Pilots Strike

Pilots Strike
We would never have met Johnny if it hadn’t been for the airline pilots strike in ’89, normally we would have flown from Adelaide to Melbourne for a wedding but due to the strike we had to drive. Which meant we ended up meeting Johnny, more unusual was because it was a friend that asked us if we could give a lift to a friend of his son, complicated but we ended up picking the guy we had never met from Fullarton, which was out of our way and taking him to Melbourne.
Johnny was an 18 year old university student, well presented, however I think that was because he was going to his sisters wedding and had dressed so as not to give his family an excuse to put him down. We found out later his parents didn’t like the fact he went to Adelaide Uni, instead of a Melbourne one.
Anyway we picked him up he surprised us by being quite articulate and well mannered, not quite what we expected by the time we crossed the River Murray we were having an easy conversation. On this trip we weren’t looking for a sexual partner, just drive over for the wedding stay a couple of days and drive back.

Anne had dressed casually for the trip a white off the shoulder blouse and a crossover skirt, as usual no bra and brief panties, of course she showed her usual cleavage. I drove to Ouyen before stopping for fuel and a late lunch, then headed off to Bendigo planning to drive through to Melbourne depending on how I felt. Anne decided after lunch she felt like a nap, dropping back the seat she got comfortable and dozed off, in the back seat behind me Johnny got a better view of her cleavage, which improved after ten minutes as she shuffled to get more comfortable.
I looked in the rear vision mirror as we chatted, noticing Johnny was having trouble not staring at Anne more so as the skirt opened giving him a better view of her legs, of course I never said anything letting him enjoy the view. Anne woke up after an hour or so and straightened up her clothing and we continued chatting till we reached Bendigo, where I decided I was too tired to drive on to Melbourne and instead found us a motel with a vacancy. Of course due to the pilots strike there was more vehicle traffic the motels were full and I ended up having to get an executive suite that the three of us would have to share, not a problem as it had two queen-size beds in it ( I could never work out why hotels/motels did this) we could have one and Johnny the other.
After settling in we went off to find dinner, finding a good Chinese restaurant five minutes walk away and enjoyed a good meal and two bottles of wine before returning to the motel. We turned in early as planned with Johnny in one bed and us in the other, but Anne had noticed that there was a large bulge in his underwear as he got ready for bed, probably made larger as she decided to sleep as she normally did at home, in the nude.
Of course having a young guy so close made her horny and soon the two of us were trying to make love quietly three feet from where Johnny was trying to sleep. However isn’t the quietest person when lovemaking especially when she decides to be on top, it would have been difficult for Johnny to ignore what was going on in the next bed if the room had been totally dark, with the light shining into the room from a badly fitting curtain it was impossible. By now the bedclothes were no longer covering us and in the dim light Anne’s body was plain to see her breast bouncing up and down as she rode me, she knew damn well she was being watched from the next bed and put on a show, hell the next room could probably guess what we were doing.
I had to guess that Johnny had a hard on if he wasn’t jerking off, what I couldn’t see at the time that he was stroking his cock but not hidden by the bedding but in full view of my darling and horny wife. I don’t know if Johnny was expecting it or just hoping it would happen, but as soon as she saw how big and hard he was she just changed partners, I was the one with my cock in the air and his was now buried to the hilt in one very damp pussy. Lucky me I got to watch my wife being fucked hard from feet away by a young guy who was never intended as a sexual partner, I didn’t just get to see it once but three times that night and again in the shower the following morning. The trip on to Melbourne the following morning was interesting with the two of them in the back seat, fortunately the Mercedes leather didn’t need cleaning on arrival in Rosebud after dropping Johnny off in St Kilda. And to look at Anne you would have thought butter wouldn’t have melted in her mouth as she kissed the soon to be bride, who would have been surprised to know those lips had been round a cock not that long ago and not her husbands.
After the wedding celebrations we picked up Johnny on the way back and he ended up fucking Anne in the back seat as we drove through some country, the tinted glass giving some privacy from prying eyes though I nearly crashed the car from not concentrating on the road.
Johnny became a good friend and very discreet, we have kept in touch in more than one way over the years.

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