Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 4

Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 4
I was untied from the bench and sir liften me up onto my heels and led me over to some stocks. I was made to kneel down and my wrist and neck placed in the stocks, then he closed them down on me and clicked it shut. He gave my ass a slap as he pulled the hook out of my tight hole and grabbed my waist. I shivered as I felt his cock press against my stretched hole. In one movement he pushed his cock into my boy pussy up to the hilt and held it there. My ass pushed back against him, squeezing it as he slowly pulled back and started to thrust into me.

His friends gathered round the front of me, I felt a cock push against my lips so I opened and took it, pushing it’s way over my tongue I sucked greedily. Two more cocks brushed against my restrained hands so I grasped them, slowly wanking and squeezing the tip.

I felt Sir speeding up behind me, obviouly enjoying the views. I was being fucked nice and deep from behind while my hands and mouth were put to work. He encouraged his friends to wank in front of my face. I heard a moan as the first shot of cum hit me in the cheek, I released the cock in my mouth and tried to turn to catch some cum. The guy who had shot used the tip of his cock to rub the cum up my cheek and onto my lips.

I returned to the cock I’d been sucking and sped up, sucking the tip until I felt it throb and shoot a hot sticky load of cum straight into the back of my mouth. Sir told me I was being a good slut and to swallow the cum and say thank you, which naturally I did!

One of the cocks in my hand moved into my mouth and I continued to suck all the cocks I could over the next half an hour. Long, short, fat, thin cocks, all taking advantage of me in my tied position. All the while sir was fucking me slowly then faster, I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass and occasionally I’d get spanked!

As the guys in front of me were getting excited, more of them moved in front of me, shooting cum over my face while I continued to suck cock. Each taking their turn to give me their cum, it dripped down my cheeks, lips, head, nose, covering me in cum like a good bukkake slut!

As the last few guys were shooting cum on my face, I felt Sir speed up until with one last thrust, I felt his cock twitch and a hot load of cum shootig deep inside me. He’d taken his condom off the cheeky fucker! He held his cock inside me whie he continued to twitch, and then pulled his cock out and in one motion, took my butt plug and thrust it into me.

A few more cocks were left in front of me which I gratefully serviced until they gave me their cum. They all stood back and Sir said I’d been a very good girl and then they all applauded. I was covered in cum, it was dripping down onto my stockings, I felt such a slut.

The clips to the stocks were unlocked and the bar raised, Sir helped me to my feet and I tottered to the bar, covered in cum with people grinning at me as I sashayed over there.

Sir said “Time for a drink and then go home to get cleaned up and maybe some more fun…?”

I grinned, gave him a hug and enjoyed a cooling drink to wash all the cum down my throat. My sissy tgirl training was coming on nicely!

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