My Virginity

Asa Akira

My VirginityI gave Gina another night of unbridled sex just to keep her quiet, during the lull while she tried to regain her breath and composure, she asked me about my virginity and how I lost it, she didn’t think it was with Maria and I had to agree, I told her about Mrs Harris, our neighbour when I lived at home with my parents, she was a friend to my mother and father, she was in her early thirties, my mother was quite a bit older but they got on well, she had three c***dren, two girls and a boy, she was quite a big woman in every way and as I found out later, very rarely wore any underwear so her voluptuous cleavage was always out in front, so to speak, I was cutting the grass at home one day when she came to the fence that divided the two gardens of the semi, she leaned over and smiled at me, she asked me if I knew anything about fridges.I was 17 years old at the time and going to technical college for electrical engineering, I knew everything about everything, or so I thought till I met Mrs Harris, I nodded as I continued to cut the grass, the mower giving the occasional moan as it encountered clumps of grass, she said hers was out of action and before she took all the food out she wondered if it was just a fuse, her husband worked at the nearby power station in the coal handling plant so he was not particularly technical minded, she smiled as she leaned on her arms on the fence giving me the benefit of that great divide, even though the puppies were clamped together, the blue veins prominent, she saw me looking, she looked down and back up smiling at me, she stood up again.I finished the grass and went round to see her, the two daughters were about a year apart, I had sensed the older one was lusting after my body as I had caught her peeping through the curtains of her bedroom at me a couple of times when I was in the garden but the younger one was the target of my affections, she was quite a bit slimmer with very long hair, Mrs Harris showed me the fridge, I had brought my test instrument and glanced around to see if the younger of the two daughters was around to see my brilliance, I took the cap off the stat and measured the voltages, there was power there so it was not the fuse, I tried adjusting the stat but it was dead, the fridge needed a new stat, Mrs Harris was lurking behind me in the kitchen as I worked, I told her the diagnosis and that it would take me a day to get the part, she decided to empty the fridge and I offered to let her put the more important foods in our fridge, the following morning saw me on my bike heading into Leeds to get the part from the Danfos wholesalers, luckily they had one and commented that it was a fairly common occurrence for this part to fail.I returned to the lair of Mrs Harris, to change the stat is not straightforward and I had to get the fridge out to get at the thin capillary that ran from the stat to the cooling part, the fridge was a tall upright with a fridge at the top and the freezer at the bottom, to get to the part I had to stand on a chair to reach the top, as I worked she was behind me again, the house was fairly quiet so I casually asked where everyone was, she told me that the two girls were at a friends for a sleepover and the boy was upstairs listening to his music and doing his homework, I commented that I could not hear any music, she said that he had his headphones on, I glanced down and she was standing beside the chair looking up at me, had it been a few years later, I would have seen the signs, the sparkling dilated eyes, the slight bumps of the thick nipples protruding through the thin fabric of the spotted summer dress but of course I was 17, and a virgin, the fridge was in the corner of the kitchen so standing on my chair I was cornered, she moved closer to me as I turned intending to get down but she slid her hands around my legs and stared at my trousers, “what were you looking at yesterday in the garden, when I was leaning on the fence?” she asked, I knew what she meant but I played it dumb, she was stroking her hands up and down the calves of my legs, I glanced down at her again, her chest was heaving and if I had jumped I could have disappeared forever in that gap between her breasts, she looked up at me, “there. You’re doing it again, do you like my breasts, I’ve seen you looking a few times, would you like to see them in all their glory?” she asked as she undid a couple of buttons of the dress, now the void was even deeper, she took hold of my legs again and pressed her tits against them gently, she looked at my steadily bulging trousers and noticed the swell, she leaned forward and kissed the bulge, my cock jumped, she giggled, “have you ever been with a girl?” she asked as she stroked my legs again, “no!” I croaked, my voice was failing me, she kissed the bulge again this time lingering and breathing through my trousers behind which was my cock trying to get out, it kicked again as I felt the hot breath penetrate the fabric of my jeans, she giggled again as my cock jumped once more, she let go of my leg with one hand and stroked her fingers over the bulge, looking up and smiling, “goodness, what are you hiding in there, shall we see?” she asked but I sensed it was not a question that required an answer, she slid my zip down, I heard myself whimper, “don’t be frightened, auntie Joan just wants to see what you have been hiding in here, do you go and masturbate when you have been looking at me?” she asked, again, no answer, my cock was pushing my shorts through my flies, she looked up at me, and undid two more of her buttons, the dress was now open to the waist and the melons were being held captive by the sides of the dress which strained over the ends of the twins, the outline of her prominent nipples poking through the thin fabric, she stroked her fingers over my cock again and in a quick deft movement put her fingers into the slit of my flies and pulled my shorts open, my cock jumped about almost smacking her in the face, I made a defensive move to cover it but she pulled my hand away, “don’t be shy, I won’t hurt you but I bet Margaret would love to get this between her legs, you know she fancies you don’t you?” she said looking up with a reference to her eldest daughter, she slid her fingers over the end taking the pre cum with it. she looked at it then kissed it, a long silvery thread of pre-cum stretched out as she moved her lips away, she licked her lips, scooping it up with a delicate wisp of her tongue, she moved her face to it and slipped it between her rosy red lipstick covered lips, stroking it with her fingers at the same time, I couldn’t believe it, I was having my cock sucked, I could feel the orgasm start to grow in my groin, I had experienced a couple of wet dreams and a wank to relieve the ache when I found a dirty mag in my dad’s potting shed and read it so I knew how much of a mess it made,, I put my hand on her head as she sucked and slurped my cock, she shook it and continued, the orgasm hit me like a train, shooting up my legs as they turned to jelly and my ejaculation began, she stopped working it and held still for several seconds while my cock jerked between her lips, she rolled her eyes up and me and gulped, it was gone, she had swallowed it, she slid her lips off my fading tool collecting everything that was stuck to it, she swallowed again, “there!, that was nice wasn’t it?” she asked, I felt this was a rhetorical question again, she was still stroking my cock, “now, all we have to do is get him back and then we can get to the serious stuff, I’d like you to fuck me but that would mean you losing your virginity if that’s ok with you?” she asked, I nodded like a fool.I realised I was smiling stupidly, she took my hand and I got down off the chair, she came into me straightaway, pulling at my belt and dropping my trousers and shorts, she was looking straight at me as she did this, taking hold of my cock again as I stepped out of my trousers, I was actually going to get to fuck her, she flipped open the dress as the two enormous breasts popped out, held izmir escort together by the sides of the dress, the large brown nipples distended and erect, she took my hands and put them on her tits, they felt warm and spongy as I dug my fingers into them running my thumbs over the bullet hard nipples, “there, I think a bit of stimulation is required” she purred smiling, I felt my cock begin to rise again as she continued to gently wank my it, she pulled the front of her dress up, she had no fucking knickers on either, her blonde haired pussy glinting with the wetness of her lust, she kissed me on the forehead, then on the nose then on the lips, she lingered here sliding her tongue along them, I had no idea what she was doing, “so open your lips, just a little” she said smiling, I did as instructed, she slid her tongue into my mouth and squirmed it around, my cock hardened dramatically and I thought I was going to come again, but I managed to hold it back, then it occurred to me that the last thing she had in her mouth was my cock and my spunk, I tried to pull away, “no.no. it’s ok” she purred as she kissed me again, my lust was taking control of my brain, I let her do it and returned the favour, it was nice, very sensual, her tits were hardening in my fingers, she pulled me towards her and slid the end of my cock up and down her slit, I was humping at her because I thought that this was the way to do it, “wait!, wait till I tell you to push” she gasped as she lifted one leg and put her foot on the kitchen chair, now her genitals were exposed and she slid my cock end under her and then I felt the bump of the hole, she hesitated, “now, push!” she said, I lunged forward as my cock went into her, through the lips and into her vagina, she groaned and so did I as I came again, she held me against her until my orgasm subsided, she kissed me on the lips lightly, I was so fucking ashamed of my efforts so far, it was me 2 and her nil, she smiled as my cock slipped out and she lowered her leg, “wait here” she instructed, she went into the toilet a few seconds later the toilet flushed and she came out. I hadn’t moved, I daren’t, her tits swung as she moved, she started on my wet slippery cock again, wanking it and shoving her tits at me so that I could grope her, a few more kisses and I was up again, she sat me on the kitchen chair and straddled me guiding my cock between her legs as she sat down on me, “now, we’ll take this a little slower, you are inside of me now, and from my side it feels very good, you have a very nice cock” she said looking at me, I put my hands on her tits again and she moved them, “slow down tiger, just take your time and get used to being inside of me for now, I’m going to what we call ride your cock, don’t touch me because you will go off again” she said as she kissed me lightly again, she humped her torso on my cock as she slowly moved backwards and forwards on it, I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her, she was now breathing much heavier, her cunt gripping my cock, her movement got a little more frantic as her tits wobbled, again her pace increased, she took hold of my hands and planted them on her tits, we came together this time as she wailed, lifting her head into the air grinding her cunt into my cock, her vagina got hold of my cock tight and milked it as she moved, she rested her forehead against mine, panting hard, she slowly opened her eyes, “there my darling, you made me come that time” she breathed, I grinned at her, she stood up off me, spunk dripped from under her dress, she went off to the toilet again.I put my pants on, I was very pleased with myself as you can imagine and I was no longer a virgin but my education was far from over, the relationship continued the following day as she came to the fence and leaned on it again, “I think my fridge needs fixing again” she laughed, there was nothing wrong with her fridge and she had sent the c***dren into town to get some groceries for her, she introduced me to her clit and I made her come with that, she also taught me to milk her tits, seemingly her first boyfriend had done this to her and she liked it, I fucked her in every position, in every room in the house, including the k**s bedrooms, it was as though she wanted me to defile her own family, she was voracious to say the least, the wildest time we had was when my parents went on holiday leaving me in charge, it so happened that her husband was on nights for several weeks covering for a sick friend, she would get all dressed up for me then climb the back fence in a dressing gown having first seen the c***dren off to bed, she wore an assortment of stuff, sometimes, fishnets with suspenders which framed her pussy, sometimes lacy knickers and bra, I fucked her in my parents bed as she knelt on the bed her rather plump backside up in the air as I pounded her into several orgasms, that week she introduced me to anal sex, for me it was nice but she said that this position was mostly for the men to feel masterful, there was little feeling for her from her arse but she did come as I fucked her delicate rose, “so what happened to her?” Gina asked, “it faded slowly, I think she got distracted by the postman, one day she was stood at her door taking the letters from him and her daughters were trying to get past her to go out, Margaret pushed her mother who tumbled down the steps to the house, she was laid at the bottom as her dress split from top to toe, allowing all her bits and pieces to fall out, still no underwear, the postman stood mortified at this almost naked woman laid in front of him, then he made the mistake of helping her to her feet, he almost carried her into the house as the girls went off to town, he came out about an hour later looking very dishevelled, Mrs Harris had found a new victim, the post was late every day for several weeks after that” I said, “we had the occasional session but I was also looking by now for someone to practice all my new found skills” I said, “and did you find someone?” Gina asked, “yes and no, what I hadn’t realised was that someone quite local had been watching the midnight antics of Mrs Harris and decided she would like a taste, there were a couple of houses that backed on to our gardens, the houses were lower than ours so their bedroom windows were level with our garden, one of them was the home of a woman who lived with her mother, the old lady was quite frail and slept at the front of the house, her daughter a woman of about 36 years of age slept in the back room, she had seen Mrs Harris come over the fence a couple of times and as she was dressed to thrill, you cannot climb a fence without some of your lady parts falling out, seemingly the woman had watched Mrs Harris with bemused interest on a couple of occasions, at one stage sitting in the dark on her bed staring through the window, waiting to see the show” I said, “so how do you know all this?” Gina asked, “because it all came out one night, I went to a social evening at the mill where I worked, the ladies who worked at the mill all knew each other because they had all worked at different places together at some time or other, the menders especially were a very predatorial bunch, no male dare enter the mending room unescorted, me included but this particular night I was sat with my work mates having a drink and eyeing the talent when in walked a group of the menders and among them was Miss Robinson, the woman who lived behind us, I recognised her and she smiled and blushed, at the time I was confused because she had always seemed so prim and proper except on one occasion when I caught her sunbathing topless in the garden, she had shot indoors clutching her bra to her chest when she saw me, that night at the club I was not sure if it was this incident that had sparked the blush, the girls were chattering among themselves and some kept glancing in our direction, this was normal but I soon realised that the focus of their attention was me, then one of the women, Roxanne was heading in our direction, she bent down bedside me and asked escort izmir me if I would mind giving Miss Robinson a lift home as she lived close to me and some of the girls had picked her up to bring her but it had been out of their way, I hesitated because we usually picked up a girl and took them home in hope of a shag but it hardly ever happened, I glanced past Roxanne and saw that Miss Robinson was smiling at me, she wasn’t particularly beautiful but she had a nice figure and after Mrs Harris, I was beginning to understand that experience was very important when a young man is learning his craft, the night wore on and I danced with a couple of the girls and thought I should get Miss Robinson on the dance floor, she blushed again when I asked her and got a lot of ribbing from the other ladies in the group as well as my work mates, I had no sooner got onto the floor when the music changed to slower, before I could abandon ship she got hold of me pulling me to her, I sensed she had been drinking but wasn’t drunk, we got another load of cheers from the assembled throng, she placed her chin on my shoulder, she didn’t have big tits but I was somehow very aware of her as I put my arm round her waist and took her hand in mine, “I saw you” she whispered in my ear, I looked at her puzzled, “with Joan, I saw her jumping over the fence, you are a very naughty boy” she said smiling at me, I decided to take the attack, “so do I need to be punished?” I asked, she looked at me obviously taken by surprise by my reaction, she licked her lips, “oh yes! you need to be punished most severely” she said smiling and getting into the mood, we were still being ribbed from the seated lot, it didn’t occur to them that they were seated and I was dancing, I glanced down at her tits on purpose, she followed my eyes down, “so what do you suggest, should we set off home now and make a detour?” I asked, she looked up at me, her eyes sparkling, again the lick of the lips, she stared at my mouth, “but I’m much older than you” she said softly, “yes but as you might have gathered, I like older women, they have much more to offer” I said, she whimpered, “don’t expect too much” she said, I knew she had never been married, only a couple of boyfriends as again, my mum and her were friends, she was dedicated to taking care of her mother, I decided to take the initiative, I turned , took her hand and walked her to the door, she grabbed her handbag off the table as we passed it, the girls were now in full flow at this unexpected turn of events as Miss Robinson blushed at their jibes, she tottered out after me in her high heels, the skirt was quite short for a spinster of the parish but it was the fashion and she fought to pull it over her exposed knees as we sat in the car, I turned to her, “so where do you suggest we undertake this punishment?” I asked, “just drive, I’ll show you a place” she said smoothly, I sensed she was getting into this, we were quite close to home when she said “turn right here”, I turned into a small lane, there was just a single dirt track beside a mill in darkness, and with only my headlights and the glow of the instruments in the car I drove slowly along it, “and right here” she said, we turned into a space behind the mill, “stop here” she whispered, I did as instructed and turned off the lights and the engine, we sat in silence for a few seconds, “wait, I need to pee” she said as the car was flooded with light when she opened the door, she got out and disappeared into the gloom, I looked around, “so our little spinster must be quite a goer to know about this place” I thought, she came back several moments later, got in the car and breathed a sigh of relief, as I had been sat in the car I had put my arm on the back of the passenger seat, trying to relax, I had no idea what was coming, as she sat down I started to move my arm, “no, leave it, it’s more intimate” she said rolling her eyes up to mine, “so how do you know about this place?” I asked, in the gloom, I sensed she was blushing again, “I err… used to work in this mill, I went out with one of the mechanics for a while, he used to bring me here, in fact he brought all his ladies here” she said softly, she shuffled in her seat, getting closer to me, “ah, the arena of debauchery” I said, she jumped, “how!!?” she started then stopped herself, my mind was working overtime, I put my hand behind her head and kissed her on the forehead, “am I right in thinking that this is where you lost it?” I asked, she hesitated for several seconds, “yes” she breathed “so what happened to him?” I asked trying to be sensitive, “it was just a one night stand for him, I thought he loved me, I told him I loved him, I gave him …. everything, we were all just one night stands for him and then one day in the canteen, the girls were talking as they do and it all came out, he had been with most of the girls around the table, had sex with them and I was not the only one he had err….. defiled” she whispered, she suddenly leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, she reached for my hand and gripped it, “so what did you and Joan get up to?” she asked softly, “you saw her come over the fence and how she was dressed, what do you think we got up to, we weren’t baking bread” I said, she chuckled, “when she climbed the fence most of her underwear or what there was of it was on show, did she give it or did you take it” she asked, she was now breathing heavier, her medium sized chest heaving, “a little bit of both, she would throw off the gown, I would kiss her pussy for her then we would have sex” I said pushing the conversation on, “you mean you kissed her,…. down there?” she asked, “yes, I thought all you ladies liked that” I said, she whimpered again, she slid forward a little in the seat, I could now make out more of the outline of her exposed legs, “did you do that a lot to her?” she asked, “yes, she liked it so I ate her pussy and pushed my tongue into her vagina, Mrs Harris loves that” I said, she squirmed on the seat, she was gripping my hand tight, “and, and , did she do things for you as well?” she asked, softly, “what kind of things?” I asked pushing again, “you know, did she err…. kiss your err….. penis?” she croaked, it was getting to her, I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed the backs of her fingers, her grip on my hand tightened, , I closed my arm around her shoulders and kissed her harder on the lips then holding my lips in front of hers, “yes, she sucked my cock and made me orgasm, she took my virginity” I said softly, she exploded at me grabbing my head with her hands and sinking her tongue into me, she jumped across the seat at me like a rabid dog, she tasted of cigarettes and beer, I slid my hands up her torso and onto her tits grasping her fairly soft breasts in my fingers, she groaned into my mouth, she was laid on top of me across the seat, as I groped her, I was fumbling with the buttons of her blouse trying to get at her tits, suddenly a set of headlights swept across the open ground as it turned into the space, it stopped, it’s lights on us, obviously surprised by this discovery, this intrusion into their space, their hunting ground, after a few seconds It swung round and stopped, then the lights went out, we had company, in the moonlight we could make out the car, “it’s him” she whispered as she clambered off me and sat back in the seat, her skirt was almost round her waist by now, she dragged it down as if he was watching her, “it looks like he has someone with him” I said, “no doubt another lamb to the slaughter, probably one of the menders, I bet he makes her suck his” she stopped, I looked at her, she looked at me, I could see the glint of the tears in her eyes, “do you want to talk about it, would it help to ease the pain, you must have thought a lot about him” I said, her head went down as she stared at her hands, “I did, I was in love with him and, I thought he loved me but it was just his way of getting into my knickers and yes, in case you are curious, I did suck his cock, it was dreadful, I would have been ok with izmir escort bayan it until he held my head on him and he came in my mouth, I was choking and him, he was laughing at my distress, he had already taken my virtue and I let him have sex with me that night but I vowed it would be the last time, would you like to have sex with me” she asked as she stroked her fingers over my bulging trousers, she was close to me again, I reached for her and realised that her blouse was open, she had undone the buttons in the darkness of the car while we talked, I slid my hand inside and cupped her breast in the bra, she kissed me again on the lips, her tongue searching my mouth again, she was groping for my flies, she pulled away and reached for the door handle, “let’s do this outside” she said, she swung her legs out of the car and hitched back her skirt, she was taking off her knickers as I opened my door, I had never done it alfresco before, I got out and closed the door, she came to me in front of the car, “be gentle with me, it’s been a while” she said, she turned and bent over the car bonnet, I pulled up her skirt, conscious that in the moonlight we were visible to the couple in the other car, I liberated my cock and slid it into her, she jumped at the penetration but she was quite wet so I went in easily, she groaned as I started to shaft her, “ oh, that’s nice, tell me!” she said, “yell you what?” I asked, “tell me about you and Joan, what you did to her, please, say it” she said panting, “I fucked her if that’s what you want?” I said, “yes, oh yes, tell me” she said, she was building, I could feel her cunt gripping my cock, “I fucked her all over the house, hers and mine, she sucked my cock and I fucked every hole” I said, she groaned again and I could feel her shaking under me, she was coming and coming hard, I rammed my cock in harder as the second one came straight behind the other, she was moaning and groaning face down on the bonnet, her backside jerking as the climax slammed into her, I could feel the juices streaming out of her as her hardly used cunt accepted her master, she reached back and pushed me away, “wait, take me from the front” she gasped trying to get her breath, I slid out of her and she turned round and sat on the bonnet, she opened her legs wide and I shoved my cock back into her, “oh fucking hell” she exclaimed as I drove my cock into her and thumped into her cervix, I pulled open her blouse and slipped the bra straps off her shoulders into the sleeves, then pulled down the front of her bra exposing her tits, I sank my face onto her and began to lick and suck on her tits, her nipples were hard and firm although her tits were quite soft and fleshy, she was holding my head against her chest as she came again, arching her head back as I licked her neck, then she was the one who discovered my weakness, she brought her head forward and licked my neck, I ejaculated into her, she jerked as the flood of my spunk hit her cunt, I had never before experienced an orgasm like it, my legs almost went as I put my hands on the car either side of her to steady myself, she had her legs around me as I pumped cum into her, she began to subside from the massive orgasm, I began to fade, I was quite dizzy and was about to stand up off her when I heard the clapping behind me, “oh yes, well done, very impressive” the male voice said, “I pulled out of her and turned round putting my cock away, she was grabbing at her skirt to cover her pussy, cum streaming out of her, I stayed in front of her to obscure his view, beside him stood a blonde bimbo, all tits and lipstick as she chewed on her gum, she was linking his arm, she was obviously pissed by the way she clung to him barely able to stand up, Miss Robinson, Brenda, slid off the bonnet behind me and stood beside me gathering her blouse together, “good evening Ricardo” she said smiling at him, “good evening Brenda, I thought it was you, I recognised the pussy” he sniggered, my anger with this twat was growing but I had learned through my short years as an apprentice that there are more ways than losing it to skin a cat, my chance would come, “your friend there did very well, especially the talking bit, I liked that, you’ve obviously learned a lot since I fucked you, in this very yard as I remember” he said leering at her, she was stood very close beside me, take my lead and do what you have to do” she whispered, “and?” I whispered back, “there is a mill pond at the bottom of this slope” she replied softly, In Yorkshire, the textile industry is very big because of the quality of the water, it is very soft as it runs off the Pennines, each textile mill has a mill pond that collects the water from streams and they use it for washing and scouring the wool and cloth, “she smiled at him, “but you know as well as I do that no one can compare with you and the way you fuck my darling” she said as she stood away from me, I glanced around, his car was parked at the other side of the area, “what does she mean?” the bimbo said staggering slightly to stand up, “nothing darling, she’s just being smart” he said “but Ricardo, you took my virginity, do I mean so little to you, I have never felt the same about anyone since you, how about a shag for old time’s sake, just to show there are no hard feelings” she said as she lifted her skirt and exposed her pussy to him, I saw him flinch, he moved forward as the girl hung on to him, “here, hold this for me while I satisfy your woman” he said as he pushed the bimbo towards me, the smell of her perfume hit me like a cloud of fog, she leered at me trying to focus, I steered her to the bonnet and she fell across it face down, her tits spreading out each side stretching the fabric of her ribbed top, Ricardo moved towards Brenda who smiled at him and sat on the bonnet, she glanced at me and nodded, I moved out of reach towards his car, Brenda opened her legs as Ricardo started to unfasten his flies, Ricardo had his back to me as I turned towards his car and moved quickly, it was not locked so I released the handbrake and gave the car a gentle push, it started to move on the slightly sloped surface, I went back in the direction of my car, Ricardo was trying to live up to his reputation as he fucked Brenda, I had the satisfaction of knowing that he was fucking a load of my spunk, “oo, ahh, Brenda exclaimed as she looked over his shoulder and smiled at me, she was obviously faking it, “I don’t want to alarm you my friend but your car seems to want to take a bath” I said, he spun round dragging his cock out of her, he saw the moving car which was gathering speed on the slope and tried to make a dash towards it as it hurtled down the slope, Brenda unceremoniously pushed the blonde off the bonnet onto the floor beside the car and dashed for the passenger side, “quick before he realises what happened” she shouted, I got into the car and started the engine, as I wound down the window we heard the crash as the car hit the low stone wall surrounding the pond and then the splash as it toppled into the deep water, I accelerated away in a cloud of dust and exhaust smoke, Brenda was laughing as she linked my arm and came up beside me, I drove towards our homes, “you can drop me at the gate if you like and thank you for that” she laughed, “it was a pleasure but aren’t you concerned about the neighbours?” I asked, “no, I’m feeling very good about tonight and I am rather proud of myself, and you” she said as I pulled up, she leaned over and gave me a big kiss on the lips, and in case you are wondering, he was nowhere as good as you, I have never come like that before, never “I hope we can do this again, perhaps dinner” she said, “of course” I replied, I dined her and fucked her several times, each time learning something new about the female psyche, she sucked on my cock and I licked her pussy for her, she claimed that no one had ever done it for her before, I creamed her cunt and her arse which was another first for her although she told me that Ricardo had tried to do it on the night she finished with him, “so! Gina, if you enjoy my sex then you have Joan and Brenda to thank because between them they taught me most of what I know” I said, Gina raised her glass, “to Joan and Brenda, between them they did a very good job” Gina said.

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