My Sexual Tutor


My Sexual Tutor
My mind reeled from the power of the sensation flooding my body as my beautiful mother’s head descended lower and lower down my tummy. With one hand she gathered my skirt up, exposing my white cotton panties to the light. She tickled her nails lightly along the inside of my thigh, watching my expression with hungry eyes. Then, down she went as she pulled the soft cloth way off to the side, the moistness along the opening of my puss cool in the breeze from the ceiling fan in her home office. Her tongue licked back and forth across the bare skin of my pubic mound, easing closer and closer to my privates.

I’d never ached for anything so much as I ached to feel her mouth close over my vagina. Her tongue traced lightly down one side, then up the other of my lips. Her fingers parted me gently and she licked top to bottom. I found myself catching my breath with each stroke, my hips leaning into her, trying to draw her warm mouth more fully onto me. As if reading my body language, she consumed me suddenly, the length of her tongue pushing me open as her hot breath and lips pulled gently at my clit.

“OHH!” I exclaimed, losing myself completely to the feeling. “Ohhh, oh god mom, keep doing that…” She answered by pushing me down flat on the sofa, pulling my panties down to my ankles and taking me into her mouth straight on. I writhed with her, my body in lockstep with the rhythm of her licking of my throbbing puss. It felt SO GOOD.

Mom’s a tutor and sees most of my friends for various subjects. I overheard the girls talking about how “If you want to get A’s and get off, sign up with Mrs. Myers.” Get off? We go to a private Christian school and are heavily supervised so most of us haven’t had sex. I cornered one of the girls about it and all she would say was “I’ve promised not to talk about it, but holy fuck.” I finally asked her about it. She told me that once the girls were of age, if they wanted to she would “get them off”, just as a “between the girls” thing.

“I can show you, but you have to promise not to talk about it.”

“I don’t know, it seems a little weird.”

“It’s up to you. Only if you want to. For my part, it’s just touch, really pleasurable touch. But, it’s only ok if you are into it.”

So, I thought about it, about the fact that she was giving it to other girls, and I was really curious. So, why not? I sat back and let my knees fall open. My skirt d****d low against my thighs. “Ok, what do we do?”

“You just enjoy,” she said, smiling at me as her hands touched my knees, then climbed the inside of my thighs. The intensity of the feeling surprised me! She felt my breasts through my shirt for a second then caressed under my thighs a little, teasing around the edges of my panties.

That was minutes ago. Now her mouth was fully on my clit, the soft warm swirl of her tongue making waves that seemed to untether my soul from my body. I swirled with her, my hips making a wave-like motion as uncontrollable moans escaped from my throat. Mom’s hands climbed up under my butt, gripping me as she licked harder and harder. A swelling surge of pleasure began to push up and out of me. I’d heard the other girls talking about orgasms and learned about them in health class. But, I’d never had one. I realized as I felt like I was going to explode that this must be what was about to happen. I tensed up, my toes pointing straight as I lost control of myself, bouncing up and down on the couch as she pushed her fingers into me. It was explosive and seemed to last forever.

Then I was laying there, breathless, sweaty inside my bra as she finished with a gentle clean up of my sensitive places. She sat up, licking her fingers.

“How was that?”

“Wow, mom. Just, wow.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to do?”

“Anything like what?” I had no idea what else there might be that women could do to each other.

“Well, some of the girls like to do that to me, or use their fingers or try something else.”

Oh,” I said as the thought occurred to me for the first time. I’d never seen a woman close up before. I became aware of her body, in a way I hadn’t before. “Ummm, I hadn’t thought of that but…I guess it could try it on you?”

She smiled and unfastened the clip on the back of her dress, unzipping it so it fell away in both directions. She stood and let it drop, revealing her well-maintained body, golden tan, beautiful in contrast to her white bra and panties. She laid down and spread her legs towards me.

“Now, put your hands on the inside of my knees and let them come down this way,” she pointed at her panties. I touched her soft skin, tracing the lines down to the elastic around her bikini cut, white, lace-lined fabric. “Now, here,” she pointed at the ridges visible right where her thighs came together. I traced them with my fingers, feeling the rise and fall of her sensitive places. “Pull them off,” she said in almost a whisper. I pulled them down, revealing a neatly trimmed triangle pointing down at red lips and a fin-like clit. A little string of clear liquid pulled out, attached to the inside of her panties.

“You were really turned on when you…” I looked down towards my pussy.

She nodded, “Yes I was. Do you want to taste it?” I really did. I leaned down and gave a kiss to her clit, then let my tongue come up to pull some lube off of the warm flesh. Sucking it into my mouth, I went down for another lick. “Mmmmm that’s nice…” she said, encouragingly. So, I licked some more. She was really wet, which I found very erotic as I explored her body with my mouth and fingers. Pretty soon she was clenching, her kagel muscles sucking at my tongue as I ate her through a beautiful orgasm. Her body made all these little spasms everywhere that were super hot.

I climbed on top of her and gave her a kiss. She seemed surprised at first, but then leaned into it.

“So, I guess you liked it?” She said smiling.

I nodded, “So much!”

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