Mother Belongs to Me


Author’s note: this story contains hyper size, growth, futanari, domination.

This story was a request from katana69996!

When my adoptive father died, my adoptive mom fell into depression. Like full on, never leaving her room, sobs all through the night, barely eating, the whole nine yards. They had been highschool sweethearts apparently, and had never spent more than a few days apart since then. It broke her, in more ways than one; she never dated anyone else. My dad passed when I was eight or nine, and to this day, she’s never gone on a date, not even once.

Who am I? My name is Nora, and I am a twenty nine year old woman. I’m…well theres no way to say this humbly; I’m fucking gorgeous. I get stares constantly; every single guy who sees me wants me, and every woman wants to be me. Hell, most women want me too.

I’m five foot seven, blonde, with a super model’s body. No joke; that’s actually my job, I model lingerie. A very specific lingerie; Futa lingerie. See, on top of my incredible looks, I’m also a futanari. Have been for as long as I can remember, and I’m uniquely qualified to model the various lingeries, because of my size. Shall I break it down for you?

Like I said, I’m five seven, I have straight blonde hair that flows down my back, my tits, a wonderful D cup, are suspended perfectly on my chest; they have no sag at all. My waist is tiny; 26 inches. My hips are wide, my ass round and full, bigger than average. My legs are long — very long — giving me a slender and lithe frame. My face could’ve been sculpted, or painted by an artist. I almost never have to wear make up, even in my photo shoots, since my lips are naturally red, my lashes are long, my cheek bones are high and well defined, and my skin everywhere is completely blemish free. Like I said, I am fucking gorgeous.

And my dick? Soft, I’m a bit of a shower at seventeen inches long, and about as thick as a popcan. Hard, I’m a bit of a grower, with my full length being thirty two inches, and being thicker than a two litre pop bottle. My balls are also over sized, at the size of tennis balls. When I get hard, my balls grow too, which is unique even amongst us hyper sized futas. They grow to the size of basketballs; literally, I’ve done size comparisons for various shoots. And it’s not just size; my testes hold about ten litres of my sperm, on average. The most I’ve ever measured was when I came seventeen litres, but I hadn’t had any release for a few days at that point.

Now now, enough about me, back to my mother. Margaret, or Mary as she preferred, is somewhere in her late forties, maybe early fifties? I’ve never really cared about age, only that she is a total MILF. She’s shorter than me, her face coming up to my big titties, and she has an incredible bottom half. The type of waist and ass that when you look at it, you just know she’d be perfect for baring children. Her legs are long, nowhere near as long as mine, but still better than average. She has a pair of barely C cups, and her face isn’t as beautiful as mine. That being said, she’s still the best looking woman I’ve seen, other than myself of course. Her hair is luxurious and long, even longer than mine. An incredible shade of crimson, the kind you swear is dyed, but is actually all natural.

I’ve spent many a night jacking my rod to pictures of her and fantasies of her tight puss on my throbbing shaft. It would be on the anniversary of my father’s passing — oh yeah, I never said, he died from a car crash. He died instantly — when I’d find out just how tight that wet puss actually was!

See, for the last two years now, I’ve been pounding my mother’s every hole. Whenever I want, however hard I want, however long I want. She belongs to me and she loves it. And I love her, especially when I’m balls deep in her!

It all started when we began our usual ritual. Every year on the anniversary, we watch his favourtie film, Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox — he was a major nerd — and we eat his favourite meals; waffles for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, and beef stroganoff for dinner. We also listen to his favourite songs, and walk in his favourite parks. We make a day of it, and even when I moved out after high school, we still met up each year for this.

Two years ago, I arrived at mom’s house a little early, and let myself in.

“Mom! I’m here! Are the waffles ready?!” I yelled as I stripped my coat and heels off. I always wear heels; it attracts people to me even more.

“I’m still getting dressed, sweetie! I’ll be down in a few minutes!” I had to concentrate to not picture her in her underwear. I walked to the kitchen to begin making the waffles, and mom strode down almost a half hour later. My father loved her in this one dress, so she always wore it on his death day.

It’s not hard to see why he liked it; it was tight, red, and had a very tuzla escort nice plunge that showed off a huge amount of boobage that made it seem like they were bigger than they were. It also had a long slit that showed off her nice legs and playful ass. I suppressed a whistle and focused on anything other than my totally sexy mother. I could feel my cock twitching, and I had the intense desire to jerk off all over the kitchen.

“Oh thank you, hunny, I woke up a little late today.” I murmured a nod, and took extra special care to not notice her breasts swelling with each breath. We made enough waffles for three — for dad — and ate wordlessly. We got ready and headed out into the brisk autumn air, my mother walking in front of me for most of it.

Her ass, swaying in that tight-ass dress, teased me the entire time. I wanted so badly to just whip my cock out and pound that ass so hard she couldn’t walk. It was all I could focus on, I missed most of what she was saying, only mumbling and murmuring nothings when she looked back. Gawd, watching those smooth legs moving, pumping that ass with each step…

How the hell I didn’t get hard that entire walk, I have no idea. When we got home, I took a shower, claiming that I was sweaty, and I sprinted to the bathroom. Once in, I stripped so fast that I ripped my cocksleeve. Its a lingerie item that blinds my oversized member to my leg, preventing it from just swaying around. I sighed at it, knowing just how expensive it actually was. Oh well, at least I was wearing pants; if I’d been wearing a dress or a skirt, I’d never be able to hide it.

I turned the shower on, and just jumped in without waiting for the water to get to the right temperature. It burned on my skin, but I could barely feel it; free from it’s confines my pole had a mind of it’s own. It pulsed and grew, faster and faster and I could focus on nothing else. Nothing but my hardening meat stick in my hands, the water lubing it up as I stroked it. Pumping faster and faster, harder and harder.

My dick has a nice curve to it, so it aims a little up when hard, rather than just out from my waist. I’m so fucking big that I can lick and suck myself, and without even thinking about it, that’s what I did. My tip was in my mouth before I realized it and I moan on myself, squeezing as I continued to jerk harder and harder. My precum filled my lips and I swallowed it’s vast amount, letting some escape down into the shower drain. For some reason, both my clear precum and my thick sperm taste sweet as well as salty, an addictive taste that has my various conquests begging for more. I fucked a famous chef once, and he told me that I tasted better than anything he could ever cook. He even asked me for some of my fluids to put in his food.

I ended up in the shower for almost an hour, time flowing outside of my perception, the only thing I knew was the intense pleasure of my hands and mouth, and my fantasy that it was my mother, on her knees, worshipping my vast inches, over and over. Eventually she knocked on the bathroom door, asking me what was taking so long, and jerking me out of the stupor I was in. Her voice flowed through the door and I swear, it sounded like she was speaking to my hard as steel rod, and it was that last push that sent me over the edge.

“Baby? Are you ok in there?”

“Yeah mom, I’m fiiiiiiiiiii-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” I called back, my powerful orgasm blasting from my swollen tip, thick batter smacking the wall with a loud squelch. My first shot took almost thirty seconds, and was so goddamn thick you’d have to chew it. I continued to pump my shaft silently, letting volley after volley explode all over the shower stall.

“Uh…ok? I’ll be downstairs?” She yelled back, tension and confusion in her husky voice. I didn’t even bother answering, my humungous balls pumping more and more spunk through my incredible rod. The veins that crossed my behemoth throbbed beneath my hands, sending even more pleasure through me.

It took me almost a full five minutes to stop spewing, and another ten to get back to a semi soft state. I took the shower nozzle and cleaned my mess, watching my jizz flow down the drain. I dried off, pating my hair and letting it hang over my back, still wet. Finally, I fought with my still partially hard monster and put my clothes back on, a bulge more than a little noticeable in my pants. I sighed and hoped my mother wouldn’t notice.

When I got back downstairs, she already had the movie queued up and was waiting on the couch. She gave me a weird look, and I swear she was staring at my dick, but said nothing. I sat next to her and put my head on her shoulder, watching the opening credits, but not really seeing the film. I was still imagining my mother, who was right beside me, reaching over, slipping her nimble fingers into my pants, pulling out my throbbing size, and — ah!

I blinked and gasped as pendik escort something warm touched my cock. A hand. My mother’s hand. I stared down, amazed and confused and she stared up at me, a small smile on her face.

“Oh baby, its been so long for mommy. Just let me do this ok? Mommy needs it.” She spoke quietly, seductively. I nodded, enthralled by her deep blue eyes, and the slow motion of her fingers, slowly stroking, lightly squeezing, while her other hand undid my pants and pulled it out.

“I forgot just how big you are. You must need so much attention?” I nodded, wanting nothing more than to grab her face and shove my cock balls deep into her throat.I held back, but it was hard.

Speaking of hard, my beast slowly rose, my heart pumping insane amounts of blood into it. I’d just cum hard about twenty minutes earlier, but I knew from experience that I was ready to go again almost immediately after. My refractory period is insane. Like my record is something like two dozen times in a day, and I was still able to get hard after, but was too tired to take care of it.

When I finally reached my full, incredible size, she gasped, staring at it like a hungry dog stares at a steak. I chuckled, having seen that look many, many times before.

“Kiss it, mommy.” I said, knowing she had no choice. My cock secreted pheremones that made anyone who touched it want nothing more than to keep touching it. Seriously, my dick is the single greatest sexual tool ever.

Sure enough, she bent her head and pressed her lips to my tip, moaning at the feeling. She began to lick it, moving her head up and down, while I leaned back, letting her go to town on my massive tool. I love when bitches worship my godly beast; it gives me a sense of power that just doesn’t fade. Like I have complete control of them. It’s intoxicating.

She lubed up my pole, over and over, sucking my tip, squeezing, stroking. It was getting to me; I wanted more, and I was going to get more. This whore was mine now; I’d use her however I saw fit. And use her I did.

I stood, and she moaned in protest as the object of her desire was taken from her. I grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, dragging her to the bedroom, before laying her on her back, missionary style.

“Get ready, mommy, I’mma spread this pussy so fucking much, you’ll never feel anything else again. I’m gonna claim you as my play thing!” I growled out, spreading her legs and pushing my pulsing tip to her sopping wet pussy lips. She gasped, looking afraid for the first time. I laughed; I love the look of terror my slaves get when I break them in.

“Here it comes, whore!” I yelled, before thrusting in with all my strength. Her pussy was no match for my all powerful invader, and I spread her open. Her walls squeezed on my rod, trying to suffocate it, but I laughed and kept going, breaking through her cervix and finally bottoming out in her womb, my tip fully visible spreading the skin between her tits. She writhed and twitched on the monstrous cock in her, unable to handle the sheer pleasure and pain currently tearing her apart.

I laughed as I gave no mercy, pulling out to my tip and driving the whole shaft back in, over and over. The bed creaked and bounced with the force of my thrusts and I laughed, loving the elation of breaking in another sex toy, and not just any sex toy, but my mother, the ultimate MILF! Eventually my mothers body calmed down, leaving her mind destroyed with absolute ecstasy. I loved how tight she was, and how wet she was.

Her juices formed a puddle beneath her and kept flowing as I pistoned my massive meat over and over into my mom’s box, loving every moment.

“Damn mom, you are one tight bitch! I could really get used to this…” I chuckled as she moaned loudly, unable to articulate herself, since I was currently blowing her mind with constant pleasure. I lost track of how many orgasms she had, my own pleasure meaning much more to me.

After almost thirty minutes of constant pussy pounding, I flipped her over — still on my cock, btw — and had her on her knees. I grabbed her long scarlet hair that’d always turned me on, and used it as leverage to fuck harder. Deeper. She was screaming at this point, and I was silent, save for my grunts as I kept slapping my balls against her thighs. Gawd, I was in heaven, so deep in her pussy, fucking that woman senseless.

“Agh I’m gonna cum bitch!” I yelled as I felt my nust tighten. She tried to say something, but I climbed up and forced her head into a pillow, so I could thrust even harder for the last few.

“FUCK, here it comes!!” I shouted, moments before my cock jerked inside her so hard that it knocked her flat, before my fire hose dick poured litres of spunk into her. I watched with immense satisfaction as her stomach bulged out, holding in as much cum as it could, before it forced it’s way out her throat, my thick white aydınlı escort semen waterfalling out of her, covering her bed.

“If you get knocked up, it’s not my problem!” I laughed, knowing she wouldn’t get pregnant. My sperm is powerful, and anyone with working baby making parts is practically guaranteed to get pregnant if I cum in them, but she’s past that age. She had menopause at some point, I think. Besides, I tell all my slaves that; I ain’t a mother. You get pregnant off of my cum, you raise em. No one has minded so far; indeed many have begged me to give them more kids.

Eventually, I pulled out, her vagina milking the last of my hot jizz out of my rod. I sighed contendedly, and sat at the foot of the bed, debating on wether or not she could last another round. Judging from the state of her, I guessed not. I’d have to find someone to fuck later. It took her a full hour to recover enough to speak.

“Nora…that was amazing. I sooooo needed that…can you move back home? You can stay here for free, no chores, and you can bring anyone you want home, just keep fucking me with that goddamn horse cock!”

I blinked, having never heard my mother speak like that before. Though the sight before me could hardly be called my mother at that moment; she was my bitch, plain and simple. She was spread eagled on the bed, her pussy swollen and pulsing, thick globules of my superior sperm, mixed with her orgasms, slowly leaving her. Her stomach was so bulged out, she looked about nine months pregnant, with triplets. Her hair was soaked in sweat ans semen, and her eyes had a glossy, crazed look of desire to them.

“Sure, mommy. I’ll move back, so long as you swear to me, right now, that you are my little whore, nothing more than my sex toy. Nothing more than a cock sleeve, a sheath to stick my rod in when I want. You don’t matter; only serving me matters. Swear it.” I made all my slaves swear the same thing, I loved the domination. Some took a few minutes to give up their old lives, others swore right away. My mother was one of the latter; the words were barely out of my mouth before she was sputtering, swearing her servitude.

“Yes, mistress! I belong to you, and your all powerful god cock! I don’t matter, only your pleasure does! My life is yours to use as you desire, my body, my mind, my everythign is yours to use as you see fit! I am nothing, just a toy for your pleasure! Please, please PLEASE mistress, let me serve you!!!!” I grinned at her eagerness. If I’d known she’d be like this, I’d have broken her years ago.

“Very well, you stupid whore. Clean my cock off; you’ve sullied it with your unworthy juices!” I stood, thrusting my still hard dick to her lips. She could barely move, yet she strained herself to clean it all off. I laughed at her struggle, the feeling of total domination, pure power and control filling me. Eventually, she passed out, and I wiped my rod off with her dress. Hmm, I still loved the idea of her in this dress.

So I jerked myself off with it, making sure to soak it in my cum, till it was unrecognizeable. I made her wear it the next day; she orgasmed at the idea of obeying me. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized we hadn’t finished dad’s death day, but I knew he wouldn’t care. His wife was my bitch now, and that was all that mattered.


6 Months Later

“Goddamn bitch, your tits are leaking everywhere! Imma knock you up again after this!” I yelled as I pounded her ass, squeezing her now E cup tits, her milk shooting out all over the floor.

“Yes mistress! Use me as your breeding slave! Please!” I laughed, fucking her harder, pushing her against the wall. Her milk dripped down it and I shoved her head against it.

“Lick it up, you fucking whore. Lick up your naughty tit milk. Thank me for knocking you up, and making your tits so much bigger and better!”

“Thank you mistress! I didn’t think I could ever get pregnant again! Thank you for letting me bare your child, your heir! Thank you for making my tits better so that they can please you more! Thank you for fucking me every single day! Thank you for letting me continue to serve you, my mistress, my lady, my GODDESS AAAHHHHH!” I grinned as she screamed, another orgasm tearing through her as she licked her boob milk off the walls. I yanked her hair, driving myself balls deep into her.

“Another load coming! Take it all, you stupid bitch!” I grabbed her collar, something I’d picked up from the pet store, and yanked it as my load filled her ass, joining another from this morning. She cried out, her tongue lolling out her mouth. I pulled her off my rod when I finished, letting her collapse to the floor as I stood over her, looking for all the world to be a conqueror. Immediately, another whore knelt before me, and began cleaning my former mother’s cum off of me. I didn’t even remember this bitch’s name, but I sunk my hand into her hair and pulled it back so I could look at her face.

“That’s gonna be you soon.” I said, eyeing the bulge in her stomach that was growing day by day.

“I can’t wait mistress.”

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