSS I’M CUMINGGGGGGGGGG.” And this time my stud was at the point of no return. He grunted and moaned then I felt his engorged cock explode again deep inside of me. JHe started slowly pulling his meat out of me. As his cockmeat popped out of me, a river of cum started leaking out. God that felt so good.

As soon as I caught my breath, I looked down and almost in disbelief I saw my cunt was gape open as never before. One of men lifted me into his arms and turned me like a baby. Lying down on the altar, he sat me up on his chest in a cowgirl position. I did not wait for long, just scooted down a bit, lifted one of my legs and grabbing his shaft placed it into my hole and lowering myself onto him I was cowgirl like, cock-in-pussy joined.

I felt someone grabbing my round, spreading my ass cheeks positioned his cock-head at the rim of my asshole. I leaned forward to allow him the best possible access. In anticipation of the entry, I relaxed my sphincter. The man pressed swiftly and almost too easy, my tiny pink hole expanded and engulfed the big dick, which slowly slid inside my rectum. Dull pain pulsated around my stretched anus but I found the sensation pleasant. The men established a steady rhythm, slowly picking up the pace. Being double fucked by two thick black cocks was driving me wild. I twisted and screamed in pleasure as the pistons keep propelling in and out of my holes, while two pairs of black hands explored every inch of my pale flesh – caressing my breasts, stomach, ass and thighs. I loved the feeling of two hard rods, separated by a thin tissue of flesh pounding me into oblivion. The man in my back grunted and frantically increases his pace and came hard. He slowly pulled out as his cum dripped. The warm feeling of cum trickling down and around my pussy, where a cock was still lodged in and worked hard, going further down and tickling my thighs. This sent me into a quaking orgasm. As if oceans were meeting, waves of pleasure rumbled and smashed into each other inside my body, I gasped for air and held onto the miraculous feeling.

God, I loved this at it was worth every penny.

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