My Very Very Very First Time


My Very Very Very First Time
Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read my stories! I really appreciate it and i hope you’ll enjoy it, please let me know! :).

So yes this is the story of my very first sexual experience, with a woman! I was older than most boys 21 years old at the time. I had never had a girlfriend and also never had sex. Sure i masturbated, who didn’t!
So i thought it was time, I decided to go and visit the red light district (RLD from here) in a nearby city, not amsterdam, there’s other red light districts. So i went and got cash from a ATM near the RLD. I was nervous as hell and had no idea what to expect.

I walked around for a bit passing that street a couple of times working up the courage and getting my nerves in check. My heart was pounding so fast and loud i swear it could hear it! So i finally walked up the street, there were many windows 3 stories high! At first i didn’t know where to go in. I looked at some of the ladies and they smiled, waved and enticed me to come in.

And so I did, I walked in and found out there were even more windows inside. I had to check them all. I didn’t even make it upstairs, I saw her, she seemed kind and friendly and had a nice smile. And yes she looked pretty too! After going in she introduced herself (totally forgot her name) let’s call her Sara.

Being a professional she instantly knew i was a first-timer (first time visitor). She was very calming and put me at ease. Sara was so friendly and kind! I told her it wasn’t jut my first time with a prostitute but also my very first time, god i felt like such a virgin. But that passed as again she put me at ease, telling me there was no shame in that and that she’d treat me with respect and warmt! And so she did, but i’m getting ahead of myself!

Sara didn’t even ask me what i wanted, she just kinda guided me to what to do, it felt natural and soft, she got undressed and she was also undressing me. Guiding my hands over her soft beautiful body. Her skin was soft and warm, as she guided my hand towards her waist. She helped me undo her bra and placed my hands on her beautiful full size C+ breasts! Want to feel them a bit more Sara said. I was like yes, and already rockhard at this point. She took of my boxers and started feeling my cock. Kissing my neck and my ear. Weird how every spot on your body turns into such a erogenous zone! As her hand slowly moved up and down my shaft she told me it was time to put on a condom.

She got the packet and opened it. She put the condom on her lips and like a pro in one movement unrolled it over my cock with her mouth, omg i had never even dreamed it would be like that! She started giving me my very first blowjob, it felt awesome. Her soft lips moving over my cock. The sensation of my cock sliding down her throat, so warm and soft! She deep throated  my cock all the way to my balls, and gagged only a little. Sara knew what she was doing! Almost making me cum right there and then! She knew that and after a bit she laid down on her back and opened up her legs, and told me to sit in between.

She put my cock against her vagina and told me to push it in! And there it went my virginity had left the building, exit stage left! My hard cock slit down her wet and juicy vagina, i never in my wildest dreams imagined it would be so soft!
I could see her creamy wet vagina oozing with her juices! It felt amazing!

I was a total n00b of course so my cock didn’t always stay in and putting it back in didn’t always go well. She was so nice about it, and supportive! She did everything to make my first time special! After me stumbling around down there for a bit it was time for me to cum. She took of the condom and started giving me a handjob! That didn’t take very long because i was trying to keep it all in since the moment i saw Sara. Blew my load all over myself.

After a bit of clean up we just talked for about 20 minutes. About all sorts of stuff, she really was such a kind and gentle person, she was trying to make a better life for herself and safe up money to do that. So i was happy to pay her because she was one small step closer to that better life.

Honestly this was such a wonderful experience, i’d do that all over again!

Sure maybe a girlfriend would have been nice, but that was just not in the cards! This was a great opportunity and I took it! I’ve never felt ashamed for doing it. No I never told anybody this but it’s none of there business! You hear stories from other people and ooh it was so great like a porn movie, this was non of that! This was special and beautiful! My first time! But not my last!

Hope you enjoyed this story!

Thanks for reading it!

Lots of love,

Michelle! xXx

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