My First Date with Max


My First Date with MaxMy name is Shauna, I am a blonde and I don’t believe in that “dumb Blonde” bull that men talk about. I have been in business for thirteen years and I’ve had a lot of experience with men. They all seem to look at me, see my size 34G breasts & my tight ass and quickly assume that I’m going to be a quick lay and that’ll be in control. Well I can be a pretty damn quick fuck if you turn me on. But you bring in control depends on how much control I want to give up. Many a man has found himself on the business end of my favorite toy – A 12” long 3 ½” thick dildo. Quite a few men didn’t think I’d shove it all the way up there butt or down their throat. As they say, Live & Learn, and they did.But recently I met a Muslim gentleman named Max. First thing I noticed was the bulge in his pants when he sat down beside me. It intrigued me. I’ve had many a big cock in me, both black & white. So I was no stranger to a big one. We were sitting at the bar and he asked what a beautiful blonde was doing at a place like this. I responded with “Waiting for you to come in & take me away from all this”. He grinned & then we both laughed. We began talking and he mentioned he was Muslin. He asked if I’d ever been with a Muslim man & I said no and asked him was he offering.He smiled and said that I should first understand that Muslim men give themselves entirely to the women & of course expect that in return. I nodded and he continued to say that he and all of his friends have always found the greatest of pleasure making love to white American Christian women. I türbanlı karabük escort asked him why? He told me that once we realize the true pleasure of making love with them we usually wind up by bonding ourselves to them for life. I asked is there a conflict between Christian & Islam? He explained that under Islam all your prior sins are forgiven & that every woman he and his friends have been with has willingly & freely converted. I told him that was hard for me to believe. He offered we test it. I asked how? He said please come home with me tonight. I thought about it for a minute and said why not. When we got to Max’s I was impressed by the beautiful home he had. We entered the main hall and he asked if I’d like something more to drink. I said no I’d rather see his bedroom. He led me to a large luxurious room with a king size bed. After he closed the door I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Our tongues became entwined as we French kissed. It did not take long for both of us to be naked. He carried me to the bed and as he lay me down on it I saw his gigantic cock. It had to be the most beautiful circumcised big mushroom headed tool I have ever seen. It had to be at least 11” long and 3-4” across. At that point all I could think about was getting him in me. I didn’t care where he started. My mouth, my pussy or my butt, I wanted him in all three. As he got up on the bed I grasped his cock in my two hands and planted a big kiss on his mushroom head. Then I opened my mouth as wide türbanlı karabük escort bayan as I could and started sucking on it. At first he was intent on letting me do my own thing. Then he took control, grabbing my head in both of his hands and shoving his shaft deeper & deeper into my mouth. I started gagging but he quietly said breath with your nose & relax. Once I start to slide it down your throat it will be easier. I relaxed and allowed him to proceed. Before long I could feel his big balls slapping up against my chin & I knew he was all the way in. It was not long before he started to cum. I could feel the warmth of his semen flowing into my belly. It felt good.After pulling his big cock out of my throat he instructed me to get on my knees. I obeyed instantly. He spread my cheeks & he just shoved his big cock into my butt. It’s like it had a mind of its own. My ass offered no resistance to this giant cock. It seemed like hours that he just rammed it in and out, during which he pulled me upright and started squeezing the nipples of my boobs. He was intense that he was driving me out of my mind with both pleasure & pain. During this he asked me if I was beginning to understand why so many white Christian women were realizing there was something better. I couldn’t speak; all I could do was moan & groan & grunt. My body was in control not my mine. I was an a****l in heat and all I wanted was satisfaction and he was giving me that. All of a sudden I felt him let loose another tremendous load türbanlı escort karabük of cum into me. I was beside myself with pleasure. After he finished shooting me full he quickly pulled out and I heard a “POP” as his mushroom head pulled out. Before I could do anything he flipped me over on my back, put my legs up against his shoulders as he moved closer to penetrate me again. Before he slides it into me he asked if I was having a good time and if I understood why so many married women were giving themselves over without a second thought. I nodded since I was still out of breath from the reaming I had just gotten. He then pushed forward and my greed pussy opened wide to accept him. He kept on leaning forward driving his shat deeper than I thought was possible, at this point my knees were pinned to my shoulders. And then he began, it was like a battering ram forcing itself in & out of me throbbing pussy. I finally regained my voice and I begged him to fill me up with his cum. I told him I wanted him to seed, fertilize & impregnate me. I wanted to be his Bun Oven. He smiled and said that was his intention. Again I lost all track of time. When the moment came for him to upload that magnificent cock in me we were kissing passionately again. At that point in time I knew my life had changed and I was his. I worshipped his wonderful cock for what it had done & was doing to me. Then it happened, he came. I knew his load must have shot directly into my fertile ovaries & I knew in my heart and mind I would be having a Muslim baby. I didn’t care, I was proud and I expressed that pride when I said. “Max I love you and what you have just done to me. I always want to be with you.” He looked into my eyes and asked if I minded if he shared me with other Muslim men & boys. I said if they gave me just half the pleasure that he had given me I would remain his and their slave for life. He grinned & said “good for you are & you will be”

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