My Detailed Masterbation Fantasy Shared…by women


My Detailed Masterbation Fantasy Shared…by womenMy age changed but, the fantasy remained. I am aching with pain. I am in need. My pussy is dripping with lubrication juice. Masterbation is my only option. I close my eyes….I am led into a white room filled with only women. Different ages and physical stages. ALL of them are wearing very thin, see through, long white cotton wraps. At first I don’t notice the obvious because two beautifull young women walk me up 3 steps onto a platform for one. Too fast to understand, I look out into this beautiful white room with soft, sentual women in white (yet completely naked) robes.Without words, I understand. I am helpless and want to comply. Every woman had a “task”. All of them were ment for me, my body and a specific required funtion (that each woman was perfected and trained in, along with the fact that it was enjoyable to each of them).I am standing alone. I am stripped naked. (I feel embarressed because my inner thighs are shiny and sticky with my juice…..you can not fake or hide how wet you are. They all looked. No judgement, just understandind. (I now know that all they wanted to do was stop my suffering) I am stripped completely. i don’t look the same. I have some light brown pussy hair. I do not have a white robe. …..something else is missing. What? I have no idea because I don’t feel like I should.I am led to a pool (a fancy bath tub). Four different women hold me in the warm, salty water. Each is washing a different limb.At the same time my bottom is raised exposing my pussy and bottom as my breasts float just a bit. Three other women approach from different angles. The first one soaps up my pussy, making sure to part my lips, open tempobet giriş me so that my clitoris and urereter and vaginal opening are exposed. She starts by touching, then licking and incerting a finger, a small catheter and a suction devise….I get lost in the feeling of all of it. At some point I was shaved completly, smooth. Highly sensitive. All of a sudden the wated was drainded and I was turned on my tummy, bottom up in the air. I feel two sets of hands spreading my bottom cheeks, ever so slightly, apart. I feel a clensing cloth, then a lubrication and a warm toung. I am in a transe. I am shaved in the last little area. I feel a small, long, slender tube gently incerted into my rectum. I am even more arroused. I feel a rush of warm fluid fill me to the point of pain, then a bit more. Somehow the pain is horrid yet sexually stimulating in a way I never felt before but, I knew I had always WANTED the PAIN. It was over. I had never felt so clean before.I stood up and was dried off gently then led to this table. (functionally a gyno exam table but, different. looked and felt like a godess table to me)I was on my back. Legs spread wide. Vaginal lips pulled apart by fingers. Arms held securly in place by strong, soft hands over my head. The middle of the table dropped exposing my bottom. Then the assult from heaven began…..My forhead was strapped down. I was given a chance to LOOK. I saw women with breasts bulging and dripping with milk. They had been milked every hour for days and then 32 hours before I got there, it was stopped. I could see the pain, they NEEDED me to suckle. I saw others with blood between thier legs and vibrating toys incerted…..we all know tempobet yeni giriş that with our period comes extreme sexual need. They needed to play with me and each other for relief. Some were in various stages of pregnancy. I could see how they became pregnant because others were on tables being inseminated. Others were enjoying enemas, nipple/breast bondage torcher…and so on. I am so sexuall excited i feel like i am going to EXPLODE!A older women with hugh milk filled breasts puts her elongated nipple in my mouth and I suck like a starving baby (she had had a large glass of wine an hour before). I feel nipple pressure, then I hear a vaccuume, my nipples are responding. SURPRISE! My nipples are tied again and agin with thin thread so tight they stop getting blood flow and are purple and a feather is agony…then the clamps are harshly attached that I scream out. Just for a moment because I feel a syring filled with K-Y I guess, slowly pushed into my virgin anus and then RUSHED completely into my bottom. Very soon a toy that expands is pushed completely into my bottom. (I was enjoying the extreams and felt bad because a good girl is not like that)….I changed to the wine womens other breast and continued to gorge myself with her thick milk. I was out of my mind with sexual stimuli. They knew that. As my pussy was raised to the perfect position for penatration, a large double door opened and i saw about 20 different men lined up, naked, a women at each ones knees sucking thier peniuses that had a very tight cok-ring at the base. These men had been tested for everything from STD’s to I.Q., looks, family medical background. Top of the line. They had been sucked-off tempobet güvenilirmi every 2-4 hours every day for a week (sound similar?) 32 hours before I was brought to “the women”, those men were cut-off, had a small cock ring placed at the bottom of thier shaft, and the naked girls continued to suck and lick and excite them (not humane). The goal was for every one of the 20+ men to produce the maxinume amout of sperm. Why? Because the women had been watching me. They knew my extreme sexual desire, they knew my cycle. They wanted to get me pregnant LIVE…even if it ment a gang-**** was needed. (the sperm-bank was not producing females with enough sexual neededs, errotic blood line was not looking good over the last 10-15 years).WOW…..all the female hands came into action…..slapping my nipples (just loving the idea that I would so be milked, prior to the end of the first tri-mester via machines), a rush of fluid in my bottom. Then the first male had his ring removed, was sucked into erection. I found that EVERY one of the males peniuses were un-naturelly THICK and LONG…..the first man penatrated me so deeply that he opened my cervix (PAIN), then came, leaving a thick load of sperm….then the second, third…..I LOVED the pain, I could not disinguesh the differance. I was being forced, that make all the pleasure/pain I felt enjoyable because It was “DONE” to me. I was still a “good-girl” although I knew how much I loved being a bad girl…..anyway, I became pregnant the next day i guess (when all the men were done they kept my bottom over my head for 14 hours!) They started me on milking machines after 14 days, after I had full breasts all of the women must nurse from me every 2 days. I never sleep, my nipples are strong and long and pointy. Every time a woman sucks from my nipples I feel my panties get wet, and want more and more extreme sexual events.OMG! No spell check? I have dyslexia! Don’t take the grammer as stupid, I am smart. Sorry.

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