Playing Santa


Playing SantaMy sister Rebecca had given birth to Sean 10 years ago. She had gonethrough what our mother preferred to call “a phase,” and so she didn’t knowwho Sean’s father was. None of her current beaus at the time cared toconsider a claim, and so I had become Sean’s surrogate father. Rebecca hadmoved closer to where I live so Sean would be able to spend more time withme and have a positive male role model in his life. It wasn’t uncommon forhim to spend even weeks at my home during the school year. Rebecca wasn’texactly going to win any mother of the year awards for sure.Sean still believed in Santa Claus. His friends tried to convince himotherwise. Becky even sent him to a ther****t who decided Santa replacedhis absent biological father and that Sean would give up the notion when hewas ready. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with this approach, but I couldsee the logic in it. So when Christmas Eve rolled around, I performed myannual uncle duty of dressing up as St. Nick and putting Sean’s giftsaround the tree. Normally Sean would stay at the top of the stairs peekingaround the corner, so I put on a good show. I felt sort of foolish playingSanta for a c***d of his age, but I figured what the hell. And it was kindof fun. Of course, I had no idea it would have such a great payoff thisyear.I entered the house through the back door as usual. When he discoveredSanta’s unusual entry, Becky explained to Sean that when people didn’t havefireplaces, Santa sometimes came through the back door. I walked into theliving room doing my loud Ho, ho, ho and set my bag by the tree. Inonchalantly turned slightly so I could check out the stairs. No sign ofSean. That would make things a little easier. I turned around to thecoffee table for my cookies and milk my nephew was so careful to makeavailable. He thought it was great that Santa and I had the same favoritecookie. That’s when I caught sight of my nephew asleep on the couch. Iwatched his breathing to make sure he wasn’t feigning and confirmed he wasasleep.I noticed he was wearing a pajama top but had only his briefs on instead ofbottoms. I grabbed a blanket off the floor and went to cover him. As Ineared I noticed a lump in his underwear. I looked more closely andnoticed he had a hard-on. I was intrigued for some odd reason. Icarefully pulled his underwear open and gazed at his erection. I feltsomething odd pass through me as I gazed at my nephew’s hard dick. Ipulled the shorts open more and noticed his hairless nut sac. Unable tocontrol myself I reached forward and gently stroked his young cock. Herolled onto his back. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I wassurprised he couldn’t hear it.I strained to hear any noise coming from upstairs. It was silent. Ifocused my attention back on my nephew and heard him snoring softly. Igently eased his underwear down to about the middle of his thighs and gazedat his crotch. Once again I probed his cock with my fingers. I moved myfingers down to his balls and began gently massaging them. I found myselfconsumed with an unexplainable desire to taste my young nephew, so I kneltdown and placed my mouth on his cock.”Santa?!” I heard Sean say somewhat surprised.Shit! I thought. “Ho, ho, ho Sean!””You know my name!””Of course I do!””What are you doing?”Fuck!! “Um, I’m giving you a special gift.” I replied and went back down onhim for emphasis, as much as to hide my face from his view. “Do you likethat little Sean?” I asked in my imitation of Santa’s voice.”Yes Santa.”I continued sucking on his little prick and occasionally on his balls. Ipushed his pajama top up and lightly sucked on his nipples. His eyes wereclosed, and he was grinning broadly. I ached to be touched by him.”Sean?””Yes Santa?””Would you touch my special place for Santa?”His gaze went to my groin. I could tell he wasn’t too sure about thatidea.”It would make Santa very happy if you did.”My heart almost leapt out of my chest when I saw his head nod yes. I movedon my knees toward his head and then pushed down the pants of my outfit,also sliding down my boxers. I watched his hand reach out tentatively andtouch my cock. He touched it experimentally and then wrapped his littlefingers around it. I reached over and began stroking his cock as he beganstroking mine.”Oh yeah Sean!” I encouraged him. “Kiss it for me.”I watched him study my cock for a few moments before moving his head to mydick and lightly kissing the tip. I shuddered at the feel of his lips.”Put it in your mouth like Santa did to you.”His tongue flicked out and brushed my cock. Once again I shuddered, andthen I thought I would pass out as his lips passed over the head of mydick. I let him suck me for a few minutes before I pulled away and thenreturned to his dick. I went down on him quickly, devouring his smalldick. I pushed his underwear down more and slid my hand between his legswhere I rubbed his nuts as I sucked him off. As I continued working hiscock, my finger slid in between his ass cheeks and brushed up against hishole. I pushed against it until the tip of my finger slid into his ass.”Unnhhhh!” he moaned.”Shhhh!” I cautioned fethiye escort him as I went back to blowing him. I began fingerfucking him while I sped up my bobbing motion on his little rod. As moreof my finger slipped into his hole, his back arched. His response filledme with an evil lust. “Sean, why don’t you roll over and let Santa have aspecial gift?””A special gift?””Yeah. Santa would REALLY like to do something he’s never done with anyother boy. Santa wants you to be the first!” I said adopting aconspiratorial tone.Excited Sean rolled over onto his tummy. I stared at his incredible ass.I was almost drooling. I spread his cheeks apart and gazed at his pink,puckered hole. I lowered my head and inhaled his scent. I began lickinghis virgin hole. Sean’s ass shot straight up into the air as he moanedloudly.”Shhhh! You don’t want to wake up your mommy!” I watched him bury hisface into the couch cushion, and then I returned to his ass. His squirmingdrove me wild. “I’ll be right back Sean. Stay here. Santa’s going to getsomething from the bathroom.” I pulled my pants up and rushed into thedownstairs bathroom where I remembered seeing some Vaseline in the medicinecabinet. In the process of trying to find the container, I found a tube ofK-Y jelly. “Even better” I said aloud.I rushed back into the living room where Sean still lay on his stomachwaiting for “Santa’s” return. I spread a healthy amount of the lube ontomy cock. I pulled his underwear completely off and spread his legs. Hewatched me as I spread some of the lube on my fingers. As my slickenedfinger slid into his hole, he quickly put his face back into the cushion tomuffle his moaning. I could feel my pulse in my ears as a 2nd and then a3rd finger maneuvered into his tight hole.”You are SUCH a special boy!” I said as I positioned myself on the couchover him. I held onto my cock as I inserted its tip into his ass. Oh myfucking gawd! I thought as his hole swallowed the head of my cock. Everytime his ass would relax, I would introduce more of my rod. When abouthalf of my cock was buried in his butt, I began slowly pumping my cock backand forth. Gradually I was able to slip more and more of my pole into mynephew’s cavity. After fucking his painfully slow, I was able tocompletely bury my dick in his young hole. “Ho, ho, ho,” I whisperedsoftly into his ear, and then I gently kissed his face while I began tofuck him.He was so incredibly tight it seemed like it took only seconds for me toshoot my wad, and I filled his hot ass with my load. While my cockreleased its load, I slid my hand beneath his hips and began rapidlystroking his dick. With my cock in his ass, it didn’t take long until hewas cumming as well. It was a very tiny amount, but I assume it was cum.Did 10-year-olds cum? I pondered. No clue. From his breathing and the wayhis ass muscles were twitching, I knew he was having some type of orgasm.Still masking my voice I once again praised him: “You’re such a wonderful,wonderful boy Sean! Santa’s never had such a wonderful treat before!” Ipulled out of his ass, kissed him chastely and then rolled him onto hisside. I lowered my head to his shrinking dick and lightly kissed it.”Good night Sean’s special place.” I slid his underwear back up coveringhis beautiful treasure.I stood up to pull my pants up, and Sean leaned forward and kissed mycock. “Good night Santa’s special place,” he mimicked me. I looked down athim filled with love and a****l lust. I wanted to rip his clothes off anddo him again. I wanted to feel my cock sliding into his mouth, his throatclamping down on my hard flesh as his ass had while my cum shot down it. Ipulled my pants up the rest of the way, however, and buckled my large beltagain. I picked up the K-Y and slid it into my pocket.Walking back to the tree I quickly pulled out the presents and placed themunder the tree, my lust making it obvious I needed to hurry up and get thehell out of there. When I finished, I returned to Sean’s recumbent form.I reached down and tousled his hair. “This is our little secret Sean.Just between you and Santa. OK?”He nodded his agreement.”Good boy,” I said. I headed regretfully toward the kitchen where my exitwas. As I entered the dining room, I called out and said “Thank you Sean,you very special boy.”My hand froze on the doorknob as I heard Sean reply: “You’re welcome UncleRalph.”Watch for part 2My heart was REALLY pounding now. “Um, err,” I cleared my throat, “Why didyou call Santa Uncle Ralph little Sean?” I asked in my best imitation ofSanta’s voice, quickly returning to the living room.”Because I know it’s you Uncle Ralph!””Why do you think I’m your Uncle Ralph?”The look he gave me was one reserved for some of the dumbest questionsaround. I knew there was no salvaging this. I sat down next to him. Hewas still laying on the coach. He was on his back. He had 1 leg bent tothe side, and the other bent at the knee. As I looked up to his face, myeyes were also treated to a vision of his lump in his underwear. It wasalmost impossible for me to avert my eyes.”When did you figure it out?” I asked, now in my normal voice.”I escort fethiye wondered before, but tonight I knew for sure.””But how?””I dunno. The way you looked at me.””Why did you let me do those things to you?” I was feeling nauseous now.”Because you were enjoying them.””Did YOU . . . enjoy them?”He nodded his head up and down, and I could tell he was being genuine. Mycock began to stiffen again. I moved between his legs. “REALLY? 100%truth?””Yes Uncle.”I reached out and began gently rubbing the mound in his underwear. Hesmiled at me. “Let me take you to your room Sean.” I got up off thecouch, readjusting the tent in my pants, and scooped him up into my armsand carried him upstairs. I could Rebecca’s snoring from down the hallway.I set him on his bed and closed the door. I quickly returned to him. Hewas glorious just to look at him. I reached down and unbuttoned his pajamatop and removed it carefully from him. I knelt down on the floor and begansucking on his nipples and kissing all over his chest. I glanced towardhis crotch, and he was hard again. I got up and peeled his underwear offhim and admired his beautiful naked body.I knelt down again and began gently stroking his cock while I kissed hardon the mouth, my tongue pushing past his closed lips and eagerly kissinghim. I had never felt this way before, and I found myself consumed bythese sensations. I got to my feet once again and bent down over hiscrotch, taking his hard-on into my mouth and sucking it. As I sucked Ifelt his hand stroking my cock through my Santa outfit. I stood straightand dropped my pants and boxers one more time. I knelt down on the bed andwatched him get up so he could put my dick in his mouth. My body shudderedalmost violently as my cock entered his moist wetness. “Oh Sean!” I said.I placed a hand on his head and guided him back and forth on my cock as Imoved my hips in a similar rhythm. The intensity was increased by the feelof his soft hair resting in my palm. I liked the fingertips and palm of myother hand and reached down and began stroking his dick. As I swirled mypalm around the head of his dick, I could hear him moaning, a sound muffledby the presence of my rod in his mouth.”Sean, scoot back and lay down on your side,” I instructed. He did, nottaking his eyes of my glistening cock. I moved him into position as I layon my side face him. Immediately my dick was engulfed in his mouth oncemore, and I went to work on his as well. His small fingers sent shivers upand down my spine as they gently massaged my balls. I went down on him inquicker strokes now causing a chain reaction by his mouth. I could hearslurping sounds coming from where his head was, and I returned to makingfucking motions with my hips. My motions actually ended up pivoting mylower body so I was able to fuck his face more while continuing to suck hiscock.His sucking was becoming more urgent, so I could tell he was getting close.Then his little body stiffened and shivered, and at the same time I couldfeel some fluid enter my mouth from his cock. I swallowed the small amountthere was and kept sucking on him, only more gently. My own rhythm pickedup, and shortly thereafter I was thrusting my dick down his throat as mycock filled him with my cum. Since my body was kind of pressing his headinto the mattress, he had no choice but to swallow my juice. I don’t thinkI had ever had as intense of an orgasm in all my life.When we were done milking each other, I put his underwear back on him,kissed his shrinking cock tonight, and then kissed him chastely good nightand said “See you tomorrow. I love you.””Love you too Uncle Ralph.”I pulled my pants back up and started to leave. I turned to him before Iopened the door and said: “Thanks again Sean.”He grinned broadly and quoted me “No prob.”I shook my head in mock surprise, turned his light off and left theirhouse. The whole way home I simply could not get the image of his nakedbody from my mind. What was wrong with me? I wondered aloud.The next morning I returned to their house. Sean practically jumped out ofhis skin when he saw me come in the front door! “You’re here! Now I canopen my presents!!!” I laughed at his excitement as Rebecca rolled hereyes. We both enjoyed watching his enthusiasm as he opened his presents,and he was equally enthusiastic when we opened our gifts from him. I lovedthe gifts that he had “bought” me, but none of them compared to the giftsfrom last evening. When his mother went into the kitchen to make somefood, he came over and sat on my lap and gave me a wet kiss on the cheek.I kissed him back in the same manner, but this time I left my hand wanderup his thigh. I double checked that Rebecca was still in the kitchen as Iinserted my hand into his bottoms and underwear and began rubbing his dick.I kissed his neck as I fondled his soft dick and balls. Rebecca broke thespell by asking me to come help her. We enjoyed a great day together, andthen it was time for me to return home.The next couple of days were absolute torture. I was off from work, butRebecca had taken Sean to spend some time with his worthless father’sparents. fethiye escort bayan Later I got a phone call.”Ralphie, I hate to ask this. . . “”But you’re going to anyway.””Oh shut up. I need to go away for a few days for work. Can you watchSean?”My heart nearly leapt from my chest. Must not sound too eager I remindedmyself. “Ummm, like, he’s going to be staying over here?””Yeah. It’s just for a few days.””I don’t know. . . “”PLEASE?! I assure you he won’t be any trouble.”Oh, that I knew for a fact! “Well, alright,” I answered, trying to sound alittle put-out.”Yay! Oh I love you! Have I told you that lately?””Usually only when you want something,” I responded dryly.”Jerk.””Bitch.” We both laughed.”Ok, we’ll be over in about half an hour.””Alright,” I said. I was still wearing my bathrobe since there was noreason for me to get dressed. I decided with Sean coming over there was noneed to put clothes on since they would be coming off soon anyway!I anxiously awaited their arrival, and practically ran to the front doorwhen I heard her car pull up. I opened the door, and Sean came running tome and threw his arms around me.”I get to stay with you Uncle Ralph!””Yeah, I know buddy!” I said, returning his hug.”Thanks again b*o.””You’re welcome,” I replied as she kissed me in both greeting and farewell.She knelt down and gave her son a hug and a kiss. “Now you be extra goodfor Uncle Ralph! Do what he tells you!”If she only knew, I thought.”I will Mommy!”We watched her get in her car and drive off. I helped Sean carry his stuffinto the house. I shut and locked the door, closed the d****s, and reacheddown and yanked Sean up into the air. “I am sooo happy you’re here Sean!” Isaid. I carried him over to the couch and sat down, moving him into mylap.”Me too!” he replied.I pulled his face down and began kissing him passionately. He returned mykiss with just as much fervor. As we kissed, I undid his pants and stuckmy hands inside against his bare cheeks, pushing his underwear and jeansdown. We continued kissing while I squeezed his ass cheeks. “I have tohave you!” I announced. I grabbed him into a firm embrace and stood upfrom the couch and carried him to my bedroom.When we got to my room, I sat him down on the edge of the bed. He watchedeagerly as I undid the belt on my robe and let the robe fall to the floor.As soon as my cock was exposed, I watched his blonde head move in and feltthe familiar moistness encircle my dick. “Oh yes Sean!!” I muttered as hebegan working my rod. I watched his head go back and forth as he sucked onmy dick. I let him service my hard flesh for a while before stepping back.I reached down and pulled his shirt off of him, and then I nudged his chestbackward with my hand so he fell onto his back. I quickly pulled his shoesoff, not bothering to untie them, and then with the same sense of urgencypractically ripped his socks, jeans, and underwear off of him.I spread his bare legs open widely and then moved in and began sucking onhis balls as he moaned loudly “Unnnnnhhhhhh.” When my mouth lowered overhis cock, both of his hands grabbed fistfuls of my hair. I began suckinghis dick furiously as he writhed beneath me. After a few moments, Icouldn’t take it any longer. I stopped and stood up and picked up the tubeof K-Y I had pilfered from my sister’s house. He watched me as I squirtedsome into my hand and then applied the gel to my cock. I grabbed his legsand yanked him to the edge of the bed, lifting his legs up and pushing themback so his knees were touching his chest. I briefly stared at hisinviting hole.”That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen,” I said. And thenI lowered my head to between his cheeks and began licking his hole,thrusting the tip of my tongue into his hole. He moved almostuncontrollably as I worked his hole. I stopped licking him and saidrhetorically, “You want Uncle’s dick in there doncha?”I pulled him closer to the edge of the bed, and then began the arduousprocess of inserting my cock into his vise-grip ass. I slowly worked mydick in deeper and deeper until it was almost all the way in, and then Ibegan fucking him. When I could get a decent pace going, I bent downbetween his legs and kissed him on the mouth, once again pushing my tonguepast his lips. He could barely kiss me back as my cock continued tostimulate him from inside. As soon as I could, I began picking up thepace. I had to stand upright and hold his legs while I began pounding hisass. I reveled in not only the feeling of my cock sliding back and forthin his incredibly tight ass, but also how his body bounced as I slammedinto it, and the look of complete ecstasy on his face.”I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” I heard myself almost shout, and then I felt myorgasm explode. I bent down again and kissed him as my cock twitched deepinside of him. I continued kissing him as my cock shot more cum into hisass. As I kissed his neck, I said: “I never dreamed we’d be doing this.”When my cock stopped, I pulled out of his ass and immediately went down onhim again. I sucked on his cock hungrily as he bucked wildly, his buttrising off of the bed with his efforts. It didn’t take long before he cametoo. I milked his tiny load and then joined him on the bed. I pulled himclose to me and held him for a while. “I’m so glad you’re here,” I said,as he snuggled closer to me in response.

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