my uncle fucked me

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my uncle fucked memy uncle wanted to take me to a movie and i wasnt so sure to go but i did my uncle told me how pretty i looked then i gave him a kiss on the cheak then he drove to a friends house he told me to get out i did then we went in then he was getting mariobet güvenilirmi undressed nd he told me to take my clothes off i did then he put his dick in my mouth i was licking nd sucking it was so good he started to massage my breast mariobet yeni giriş then i sat on him with my legs open he was sucking my nippples he was bitting so hard i was crying then he lyed me down on the couch with my legs open mariobet giriş he put the head of his dick in first then more it was so painful then i told him no stop then he put it in so hard i was crying then i knew he was gunna take my cherry i was scared i was to young to get pregnant then he put me on top of him nd put it in fast i was bleeding i was crying then i was calm he said “im gunna cum in you baby ” i said no bt it felt so good then his friend came nd put his dick in my ass i was moaning ,screaming,crying it felt so goood

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