My King’s Day. Part 1


My King’s Day. Part 1My King’s Day. Part 1After working a long day. As I undress him, I ask. “May I ask a question?” “Yes”, he answers. My King may we go to the beach this weekend? Looking down at me I see his wheels turning, “yes”. Thank you, my King. Now more excited then before. I finish undressing him and folding his clothes till his shower is finished. As he gets into the shower, I began to get the things I will need to dry him and lay out the lotion to rub him down in.I get a call from the shower. “Yes my King”, as I open d shower door he smiles and says, “today we shower together”. With a smile I let the nitie fall to the floor and join him. as I climb in with him he pulls me near. I take the sponge and began to lather him up. He began to do the same to me. I was so happy for this time under the water with him. He slowly touch and teased me. Smiling and not saying a word. He takes and spin me around washing my back and butt. Not sure what’s about to happen he pulls me to him with my back in his chest. Teasing my nipples and kissing my neck. With the water spraying on both of us. He began to move his right hand,as his left stayed on my nipples. Moving his right lower, touching and teasing as he makes his way to my clit. Not allowing me to cum nor sticking his strong finger within my hot pussy. This teasing went on for a lil while. He turns me around pulling me close kissing me fully in the mouth. Pulling my head back with my hair within his hands. With a smack on my ass, he releases my hair and points to the bedroom. With that I give him his towel and walk into the bedroom.Once I’m into the bedroom I stop. Still wet from gaziantep escort bayan the shower, he spins me around and begin where he left off. Hair in hand, mouth back on mine and body reacting to all. Not feeling the chill in the air. Only feeling the heat he’s causing my body to produce. With a collar in hand he releases my hair and puts it on. Still needing to cum, I wait for my next command. His pleasure is what I want more than anything. He places my leach on and leads me to the bed. He tells me to sit. I sit on the edge of the bed, not knowing what’s next. He takes my restraints out of my night stand. His eyes lights up. He puts them on my ankles first, then my wrists. I’m now sure I will be restrained but not sure how. “Lay back”, he commands softly. He then pulls out the blindfold.As I lay back as commanded he began to connect me to our bed. I realize my leach was still on. Then my King climbed on the bed with me, kissing me full and deep before placing the blindfold over my eyes. I can hear him breath. Its changing by the second. He gets off the bed, I hear him going into our play closet. I hear one of the toy trunks open. Not sure whats in store for my day.He touches me again. Not sure with what. I feel his kisses in all my secret places. The places where only he knew would drive me crazy with desire. My body yarn for him to take my cum from me. He kisses me again full, then tells me he’s just began. I am moaning more now. Unable to touch or see, my body is on high alert. With each kiss and/or touch he’s taking me into over drive. I’m moaning and groaning. Trying to get myself together and can’t. I’m loosing my mind and he already own my body.I feel his hands on the restraints on my ankles. He releases them. His touch is light and is driving me crazy. I feel him between my legs now feeling his hips. He reaches down and grabs my hips, then places the head of his dick at the entrance of his pussy. He asks, “are you ready for me?” “Yes”, I say, “yes”. Needing him to make me cum. Feeling my nerves go crazy all over my body. Rubbing his clit with the head of is dick. My trying to move so I can take him within. He laughs at me as I plead for him to give me his dick. He tells me he will on his time not one mine. Then kept on teasing me as I pleaded for what seems like hours.He began to spank his clit with his dick. Damn its driving me crazy. Now I’m trying to get free and act like the b**st I’m becoming. The more excited I become the more I try to break free. He laughs and continue tormenting me. I hear and feel him shift. Trying to figure out things and to get me under control, but he will not allow me time to think. “Please”, I keep pleading. He then places his hand on my hips. Pacing his dick at the entrance of his hot pussy. With a strong thrust he inters. Taking my breath. The then feels me cum. Streaming for him wanting to be able to touch as he thrust in and out of this hot pussy. As he drives his dik with each thrust he drives me to the point of no control. I feel and hear the leash gelling pulled. I had forgotten that it was on. He tuggs on it just a lil. Then I hear him say, “take this dick slut”. “Take all of it”. Then he pulls on it with each thrust.Without warning he reaches with his other hand and releases my hands and says,”now give me my b**st!” With that my body began to buck and my hands grabs him. Riding him while laying on my back. Thrust meeting thrust. He removes my blindfold also. I look down at the hardest dick I’ve ever seen. It was coated with my creamy cum. He smiles at me. Pulling on my leach so I would look at him he say, “give me my pussy and don’t hold back!” I plant my legs so I lock him in, then I take my hands and touch him. Using his body as leverage I lift my ass and give him one hell of a thrust. To his surprise I ride him and cum with each thrust. Thrusting and screaming, begging and cumming we join. I look into his eyes and say, “its all yours my King, all of me and all of my b**st.” “I know”, he says as he gets closer to his breaking point. He tells me, “now squirt my slut, squirt all over my dick!” He began to feel his wet sexual shower. Spraying him as his pussy keeps riding him with more force. Knowing neither of us would last any longer we both end the climax together. He cums like he has never done before. Filling me. As he collapse onto me, I release his leg from mine. He lay on top of me for a lil while. Kissing my neck and releasing my collar. Then he began to talk to me telling me how he’s happy to be home. I told him I was happy he was also. We lay next to each other for a while and I look over to the clock, then looking at him he laughs and tells me, “you didn’t think I could do that did you?” He had teased and tormented me for more than 6 hours. He pats me on my ass and tells me its time to clean up. I get up with him and began to remove the bedding. He grabs my hands and pulls me back into the shower with him. Smiling at him he says, “today is still young and I want you in every way I can imagine.”

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