Precious Stones


Precious StonesI take two pills of vitamin B complex and I push them down with water, a lot of water.It takes time to drink two liters of water and I spend it thinking of the new student.She is a slave, a proud slave as she say. Yes she wrote that on her profile: I am a slave and proud to be.I really don’t know why I accepted her…is it just because she is a redhead and although too underweight for my taste? It could be.She has orgasms only after whipping her pussy for a long time. I hate being a toy boy…uh…toy man…i hate to play the role of the vibrator. I don’t care if i can whip the butts of these women if this is what they like and what they want. What do they learn?! Nothing! They just have a weird form of pleasure, 1xbet yeni giriş there is no challenge, no discovery, no mystery nor misery. No I like it when they experience the unexpected, when they face their own fear and especially when they swallow their own pride. I love when they are sincerely, deeply, purely humiliated and it is not just a foreplay to convince me to spend precious energies to whip their pussies.I tortured her nipples, whipped her pussy, she came two times. That was her session. Now it comes my session. The two liters bottle is empty. Time to go.She gave me the keys of her apartment and when I take the lift to her floor it’s 18.30. At this time she is already in the bathtub, like 1xbet güvenilir mi every day. She pours a special oil and the water turns into a deep relaxing blue, her favourite colour.I unlock the door, don’t even take off the jacket, forget the shoes…I am the Master here, and my session starts now.I enter the bathroom, she turns to me not at all surprised:“Good evening my Lord, in half an hour I will be at your serv….what the fuck are you doing?!”Ah, here is the Lord, here is the Master. “What the fuck” uh?I went to the bathtub, opened a bit my legs, unzipped my pants, extracted my jewel and waited few seconds. I didn’t say a word, and will not say anything.“You are not…”Yes I am. I’m peeing in your bath 1xbet giriş my dear proud slave. An intense yellow river splashes into the water. Sooo yellow. Those vitamins are good, I love the colour left by the B complex.“You bastard! You idiot!” she tries to come out of the tub. I push her back splashing water all over. She is scared now.It takes time to pee two liters of water but when I finish the intense blue turned to a beautiful nuance of green. I put back my cock, zip and as a final touch I loudly spit in her face.She is speechless. I turn and leave the bathroom, leave the apartment. Before closing the door I wait few seconds…yes, she is still crying. Session is over.After 10 minutes I receive an SMS: “You are disgusting! What did you do to me?!”I reply immediately: “You were having a bath with sapphires, I turned them into emeralds, then I blew a diamond on your face”.It takes 20 minutes after she replies: “I love you”Of course, women love precious stones.

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