Oh My Gosh! – Part 2


Oh My Gosh! – Part 2It will make no sense without Part 1. It is not that long but will set the context for you.=====================================Sarah woke up with a headache. “I don’t feel so good”, she whined at the breakfast table.”Must be something you ate last night.” my mother said and she squeezed my hand under the table.That night mom slipped the pill into Sarah’s soup. When I carried her to the bedroom, she got sick. I helped her clean up and then put her to bed. She passed out.Mom and I spent another delightul evening together in her room.In the wee hours of the morning, I marched back into the bedroom where my girlfriend still slept peacefully. I was completely naked. I looked at her for a second and then leaned over to kiss her face. A hand shot up from nowhere and gripped my throat. “Where were you?” Sarah hissed.I stumbled back and fell on my ass, dropping my clothes.She leaped out of the bed and looked down at me. Then I heard the sound of her foot kicking me between my legs. I doubled over in pain.”Is that woman younger than me?” she asked pulling bornova escort my hair up till she was looking into my eyes.”Is she more beautiful? Are her tits perkier than mine?” I just looked at her hoping that my silence will calm her down.”No?” she asked. “Then why did you d**g me to slip into your mother’s bed?” “I looked away at the mirror and saw my girlfriend’s still taut body and tight hips. So different than my mother’s fleshy butt.” I know what you did in there. You fucked your mom’s big fat ass, didn’t you, you sick bastard. I know.” she taunted me.”You know nothing Sarah” I said slowly. “You know nothing about me and my mother and what we can do for each other.”Then we talked. I told her how as a sickly c***d doctors told mom that I will not be the brightest or the healthiest adult around. All of them told her to put me in therapy sessions. All except Rima. She always pursued non traditional means to treat some of the rare disorders which had no clear treatment in mainstream medicine.Rima suggested breastfeeding till I bornova escort bayan was 21. “If you stop Rita, he will relapse. The sickness will return and his mind and organs will start failing.” she said to my mom.My mother immediately started hormone threapy and as her milk supply increased, I got better. For several years my primary sustenance was my mother’s milk. During this time we also came very close to each other. It is not easy for a teenager to see his mother naked and suck her breasts 6 times a day but we had no other option. When my mom started suffering from depression and illhealth Rima talked to me. “You are 18, a fully grown man. It is time for you to make sacrifices for your mother, just like she did for you.””What should I do doctor?” I really wanted to help the woman who had nourished me since birth.”You will need to feed your milk to your mother.””What?”Rima smiled and rubed her hand on my groin. She helped me masturbate and collected the sperm in a shot glass. “Thick, tasty and nutritious” Rima said as she escort bornova helped my naked mother swallow the fresh cum.”What is it?” mom said licking her lips.Rima smiled. “Your medicine hun. You will have to take it 3 times a day.””But what is it?” mom was still moving her tongue around trying to get the thick cream out of her teeth.”Your son’s sperm.” Mom stopped but then started again. “Is it really something I need or are you just fucking with both of us?” “I have seen many cases and I have recommened this hundreds of time to couples and families. But never have I see such a perfect compatibility between a mother and her son. It is almost like you were created to be always together. If you separate, you will die! It is unbelievable. Together you are healthy, happy and content. Separation will kill you both, slowly.”Sarah listened with a smirk. She didn’t believe a word of what I said.”I want to watch what you guys do.” she finally said. “Mom will never agree.””You don’t have to tell her that. I don’t want you to tell anything to her. I will leave tomorrow and you invite her over to our bedroom. I will be hiding in the closet.””Why?””Because I want to see what kinda lie you just told me.” she said.”Perfect Match – HA! There’s no such thing. You are fucking your mother and that fat ass bitch likes your cock.” I agreed to the arrangement.To Be continued

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