My Best Friend and Wife Mess Around


My Best Friend and Wife Mess AroundMy girlfriend and I had gone to a local sex shop and bought a few things including a remote controlled vibrating egg and some vibrators. We were playing with them when we got home. She loved the vibrating egg and was getting really wet when she asked me if she could invite John over. I agreed willingly and she started texting him while the egg was inside of her and I was playing with the vibrator in her ass. She usually doesn’t allow me to play with her ass except when she gets really horny for two cocks because she fantasizes about being double penetrated. So after a couple minutes she said that John was going to come over for “a trip to the pool and a Barbeque” . Katie and I stopped playing so that we could wait for John to join. After about 20 minutes I got a text from John saying that him and his brother Phil would be there in a few minutes. This was very discerning for us because he didn’t realize that Katie wanted to fuck John. He just thought he was coming over for the pool and barbeque and brought his brother. Needless to say Katie was disappointed a bit.However, once they arrived we all went over to the pool and started drinking a bit. I decided to talk to John’s brother a bit and let Katie and John talk. The whole time though I couldn’t help but to keep looking over at them and wonder what they were talking about. After about 20 minutes they started to get out and they said that they were going to go to the bathroom, and Katie gave me a wink, and I winked back at her. I began to get a bit worried and turned on at the same time wondering what they were going to do. When they returned about 15 minutes later they seemed pretty normal, Katie swam up to me and grabbed my crotch, and she was obviously really horny. So I told everyone lets go back and start the BBQ. When we got back Katie realized that we forgot to get the food for the BBQ from the store, so she whispered to me that I should take Phil with me and leave her and John to mess around a bit. This made me quite nervous because we were still new to this and I liked to türbanlı kocaeli escort see what was happening between them, but I told her I would as long as she would give me all the details.So I asked Phil if he would come with me to the store while Katie and John got everything ready. He agreed and we left. We were gone for about 20 minutes getting the food and when we got back I saw John coming down the stairs and that, not to my surprise, nothing had been ready yet. So John came up and said that Katie wanted my help with something, so he stayed down stairs and talked with his brother while I went upstairs. As I opened the door to Katie’s room I saw her on her bed with her bikini top pushed aside with her boobs visible and her finger furiously rubbing her clit. She pulled me onto her and begged for me to finger her. She was so wet, I asked her what had happened but she said she would tell me later, she then begged me fuck her and then send John up after to fuck her while I kept her brother busy, but I knew it would be too risky so I made her wait. Then I then took out her vibrating egg from her drawer and put it inside of her. I took the controller, and I told her that I would turn it on whenever I wanted and that she had better be ready to tell me every detail later on.So then Katie and I went downstairs and I started up the BBQ. Phil, John and Katie were on the couch playing Super Mario Bros. Phil was on one side of the couch while Katie and John were on the other, as I am prepping the food I decided to turn on the egg and see how she reacted; as soon as I did she jumped and screamed a bit. She played it off that John pulled on her hair. I then kept turning it off and back on, and watching Katie as she tried not to make a sound as the vibrating egg was going crazy in her wet pussy. She kept grabbing onto John like he would get the hint. I could tell she wanted to fuck him really badly. After few minutes John said he had to go to the bathroom and Katie got up with him and said she wanted to go charge her phone. türbanlı kocaeli escort bayan I was not surprised when I walked by and heard some moaning from the bathroom. I then saw both John and Katie come out of the bathroom looking exasperated. I was so turned on wondering what my little slut had been up to. Not long after they got out of the bathroom, we ate burgers, and Phil decided he wanted to go home so John and Phil left. Once they left I asked Katie to tell me what happened, but before I could finish my statement, she threw off her bikini and pulled me to the floor. She then looked directly into my eyes with such dominant passion and said, “Fuck me NOW!” so I pulled off my bathing suit and pushed my dick right inside of her. Usually we would have to start slow because I have a pretty thick cock and she has trouble taking it at first, however, she was so horny and wet that I was able to slide right in. I fucked her really hard and sucked on her nipples as I did. I was able to make her orgasm twice before I came all inside of her. My cum was dripping out of my little slut’s pussy as she laid there out of breath. I cleaned her up and we laid there for a few minutes catching our breath. I then asked her to tell me what happened.She looked over at me and pulled my cock out of my pants and started jacking me off as she told me what happened. At the pool her and John were flirting like crazy and kept touching each other under the water. When they went to the bathroom they made out a bit and John took her tits out of her bikini and started sucking on her nipples but I guess it was too sketchy to do anything else there. Then once we got back and Phil and I went to the store, she told me that she started to bend down to get out utensils to get ready to BBQ and John said he couldn’t stop staring and her ass as she bent down. This led to them making out and John forcing her down onto the couch. He started kissing her neck and pulling her bikini top aside to grab her boobs and suck on her nipples. He then türbanlı escort kocaeli kept kissing down to her bottoms and pulled them aside, he licked her clit a couple of times and she told him “No” because she remembered that I wanted to be there for most of it. John replied “Okay I just wanted a taste” So she took him upstairs to her room and showed John the vibrating egg we bought and then pushed him onto the bed and showed him the restraints we had on her bed, which she used on his hands. She said she started kissing his neck and down his chest and then took out his dick, which sprung to attention, and she took as much of his dick as she could in her mouth (she can deep throat very well but I guess John is a bit longer than me so she couldn’t fit him all the way in her mouth) and stopped. She told him that “she only wanted a taste”. I had almost came when she told me this, I made her stop jacking me off because I was so turned on. So she then told me that she got on top of him and pulled her bikini top aside again and would dip her luscious tits into his mouth and back out again, as she was doing this they heard my car pull up. So she took the restraints off John and that is when she told him to send me up there. She then grabbed my dick again to continue jacking me off. She had a smirk on her face and said that the vibrating egg felt so good and she wanted to fuck John right there in the living room when I kept turning it on and off. So when he got up to go to the bathroom Katie said she had to go with him. She said they started kissing and then she sat up on the counter and showed John that the egg was inside her, and that is why she jumped earlier. He laughed it off and kept kissing her and then went and started kissing her clit as I was messed with the egg inside of her.She orgasmed immediately and then took out John’s cock. She got down on her knees and started sucking him off; I guess this angle made it easier for her because she was able to fit his entire cock in her mouth this time. After a couple of minutes of her deep throating his cock and licking his balls he shot his cum into her mouth. Which she then spit into the sink (one day I’ll get her to start swallowing). She told me that after they left the bathroom she had cum in her mouth and she gave me a big kiss because she wanted me knows she sucked his cock off. When she said this, I came all over her tits and face when she was jacking me off. She loved it.

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