Moms art class


Moms art class
It was a Tuesday morning in the middle of my summer holidays just after my first year in high school. I had just woken up and could hear my mom down stairs, looking at my clock I guessed she’d be getting ready to go out, every Tuesday and Thursday she went to an art class, and lucky for me my bitch sister had decided to go too. That meant peace in the house and I wouldn’t have to listen to Julie going on all morning, she is only a year older than me but goes on all the time as if I was a baby.
“Julie” I heard my mom call, “art class is cancelled, there is a leaking pipe and the studio is closed, but Jennifer is going to drop over so we three can practice”
Shit, that means my morning would be ruined, not only mom and Julie but mom’s friend Jenny would be here to annoy me. Jenny was one of those women, probably in her early forties, with a rich husband and loads of time to spend in the gym and at the beauty salon. She always wears tight fitting clothes, usually yoga pants and tee shirts which clearly show off her body, a body that matches any models. I must admit though, she is definitely a good-looking woman and on occasion has been the centre of a few of my fantasies, according to mom, her husband’s cheque book had helped create her looks, but I didn’t care.
Mom barged into my room, “You’ll have to get up, Jenny is coming over and I want you showered and dressed before she arrives”
About an hour later Jenny’s jeep pulled up outside our house, she climbed out and when mom answered the door, there was another woman with her. she was probably about fifty, she looked like a hippy from the seventies, wearing a long baggy dress with a stupid flower in her hair. Mom invited both in, and introduced the other lady to me as Honey, the art teacher.
“I met Honey on the way over and we decided we could have a private class if you want” Jenny always sounded super cheery.
Soon all four women, including Julie were getting their art stuff out and setting up in the large front room. As I tried to disappear back to my room, Honey called out “David, you can be our model for the day, the girls need to practice life drawing” she grabbed my arm and lead me into the front room. Honey then made me stand in the middle of the room and told the other three that I had volunteered to be a model. “Well come on David, take your shirt off, let the class see your torso” Honey was tugging at my shirt. She quickly had me topless, and I could feel the embarrassment running through my face, as I became the centre of attention.
The “class” didn’t seem to be paying attention to me, they were just concentrating on their drawing getting random instructions from Honey, when Honey came up behind me and tugged my shorts down. “A real life model needs to be drawn nude so the artist can show the beauty of the human body”. A moment later she had pulled my shorts down.
I was standing completely naked in front of my mom and sister and mom’s friend. I immediately tried to hide my embarrassment, cupping my hands over my cock, but I could feel my cock disobeying my mind as it started to grow, at 15 controlling your cock is one thing I don’t think any guy can do.
“Move your hands, how can they draw you if they can see what they are drawing” Honey pulled my hands away, I heard a tiny giggle, and could see Julie laughing at me. My cock was growing harder and no matter what I tried to think of, my erection just grew. Honey was back giving instructions to mom about her drawing, and Jenny’s eyes were looking over her work book concentrating on her picture.
“A model is supposed to remain still, otherwise an artist can draw properly” Honey was giving me an evil stare. “Cant you do something about that” she was pointing at my cock. “Oh look I will have to sort that for you, if you cant do it yourself”
A minute later, Honey was kneeling in front of me, in front of my mom and sister, she took hold of my cock and slipped it into her mouth. Her mouth felt wet and warm, as her tongue traced the shape of my cock, her lips sliding along the length. “This will only take a couple of minutes, then we can all get back to drawing, sometimes I wonder about the things a teacher has to do”. Her mouth closed back over my cock, her welcoming mouth sliding up and down as her hand cupped my ball sac. I had never even kissed a girl before never mind had any form of sexual contact, other than my own hand, and I could quickly feel the tension building up in my scrotum as Honey sucked on my hard cock. I felt like every nerve ending was trying to make its way to my cock, the pressure was building to an extreme degree. I had dreamt of my first blowjob but had never thought it would feel so good. Honey was sucking with the experience of a woman that had probably done this many times. My mind had lost all ability to concentrate, the fact she was quiet old, and not really that good looking didn’t matter to me, as I could feel my pleasure building from the tip of her tongue and her mouth. Suddenly I felt a huge surge and let out a loud grunt. A hot stream of cum shot from my cock straight into Honey’s mouth. She puled away, I thought she was going to go crazy, but my cock was pumping and I wasn’t in a position to stop it. A second stream of cum shot from my cock landing on Honey’s face with a third ribbon blasting out on to her hair. My cock eventually stopped spewing cum, Honey’s face, hair and chest had cum streaks as did my legs and chest. I could feel my cock slowly deflating, a drip of cum still hanging from the tip. Honey just stood up and as if nothing was wrong, pulled a tissue from her pocket and cleaned her face and chest.
“Now we can go back to drawing” she announced. No one else had spoken
“Erm” Jenny was speaking, “The model….. well I had started drawing him, errrr erect, now he’s soft, well” she turned her page for everyone to see, and her drawing showed my cock standing erect.
Julie giggled, turning her page over, her drawing had me hard too, the bitch had drawn me with a hard on.
“Ah leave him alone, he is only 15” I heard my mom say.
“Well if he was hard again, just for a few minutes, then we could finish our drawings.”
“After what Honey just did, I don’t think he would be hard for quite a while”
“He’s 15, I’m sure he wont take too long. I bet it will only be a couple of minutes” I watched Jenny as she began to pull her top over her head, her bra was tiny and her breasts were only have covered by the fine material. She unhooked her bra, and her freed breasts stayed exactly where they had been. “John paid for these for a reason, and I may as well use them when needed”. Her breasts were large, her nipples hard and she arched her back to show the full affect. “I think its working too”
Everyone turned to me, and four sets of eyes stared at my cock, which was stiffening already.
“How old is Dave?” Jenny asked.
“He’s fifteen” Julie said.
“Well his man hood is quite impressive, I wouldn’t mind a bit of it myself.
“Its not fare, I’m nude and only was on you is partly naked, if I have to stand here like this you should all have to as well”
I heard Honey agree, and Jenny, but a protest from Julie. Jenny was pulling her tight yoga pants down, then the tiniest thong I have ever imagined. Naked her body looked even better than I had imagined, her skin looked smooth and perfect, her pussy was clean shaved and her pretty face topped off her model looks.
Honey pulled the curtains closed, then unzipped her dress, the long dress ending around her ankles as she stepped out of it. She had no bra on, her breasts sagged a little, but her nipples stood out hard. She had a bush of hair above her pussy, and her freckled skin had some stretch marks, but sort of suited her age. Her long dark hair was in a pony tail.
“Well if it means we can get on with our lesson” mom unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a red lace bra, which she unhooked. Her breasts were not as big as Jenny’s but seemed to be defying gravity, her pink nipples were just poking out of her breasts. She unbuttoned her jeans, and wiggling her ass pulled the tight denim down. Her panties matched the red lace of her bra, and the back was virtually see through. “This must be the craziest life class ever, how the model can demand everyone gets naked is crazy” She pulled her panties down, her small bush was trimmed and the blonde hair was the same colour as her short hair cut. “Come on Julie, don’t be shy, the quicker we all get on with it, the quicker we can finish our drawings.” Mom was looking at Julie with that look she gives when she needs something done quickly.
Julie looked very nervous, “But he’s my brother” the multiple looks she got from everyone else told her to just get on with it.
“Nudity is natural, Julie, you were born nude and well you know, there is no need to be embarrassed” Honey said to her. the older art teacher placed a hand on Julie’s shoulder in a comforting way. Slowly Julie unbuttoned her denim shorts, and pulled the zip down. The ripped shorts fell from her body revealing a pair of white cotton panties, which Honey began to pull off her. then she pulled her tee shirt over her head, her bra matched her panties, and when she pulled it off, her breasts were small and firm, but a perfect pink colour with small brown nipples. “Now we can all get on with our drawings” Honey demanded.
The room of naked women was, different sizes and shapes had my cock rigid, and as my eyes took in all the breasts and vaginas I thought I would just cum on the spot. The women were all just drawing.
“Honey?” Jenny asked, “Does his cock taste as good as it looks, its fairly impressive looking” I looked over at Jenny, she had a huge grin on her face, and she was rubbing her clit as she spoke. “Can I have a taste David?”
I hadn’t answered her question by the time she was kneeling in front of me, planting little kisses on the tip of my cock, then licking the length of my erection her saliva coating me. She took my cock in her hand and fed it into her mouth. As her head bounced up and down on my cock, I felt my cock touch the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, and mountains of saliva poured from her mouth. After a few minutes she released me and asked me to lie on the floor. Then she straddled my cock and fed it into her pussy. Her tunnel of love was warm and wet, my cock slipped in like a velvet tube. Slowly I filled her up. She sat on my cock, her hips resting on my groin. She began to tense and release her pussy muscles, moving her hips only slightly, but giving me the sensation I had imagined fucking a pussy was. As we continued like this Jenny’s breathing became heavier, she started panting. I could feel her hot juices running from her pussy, leaking onto my balls and legs. I didn’t think I would last long as Jenny controlled our fucking, but I wanted to let the experienced woman lead and take control. Moments later Jenny screamed out, I could feel her pussy pulsing as she came on my cock. her whole body shook as the spasms pulsed through her body. I bit my lip to hold my self back from cumming, as she orgasmed. When Jenny lifted herself off my cock, I was just on the edge of my own orgasm, but was able to hold it at bay. “Oh fuck, he has an amazing cock, much better than John’s, but I think he needs another pussy, I have never been able to cum more than once without a break.” Jenny looked at the others.
I looked around the room Honey had her arm around Julie, her fingers toying at my sisters breast, her other hand between Julie’s legs, rubbing her pussy. Julie looked flush and was panting, as Honey’s finger occasionally slipped inside her pussy. Mom was fingering her own pussy, a look of lust I had never seen from her before. My cock was standing straight up, the head red and throbbing, with the lubrication of Jenny’s juices and saliva dripping form my manhood. Jenny leaned over to mom, and she kissed her, their tongues meeting in a French kiss. Then Jenny pulled mom towards me, mom straddled my waist and my cock disappeared between her legs. The grin on mom’s face as she took my length, was like someone that had just won a medal at the Olympics. Her pussy didn’t feel as tight around my cock as Jenny’s had, but she was as wet as her friend. She began riding my hardness, her pussy bouncing up and down on my cock. my whole length disappearing up her. she leaned forward so her mouth was level with mine, I felt her lips on my own, and I opened my mouth as her tongue sought mine. Her kiss was passionate as her hips rocked up and down. My breathing was becoming more intense, as her panting increased. Mom broke our kiss, and whispered “don’t cum yet”.
She climbed off me, then sitting on one of the chairs, she spread her legs over the arms, her pussy spread wide. She beckoned me with her finger, I kneeled between her legs and she guided my cock into her pussy. “Oh yeah” she said, “Now fuck my cunt hard”. I did as mom asked, my hips banging against her body as my cock ploughed in and out of her. we were only fucking for a few minutes when I felt myself about to cum. I grunted, trying to ask her should I pull out, but not making any vocal sense. Mom looked me in the eye, “Cum inside me, cum inside my cunt”. My hot cum sprayed from my cock, with each pulse I could feel my sperm filling her pussy. As my cock throbbed and released its seed into her, she was cumming too. Both of us thrashing around on the floor where we had fallen off the chair, both our bodies cumming in unison.
Finally we fell in a sweaty pile of bodies, my cock slowly extracting itself from mom’s pussy. The smell of our love making filling my nostrils. Mom held me in a tight embrace, my head on her chest, I was able to tongue her still hard nipple.
There was moaning coming from the sofa on the other side of the room, Julie and Honey were in a sixty-nine position, the older woman on top. Honey was flicking her tongue over Julie’s clit as she finger fucked my sister. Julie was moaning, although the sounds were muffled, Honey’s hairy pussy pressing over her mouth. Honey noisily slurped on Julie’s clit, her juices dripping onto the teacher’s face. As each minute went on, Julie was moaning louder, her body shaking as she began to reach her orgasmic point. Honey climbed off her, Julie’s face soaking with the other woman’s juices, Honey knelt in between her thighs and pulling her ankles up, began tonguing Julie’s pussy, and running her tongue towards Julie’s ass. Julie was orgasming, her body shook as the experienced tongue fucked her. when Honey finally let Julie go, she must have cum at least 3 times.
We were all sweating and mom went to get us all water. The stench of sex filled the room, and everyone of us were covered in various love juices and sweat. Drinking the cold water gave us all a break, and cooling us down.
Jenny was sitting beside mom, she reached over her to put her bottle on the table, as she crossed back over mom’s body, she clamped her mouth over mom’s nipple. Mom laughed, but her friend sucked on her breast. Mom’s hand reached down and began gripping Jenny’s ass, she then ran her finger down the crack of Jenny’s ass and as Jenny jerked, I guessed she had found her pussy and slipped a finger in. the two women rolled over and Jenny was between mom’s legs, licking and sucking on her pussy. Mom’s moans were loud as her pussy was been loudly sucked.
I felt a hand on my cock, I looked down and Honey’s fingers were wrapped around my hardening cock. as she stroked up and down, I felt my erection growing longer and stiffer. She had her other hand between Julie’s legs, and the noises coming from my sister told me she was being fingered by the older woman. When I was fully erect, Honey began sucking my cock, while still fingering Julie. Then she told Julie to climb on to the sofa, and told me to lay on the floor. She was able to mount my cock and at the same time suck on Julie’s spread pussy. Honey’s pussy felt not as tight as either mom’s or Jenny’s but my cock seemed to bottom out quicker, her hip movements were slow and she was grinding her clit against my stomach. We had been fucking for a few minutes, when Honey climbed off my cock, she climbed onto the sofa beside Julie and told me to fuck her from behind. I took me a few moments to get my cock into her pussy, the height of her pussy as I stood behind her took me a minute to get used to. She arched her back, and when I eventually slipped in to her, the angle my cock took felt amazing. Honey was kissing Julie below her, her hands grasping Julie’s breasts. As I pumped her from behind Honey began to orgasm. I could hear my balls slapping against her body as I fucked her. Honey had cum several times and eventually begged me to pull out of her. her pussy looked red and wide open as my cock plopped out, her juices dripping from her wet hole.
Honey took hold of my cock, turning as she climbed off Julie, she then dribbled some saliva on to Julie’s pussy, and rubbed it into her pussy. I could see Julie’s pussy glistening with her own juices. Then Honey pulled me downwards by the cock, and pressed my erection against Julie’s pussy.
Julie gasped as my cock touched her pussy, she cried out but Honey put her finger to Julie’s lips to quieten her and pulled my cock into Julie’s pussy. I didn’t want to enter Julie, not if she didn’t want me to. I looked down at her, her look of shock suddenly changed as Honey pulled the tip of my cock into her, Julie’s face suddenly began to smile hungrily. She reached up, putting her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her. as we got closer I felt my cock go deeper inside her. her pussy was tight, my cock felt like it was in a tight tube. I could feel Julie’s juices covering my cock, as they filled her opening. Julie pulled me in tight, she began kissing me, her tongue warm in my mouth, her breath filling my nostrils as slowly I filled her pussy. I started rocking my hips back and forward, my cock sliding deep into her tight pussy. When she finally released our kiss, I told her I would cum soon, she was so turned on, she said she was going to cum too, but asked me not to cum inside her as she wasn’t on birth control. This only turned me on more, I fucked her harder and faster. Julie began to cum, she wrapped her legs around my back, pulling my cock deep inside her. I could feel her whole body shake as her orgasm wrecked her body. Within seconds I could feel my balls tighten, just one more stroke of my cock, and I felt the rush begin as I started to ejaculate. I pulled my cock out of Julie, just as my cock began to explode its hot cum. My stream of cum shot through the air as I grabbed my hot wet cock, one stroke and I was shooting cum onto Julie, it landed on her face and breasts, like a white stream of lava running the length of her torso. My cock felt raw and sore when I finally stopped pumping cum onto Julie.
As I moved away, mom and Jenny began kissing and licking Julie’s body clean, lapping up my cum, and sucking it off her body. We were all finally spent, my cock felt like it would never be able to get an erection again, all four women were sticky with their own cum as well as mine.
“Do you think the studio will be open by Thursday” Jenny asked laughing, “That was one amazing art class Honey”
“I don’t know, but I might have to cancel, if I have a private class” Honey’s laugh was loud.
“Although at least there are two less virgins in the world after today” Jenny looked at both me and Julie.
We were both blushing, then Julie turned to me and put her arms around me. We kissed for several minutes, then she said “And five new lovers”

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