multiple orgasms


multiple orgasmsDr. Michael led Joanna to the ominous looking gynecological exam table. It was more of a padded, black leather chair than a table, fully adjustable to go from upright at 75 , all the way down so that the head would even be lower than the rest of the body. Most foreboding were the stirrups as they not what she had expected. These were sleek troughs of metal, each bent sharply to the sides, the walls almost as thick as a leg, connected with strange gears and levers. Joanna’s mind made her immediately afraid at how they would bend and spread her legs when secured in them. And secured they would be. Thick black leather straps highlighted the bright metal, three on each stirrup, able to secure her legs at the thigh and below the knee, leaving her leg no other choice but to move with the stirrups. She understood how exposed it would leave her, her sex open to whatever they had planned for her.This was her first gynecological exam. Dr. Michael had already stripped her naked in front of the other three doctors, Dr. Steve, Dr. Bill and Dr. James. They took pictures of her, or more appropriately of her sexual parts after they all took turns examining her. They had placed her on an exam table on all fours while they examined her anus, Joanna humiliated when the janitor came in while she was being examined this way. She had unwisely not read the contract she signed for the free exam; she had unwittingly volunteered for a research project on the “Masturbatory Practices of the Female College Student.” Under threat of having to pay an astronomical price for the exam—which was ridiculous, as she would not able to afford any amount —she consented to let them masturbate her until she came, embarrassed as she creamed all over their fingers. They seemed to delight in fingering her virgin anus with the final humiliation of submitting to an enema, forced to release it in front of them while they brought her to climax again, her body drained from the forced masturbations.And now she was being led to the gynecological table, the eyes of the other doctors followed her naked body as she walked, her breasts bouncing. She could actually feel Dr. Michael watch the gentle sway of her naked ass as she walked. They had not offered her an exam gown and Joanna was too embarrassed to ask for one. She felt a hand at her waist, instantly recognizing Dr. Michael’s soft touch as compared to the others who seemed unsure and fumbled with her body.“Now relax, Joanna. I know this appears imposing, but it is not as scary as it looks. It is really quite comfortable. Now turn around and sit on the table. It will be cold for a second but your skin will warm it up quickly.” Dr. Michael helped her onto the table, watched her ass as she slid around, his cock hard already. She sat demurely; bit her lower lip, her thighs clamped tightly together. She looked so beautiful, her long blond hair hanging to the side, slightly tussled, her breasts rose and fell, the nipples hard from the chill in the air, Dr. Michael always made sure that it was on the cold side. The cold took their minds off the things being done to their bodies, always looking for ways to stay warm. Joanna’s blue eyes were wide open, searched the room as if she were looking for a way to escape. Dr. Michael put his hands on her legs, slightly above her knees, enjoyed the touch of her downy skin, loved the feel of this nineteen-year-old girl and her sleek silky thighs just made to be caressed. He looked in her eyes, “lean forward a little,” a small remote in his hand made the back of the table move forward, her back erect, forced her tits to push out. “Yes, like that, Joanna,” he loved the way her young breasts were so prominently displayed. He pushed her hair to the side, uncovered her breasts and nipples so all of the doctors could view her. He cupped both of her globes, hefted them in his large hands, able to encircle them both from below.He spoke to the other doctors again, “we have already checked her breasts for lumps and previously found that Joanna has a tendency to get aroused when her nipples are pinched. We have found in our research study so far that many girls of Joanna’s age and inclination find it very sexually stimulating to have their nipples and breasts rudely handled. We have begun to do further test studies of subjects in this research group and we shall continue with Joanna.” He watched the mixed emotions play on her face, just like all of the others. They hated the doctors doing things to their bodies, unable to stop them, but once begun they enjoyed it, all of them forced to cum under the expert hands of his team of “doctors.” He saw her mouth begin to open as if to speak, “sshh, Joanna,” he whispered to her, “you will enjoy this, I guarantee it.” He spoke to the doctors again, “in our other studies, we have learned that it is best for the test subject not to see what is happening, letting her rely on her other senses. This heightens the sexual experience. For this, we will blindfold Joanna. Dr. Steve, would you mind placing the blindfold on Joanna?”He noted the panic in her eyes as he handed the blindfold to Dr. Steve. “It’s OK, Joanna, just part of the research project.” His hands went to her thighs again, felt her tightly clenched muscles. He rubbed sensuously, her eyes looked confused just before the blindfold slipped over them.God, she thought she would cum when his hands lightly touched her thighs as darkness engulfed her; the blindfold blocked all light. She could only hear the sounds of the doctors in the room and feel Dr. Michael’s hands on her thighs. It was more of the touch of a lover than a doctor; the hands attempted to arouse her and succeeded at it. Her nipples hurt, ached to be touched. He had been right, his touch seemed to be magnified now, her body poised but unsure of where his hands would touch next, excited by the thought, eagerly awaited his touch. “Ooh!” the feel of something cold, metal underneath her breasts, a calloused hand hefted her breasts as the object pushed underneath. She felt a similar touch on the top of her breasts; the twin cold objects seemed to trap her flesh between them. “Tighten them slowly,” she heard Dr. Michael say as hands fumbled at her sides, the metal bars closed, Joanna felt the pressure on her breasts as they were squeezed between the rigid bars. “Please,” she begged as her breasts became uncomfortably compressed, the blood pushed into her already hard and swollen nipples further inflamed her lust. She gritted her teeth as the pain increased, her youthful breasts trapped between the twin bars, the resilient flesh squeezed, only able to imagine how they looked to the doctors, her proud breasts now crushed between the unyielding metal. Her nipples ached to be touched, blood pounded in the tips. Her hands clenched the edge of the chair; she refused to stop them, let them have their way with her breasts, hoped that they would work on her nipples. She knew she would cum if they only touched her there.“You will notice how resilient her breasts are,” Dr. Michael spoke to the others. “Young girls’ breasts are so malleable, almost begging to be bound tightly. A little tighter, yes, that’s good. See how swollen her nipples are? They must be over an inch long, the blood compressed into the hardened tips. This will make them very sensitive, more so than normal. Even her areolas are pushed outward, making such lovely targets for any type of clamping or pinching device.” Dr. Michael rubbed a ragged fingernail just outside the edge of her areola; Joanna arched her back, thrust her breasts into his fingers, seeking any type of touch. “Note how Joanna’s body eagerly seeks relief. She is now receptive to any stimuli, pleasure and even pain. We have found that in many of our test subjects.” Dr. Michael picked up four miniature clothespins, only an inch long, but still with powerful springs. “Start the camera, Dr. Steve, I want to capture the reaction of Joanna as we increase the stimulation. Aim it on her face while Dr. Bill tapes the part of her body that is being stimulated. The final tape will be edited together so we will be able to see what is happening and how she is reacting all at the same time.”They filmed her body again, naked, blindfolded, her breasts bound tightly together as they further tormented her sexually charged body. “Ow!!” she screamed as her areola felt the sudden severe pinch of some unknown object. She shook her breasts, unable to get rid of whatever they had secured to her tender flesh, the movement just increased the pain. Her eyes began to tear beneath her blindfold, her hands white from clenching tightly as she endured the pain. “It hurts, please take if off!” she begged them, then as she felt Dr. Michael’s hand slowly move between her legs, relaxed her tightened muscles as she began to spread them open, almost as if she was welcoming him. His hands moved to the inside of her tender thighs, pushed outward, forced her to spread wider, now sure that all eyes were on her pussy as she slowly revealed herself to them yet again. The pain in her breasts had gone from a sharp pain to a dull, throb, her nipples felt like they might burst. Dr. Michael’s hands, still very insistent, increased the spread of her legs, sliding up and down her silky thighs, almost touched her pussy, but stopped just short to move back down, pushed outward again. Joanna had no choice but to increase the spread of her legs. She felt her pussy cream from the duel ravishment of her breasts and the forced spread of her legs for the doctors’ pleasure. “Oh, God!” she cried out again and bit her lip in pain. The sharp sudden pinch happened again, this time on the other side. A third equally painful pinch pricked the other side, “God! That hurts!” she screamed, tears soaked the blindfold as her pain increased. Her whole areola was a mass of conflicting pain and pleasure.Dr. Michael slid his hands up between her widely spaced thighs, touched the vee of her legs, his fingertips stroked the flesh of her pussy lips. “You will notice how wet Joanna is,” he peeled back her pussy lips for all of the doctors to see the wetness of her pussy. “Her breasts might be in pain as you can hear from her cries, but her pussy is creaming very nicely. If I were to touch her clit now, I’m sure she would shudder in orgasm. But first we must finish with her breast manipulation. Dr. Steve, will you continue?” Dr. Steve used four more miniature clothespins to bring out gasps of pain from Joanna’s lips each time one clamped onto the sensitive areola of her other breast. When he was finished, each nipple was surrounded by four clothespins that bit painfully into her tender flesh, her hard pink nipples protruded from between them; targets that would soon be visited.Both of her breasts now ached, squeezed between the twin bars compressing the flesh, the bite of whatever object they used to pinch her areolas turned into a gradually dull pain that radiated from them, but her nipples still sought relief, the sole point of contact that had been spared, even though that was what she most sought. They turned her body against her, made it seek out the pain in order to experience the pleasure. Dr. Michael’s hands continued the exploration of her spread legs, his fingertips wet; she knew it was with her juices, embarrassed that they could force her body to do such things. “Please, please touch my nipples,” she finally begged, wanting relief, not caring how desperate she sounded, knew that they could see how aroused they had forced her to become.“As you can hear, Joanna is now verbally seeking relief, similar to other subjects that have undergone these same treatments.” Dr. Michael picked up two clothespins, not miniature ones like those that already graced her body, but thick, wooden clothespin with heavy metal springs. He smiled at the other doctors, “we wouldn’t want to disappoint, Joanna. Dr. Steve, would you help me?” and handed one of the cruel clothespins to him. He wanted her to feel both of her nipples clamped tight at one time. “Dr. Bill,” Michael handed him the other, wanting to masturbate Joanna at the same time, wanting to make her cum under the pain. His fingers touched her pussy lips, her hips jumped from the unexpected touch; her gasp pleased him. Her body expected the touch on her nipples; his hands surprised her when they touched her naked pubes. He peeled back her lips, her juices coated her pink pussy, his fingers rubbed up and down, she gasped from the unexpected masturbation.“Oh, yesssss,” she moaned, the ache in her breasts forgotten, Dr. Michael’s masturbating fingers brought such pleasure between her legs. She almost forgot what she had asked them to do. That is, until she felt the intense pain as both of her nipples were trapped between what felt like a pair of pliers, the pressure so intense that she thought they would pop and she would bleed to death. Her ear piercing shrill filled the room, scaring Dr. James, the pain shot to her brain as her delicate nipples were savagely crushed. She felt Dr. Michael’s finger on her clit as it peeled back the hood, exposed the swollen and inflamed bud to his touch, his fingers gripped tightly and pulled. She came like she had never cum before, sure that the leather seat beneath her drowned in her juices, her body shuddered, the devices attached to her breasts sent shooting pains into her flesh as she shook back and forth, igniting fresh bouts of pain. “More!” she cried, her orgasm drained her body, a new sharp burst of pain brought about as someone struck at all of the devices on her breasts, pinched tighter as they were slapped back and forth. The worst were the ones that pinched her nipples unmercifully, the blood-engorged tips clamped so tight. She came again, Dr. Michael’s fingers so masterfully masturbated her to multiple orgasms, the right amount of pleasure mixed with the pain they inflicted on her body. She shuddered one last time, her body slumped in the chair, her breasts ached, fingers still lingered on her sex.“Give her a minute,” Dr. Michael spoke to the others, not wanting to remove the clothespins yet. She was not prepared for what was to happen, Dr. Michael wanted it to be a surprise. His hands returned to her pussy, fingers rubbed up and down her drenched slit, enjoyed the movement of her hips. She might have already cum, but her body was still aroused, the darkness of the unknown kept her on edge. His fingers went to her clit again, she tried to move away at first, her clit sensitive to touch after her orgasms. But he persevered, his fingers slapped back and forth over the tip until her legs relaxed again, unable to stop him, gave up trying.His fingers continued to masturbate her, her body still on edge. She heard the command, but didn’t understand.“Now,” Dr. Michael told the others.She screamed at the top of her voice as fingers fumbled with the devices on her breasts, especially the ones on her nipples. She thought it would stop the dull ache when they took them off, she looked forward to the relief from the pain. Instead, the blood rushed into the skin and ignited pain that was worse than when they were first pinched. The absolute worst were her nipples, as if someone tore them from her body. A sharp pinch to her clit, her body shuddered from the dual pain, her pussy cumming again. Her hands rushed to her breasts, unable to contain herself any longer, rubbing—especially her sensitive nipples—to extinguish the pain. She couldn’t stop herself artemisbet yeni giriş from cumming as Dr. Michael’s fingers extracted a final cum from her body. Slumped in the chair, Joanna was exhausted from the combination of pain and pleasure. They removed the bars that trapped her breast flesh between them, Joanna thankful that there appeared to be no physical damage as feeling returned to her breasts, the pain now a distant memory.“An excellent test, doctors. The tape should prove valuable in our research project,” Michael did not mention the fact that it would bring top dollar in the Japanese market for pain films involving young, blonde, American women. “Let us clean up Joanna so we can proceed to the pelvic examination.” Hands eagerly washed her body with warm water, paying close attention to her breasts and pussy.They stood in front of her again, her body fresh from the sponge bath they had given her, readied for the internal examination, all of them eager to spread her open and peek inside the most intimate parts of her body. “Now we need to get your legs in the stirrups, Joanna. Relax your muscles and let me guide you.” He grabbed one ankle, felt her leg already relaxed, multiple orgasms had drained her young body. He pulled her leg out to the side, all eyes on her pussy as it spread open, her leg pressed into the sleek troughs of metal, encased within from the middle of her thighs to the middle of her calves. “I need to secure your legs this time, Joanna, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt with any sudden movement. Various instruments are going to be introduced into your vaginal and anal tracts; a sudden movement could cause tearing.” He tightened the straps on her legs, three of them secured each leg from calf to thigh. “Good girl, Joanna, now the other,” his hand grabbed her other leg and pulled it to the other side, lifted it up and deposited it in the other stirrup. “See how her sex spreads out from the split of her legs induced by the stirrups? Once she is secured, the stirrups can be manipulated in any direction by a simple push of this button. This will allow complete access to her vaginal and anal tracts for exploration.” He tightened the three straps on the other leg, Joanna now secured in the stirrups.She could envision their eyes on her spread sex, her legs already ached from the obscene spread, and knew that Dr. Michael would not be satisfied until she was fully open and humiliated in front of the other doctors. He seemed to take pleasure in forcing her into revealing and provocative positions, the most intimate parts of her body opened for their inspection. The difficult part was trying to understand why she allowed him to continue, why he so easily forced her to cum at his will. She felt the stirrups begin to vibrate then move outward, her legs forced to bow, her ass moved up higher as her legs progressively spread wider. The straps kept her legs securely in place, forced to follow the metal contraption that Dr. Michael controlled with the remote, not knowing how far he intended to display her body for their inspection.“I am going to get Joanna in position for the pelvic. The chair she is in was specially designed and built for me. The large metal troughs allow the legs to be secured tightly, the remote used to move the stirrups in any direction.” He pushed the remote, the stirrups started to rise, Joanna’s ass moved off the chair, as she was forced higher up. “Note how open her anus becomes, making the required rectal examination easier.” He pushed the remote again, her ass slowly lowered again, but this time as her legs moved outward, her pussy lips began to spread open. “With the wide expanse of her legs, it is almost unnecessary to spread her outer lips apart; they have a tendency to part by themselves.”Joanna felt her legs spread wider and wider, feared that he would not stop soon enough, her crotch already ached, afraid that he would split her up the middle. “Please, it’s starting to hurt,” she begged him. She felt his hands move up her inner thighs, up to the vee of her legs, fingers tested the tightness of her thigh muscles.“You can go wider, Joanna. We need you open very wide, the speculums are rather large so the wider your thighs are spread, the easier the insertion will be. You don’t want it to hurt, do you, Joanna?”She could only shake her head, fearful of the speculums, having heard from some of her friends how full they made you feel, especially when opened inside you. They had told her that it was worse than being fucked by a large cock, the metal unyielding, not like the flesh of a cock.Dr. Michael moved a bright light between her legs, a light that also concealed a tiny camera that would record all of the proceedings and give excellent footage of her vaginal and rectal exams. Michael knew many Japanese men would masturbate at the sight of Joanna’s exposed body. “The first thing to do is inspect the external genitals. Palpitate the mons veneris, looking for lumps or nodules.” His fingers touched her, felt the soft fleshy tissue. “This area has many nerve endings and can be very stimulating for the female when caressed. Joanna has a neatly trimmed bush. Girls with shaved pubis seem to get excited quicker, the nerve endings no longer hidden by the hair.” He pushed his fingers into her bush, the tips rubbed back and forth over her mound. “Visually inspect the labia. You will notice in Joanna that her labia minora is visible. You will find that a significant number of girls have a labia minor that project out. Sometimes the clitoris or clitoral hood is also visible as well, though not in Joanna’s case.”“The shape of the vulva in a woman is almost as varied as the mouth. You can see designs, shapes, patterns, and make associations with nature: a shell, a flower, a fig, an orchid, and yes, even those dangling wattles. There are styles; there is the Classical Cunt with symmetry, a Baroque style with complex folds and d****ry, a Gothic Cunt with archways, and a Danish Modern with clean lines. Many women have vulva called Valentine Cunts. When you realize the heart design is the shape of a woman’s genitals when her outer vaginal lips open, St. Valentine’s Day suddenly has a new meaning. “In addition, the vulva is not symmetrical. The minor labia are not equally sized, one usually more pronounced then the other. This can be corrected with female pumping, the suctioning of the labia or by stretching. I will show you this later with Joanna. We have a very elaborate piece of equipment that can be used on all areas of the vulva, including clitoris pumping that increases the blood flow into the organ, makes it very sensitive to stimulation and produces some very interesting orgasms,” Dr. Michael continued. The chair moved again, Dr. Michael made her ass rise higher. “Check the perineum for redness or swelling,” his finger traced along the tiny patch of skin between her pudendal cleft and the anus. “Joanna has a trace of very fine hair here. I imagine she gets excited when touched there. The combination of the stimulation of the hair on the nerve endings has a way of exciting the flesh.” He appreciated the way her body jumped when he touched her there, her strapped legs prevented any significant movement. He lowered her ass to the chair again, but not before he spread her legs open a little more, a low throaty groan came from Joanna.“Joanna’s labia majora are very fleshy. The spread of her legs has already separated them, her labia minora prominent. Separate them wider until the minora is clearly visible.” Michael pulled them back wide, two fingers gripped each lip tighter than was necessary, stretched, and he was sweetly rewarded by another groan from Joanna. “Often it may be necessary to use clamps to keep them separate. We may decide to do that later in the examination. Inspect the labia minora carefully, running your fingers up and down. Joanna is well lubricated. I presume that she is sexually aroused by my fingers, creaming from my manual ministration of her sex.” He stroked up and down the silky inner lips, soaked in the wetness that his fingers provoked from her body, pleased at how easily she responded to masturbation. She had proven to be one of their best test subjects yet and would undoubtedly have the highest grossing video in Japan. Her cries of pleasure as she cums will be watched by thousands, mostly men with their hands pumping their cocks. Dr. Michael could not hide his satisfied smile at the thought.“Now inspect the urethral meatus,” his finger brushed over the tiny opening, “the vaginal opening,” his fingers ran over the tight hole “and finally the clitoris.” He pushed down around the clitoral hood until her swollen clitoris was exposed. “You will have to be careful with Joanna’s clitoris. She is highly aroused now and would probably have an orgasm if it was stroked.” He touched his finger to the red bud and her body jumped, another small moan escaped from her lips.“If you notice any swelling in the region of the Bartholin’s glands, you will need to manually palpitate the area with your fingers. Joanna is fine, but I want to show you how to do it since she is so readily available. Put the index finger inside the vagina, the thumb outside the labia majora at an 8 o’clock position. Squeeze your fingers together to check for swelling. Repeat the procedure with the other side, the index finger outside the labia majora at the 4 o’clock position.” Michael squeezed her flesh, his finger inside her vagina wet with her juices. “You may have to grip tighter in a case like Joanna’s, her vagina is extremely wet and difficult to grip the skin tightly.” Seeing her lips clenched, he pinched the skin even more tightly.“Now each of you will have a turn at doing a pelvic exam on Joanna. Dr. Steve, first,” Michael watched as Dr. Steve sat in front of her widely spaced thighs, her sex so readily available. Steve’s fingers eagerly touched her flesh a bit too harshly, Joanna jumped at the unexpected pain.Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Dr. Steve had taken Dr. Michael’s place, his fingers less experienced and rougher, her body probed and stroked, her bound legs in the stirrups prevented her from protesting any of the rude handling of her body. She felt his breath on her pussy as his fingers exposed her vagina. The worst part was that her body still betrayed her, her juices aided the fingers entering her vagina, almost effortlessly as her pussy lips were squeezed tightly, way too tight. Each of the other doctors took their turn with her body, fingers slid over her exposed clitoris, teased her, kept her sexually aroused with no relief. Finally they finished, her sex glistened with her juices, her body sexually charged, wanting relief, almost ready to beg to be masturbated again.“Now, we’ll open up Joanna’s vagina with the speculum. Make sure it is adequately lubricated, but in Joanna’s case, I don’t think that it is necessary,” all of the doctors laughed loudly as Joanna was humiliated. Michael’s fingers pulled back her pussy lips, exposed the tiny tight mouth of her vagina, the gleaming chrome speculum in his hand. Joanna would have cringed if she had been able to see it, a light coat of frost covered the metal. Michael took it quickly from the freezer and began to insert it. Most doctors recommend that a speculum be used at room temperature. Michael loved the shocked look on their faces as the frigid metal was slowly inserted into their vaginal opening. Although their bodies quickly heated the metal, it was the first surprised look on their face, brought on by the shock of the cold metal that he enjoyed.“God, sooo cold,” she whimpered as her pussy shrunk from the icy touch, the metal speculum forced hard inside her, stretched her wider at the same time her body shrunk from the cold. It was instant pain, her body not meant to be forced open so wide. But the speculum was relentless, pushed slowly inside her, her own juices aided her degradation, yet again, as the cold, sterile object entered her vagina, unyielding, ruthlessly forced inside her. Even the wide expanse of her legs didn’t help, her vagina just too tiny and tight, the pain of the awful stretch felt as if she was being ripped up the middle. “No more, too deep,” she cried, “it hurts,” her cries fell on deaf ears as the speculum continued to penetrate her vagina, her walls pushed wide to accept the rigid metal flanges that would soon spread open inside her. She feared that even more: the slow, painful stretch as it was screwed open.“Almost all the way in, Joanna, hold on a little bit longer.” He gave it one final push, a gasp from her lips as it was fully embedded inside her vagina. Her breathing was hard as she began to accept the inanimate object buried inside her. “Joanna was very tight so it was difficult the first time. You have to be firm with the patient. Sometimes a little pain may be necessary.” His finger reached up to her clit again, lightly tapped at it, Joanna gasped in pleasure. “In the case of Joanna, a gentle masturbation of her clitoris is all she needed to make her forget the speculum.”He was wrong, she could not forget the hard object that spread her painfully open from the inside, a fullness that was so much more than when a cock was inside her. This one was hard and unyielding, her pussy unable to clench on it. Yet the tapping of her clitoris did somehow soothe some of the pain. She waited in anticipation, knew that he would be opening it soon, the painful stretch returning. She jumped, the telephone shattered the quietness of the room, the outside world somehow breaking into the private world she was in.“Grip it tight, Joanna, don’t let it slide out,” Dr. Michael instructed her as she heard him answer the telephone, his voice gently talking to a patient. She squeezed her pussy on the metal speculum, gripped it, afraid it would slip from her pussy, falling out for all the doctors to see.Michael and the doctors all watched the strain on her face as she struggled to hold onto the slippery speculum inside her as if it was a lover’s cock. They had done this often, faked a phone call when the speculum was inside a young patient for the first time, knowing they would struggle to obey. Never had one disappointed them and Joanna would not to be the first. They watched her struggle for over five minutes as Michael made believe he was talking to someone on the other end of the dead phone line. A light sweat glistened on her body as her internal muscles gripped the metal tight.Joanna was relieved when she felt the speculum move inside her, the touch of someone’s fingers jarred it. “Good girl, Joanna. Now take a deep breath. I’m going to open it up inside you.”He didn’t give her a chance to answer, the speculum began to move inside her, a strange feeling as the sides of the speculum flowered open, against her constrained pussy walls, forcefully pushed outward. She could only groan and gasp as she was slowly spread open from the inside, her vaginal walls pushed out by the hard metal. Each time she thought he had stopped, the relief was only temporary, as if he needed to get a better grip on the device that opened her up, each time it spread again, the pain inside her began anew.“She is opening up very well,” Michael shined the light directly into the dark, black hole the speculum provided. “You can see inside her now,” her pussy spread open and the inside exposed. He tapped her clitoris, wanting to keep her aroused.She felt artemisbet giriş the eyes peering between her legs, so close their hot breath touched her open sex, knew they were getting an intimate glimpse inside her, a glimpse that none had before and hoped none would again, humiliated at being so exposed. No, they couldn’t! The click of the camera revealed that they recorded every humiliating detail of her inner body. She heard them talk about her as they took turns peering into the depth of her body, the camera clicking away.“Now for the rectal exam, Joanna.” Michael pushed the control panel, Joanna’s ass rose higher until her tiny anus was fully exposed, the spread of her legs already opened the wrinkled hole. “You must make sure your subject is properly lubricated for this procedure.” Michael spread a liberal amount of water-soluble lubricant on his index finger. “Now try to relax your sphincter, Joanna, it will go much easier.” He touched her opening, his fingertip large compared to the hole. “Joanna has a dark brown puckered opening, no sign of hemorrhoids, probably virginal. It is slightly wrinkled and extremely sensitive. The anus has a large collection of nerve endings. You can almost see it quivering as I lightly stroke the outside. Gently rub around the edges, pushing in with your fingertip as you do. You will see her anus gently flowering open, the fingertip slowly entering. Joanna is extremely tight, my finger is having difficulty entering. You may have to use more force,” he pushed harder with his fingertip until finally her anus relented, the tip of his finger forced inside. “Slowly massage the muscle inside, let her get use to having something inside her.”His slippery finger penetrated her rectum; unable to control her sphincter, the muscle gripped the fingertip tightly. She felt it move inside her; slowly massage her muscle, pushed against it, spread her anus wider as he did. It felt strange to have something pushed inside her rectum, a strange fullness inside her asshole, the finger continually moved around inside her. She felt the uncomfortable fullness, fought the urge that she had to relieve herself.“As she becomes accustomed to having your finger inside her, push in deeper. Joanna is very hot and tight, my finger engulfed by her anal tract. You can feel her rectum spasm. Continue penetration, letting the finger slide up to the knuckle. Turn your finger as you push in, this will ease the penetration. Once fully embedded, let your finger become still, giving Joanna a minute to fully accept it. Are you doing all right, Joanna?”She couldn’t speak; the finger in her asshole drew all her attention. It felt good and bad, both at the same time. Her asshole burned when the finger pushed inside her. And full, an uncomfortable feeling of being filled up, unable to control its motion. But it all aroused her. Not like when she masturbated. This was different. It was more a sense of having no control over your own body, the helplessness of having a strange finger move around inside the most intimate opening of your body and not being able to stop it or even want to stop it. Her anal tract suddenly went empty, the thick finger withdrew, her sphincter grabbed at it as if it wanted to stop it from leaving.“I want you to relax your sphincter for me, Joanna,” Dr. Michael instructed her. His finger returned to her anus, lightly tapped the opening, watched the tiny hole quiver. “I need you to practice pushing out on your anus. This will make the insertion of the anal speculum much easier. Can you do that?”“What do you want me to do?” Joanna feared anything else going inside her asshole, especially something that would open her up from the inside. She knew it would be painful, the speculum holding her pussy open was still uncomfortable after the painful entry. “I want you to push out on your sphincter, as if you were trying to have a bowel movement. This will make your anus open. I will aid you, now push,” his voice commanded her to perform. His fingers spread on the outside of her anus, stretched the skin on the wrinkled opening until the brown hole was extended. He waited, rewarded with a grunt from Joanna, her butt seemed to lift up, her anus pushed outward, the tiny hole slowly opened. A tiny fart escaped, Joanna turned red in embarrassment, her anus shrunk back to its original size. “I’m sorry,” she whispered meekly.“A normal reaction for the female patient. Many times gas will be released.” All of the doctors enjoyed her discomfort. ”Now try again, Joanna. Push hard.” His fingers stretched her anus again, the pucker gone from the tiny hole as she began to strain, hesitant this time, afraid of farting again. “Don’t worry about farting, Joanna, I need you to push hard. I want to see your anus open.” His voice demanded. He was rewarded with the sight of her tiny anus slowly unfolding, the pucker spread outward, his fingers pushed outward on the edges of her anus as she exerted herself.It was so embarrassing, knowing that they watched her, their faces glued to her anus as she pushed out, Dr. Michael’s fingers uncomfortably close to the opening, fingered the sensitive area. She held her breath as she felt her anus open, feared the sound of a fart escaping. She grunted, pushed out and held, waited for a response. She couldn’t hold it any longer, released the pressure on her sphincter. Her anus quickly shrank, but not before Dr. Michael’s finger was pushed into her rectum, trapped as her anus shrank down, gripped the finger tightly.Dr. Michael moved his finger around inside her, massaged the muscle, “again, Joanna, push again. Let your anus open, again.” He felt her try again, his finger released from the tight grasp of her sphincter, pushed outward from her anus, the tiny hole spread wide again. “Yes, very good, Joanna. See how well she opens up? Her sphincter is extremely tight. Each of you use your finger inside her rectum as she opens up for you. Do it for each of the doctors, Joanna, push out on your sphincter. Let them feel how tight you are.”It seemed like hours, a thin sheen of sweat glowed on her body as each of the doctors fingered her anus, their fingers entered her rectum as she slowly opened herself for them, grunted each time she pushed. They took their time, made her strain for painfully long minutes, while their fingers moved inside her, massaged the clenched flesh. Finally the last one pulled his finger from her rectum, relieved that she was finally emptied.“Good girl, Joanna,” he praised her. Michael took another cold speculum from the freezer, this one smaller than the other, but formidable in size compared to the tiny opening that it would soon be inserted in. “We will use the Mathieu Rectal Speculum. This instrument allows for easy penetration and the scissor grip makes for easy spreading of the anal opening. As you can see, it has formidable depth,” he gave no indication to Joanna of its 7 inch length. “Take a deep breath, Joanna, and push out again.”“Aagghh…” she moaned, the cold speculum shocked her system, her anus forced to shrink from the intense cold, the metal unrelenting, slowly entered her anus, the metal not like their soft, warm fingers. She was forcefully stretched open, the speculum, unfazed by her clenched sphincter muscle, pushed apart the spasms in her colon as it burrowed deep inside her bowels. She groaned in pain as a cramp attacked her, the speculum now fully inside her. It felt like it was a yard long, her colon held fast to the hard metal. “Now, slowly open the speculum,” Dr. Michael instructed, “the anal tract is subject to tearing much more than the vagina,” a steady gentle pressure on the scissors handle slowly opened the speculum, her anus spread wide on the rim, forced open, inside her bowels were spread. He locked the speculum in place, Joanna’s gasp and ragged breathing showed the suffering she accepted as her whole crotch was spread wide, the twin speculums protruded from her openings. “Breathe slowly, Joanna, I know it feels strange, your orifices so open and exposed. We must now inspect and probe inside the speculums.”Dr. Michael picked up an electrical probe. It was a four-inch metal cylinder, one inch in diameter. A black wire extended from the base of the unit to an electrical panel within Michael’s reach. The panel regulated the amperes that flowed through the outside of the cylinder. It produced a mild charge that felt like a tingling to a more powerful charge that would force the internal organs to shudder, the subject would feel like they were being electrocuted from the inside. At the most powerful charge, the subject would lose all bodily functions, ultimately the heart failing. “You’re going to feel a slight tingle, Joanna. We are just testing the conductivity of your vaginal and anal openings. The device will be able to determine if your body sufficiently lubricates naturally.” He placed the probe inside her vagina, the speculum held her spread wide, not hitting her inner tissue until it passed the edge of the speculum, her inner walls clasped on to the hard metal probe. He saw her grit her teeth as the mild charge slowly flowed into her pussy, more of a tingle than a jolt. His finger moved to her clit, snapped at it, distracted her as he increased the voltage. Her muscles reacted to the increased voltage, tightened on not only the probe, but also on the speculums inside her. His fingers returned to her clit, snapped at the swollen bud, back and forth, his finger rubbed the tip. Now the other hole, a slim anal electrical probe slowly inserted into the anal speculum until it hit the end of the speculum. He pushed, the probe slowly entered, deep into the depths of her bowels as she was now skewered in both ends.The slight tingling became more painful, as if she was being punched, but from the inside, especially, the one inside her ass. Her colon began to spasm on the probe, cramps hit her stomach as her asshole clenched and unclenched on the speculum and probe inside her. She felt a sudden pain, the probe in her bowels pushed in deeper, as if it was going to come out her mouth. She had a sudden urge to release her bowels, fought the urge, clamped onto the speculum even tighter. If it weren’t for the finger playing with her clit she would have screamed in pain, instead she bore the pain as the finger created such pleasure in her. She was ready to cum. Suddenly they stopped, the probes and the finger.“Very good, Joanna. Now remove the speculums, slowly.” The probes already lay back on the table. “First, the anal speculum. See how her anus seems to cling to the metal as it is withdrawn? I’m sure that feels much better now, Joanna. Next, the vaginal speculum,” He slowly pulled it out; her pussy clung to the metal.She felt such relief, as if a watermelon had been removed from her stomach. But she also felt empty and still aroused. She waited silently in the dark, hoped that they would masturbate her. She needed to cum.“Now, I will show you the latest techniques in shaping the vulva of the female. Joanna is young, her vulva still has the curvy shape and pouty vaginal lips that are well defined. With age, the vulva tends to get flat or concave. In older women we use pumping to enhance the shape of her sex. The treatment is highly arousing to the patient and most will have orgasms while being treated. They must be prepared for this. In Joanna’s case, I think she would welcome it, now.” Dr. Michael picked up a large clear plastic dome and fit it over Joanna’s vulva, tightly seated between her spread legs. “This will feel strange, Joanna, but I guarantee that you will enjoy it. We will start off slowly.” Dr. Michael slowly turned on the pump.Joanna’s body jerked, it was as if a vacuum cleaner had been attached to her sex, the suction slowly drew all of her sex into the device. Her lips began to stretch, pulled outward. Even her clit, the hood pushed out of the way as it began to stretch, a strange vibration in it as it pulled out. The motor picked up in noise level, the suction increased. She felt her lips pulled towards the back of the dome, sucked into the tube. The increased whine of the motor warned her, the suctioning became more intense, her lips pulled almost painfully out, her clit pulled out into the air, untouched but a terrible pressure pulled away it from her body.“You can see the immense pressure that can be created by the machine. It has a very powerful motor. You can see that Joanna enjoys the feeling, her hips trying to move as her sex is sucked into the machine. For further arousal, the machine can be set for alternating suction.” He switched the button, the machine slowed down, her vulva settled back into shape, then suddenly the motor kicked into high gear, her lips and clit pulled sharply. “The machine will alternate back and forth, with the operator able to regulate the intervals.” The machine oscillated, Joanna’s vulva pulled, released, pulled out again all with irregular motion, keeping her off guard. “I don’t want her to orgasm, yet.” Michael pulled the dome off of her vulva, took pleasure in the look on her face as she was, again, denied orgasm. “Labia pumping can solve the problem of one labia being larger than the other. It’s the fullness of shape that is attractive and lures the opposite gender; it defines a shape to female genitalia, one that indicates youthfulness. Although some women unfortunately might have nice full lips on their vaginas, one lip might be bigger than the other one. Labia pumping is a perfect solution to seek an equilibrium between each vaginal lip.” Dr. Michael picked up another domed device, this one more narrow, more concentrated and longer. He placed it over her lips, pushed it tightly against her vulva. He felt her tremble, her ass arched up as best it could, begging for the suction. “The narrowness of the dome and the greater depth allows the labia to get sucked deeper into the dome. It is surprising that the labia can be stretched up to 25 centimeters, or more than seven inches. But this takes considerable time, perhaps longer than six weeks.” He pushed the button on the machine; the motor hummed again, a cry of astonishment from Joanna as the suction slowly pulled her labia from her body, sucked it deep into the cup. The pressure increased, the lips more fully drawn into the cup; the suction painfully pulled the lips out. But Joanna didn’t seem to mind the pain, soft moans coming from her lips. She had to cum soon. The motor hit high gear, she didn’t think her pussy lips would stretch any farther, but they did, the powerful motor seemed to rip them from her body. Just when she thought she would cum, the motor stopped, her lips sinking back. “Please, please,” she begged.“Would you like to cum, Joanna? How about if we let you cum while your clitoris is pumped?”“Oh, God, yes, please!” She thought she would cum just at the thought of it.“This practice of clit pumping involves taking a cylinder and placing it directly over the clitoris, causing the clitoris to get sucked into the cylinder, giving any girl an instant throbbing erection making it easy to achieve an intense orgasm.” Dr. Michael picked up the long cylinder. It was narrow, forced the clitoris to pull tightly into the cramped cylinder. “Clitoris pumping induces blood flow to the clitoris forcing an instant erection to its maximum point where the clitoris is throbbing in sexual ecstasy and ready to perform to provide one of the most intense and mind-blowing orgasms the artemisbet güvenilirmi woman has ever felt. Joanna is already highly sexually aroused so she will probably orgasm in less than a minute.” Her clit manipulated by Dr. Michael, his gentle hands pushed her hood out of the way, the plastic fit snugly over her already swollen clitoris. She grits her teeth, waited for the intense feeling. She was not disappointed. Dr. Michael turned on the machine, not on low with a gradual increase, but on the highest setting first. “God!” she cried out as her clit was pulled into the cylinder by the force of the suction, the organ stretched over two inches long and still moved. The side walls of the cylinder rubbed harshly over the bud as it sucked her clitoris deep inside. The motor stopped, her clit shrunk back down, then started again, pumped it up once more. Dr. Michael continued the irregular motion, her clit pulled and released. She couldn’t wait any longer; the orgasm gripped her body like never before. Her clit felt like it was the size of a baseball; the invisible suction forced it out and in, just as if it was fucking air. Her body shuddered, her pussy spurt like a cock, drenching the seat beneath her. The doctors all watched the intense orgasm Joanna received, the camera filming all of it for the Japanese market, the lens got a close up of her elongated clitoris, pulled into the unnatural shape by the machine, her profuse cum drenching the seat, the look of ecstasy on her face as she came again and again, the machine masturbated her to multiple orgasms. Her climax ran into minutes, the machine let her down, then pumped harder, a new shudder ran through her as she came again. She finally slumped down; Dr. Michael checked her pulse, felt her speeding heart. “Very good, Joanna. One of your most intense orgasms.”They let her rest for a minute, the blindfold still on. “One more test, Joanna, then you will be finished.” They helped her off the exam table and moved her over to the bench. This type of bench was usually reserved for male clients positioned for a colonoscopy. Dr. Michael’s bench was specially designed for his particular patients and put them into a provocative position that would film well. A padded leather bench with a sharp downward slope, went from about waist high to the floor at a 45 degree angle. The top of the bench was flat, about four inches wide, making for a comfortable bench for the female hips. The front side of the bench had two separate padded steps, each about eighteen inches from the floor, wide enough to hold the knees of the female patient. Naturally they were spread wide, mechanism controlled by remote to move side to side, increasing or decreasing the spread between the knees. The leather straps secured the knees and allowed Dr. Michael to place his patients into an unnaturally wide stance.“The bench is extremely low, Joanna, so you are going to have to bend over deeply. This will put you into a position that will allow us to test the elasticity of your anal tract. It will push your butt high into the air, your anus spread and exposed. I will be inserting a device I call “the snake” into your anus. This device will slowly move deeper into your rectum, finally entering your colon. It will move on its own, feel any resistance and make necessary corrections needed to continue. It will be uncomfortable and give you a sense of fullness, almost like after you finish a Thanksgiving dinner. You may experience some cramping; this is necessary and expected. It is rather large.”“No, please, it hurts when you put things up my butt. Please don’t.” She knew she was almost finished, wanted it to end. But, this sounded painful.Dr. Michael let his hand slip down over her ass cheeks, down the tight crease, his middle finger pushed aside any resistance by Joanna’s clenched cheeks until he found her tiny anus, still lubricated by the speculum that had been introduced into the tiny orifice. “Nonsense, Joanna, we will try to be gentle,” his finger pushed into her anus, gripped tightly by her rectum as she stood there, impaled on his moving finger. “You are very tight, we want to make sure that you do not have a problem in the future with the elasticity of your anal tract.” He moved around in her asshole, felt her suffer the fingering of her intimate hole.She jumped, stretched up on her toes as his finger pushed into her anus, unable to stop him as he moved around inside her again, massaged her muscle that gripped him so tightly. She felt his other hand push down on her back, slowly bend her over, her butt thrust out, forced the finger deeper inside her, made her spread her legs wider to accommodate the fat finger. Even though it had been spread wide by the speculum, it seemed to have shrunk back down to the little tiny star again, almost as if it had never been entered before.“You’ll feel the leather bench in a second, Joanna,” his finger pulled from deep inside her rectum, as he needed both hands to manipulate her body into the desired position. He made her bend deeper until her hips hit the leather, then grabbed one of her legs, pulled it up, her muscles relaxed, let him have his way with her body, as he put the first knee onto the raised platform. “Now the other, kneel up on it,” moved her other leg up until she was firmly on her knees, bent at the waist. “Dr. Steve, would you help me?” Steve grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed downward, her body began to bend sharply at the waist, lower and lower until her head was almost at the floor. A leather strap quickly secured around the middle of her back kept her firmly in the bent over position. “You will notice the way her buttocks are in an upraised position, her knees nicely spaced apart to allow the cheeks to separate.” He pushed the remote, the knee platforms moved outward, a groan from Joanna, her cheeks spread even wider. “Her vulva is also prominently displayed from the rear, an enticing sight,” his fingers ran over her labia, felt her wetness. “Joanna is again lubricating profusely. She seems to get sexually aroused when placed into spread and exposed positions, just like our other subjects.” He lightly tapped her ass, the sound of his hand slapping her flesh made his cock jump.Her knees spread wide again; Joanna imagined how she must look. The doggy style position, her butt so prominently displayed, her sex so grossly exposed from behind, left her humiliated, but also excited. The slaps to her ass surprised her. Not so much from the pain, but the pleasure, his hand ignited a tingle between her legs. Dr. Michael returned to her sex again, felt the renewed wetness. Another sharp slap on her ass, she grits her teeth as she endured the pleasurable pain.“Joanna seems to be enjoying the spanking to her butt. I will take this into account when we masturbate her again. Now for the snake.” He picked up the snake. It was shaped like a human cock—specifically his—while not as big. The head was larger than the shaft, the rim around the head more pronounced, sticking out over a one-half inch wider then normal. When withdrawn, the head would drag out harshly through the colon. It was connected to the rest of the machine, able to extend to depths of up to 60 centimeters, or over two feel long. The snake was fairly rigid, introduced into the anus with the help of the doctor. After that it moved by itself, slowly crawled along the colon, the head of the snake gradually turned inside as it moved, further stimulating the inner walls.She felt the lubricant applied liberally by Dr. Michael, his finger slipped in and out her anus at will, her sphincter unable to stop him, her tract fully lubricated. It felt good and uncomfortable, all at the same time, but as she thought of the snake, she began to tighten up, fearful of an instrument with the evil sounding name.A quick slap to her cheek and then to the other side, the skin reddened, “loosen up your anus, Joanna, or else it will hurt,” pleased at the way she responded to the spanking. She pushed out on her anus, just as she had been taught to do before. “Very good, Joanna. You will notice the way Joanna is responding, opening up her anus for the snake.” He grabbed the snake, lubricated the head until it glistened, then pressed it against her anus. Pushed out by her muscles, the lubricated snake quickly gained entrance, slowly spread her as the head began to be engulfed in her anus.“It’s big!” she cried out as she felt the cold, hard object pressed against her anus. She pushed again, the snake sought further entrance, her anus spread wider, slowly swallowed the snake.“Almost in, Joanna, open up again,” all of the doctors watched as Joanna pushed out on her anus, facilitated the entrance of the snake inside her. She would not have been so willing if she knew it was shaped like a cock, my cock.She screamed as Dr. Michael gave the snake one forceful shove that buried the head into her rectum, her anus split tightly under the rim, gripped it tightly, her sphincter began to spasm as it fought the cruel intrusion. “So big!” she cried out and tried to take her mind off the large snake inside her. Dr. Michael’s hands ran over her ass, his fingers played over her stretched anus, felt her body shudder as he so intimately fondled her. “See how tightly the snake is gripped by her body. Once I start the machine, it will seek greater depth under its own power.” His hands moved under the snake to her vulva peeking out from below, glistening, her juices ran down the inside of her thighs. He lightly tapped her protruding labia, the snake jerked back and forth as she moved away. He gripped both of her lips and pulled them down, heard her groan as they stretched out. His fingers could not grab firmly, her juices made them too slippery. “A pair of hemostats, please, Dr. Steve.”“No!” she screamed as his fingers separated her labia, the pinch of the hemostats on the tender lips and then the sudden drop as the heavy instrument pulled toward the floor, her lip forced to stretch with it. The other fold was likewise prepared, both of her labia now protruded over three inches down her thighs. Dr. Michael slapped the hemostats with his hand, making her labia swing back and forth as they were stretched.If that weren’t bad enough, the sound of the machine again broke the silence; the snake inside her rectum seemed to come alive. First the head began to rotate, her anus pulled as the snake moved around in a circle inside her. Next, the uncomfortable feeling as it pressed forward inside her, the rounded head rotated, as it seemed to bore into the depths of her bowels. It passed painfully from her rectum into her lower intestine, the inanimate object not caring about her cries of pain as a sharp cramp gripped her stomach.“Do you mind helping take Joanna’s mind off of the snake, Dr. Steve?” Steve needed no further encouragement; his large hand slapped her ass cheek, the white skin turned instantly red. Dr. Michael’s fingers moved between her pinched labia, up and down the silky, wet flesh, made her shudder when he moved up and touched her clitoris. His fingers moved against the dangling hemostats, to make sure her labia received constant jerks of pain as they pulled painfully down.Another sharp pain as the snake was now deep inside her colon, as if it was trying to bore into her bowels and through her entire body. Her clenched bowels were no match for the relentless and unyielding snake; she was now spread wide by the thick head that turned constantly inside her, rubbed harshly over her sensitive bowel lining. It was only Dr. Michael’s fingers masturbating her, along with the sharp bite of the hemostats on her labia, punctuated by the painful spanking by Dr. Steve that kept her going. The combination of pain, pleasure and feeling of fullness made her body so sexually aroused, not sure how much longer she could go without cumming. Just when she thought she would cum, the snake stretched her bowel in a direction it was not meant to be stretched, ignited a painful cramp inside her stomach that distracted her from her orgasm. It was only when it went away that she again felt the stir of an impending orgasm in her pussy.She felt so full, the snake now stationary inside her bowels, the head still turning painfully inside her, reminding her of the power of the inanimate object as it swirled around. Then it began to withdraw, a process made all the more painful as the rim head dragged painfully out, created a vacuum inside her that felt as if her guts were being pulled out. It pulled halfway out before it moved back in again, as if she was being sodomized instead of being examined. The final time it withdrew, the Doctors were ready for her. As the snake withdrew, they increased her masturbation, Dr. Steve rained blows on her upturned ass cheeks, unprotected and vulnerable to the sexual spanking, Dr. Michael played her body like a fine tuned watch, his fingers clipped the dangling hemostats, ignited sharp painful nips on her labia as his other hand played over her clitoris.“Dr. Bill, the snake please.” Joanna felt the head of the snake pulling from her anus, out of her stretched opening just as Dr. Michael gripped her clitoris with a hemostat, or at least that it what it felt like! The metal gripped the blood-engorged organ, his hand pulled it from her body, stretched it painfully. Other hands slapped at the hemostats on her labia, as Dr. Steve continued to spank her ass harshly. That was all she could take. She came all over them. Her body shook in ecstasy, the strange combination of pain and pleasure swept over her body, her asshole clung to the snake as the thick head pulled harshly outward, her pussy gushed juices all over the hemostats dragging her lips to the ground. Another shuddering orgasm as the hemostats were released, the sharp pain as the blood rushed back made her cum again. She slumped on the bench, exhausted as the snake burst out of her asshole with a sharp pop.They released her from the bench; Joanna slowly dressed, not even caring as they watched her. “You are in excellent health, Joanna. A fine specimen of female flesh. In addition, you have proved invaluable in our Masturbatory Practices of The Female College Student research project. In fact, we would be willing to pay you $1,000 to take part in another research project if you are interested.” Dr. Michael smiled, wished he had a chance to fuck her, his cock so hard, his balls ached, wanting release.“What is the project?” her ears perked up at the sound of $1,000. She was always poor; $1,000 would be a windfall. It wasn’t exactly that she hadn’t enjoyed herself. While painful, they also did make her cum. Many times, often in situations where she would have thought that she would not be able to, especially when they induced pain in her body. But it seemed to drive her over the edge each time.“We are doing a study called, “Pain Management: Can sexual arousal be used to offset the effects of pain.” We are testing whether sexual arousal in a female can be used to help patients with painful disease. In the study, the subjects will be exposed to painful stimuli. They will then be sexually aroused through a combination of masturbation or other sexual activities to see if the pain can be diminished in the brain. This will not only be masturbation, but might also involve oral, vaginal and anal sex.” Dr. Michael did not miss that her eyes lit up at the mention of $1,000. “We also have a bonus of an additional $1,000 for all subjects that complete a successful study.Joanna got up, “I will think about it and give you a call if I am interested.” As she headed out the door, the doctors noted that she walked hesitantly, her body surely weakened by the multiple orgasms she had endured.May Be Continued if Joanna Accepts.

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