Moving to a Retirement Community


Moving to a Retirement CommunityChapter 6That first week just seemed as though it flew by. I got settled into the new house and made some minor adjustments that only made the place more livable for me. I found a nice diner only a couple miles from the house and ate there a couple of nights, even inviting Gene, Ed and James to join me. They all did and we had a wonderful time. At first I thought I’d be nervous sharing a meal in a relatively open atmosphere with another white man and two black men, but no one seemed to pay any attention and soon my nervousness was gone and I had a great time and never gave it a second thought. The three of us spent a lot of time together, both out in public and in the privacy of our own homes. We even set up a ‘schedule’ of where we’d meet and at what times. With there being just the four of us we were at each others homes once a week starting at James’, then at Gene’s, mine was next, and then followed by Ed’s. Since we’re all single it worked out perfectly. One day I even went out for a walk, to familiarize myself with my new surroundings. I stared at the end of my walk and turned to the north, almost in the direction of my old home. As I walked down the street I was greeted by many of my new neighbors, even though the closest was three blocks away. There were white couples as well as black couples and even a couple interracial couples, once a black man and his white wife and the other a black man and his asian wife. I stopped and talked to the latter for a while and they soon invited me into their home for some iced tea. I readily accepted, since it was getting rather warm.Once inside I noticed the layout of their house was almost the same as mine. The biggest difference was that when you entered my house the living room swept to the right and the kitchen/dining room was right behind it. In their home the living room was on the left and the kitchen/dining room was on the right. It was the first time I’d ever seen a kitchen located in the front of a house. I was told that there were two small bedrooms and a master bath in the back. I was even given a tour of the place and it appeard to be quite comfortable and lovely. It was decorated in an Asian appearance with posters hanging in the hallway of old Japanese prints.While we sat there drinking our tea I was finally introduced to them.”I apologize for not introducing ourselves sooner,” the husband told me. “I’m Henry Lister and this is my wife LuAnn.””Very nice to meet both of you,” I told them. “Have you been here very long?””We moved in right after the first celtabet giriş house became available,” LuAnn told me. “We fell in love with the place the first time we saw it and agreed to this place. I think most of the construction was still being done when we moved in, too. Seemed like we’d be here by ourselves for a long time before anyone else moved in.””I’ll bet it was a lot more quite back then,” I laughed.”Not really,” said Henry. “With all the construction going on the traffic was something else for a while. Luckily for us the homes around here were the first stage of development and after 6 months the three closest to us were finished and families moved in.””What do you do for entertainment around here,” I innocently asked.The two of them looked at each other and nodded.”We do a lot of ‘entertaining’ here at our home,” LuAnn answered.”And by ‘entertaining’, you mean?””We host a lot of parties here.”I could tell that it was difficult for them to talk about it, so I probed a little bit further, “Do you have very many of them?””About once a month,” Henry offered.”And you get a great attendance, I guess.””Well, we only invite about three other couple or 3 or 4 singles at a time right now. We are hoping to host larger parties once more people move in.”Right now, from my understanding, this part of the Community was only 35% filled, while the other parts, those much closer to the center of the Community, were rapidly filling up as well. I’d been told that most of the homes in this part were now being ‘re-modeled’ for new tennants. I was glad to hear that. I’m basically a ‘people’ person and I love to sit and talk to people and just sit on my porch and ‘people watch’ a lot of the time.”If you’ll excuse us a few minutes, Mike, we have to do something right quick. Make yourself comfortable and we’ll be right back.”I stood up as they left the room and in a few minutes I could hear the rise in their voices, but I couldn’t quite make out what was being said at that time. Before I knew it though, they both re-entered the room and sat down again.”Mike, can we be straight with you here?” Henry asked me.”Sure Henry. Honesty is the best policy. Isn’t it?”I could see the redness creep into the cheeks of LuAnn’s face now and only then realized that our previous conversation had been somewhat embarrassing for her. I made no comment on it though, as I didn’t want to cause her to feel any more embarrassed than she already was.”We’re swingers, Mike,” Henry blurted out.”And?””Well, we didn’t want to embarrass you,” LeAnn answered.”You’re celtabet yeni giriş not embarrassing me, LeAnn,” I assured her. “I’ve hosed one such party since I’ve been here and we all had a great time.””Really?” They were both surprised at my own revelation.”Yes. One of my best friends already lives here and I’d met another gentleman while I was planning my move. I’ve also met another man since getting here and we’ve gotten along quite nicely since then.””So, you’re telling us that your gay?””I don’t consider myself to be gay, Henry. I prefer the term ‘bi-sexual’. I love being with both men and women, but only of my own age group. I don’t want to get ‘involved’ with anyone younger than I am. I’m not biased, either. I just prefer company that I’m comfortable with and that’s someone in my age group. I hope you don’t mind.””Not at all, Mike,” said LuAnn. “Henry and I are much like you. That’s one of the reasons why we chose this place to live in. The people are our generation and we feel comfortable with that, just like you do.””Do you have any c***dren?” I asked.”No. We don’t. We learned early in our marriage that I was sterile and LuAnn couldn’t have any c***dren because of a birth defect to her uterus. Never bothered us though. We’ve been married almost 55 years now and have always been happy with each other. I guess that why we make such good swingers. I don’t get jealous of LuAnn and she doesn’t get jealous of me. We have different partners and sometimes share them at the same time. Do you have a family,” he asked me.”No. I’ve always been single. Never even thought of getting married. I did date a bit, but nothing ever got serious enough that I was willing to make a lifetime committment.””Sorry to hear that,” LeAnn commented.”Please. Don’t feel that way. I’m just as happy with being all by myself as your are being with Henry. I’m happy and that’s what counts.””Mike?” LuAnn asked. “Would you care to ‘join’ us for a little fun?””I’d love it. When did you have in mind?””How about now?” she asked. She then got up from her seat and crossed the room to where I sat, sitting beside me and lowering her hand to my crotch, where my cock was springing to attention. I reached our and placed my hand on her breast, pinching the nipple on one at the same time. Meanwhile, Henry stood up and went over and locked the door, then returned and sat on the other side of me and also reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants.”I think you’re going to love this one,” he told his wife.”I know I will,” she answered and proceeded celtabet güvenilirmi to undo my belt and unzip my pants, reaching inside and wrapping her tiny hand around my hard cock. Henry undid my button on the top of my pants and this gave LuAnn easier access to me and in no time she pulled my cock completely out of my pants and dropped her head and I felt her warm breath on my cock for the first time. In the meantime, Henry was once again standing up and undoing his pants and taking off those and his shirt. For a man of his age his body was well toned, with not much of a sag anywhere to be seen. Apparently he worked out a lot, as his body appeared to be quite fit. He lowered his shorts and I saw an average-sized cock before me. Uncut. Ready for some oral action. I reached out and took that rod into my hands and pulled it closer. I stuck out my tongue and licked lightly along the length, coming to a stop at the bottom of his covered cock head. I pulled down slightly and revealed a nice looking mushroom shaped cock head, with a piss hole directly on top, with a slight flare. I opened my mouth and drew him in. I head a slight moan and knew he was already enjoying my manipilations.In the meantime, LuAnn was busy sucking on my cock, nibbling at my lose foreskin and jacking my rod at the same time. I could feel my precum already lubricating my cock head and my skin was moving quite freely up and over it. She worked on me for about five minutes before pulling off and standing up. She moved slightly away from me and proceeded to remove her clothing. I could hardly wait to see what lay beneath all that covering.First she removed her short pants, revealing the light pink panties that covered what appeared to be a hairless snatch. Next came the blouse and that revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. In fact, her boobs seemed to be so small that a bra apparently wasn’t needed. But I’d already figured that out when I grabbed her boob earlier. I’d not felt any material between the blouse and her nipple. She was almost, but not quite, flat-chested. Her nipples covered a good third of each breast and stood our at least a half inch or more from her chest. Right now they were fully erect and just begging to be sucked on. Lastly she slid her panties down and stepped out of them and I discovered that I was almost right. She wasn’t completely shaved. Instead, there was a small patch of light brown hair just above her slit, which accented what she did have. Her pussy lips were quite pouty, and slightly separated at the same time. I could see her lips were glistening from her leakage, as Henry was once more started sucking my cock.”You like what you see, Mike?” she asked.”Most certainly!” I answered.”Shall we retire to the bedroom?” Henry asked. “I’m sure we’ll be much more comfortable in there.”He didn’t have to ask me a second time.

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