My weekend fuck with mommy pt2 (When my aunt came


My weekend fuck with mommy pt2 (When my aunt cameSo if you read my i****t story before about me and my hot black mom fucking then I’m positive you definitely love this one about me …my mom…and my aunt.So after I got done fucking my mom all Saturday and that night my weekend got a whole better that Sunday. Well after fucking my mom about 5 times Saturday night we fell asleep together naked. On Sunday morning I woke up naked to no mom in the bed…but I smelt food cooking down in the kitchen. So I didn’t bother to put any clothes on I just put on my glasses and slippers and went downstairs…to find my mom cooking breakfast for me ass naked! She didn’t know I was standing in the door way watching her cook for me…I wasn’t really worried about what she was making I was more focused on her sexy black ass and her nice sexy cunt. So I was standing there watching her ass jiggle as she moved from side to side I stopped thinking with my head and started thinking with my dick…I walked up behind her and plowed my dick into her ass and said “Good morning sexy.”She then moaned and said “Good morning my big boy.”As she stood there cooking I kept driving my dick deep into her ass fucking her harder and harder while she cooked. Then I turned off the stove and picked her up. Being a wrestler at my high school kept me strong, in good shape and able to pick up my women like rag dolls. When I picked her up I didn’t bother going into the dinning and putting her on the table …I picked her up under her large thighs and my mom wrapped her arms around my neck…Then I moved over and pushed her against the fridge and started ataşehir escort pounding her hard…and harder…and harder until she started screaming…“OHH BABY!! YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR MOMS JUICY CUNT HARDER DAMNIT!Being a good obedient son I gave my mom exactly what she wanted and fucked her harder. I drilled her harder and harder while her large black breast and her hard nipples were catching my undivided attention. So before she could tell me what to do my mouth found her nipple as I fucked her harder. Then I put her down and bent her over…As I slid my dick out of her wet pussy I shoved it deep into my mom’s ass and proceed to fuck her harder and harder. Until I busted a nut deep in my moms ass as my cum quickly filled my moms ass my dick felt warm from my cum and made it go soft and my dick fell out of my mom’s ass I watched as my thick white cum dribbled out of her ass.My mom finished breakfast and we ate together naked upstairs in her bed….then her phone rang…it was my aunt…they talked and laughed and I went out the room but then I heard my mom talking about me to her sister…“s*s you won’t believe how big his dick is!” my mom said to her sisterThen I’m guessing my aunt said some more things I’m not sure what…Then my mother answered back and said “Come over today and see it…he’s not just big but he knows how to use it to!”After hearing this my mind started to wonder what would happen and my prick started to get semi erect then all I heard was “See you later s*s.” And my mom hung up …So about 3 hours later the bell at the ümraniye escort door rang it was my aunt. So my aunt is about 5’9 and has large boobs I don’t know what size she wears but they are very big and they hang not to far down but they do sag and she a big woman maybe around 210lbs but nevertheless I’ve spent many nights over her house and sat in her bathroom and beat my large 10’ dick thinking about her. So her and my mom sat downstairs and were talking and laughing over a couple glasses of wine. So I stayed upstairs watching TV.Then like earlier I stopped thinking with my head and I started thinking with my dick. So I took off all of my clothes and got my dick hard. I walked downstairs…I walked down the steps stood in front of my mom and aunt …I tugged at my hard dick…smeared it over my moms lips, put it up close to my aunts face turned around and went back upstairs…I went upstairs back in my moms room and fell asleep naked on top of her covers…I was woken up to a wonder sensation…I leaned up and looked down and saw my aunt naked sucking on my hard dick. As I looked further down I saw my mom eating my aunts pussy and I almost blew my hot load right there.But before I knew it my aunt withdrew her mouth from my dick and soon I felt her wet pussy on top of my hard shaft sliding up and down as she was riding me and before I could even moan my mom took her wet black pussy and stuffed it in my mouth as she started to ride my fucking face. As I was eating my moms pussy and sucking and nibbling on her clit using my special moves kadıköy escort on her my aunt started to bounce harder and harder on my dick then as my mom had a orgasm in my mouth my mouth my aunt came all over my dick…but the fun didn’t stop there…I laid my mom on her back and began to drive my dick deep in her gut fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before…and as I was doing that my aunt began to ride my moms face while she looked at me fuck my mom then I took one of my aunts big black tits into my mouth and began to suck on her chocolate nipples and bite on them making her moan in scream from both the pleasure and pain …while I kept drilling my mom harder and harder between both of their wet cunts smothering my dick and just the thought of fucking my own mother the past two days now fucking my aunt I was ready to explode … but I had an idea…I took my throbbing hard dick out of my mothers slippery dripping wet pussy and told my mom and aunt to “Get on your knees bitches and stick your tongues out…Daddy is gonna cum all over your fucking faces.” Without any hesitation both of these bitches were on there knees with their tongues out looking like thirsty dogs and I enjoyed them as my mother stroked and sucked my long fat dick and my aunt sucked my balls …then I came … painting my mom and aunts faces white with all my delicious warm cum…without asking they began to lick it off of each others faces and spit and swap my cum between them it was so fucking hot if I had more cum I would have came all over them again to see it again…as they did that they finally swallowed my load in their mouth’s and I passionately kissed my aunt my tongue swimming in her mouth not giving a damn she just swallowed my cum then I did the same with my mom… then we all collapsed on my moms bed their hands all over my body and my head in between their large breast….ahhh what a beautiful weekend… I swear there’s nothing better than family

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