My moms interracial encounter Published by zipperh

My moms interracial encounter Published by zipperh
My moms interracial encounter
This is a TRUE story of my mom when I was in high school in the late 80’s.I was 18 a senior.She was 40 years old, a widow.We had lost my father a year earlier to a heart attack.She had just begun to go out with friends to night clubs and little dates with men,nothing serious.One evening she and a female friend had gotten herself ready to go out.They came and told me goodbye while I was watching tv.My mom she stood about 5 ft 4in tall,natural long curly blonde hair with a thick body(not fat) with 38C boobs was wearing a nice dark blue dress with dark hose and black high heels.She said she would be in late as usual and left.
About two hours later I heard her car pull into the car port along with another vehicle.Not getting up I looked out to see a different car than what I was not use to seeing. Wondering what was going on the backdoor suddenly opened and my mom walked in with a tall dark figure behind her.I looked closer I recognized who he was.It was a black man named Walt.He had worked with my dad as a policeman.Walt was a detective and my father had been a regular policeman.Walt was a nice guy, always joking with me and wanting to know if there was anything he could do for me.He was in his early fifties ,stood about 6ft 3in tall not real muscular but not a skinny man by no means.He also had been a reserve Army drill sergeant.He had a shaved head since had began to bald.No facial hair.
They walked into the living room where I was sitting talking and laughing and sat down on the couch.He sat beside her with some space in between them.My mom explained to me she had ran into Walt at the club and came back to the house to talk.They talked for about half an hour about old times , joking.I soon noticed the mood had changed ,they were sitting a little closer, holding hands.She asked Walt if he wanted a glass a wine, he replied sure.She came back with the wine sitting even closer to Walt giving him a peck on the lips as she sat down.I noticed that she had unbuttoned a few buttons on the top of her dress when she came back exposing a little cleavage.She sat next to Walt with her leg over his leg and her hand on his thigh.They would give each other a small kiss when they thought I wasnt looking.Out the corner of my eye I seen him cup her boob and give her an opened mouth kiss. Moments after she got up and said she would be right back, heading back toward her bedroom.
After about ten minutes she reappeared into the room as I done a doubletake looking at what she was wearing.She had changed into her sheer white robe you could see thru showing her sloping breasts.She was wearing a black lace G string and her black heels.I couldnt believe what I was seeing and happening in our living room.I never knew my mom liked black men.She never really had anything good to say about them as far as dating was concerened.
She sat down beside Walt again this time he had hugh smile on his face as he stared at her white silky breasts.Again looking out the corner of my eye I noticed him slip his huge hand on her smooth pale white thigh.Finally and abruptly my mom got up and taking Walt by the hand , leading him down the hall to her bedroom in the back of the house.As she passed by me she said Walt and her were going to retire for the evening and asked if it was ok if he could spend the night? I was in so much shock I couldnt speak but only nodded yes with my head.Seeing them walk together looked awkward to me, he was so towering over her as he was over 6ft tall and she barely over 5ft tall.After a few minutes my curiousity was getting the best of me so I tiptoed down the hallway to see what was going on in my moms room.When my dad was living I had spied on them before.As I got closer I could hear smacking of their lips kissing.The door was partialy opened much to my luck, with the light of the lamp on my moms night stand shining in the hallway.My heart was pounding as I got closer hoping they wouldnt hear me.I finally got close to see into the room, they were standing holding each other kissing beside the bed with his pants unbuttoned with her hand slipped in his pants.He was firmly caressing her exposed breasts.My moms boobs were beautiful ,they were very soft, not perky but sloped.Her nipples were slightly puffy with a light colored areola.He then took off his pants and shirt as she knelt down to stroked his huge black cock with her 38C boobs exposed.It was black at the base and and ash colored at the tip.It was long about 10 inches but not very thick.
She then took his black cock into her mouth staring up at him.She stroked his long black shaft as he would moan a little with each suck.She finally stood up and gave him a kiss as she removed her robe and slipped off her heels. She climbed onto the bed laying on her back as he climbed onto the bed laying on top of her.He began kissing her and feeling her breasts.He then moved down to her boobs, kissing and sucking them.He moved his hand down to her wet trimmed pussy pushing the G string to the side slipping his long black finger inside.He then grabbed hold of his black cock and pushed it into my moms pussy.She let out a almost violent short moan,sounding like it took her breath away.He began pushing it farther into her hot box as his huge dark, hairy frame was on top her small smooth white body.Her smooth milky boobs were pressed against his black hairy chest.Her short thick legs were spread to the max trying to support his huge body.The bed springs were grinding with each pump.I sat in the hallway in disbelief with a huge knot in my stomach.I felt anger and jealousy at the same moment.My cock was hard as rock with a huge load of precum coming out the tip.Walt would kiss her while she would try to moan. She would let out small moans and squeals inside his mouth as he slipped his long tongue into her mouth.Her hands were wrapped around his thick neck and bald head. His huge dark hairy body would rise up and fall quickly with each thrust, slamming against her petite body.I could see his huge black cock coated in her white pussy cream ,was all the way inside her cunt.She still had on her black G string which was now covered in her thick creamy juice.My mom letting out loud moans suddenly burst out telling him “your cock feels like it’s inside my stomach!”With climax coming closer he then thrust harder inside her.Finally emptying his balls deep inside her swollen pussy.
He fell off beside her panting and out of breath, being an older fella sex was becoming more difficult for him I suppose.My mom layed on her back rything touching her hairy but well trimmed gaping, cum soaked pussy.Her white milky breasts were shining from Walts thick sweat.She kept panting, saying “O my god, O my god!”
They layed beside each other kissing and whispering, mom letting out a giggle here and there.I couldnt really hear what they were saying.My mom was stroking his soft black cock covered in his and hers juices.Her shiny smooth milky colored leg with her toes painted red rubbing his long huge black hairy leg. The bed sheets were a mess almost falling off the bed, covered in sweat , cum, and pussy juice.Their cloths s**ttered on the floor of the bedroom.The house lay deathly quiet after the huge orgasmic eruption which had just taken place.My breathing was rapid and seemed loud enough to be heard by my mom and Walt.
Just then my mom crawled down Walts huge frame and began sucking his cock.She would suck on it and look up at Walt as he watched in approval.She would hold it in her velvet mouth and take it out and rub it on her soft white boob.His long black veiny cock was soon hard.He quickly rose to his knees and told her he wanted to fuck her from behind.She got on her knees and bent over looking back at Walt and his huge ebony cock. He then mounted her and she let out a huge sharp moan, taking her breath away.He began pumping his black meat into her creamy pussy as her white ass cheeks slapped against his body.He then leaned over her and grabbed her soft fleshy boobs, kissing her open mouth.Her huge pink puffy nipples hung over the edge of his strong black hands. His thrusts were hard and fast.His hairy shiny black ball sack slapped against her thick white pussy lips.The bed rocked back and forth ,the head board pounding against the wall,bed springs straining to support the huge black man.As he kept pounding into her ,his balls were slapping against her, she moaned violently and strained to keep herself from hittng the head board. He then burst out yelling he was cumming!!!His thick white load shot deep inside her cunt as she bit her lip trying not to scream out!She finally collapsed in a heap panting ,out of breath rubbing her gaping cunt.Her body shining with his sweat covering her body.Walt layed beside her as she layed on her back his black soaked cock now soft , cum running out of her sweat soaked hairy cunt.They soon fell asleep for the rest of the night.The next morning walt was still there, he stayed for breakfast. I was feeling very awkward that morning at the table.I couldnt look either of them in the face.My mom and Walt dated a few more times and I never seen him again till a few years ago when I was at the sheriffs office.My mom remarried a few years after…to a white guy.
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