Part Time Job For Kim


Part Time Job For KimKim a mother of three her oldest 19 was just about to go to a big school four states away and being by herself Kim needed help to come up with the money. Kim worked a normal job as an office manager in town and the pay was very good but she needed more, so Helen a close friend sent her to the local college and they asked her many questions then sent her to L A F it was an house on campus that needed a leader. The next day Kim the 40ish mother and hard business woman was scared as a c***d going to school for the first time as she rang the bell a very pretty girl answered and Kim as for Sue Toms there pres. the young girl lead her to the living room and Sue Kim explanded that the school sent her and her role there Sue was not happy but knew not to so it. Over the next tow months thing went well and Kim grew more at ease with the job she would go to the office 8am. to 5pm. then the house 6pm. till 9pm. then home and the money was more then she needed türbanlı tunceli escort so things were great.Sue kept clear of Kim and did her own thing and all was good but, the big pleg week was coming and Kim would be in the way and Sue could not deal with that she needed to do something soon cause the members would not be happy with Sue if she didn’t. So the next night was Friday and most of the girls were out she asked Kim to come to her room once there Sue put her plan to work.Kim do you know what L A F is and after thinking Kim says no. It means lesbians always and forever. This news hit Kim hard her being so goody goody and all she never thought she would even see a lesbian I mean those people were always so out I mean you just knew if a woman was gay. Sue laughing says yea well you know about your boss then or the pres. of the college and her staff they are all members and all lesbian. Kim’s head spinning she sat türbanlı tunceli escort bayan on the bed and Sue used it to gain control in seconds Sue had Kim tied to the bed and cloth open Kim begged her to stop but Sue went on she loved to cause pain to hear her ladies beg and pled she had Kim’s tit out and pulled and pinched her nipples hard Kim cried and moaned for help but the girls were gone and even if they did hear the cry they were use to it. Over the next tow hours Sue brought Kim to the edge and back down countless times Kim’s body shook and trembled she had never in her life felt so turn-on and shameful at the same time this young girl was talking and doing things Kim only read about and it was making her beg but not for help anymore for more for release for OMG she wanted Sue to do more to make her CUM OMG PLEASE LET ME CUM PLEASE…… Smiling Sue strips down and lowers her puss to Kim you want to türbanlı escort tunceli cum make me cum first bitch and grinds her cunt in Kim’s face unable to breath Kim has no choice and taste pussy for the first time the taste and smell are like a d**g to her and she licks and slurps it up and down trying to get in as deep as she can she never knew just how good it was and soon Sue cum and covers her face in pussy juice, Sue leans down and puts her expert touge to work on Kim’s twat and Kim bucks and shouts as she came harder then ever before Sue rolls off her and as Kim is in the aftermath Sue puts on a strap-on 10 1/2″ long 2″ wide and invades Kim’s very wet cunt in one deep push Km’s breath is taken away and her cunt pryed wide open as Sue pounds her with the fucking of her life making her cum more times then ever before and each stronger than the first. Kim wakes up her pussy sore and she dresses when she comes down stairs Sue is there and Kim starts to speak but Sue puts her finger to her lips that was just the start the members will do much more then that harder faster and more of them those ladies are here a week and none of us can walk for weeks after they leave Kim looks at Sue thanks I know I sould leave and not come back but, I think I’ll ask for a vacation from my office job for two weeks ………………………..

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