My Son’s Secret Desire!

Ava Addams

My Son’s Secret Desire!My son was a growing concern for me. He had always been a good boy but unfortunately due to me being a single mother he had never had any male role models. As he became a teenager I kept waiting for him to begin to show an interest in girls but he never seemed to care. As his teenage years progressed I started to think that perhaps he was gay. I started to convince myself that I would be ok with that if it was the case. I started to deliberately look through his stuff when he was not around and finally I came across something. I found several pairs of my panties hidden in his room. When I looked at them closer I could see they were covered with cum stains.“Well at least he is using panties to cum on!” I thought to myselfI was putting the panties back in their hiding place when I saw a sketch pad. Tony had always enjoyed drawing and I had a hidden hope that he would find a career where he could use his talents. I opened the pad and my mouth dropped. There was a sketch of a woman that looked somewhat like me with a boy with a giant cock. She was putting lube on her hands and it was obvious that she was going to give the boy a hand job.I looked through the pad and saw more sketches that had mature women that looked like teachers or my friends with boy’s that had really big cocks. Many of them had cum shooting all over. My pussy actually grew wet at the sight of the perverted thoughts that were being brought to life with help of my son’s artistic talents. In a few minutes I found myself fingering my pussy as I looked at the erotic art. I had not had sex for many years other than with the help of my fingers or my vibrator but the sight of big boy cocks being used by mature women sent me into an intense orgasm.When I had finished my pussy was sloppy wet I grabbed the pair of cum coated panties and wiped my pussy juice of with them. I wondered if Tony would notice the smell of my pussy when he jerked off the next time.After that day I started to dress in a way that let Tony see a little more of me. I wore tops that were lower cut or shorts that hugged my ass. I noticed there were times that I would catch him staring at me when he thought I did not notice. One night after I showered I noticed that the panties I had worn that day were gone. I pretended to go to bed and waited. Soon the house was quiet and I walked down the hall to my son’s room. I listened and heard a slight moan. I carefully turned the knob of the door and peeked into the room. He had my panties held to his nose while his fist pumped his large stiff cock. I knew he was thinking of fucking me and the thought turned me on so much that I lost control. I opened the door and Tony quickly tried to hide what he had been doing.“Are you ok Tony?” I asked as I came in“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said“I thought I heard you groan. I thought maybe you were having growing pains.” I said as an excuse to get closer“I’m kırşehir rus escort fine mom!” he said as I approached the bed“Honey, I think you do have a growing problem.” I said as I sat on the bed next to himTony was desperately trying to hide his erection but as I put my cleavage next to him his eyes just stared at my large tits. I reached over and put my hand on his cock while I looked into his eyes.“Tony, I think I know what your problem is. I think you would like to start having sex but you like older women. Is that right?” I saidHe groaned as my hand stroked his cock. It had been a long time since I got to play with a cock. His cock was nice and big and my mind wondered what it was going to be like to fuck it. “Tony, would you like to see my tits?” I askedHe just sat there and stared at my boobs. I lowered my straps and then pulled my sundress top down. My large tits were inches from his face.“Do you want to suck mommy’s titties? It would make mommy feel so good!” I said as I pushed the tits into his faceHe buried his face into my cleavage and then started to kiss and suck my breasts. My pussy was burning hot and sloppy wet.His cock was sticking straight up and I stroked it for him. His face contorted with pleasure.“Is this what you thought about when you stroked your cock and came on my panties?”He moaned and suckled my tits. I knew his cock was so sensitive and ready to blow cum everywhere.“Mom, I think you are the sexiest woman ever. I’m sorry I stole your panties.” He said as he licked my nipples again“That’s ok baby! My boy is really excited and I know you need relief but from now on just ask mommy and I will help you. Would you like to cum on my tits? Do you want rub your cock on my boobs?” I teased“Oh god mom! You’re so sexy!” he said as I rolled onto my backTony straddled me and his cock jerked between my tits. He placed his cock against my skin and it was like being shocked by static electricity for us both. I grabbed my tits and squeezed his cock between them. Tony needed no encouragement to start a fucking motion and his cock slid in and out of my big boobs. “Does that feel better than your hand? Just go ahead and cum on me Tony! Mommy wants you to cum!” I was so turned on looking at my boy as he pumped toward a good cumHis sperm splattered onto my chest and neck as Tony cried with pleasure. One shot of cum hit my chin and I could feel the hot sticky goo drip down my neck.Tony looked at me and I could see that there was no guilt and in fact his cock just stayed hard.“Did you like cumming on mommy?” I asked as I smiled at him“Fuck mom you look so sexy!” Tony repliedTony reached out and let his fingers feel the sperm that was on my chin. His eyes were filled with passion but there was also love.“Tony, I’m glad you enjoyed tittie fucking me but we will need to talk about where we are going.” I said “Yes, mom” he kırşehir rus escort bayan said with a tone of a son who was waiting for a lecture“Honey, I found your secret sketch book and I looked at your art.” I started“Mom….” He started but I stopped him“Tony, how long have you found older women sexually attractive?” I asked“Mom, I have always thought you are beautiful but a couple of years ago I saw you fingering yourself. You were so sexy and I saw you have an orgasm.” He said“I bet you jacked off after” I said with a grin“No, during…I was scared to death you would notice my cum on the carpet.” He said with a naughty smile“So I noticed that your sketches included several of my friends and your teachers, I take it you find them sexy too.” I asked“Yes, I do….Does that bother you?” Tony said“No and I think it is good thing that you find other older women sexually appealing. Do you ever think of girls your own age?” I asked“Mom, I saw a porn movie on the internet and there was an older woman who had sex with a younger woman and a young guy. It was sexy watching them. After I thought about Samantha and wondered what it would like to fuck her while she ate you out. Is that perverted?” he asked“Not really baby. Most guys fantasize about having sex with more than one girl. Many women also like the thought of feeling a female touch when making love.” I replied“Mom have you ever had sex with a woman?” he askedI shook my head no.“It would be sexy to watch you and I love would to see you with Samantha or her mom!” Tony“Well my boy is being a naughty guy! Tony I do want so bad to make you happy so I think we better get serious for a moment, ok?” I saidHe looked at me as I sat up and kissed his lips.“Tony, would you like to fuck me?”“Oh GOD YES!” he said“Well I want to fuck you too! We can fuck each other as much as you like but I need two things from you, ok?”“Alright, what are the two things?”“First we must be very careful that no one finds out about us being lovers! If the wrong people find out we would probably never see each other again! I could never live without you!”“I understand mom. I would never tell anyone!”“That’s good but I also need you to find a girl your age to date and have sex with. You need to be a normal teen boy who wants to fuck teen girls. If you do get to trust one enough someday, and I agree then we can start having a threesome. Do you agree?” I said as I studied his face“Yes! Mom, can I tell you something else I heard about?”I shook my head yes.“Do you know Ms. Johnson?” “Sure, she is a teacher at your school”“Mom, there is a rumor that she is a real slut. Some guys claim that they fucked her. They also claim that she has had sex with Samantha.” “Really?”“Mom, I would love to know if it is true. Could you see if she is into women?”“So you’re asking your mom to seduce your teacher and I bet you want to fuck her rus kırşehir escort if I do?” I asked with a giggle“It would be sexy just to watch you and her kissing.” He said“Well until I seduce a woman to do the job will you eat my pussy?” I said as I laid back and spread my legs to reveal my extremely wet pussyTony buried his face into my pussy and began to lap my juices down.My son licked my pussy and while it was good I knew with a little encouragement he would be a great pussy eater.“Baby let me show you my pussy!” I saidI spread my lips open and showed him my clit and then I showed him my outer lips could be spread back to give access to my vaginal passage. I showed him how my “G-spot” was just inside my opening and when my pussy was excited it would swell and if you rubbed it, my pussy went crazy. Finally I showed him my little asshole and that if you played with it I would have an extreme orgasm.With the basics covered I let Tony go back to my pussy. He kissed and licked my clit and as my pussy grew wetter he reached up and rubbed my asshole with his finger. He sucked on my clit and the slid his tongue inside my vagina where he hit my spot which caused me to orgasm. My body was jerking and my hands were clawing at the sheets on the bed.“Did I do it right?” he said he smiled at me with his face covered with my pussy juice“Yes baby! That was fucking fantastic! Mommy is going to teach you how to please a woman!” I saidTony moved between my legs and I grabbed his cock.“Come on baby, time to fuck my pussy!” I saidHis cock entered me and as I groaned with pleasure.“Mom, you’re so fucking hot and wet! Do you want me to fuck you?”“Fuck me baby! Bang my pussy!”Tony fucked me like there was never going to be another opportunity. It had been a long time since my last real fuck and I threw head back as his cock slid in and out of my willing pussy.“Fuck me baby! Fuck my hot pussy harder!”“This is the best!” He groaned as he pumped me even harderMy pussy was burning with desire and I was even more turned on by my son’s face looking down at me as he feed my pussy his big cock.“Mom, Can I fuck you from behind? I want to see your sexy ass!” he groanedI quickly rolled over and put my ass up in the air. He moved behind me. I felt his hands grip my hips while I guided his cock into my waiting pussy. I was shocked at how hard he started to fuck me and I realized he wanted to cum deep in me!I could not believe how hard he was fucking me and wondered how many more times before morning he would use my pussy or mouth. Then I remembered one other thing and made up my mind that he would learn to do that right as well.Tony grunted and I could feel him filling my pussy. After we lay together and stroked each other’s bodies.“Baby, have you ever seen a woman get fucked in her ass?” I asked as my previous thoughts returnedTony smiledThe end…..of their beginning(A word from the author. Hey what can I say? We all have our turn on’s and this one was inspired by the artwork used which I founded posted on Xhamster. I’m not sure I can continue this series at least with the photos I used but perhaps with different models I could. Let me know your thoughts. Hey if you liked it a thumbs up and as always I enjoy your comments and messages.)

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