NiraI would book us into a hotel at Gatwick and travel there by train. you would join the train at Croydon wearing jogging pants, tight t shirt and trainers. no underwear. I would wait for you at the front of the train, between the first and second class. you would get on further down and walk thru’. The train will be packed with commuters and you’ll have to push thru’, they’ll all be looking at your tight clothes clinging to your tight body as you make your way up to me, seeing how your leggings show off your arse and legs, looking at your camel toe and wishing you were theirs. When you find me you’ll stand in front of me, close, facing away as if we don’t know each other.At first i’ll just gently brush against you as the train rocks. Touching you with my cock against your bum or your thigh. Gradually you’ll feel it harden inside my jeans and i’ll start to touch you with it a little harder and for a little longer until it is fully hard and throbbing. Then it will be touching you, rubbing against you constantly. All around us people will have no idea what we’re doing, you’ll start moving against me using your leg, hip, bum to rub my cock inside my jeans, keeping it hard. I’ll start to caress your bum with just the tips of my fingers, gently stoking and teasing before building up to stronger touches and groping. By now you’ll be grinding against me working us both up and struggling not to make the other passengers aware. I’ll start to push my fingers into the gap between your thighs, teasing your pussy with tantalizing caresses through the thin fabric of your leggings while you reach a hand behind you and grip my cock through the denim and slowly begin to rub and wank me. As your pussy swells and grows damp my fingers will become more persistent, probing deeper pushing the material of your leggings into your wet hole, dampening the crotch. You grip my cock harder and start to pump harder all the time trying not to let anyone notice. Hopefully we will get to Gatwick before either of us comes, giving us time to calm ourselves before we get to the hotel where we can carry on.As the train stops I take you by the hand and we rush off to the ticket barriers in a state of heightened arousal. Pulling each other through the crowds, racing to get to the hotel before our arousal can fade. We rush to the shuttle for the North terminal and once on board we stand facing each other for the short journey, your boobs touching my chest, I can feel your nipples pressing against me through your tight t shirt, my cock bumping against your pussy. This time we make no pretense that we don’t know each other, holding hands, staring and smiling at each other faces full of barely concealed desire. Occasionally i’ll lift a hand to touch a nipple, to gently pinch and pull it while I rub my cock, now fully erect again against your pussy. At the North terminal we leave the shuttle and head straight for the hotel. In the lift we don’t hold back and kiss passionately as we head up to reception. Me holding you forcefully by the hips, thumbs stroking the skin just above your waistband. No time for anything more and we are into reception and we check in, impatient to be done and alone where we can release our passion and continue to pleasure each other.We hurry to our room and as soon as the door shuts we’re at it. Kissing ferociously. You lift off your T shirt, releasing your magnificent breasts, showing me your hard nipples. Already my hand is inside your leggings cupping your swollen flesh, rubbing and squeezing. Your hands are at my fly, undoing the buttons. You slide one hand inside my boxers, grasping my shaft and wanking it, as I lean forward suckling, nibbling and teasing your nipples with my tongue. By now I am fingering your pussy, not roughly but nothing gentle türbanlı aydın escort either. We’re both too worked up for foreplay. We need functional sex, hard and fast. You release my cock and pull your leggings down to your knees as you turn to face the wall, while I remove my jeans you put your hands against the wall and bend over, pushing up your arse and offering me your wet, swollen pussy. Taking my cock in my hand I place it against your lips, gently rubbing it up and down before pushing it against your damp twat opening you up with a gasp. With three quick thrusts, each one deeper than the one before I am fully inside you. Slowly at first I begin to pump, short strokes but quickly getting faster, harder and longer till I can feel the tip of your cervix touching the tip of my cock with every pump. Gripping your hips I slam against you watching your beautiful arse as my balls slap against your pussy. The sound of our breathing and your moaning as I thrust into you works to heighten my arousal and I reach around with one hand to rub your clit, teasing it with quick furious strokes as I race to make you cum before I shoot my load. You start to gasp and pant, whimpering as you climax. The walls of your pussy spasm, twitching against my cock urging it to come. I take my hand from your clit and lick a finger, tasting and smelling your musky scent as I come, shooting my load into your hot wet hole, panting and sweating, out of breath and fully sated, at least for now.With our passion satisfied for now we shower together, washing and soaping each others bodies, kissing and caressing in a sensual warm down following our charged sexual act. Exploring and getting to know each others bodies with our hands and eyes, relaxing and soothing our bodies in preparation for the next episode of our encounter.Relaxed and refreshed we dress. I wear a crisp white shirt, black trousers and shoes. You wear a white blouse (buttoned all the way up for now) with black lace, half cup bra and little panties that barely cover your exquisite little pussy. Your oufit is finished off with a short black business skirt, black lace top hold up stockings and black high heeled shoes. Your hair is tied back in a severe but sexy pony tail. We look every bit the pair of business travellers for the next part of our fantasy.We head down to the bar where we order drinks and something to eat while sitting on high bar stools and chatting, getting to know each other, laughing and people watching. As our converstion progresses i can’t help stealing glances at your stocking tops which your short skirt barely reaches. My cock begins to harden at the sight and noticing my attention you part your legs slightly allowing me a view of a little flesh, further hardening my cock. You enjoy the attention and your arousal is starting to build, warmth beginning to spread inside you, your pussy getting moist. We continue to chat while i check out your legs, you gradually open your legs more and more, each time showing more of your delightful inner thighs until i can see all the way to you barely covered pussy. Enjoying the power you have over my desire you undo a couple of buttons on your blouse exposing the tops of your breasts, pushed up and together into a cleavage that I long to plunge my cock into. You lean forward on your stool placing a hand on my crotch, squeezing my erection and allowing me a better view of your breasts. My cock twitches as I view your areoli peeking above the top of your half cup bra. Seemingly satisfied with my response to your public display you lean back, legs as far apart as you dare with people around us and begin to occasionally touch and stroke your thigh above your stocking tops, all the time maintaining türbanlı aydın escort bayan our conversation. As you become more turned on you become bolder and braver, your hand spends more time between your legs and you venture the occasional touch and stroke to yourself through the fabric of your panties, teasing and stimulating your now wet pussy . By now I am transfixed and my cock is throbbing. Seeing that i cannot tear my eyes away from your crotch and legs, and a little afraid we are attracting attention you excuse yourself and head to the toilet before anybody in the bar notices our game.When you return to the bar you walk up to me and lean in to give me a short kiss on the lips. As you do this you put something into my pocket while putting your hand to my crotch, giving my cock and balls a little squeeze before climbing back onto your stool, looking at me and smiling and undoing your pony tail so that your gorgeous dark hair falls over one shoulder, drawing my gaze to the beautiful valley that is your cleavage. As i reach into my pocket you open your legs, letting your skirt ride up again and showing me your now naked pussy. My eyes drink in the sight as i finger the sensous material of the panties in my pocket. We order one last drink and as we continue to chat and drink you begin to touch yourself between your legs again, this time moving your fingers to your pussy sooner, occasionally leaning forward to let me look at your breasts and arouse me further. Your fingers rub and tease your hardening clit, you pinch and pull on your pussy lips letting me see it all before you push one finger tip into your wet hole and tease it gently for a second or two as we finish our drinks. As i put my empty glass down you lean forward and place your finger on my mouth, transferring a drop of juice. I lick my lips and taste your sex. My cock is aching for release and craving your touch, you have brought me to the edge with your display and i can wait no longer.We head to the lift, and once inside you kiss me passionately, probing with your tongue and pressing yourself against my cock, feeling its hardness against your stomach. I reach behind sliding my hands up the back of your nylon clad thighs, grabbing your arse, squeezing your buttocks and gently pulling them apart so my finger tips brush your pussy lips. We arrive at the door to our room but you stop me as i get the room key in my hand, pushing me backwards against the wall as you unzip my trousers, reaching in and releasing my erect cock. Gripping tightly as you drop down in front of me you begin to pump slowly with your hand as you explore the tip with your tongue, stretching my foreskin with every stroke and lubricating the head with your spit till you can pull down and expose the head fully. You lick around the base of my helmet while you gently wank my shaft as my cock twitches and judders at the touch of your tongue. My hands are entwined in your hair, as you envelope my head in your hot mouth, sucking as you continue to wank me. Your strokes begin to lengthen as your mouth plunges deeper onto me, taking more of my cock each time. My hips begin to sway in time with your rythm and my climax is beginning to build. The sound of a door closing brings us to our senses and remembering that we are still in the corridor I hurriedly open the door and we stumble into the room kicking off our shoes in the process.Again you take charge and push me backwards onto the bed, removing my trousers and boxers, before climbing on top and straddling me. Your skirt is up around your waist and your naked pussy is pushing down on my stiff cock. You remove your blouse before undoing the buttons on my shirt and telling me to remove it.You place türbanlı escort aydın your hands on my chest and begin to move your hips back and forth rythmically, sliding your pussy up and down the length of my cock. Your wet lips part as you slip along its length, wetting and lubricating it while you rub yourself off on my erection. Reaching up i grab your boobs squeezing them while pressing on your nipples with my thumbs. You reach behind unclasping removing your bra, allowing me full access to your breasts. The feel of your hard nipples against my palms increases my ardour. I begin to pinch and pull on your nipples, squeezing and stretching them with my fingers, wanting them in my mouth, to suck and probe them with my tongue. But you have other ideas for my mouth.You bend down and kiss me passionately once more, biting my lip and probing with your tongue before climbing up my body and positioning your now dripping wet pussy above my mouth, just close enough to brush my lips as you gently move your hips, my tongue flicking and licking your clit, lips and hole, I try to suck your clit and lips as you manouever above me but each time you pull away only allowing me to brush your pussy with my lips and tongue. I reach up and continue to caress your breasts and nipples, running my hands up and down your sides, around your back, to your bum and along the top of your thighs. My hands are all over your body, wanting to feel it all. As your arousal builds you feel your climax beggining to flow. You allow me to suck on your clit, to pull on your pussy lips with my lips, to push my tongue deeper into your hole, feeling it’s hotness and tasting it’s musk. Reaching backwards you grasp my cock and begin to wank me with slow, long strokes maintaining my hardness in readiness for the pleasure you require of it. By now your orgasm is close and you begin to grind on my face, pushing down harder and harder, rubbing off on my mouth chin and nose. You stop stroking my cock but you keep it in your grip, squeezing harder until it feels as if it will explode, as wave after wave of your orgasm explodes through your body. You shake and judder to the end of your orgasm before rolling off and laying on your back panting, while i lay trying to catch my breath after the near suffocation of your pussy in your throes of passion, face soaked with your cum and my cock aching for it’s own release. Rolling toward you I kiss you on the mouth, letting you taste your pussy from my mouth, I kiss your cheek, your neck and shoulders moving down to your breasts. I kiss the sides, small pecks and tiny nibbles, feeling the softness of your skin. I kiss and lick your nipples, teasing and pinching with tongue lips and teeth. My hand strokes your stomach and thighs always working toward your pussy. You reach out and take my cock, starting to wank it again. My hand finds your sex and begins to tease it. Tracing lines around it while you rebuild your arousal, then caressing your lips and gently rubbing your clit before opening you up gently with my finger. Finally i climb on top of you, your legs part and wrap around me as my cock slides easily into your tight hot hole. Slow short strokes soon build into slow deep strokes and you are taking the fullness of my engorged cock inside you. Kissing and touching each other as I pump you we soon begin to build in our fervor. Your hips rise in tandem with my thrusts and before long I am fucking you as deeply and as hard as I can. You begin to build toward your orgasm and the sounds you make as this happens further stimulate me towards mine. Slipping and sliding inside you my cock begins to spasm as spurt after spurt of my cum fires into you as your legs and arms clamp around me, squeezing and constricting me as you too shudder to orgasm. We lay there sweaty and panting for some time, not saying anything, just laying there until we fall asleep.Next morning when I awake, you are gone. No goodbye, no note, nothing. It’s not till I get up and start to get my things together that I find your panties in my trouser pocket, a little dried pussy juice on them and still smelling of your sexy musk.

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