My Wife Fucks Another Man


My Wife Fucks Another ManI am dropping my wife off at a small house on an unassuming street. She’s nervous and very excited. My adrenaline is absolutely racing. She is wearing practically nothing. She leaves the car, purse in one hand, camcorder and cell phone in the other. I could hear her high heels on the pavement as she was walking up to his grandbetting yeni giriş house. She agreed to keep an open cell line to my phone. “Mark”, the man from her work greeted her at his front door. He had no idea I knew. What ensued can only be described as the most jealous yet erotic experience of my life. I grandbetting giriş was listening to everything so clearly. My imagination ran wild. Put some headphones on and just “listen” to a wild passionate porno. It was like that, amazing. I was shocked at how long they did it. When she came back to the car she was sweaty grandbetting güvenilirmi and flush. Her hair was a mess. I was even more turned on than her. I took her home and had sex with her while watching the video. It was more than I was expecting. We have done this numerous times since then and now plan on putting in a 2 way mirror for our closet. I so want the live version now. This brought our sex lives to a whole different level. For her too as she admitted it drives her wild knowing I am listening.If your relationship is strong and you’re confident go for it. It brought my wife and I closer physically, mentally, and sexually.

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