Our Paris Adventure

Our Paris Adventure
Sarah and I were exhausted after showering and headed to bed. In typical Parisian fashion, my bed was large enough for one person, but quite cozy for two. For two lovers, like Sarah and I, the coziness was welcomed. She curled up beside me and I loved feeling her body spooning me.

I woke in the middle of the night. After a stop in the bathroom, I turned off the light. Moonlight lit our room and I could see Sarah, sound asleep, on her back, her legs splayed exposing her pussy, cupped in the gusset of her panties. Her small breasts with pronounced nipples rose and fell as she breathed. All I could think about as I felt goose bumps was making love to her.

I slipped back into bed trying not to wake her. Then, as lightly as I could, I stroked the inside of her thighs, approaching her panties but not touching there. With my other hand, I lightly sc****d a fingernail across a nipple. After a couple minutes, with Sarah still asleep, I began to slide my finger up and down her slit through her panties. Pushing harder, I begun to slide the fabric of her panties into her slit. This awoke a sleepy Sarah. “Don’t move,” I whispered, “I want to give you an orgasm.” I went back to fingering her slit through her panties and flicking a nipple with my other hand. Sarah’s arousal grew and became noticeable as I felt her panties get damp, then wet. I could see a dark spot of her juices grow through her panties. Her hips began to rise in rhythm with my fingering. Her breath grew deeper and soon I could feel her pussy contract into her orgasm. I gave her a soft, deep kiss and suggested we go back to sleep. “We’re going lingerie shopping tomorrow.”

In the morning, I explained to Sarah that I had a friend who owned an upscale lingerie shop near our hotel. “She is a very seductive salesperson,” I whispered “it will be a very pleasurable experience.”

“Kat, this is my friend Sarah.” Kat locked the door of her shop, took Sarah by the hand and led her inside. “I’m happy to meet you, Ellen has told that you are a good friend.” Her salesroom is a very cozy room. Sexy lingerie in all colors hung off racks. Kat led Sarah to a small platform that faced a semicircle of mirrors. “Please get undressed and let me see you.” Soon, Sarah was down to her bra and panties. “Everything” Kat whispered. Sarah blushed, but was soon naked. “Very nice” Kat said as she turned Sarah around. “What did you have in mind, Ellen?” “Definitely something sheer, a demi-bra – I like it when her nipples are teasing me. I like panties that cup her pussy mound.” Kat went off to find some samples.

“This is going to be a very pleasurable experience” I told Sarah “Kat is very hands-on as she fits you.” Sarah blushed with anticipation and a bit of nervousness.

Kat came back with several different pieces. She stood behind Sarah and began to fit her for a bra. A sheer black bra was first. “Ellen, what do you think?” “I want to see if her nipples will show,” I said. Kat reached around and began to fondle Sarah’s breasts as I moved in front of her. Kat leaned in and began to breathe on Sarah’s neck. As she pinched Sarah’s nipples into hardness I could hear Sarah’s breathing, more ragged as Kat played with her nipples while breathing into her ear. “The bra cups need to be a bit tighter,” I told Kat “her nipples aren’t visible enough.” Kat went to find a smaller size. Sarah just looked at me “I’m going to be seduced, aren’t I?” I smiled.

Kat came back with another selection and began to put it on Sarah. I cupped her breasts and arranged the bra. Again, Kat began her ministrations; breathing into Sarah’s ear asking her about the fabric, feeling her breasts to make sure they were covered and flicking her nipples to hardness. I stood in front of Sarah, marveling at her beauty. I was becoming aroused as well by the show Kat was putting on. “Look at how your nipples show through this,” Kat whispered into Sarah’s ear. “It’s very sexy,” I said “we’ll take it.” “Let’s leave this on while we try some panties,” Kat whispered, giving Sarah’s ear a kiss. And off she went for panties.

“I always get this type of treatment when I’m here; it’s the only place I buy lingerie.” Kat came back with several pairs of panties. “Let’s try on black first; I love to fit girls for panties.” Kat stood behind Sarah and asked me to get in front. “Ellen, I want you to make sure the fit over her pussy is to your liking.” Kat tapped Sarah’s right leg and then her left to begin to fit the panties. She slowly drew the panties up Sarah’s legs, letting her hands run gently over the insides of Sarah’s thighs. Once up to her waist, Kat ran her fingers around the waistband to smooth it out, making sure to run her hands over Sarah’s mound. “I like the sheerness of these,” Kat whispered “see how you can see her trimmed bush?” “Ellen, can you make sure the front fit is to your liking?” I knelt down, eye-level with Sarah’s crotch. Her slit was visible through the fabric. The gusset of the panties snugly cupped Sarah’s pussy; she looked gorgeous. I looked up to see Kat teasing Sarah’s breasts again and nibbling on her ear. Her head was tilted to the side and she had closed her eyes. I slipped fingers around the legbands of the panties to pull the fabric tight against Sarah’s pussy. I could see that her juices had started; her lips were beginning to show her wetness.

I took my forefinger and ran it between Sarah’s lips, pushing the fabric between them. Sarah’s juices seeped out through the fabric. I heard a thin gasp as I leaned in to lick away the moisture, pushing the fabric a bit further in with my tongue. I reached around and pulled Sarah tighter so I could work her pussy over with my tongue. As my tongue traced her slit, my thumb found her clit and I started flicking it as I tongue-fucked her. Sarah’s moans became more persistent. I looked up; she and Kat were kissing deeply. Sarah’s hips began to move, pushing my tongue deeper inside.

This was all piquing my arousal to where I needed to touch myself. I reached down and hiked up my skirt and slipped a hand inside my panties. It wasn’t long before I was on the brink of coming. I began to moan as I sucked on Sarah’s clit and this began to send her over the edge. I could feel her legs trembling and pussy flowing freely as she slumped into her orgasm. I let loose shortly after Sarah.

“OK,” Kat said, bringing us out of our reverie. “Time for stockings.” She handed Sarah a garter and asked her to put it on and then led Sarah to a chair. Sarah slumped into the chair, still coming off her orgasm. Kat came back with a pair of black sheer stockings. “I don’t like thigh-highs,” she explained “I like stockings that reach right up to the top of the leg. Sarah, let’s try these on.” She knelt in front of Sarah and lifted a leg onto her lap, in doing so Sarah’s legs felt apart. “Look at how wet she is!” Kat whispered as she fondled Sarah’s calves. When she reached a knee, Kat stopped to lightly rub the back of Sarah’s knee. Sarah sucked in a breath reacting to the eroticism of Kat’s efforts. Up came the other stocking and the same reaction. I could see Sarah grinding her hips into the chair, putting pressure on her pussy. Kat now worked the each stocking to the very top of each of Sarah’s legs. I could see Kat’s hands rubbing Sarah’s pussy as she pretended to perfect the fit.

“Now, I like for panties to be outside the garter; it’s much sexier to remove panties leaving the garter and stockings.” I knew what was coming, having had the treatment Sarah was about to get. Plus, I was really aroused by the sheer sexuality that was emanating from Kat; it was like steam. I sat in a chair to watch and slid off my panties.

Kat reached up and very slowly peeled off Sarah’s panties, rubbing Sarah’s thighs and calves as they slid down her legs. Kat then slid closer inside Sarah’s legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. I spread my legs and began to touch myself. Sarah looked over at me; lust filled her eyes. “I love you,” she whispered. Kat’s fingers spread Sarah’s lips to reveal her pinkness. A finger slid inside Sarah as Kat’s tongue danced over her clit. Sarah pulled down her bra and began to pinch her nipples. Soft moans began and her hips began to move against Kat’s mouth. It wasn’t going to last much longer.

Sarah’s thighs closed against Kat’s head as two fingers slid inside Sarah. I could see that Kat’s mouth was locked onto Sarah’s clit. Sarah’s stomach began to heave and suddenly she went absolutely rigid. Long, deeps breaths as her orgasm rocked her. Just watching this sent me over the edge. I could feel my come running down my thighs.

Kat got up, reached for Sarah’s panties and slid them up into place; she attached the garter to her stockings and helped Sarah onto her feet. Sarah took Kat into her arms and they kissed deeply for a long time.

“Kat, could I buy this set for Sarah and a few more in black and red. Also, see if you can find an appropriately naughty negligée. And, could you send them to our hotel?”
“Of course, but Ellen what about you? Are you shopping too?” “Another day, Kat; this has been enough for me for one day.”

As we left the shop, Sarah slipped her arm in mine and kissed me. “It’s a gorgeous day in Paris,” I said. “What would you like to do?” Sarah stopped, looked me in the eye “I would like to go back to the hotel and fuck your brains out.”

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