Random Shopping Mall Hook Up


Random Shopping Mall Hook UpWhat happens when a random teen kisses a random older man as he walks through a mall? What happens when he walks back to his car? Going to the mall will never be the same for you after you read this story!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It was Thursday evening and I needed to get a fancy picture frame and have it engraved for my nephew’s high school graduation so I walked into the mall and went straight to the kiosk where the story directory was displayed and found the quickest path from where I was to where I needed to go. I then turned around and nearly bumped into this tall young girl. Actually, all I noticed about her was she was almost as tall as me, blonde and I got the impression she was quite pretty. That was it. Until she put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me right on the lips and started to turn and run.Now I am on the other side of 50 from her and my wife divorced me 7 years ago, It has not been every day since then that young women have just suddenly jumped into my face, laid a kiss on me and gone merrily on their way! To be honest, my first thought was she was picking my pocket or something, so I grabbed her wrist before she could get away so I could find out what the hell that was all about.Her eyes got real big and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, her friends on the other side of the area had dared her to pick out an older man at random and go kiss him. When she saw I did not have a ring, she chose me! She smiled a nervous smile at me and then turned and looked across the way at where three girls stood nervously watching. One timidly and shame facedly waved at us.I looked at the girls and decided I had gotten the cream of the crop. Tall, thin, green eyes, small low tits, showing a lot of chest and long slim legs. She was a looker. In fact I was tempted to ask her why she was hanging out with a bunch of losers, but thought better of it Instead I asked, “How old are you?”“I’m 17,” she replied and then added, “I turn 18 on the third of next month.”“Almost 18. Well I will tell you what, my dear, that was not a kiss.” She stopped pulling from me and looked at me like I had lost my mind. I smiled at her and said, “That was a peck. Now if you want to knock your friends on their collective butts, I will show you how to kiss!”She looked over her shoulder at the nervous circle of friends and then she looked back at me and said, “Okay, why not?!” I did not give her time to change her mind, I stepped up to her, pulled her against me and put my lips on hers! At first she struggled for a couple of seconds and then she stopped and a few seconds later we were playing tonsil hockey right there in the middle of the mall! I finally broke off the kiss after probably close to half a minute and I think it was her first breath since I pulled her back to me, because she acted a little kuşadası escort overcome by it all. I smiled down at her dreamy expression and said, “That, my dear, was a kiss! You have a great rest of the evening!”I let her go and she took a step to regain her balance as I turned and walked away from them and into the mall to go get the picture frame. To be honest, my heart was pounding in my chest and I would not have been surprised to find out my face was glowing with embarrassment, but I never looked back. I just kept walking until I reached my store and took care of what I came for.45 minutes later I was walking back toward the entrance with my purchase and I saw the lithe young lady standing with her friends and they were all scanning the faces of people. I figured they were looking for the next kissing victim for one of the other girls. But the second one of them spotted me, they pointed toward me and the one that kissed me, took a deep breath and set a course to intercept me.I stopped as I saw her approach and waited for her to intercept me. She looked around carefully before stepping up very close to me. I assumed another kiss was coming so I prepared myself only to hear her say, “My girlfriends say I don’t have the guts to offer to give you a blow job out in the parking lot.”I looked past her at her friends who were all standing there looking almost shocked. Personally, I was disgusted. “Look, you are one pretty young girl, but you need to get some new friends. Friends don’t dare people to do shit like that to a stranger. Hell, I could have AIDS or VD. Your friends are stupid and selfish! And what’s more, the only reason you should ever have any type of sex with anyone is because you want to do it, not because someone dares you or challenges you.”I was starting to get pissed thinking about it more and more. This girl was pretty. She was well spoken. But she was also naïve and I really was ticked that her friends would stand and watch her put herself and her health all at risk just for a dare! How Stupid!I spun on my heal and started to go around the girl when she said quietly, “I do. I want to taste your cock.” I stopped dead in my tracks and she could not have shocked me more had she told me she was a love c***d of mine! I turned and looked at her not knowing what to say. Then she took a deep breath and said, “When I was 12, some high school boys took my virginity. They basically ****d me. I have never had a boyfriend since because I just get scared and freak out. My friends don’t know that. They think I am just shy. But I have to face my fears and if I freak out, I don’t want to do it with someone I know.. So this will get them off of my back and maybe help me….” A tear spilled out of each of her eyes and she looked down at the floor. I saw a couple of drops nazilli escort splash on the marble floor.I wrapped my arms around her and I held her as she cried. Her friends looked all confused and started to come toward us. I flew them all the bird. A woman probably in her thirties saw it and walked by muttering, “Real mature!” but kept on walking. Her friends got the message though and stayed away. Finally the girl sniffed a few less times and wiped her eyes. I pulled out a handkerchief and gave it to her. She wiped her eyes and nose with it and started to hand it back. I declined it.“Go back to your friends and tell them I told them to go to hell.” I told her and then I smiled at her. She sniffed and smiled back. I let go of her and started to walk away but this time she stopped me with a hand on the arm. “Please?” she asked quietly. I looked down at her as she stepped up next to me and took my arm and wrapped her own around it so my elbow was against the side of her small breast. For the first time I felt my cock twitch and I looked around and then led her out to where my car was.Fortunately, I had parked over toward a tree and both the light of the parking lot and the cameras from the building appeared to be blocked by it. I looked over my shoulder and the girls were following but at a further distance now and they were excitedly whispering and giggling. “You know, you should be back there, having fun, not with me.” I said as we hit the door and angled toward the trees.“Who said I’m not going to have more fun than they do?” she asked defiantly.I hit the lock on my car and the car lit up and doors unlocked. I told her to wait a second and crouching by the door of the car, I reached in and found the fuse box. I had just worked on putting in a new radio so I knew which fuse I needed. A few seconds later the lights on the interior of the car went dark and I stood up and backed away from the car. “Have a seat.” I said as I motioned her to sit in the driver’s seat. She sat down and faced me and then with no further ado, she reached out and grabbed hold of the zipper front on my cargo shorts and had me unzipped in seconds. She fumbled around for a few moments trying to get to my cock and finally I pushed her hands away and guided my now nearly stiff cock out into the cool still night air as I looked around the lot. I spied her friends watching as they stood in an aisle three rows over.Her fingers wrapped around my cock and I could feel it hardening. She gave it a hard squeeze and then a tug. I grunted a little and then showed her how to do it with a better touch. Then I felt her lips and tongue on my cock. To be honest, where her grip had been too harsh, at first her mouth was far too soft. She let me slide the head of my cock in and out of her soft smooth lips and I almost could söke escort not feel her. Then I told her she needed to suck harder. Purse her lips like she is trying to suck a milkshake through a straw and use about the same sucking pressure. She learned quickly and very well!Once she had me hard, it probably did not even take me seven minutes to start getting to that point of no return. In that time she learned how to stroke a cock while sucking it and how to roll a man’s nuts in her hand and feel for that telltale twist that said, “He is getting close.” She was good. For her first time, she was damn good.Then I looked down and she had one hand down in her shorts and I could tell she was rubbing her pussy for all she was worth! Not only that, I also saw that she had at some point been playing with her tits, because she had her bra pushed up above her breasts and the small puffy tits were just visible in the night air. I reached down and tweaked one of her nipples as she sucked on my cock. She gave a low moan and the vibrations pushed me very close to the edge.“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” I asked. She did not answer, she just started sucking harder and faster and moaning as her own orgasm was quickly approaching.It was like some sort of huge explosion. Suddenly I felt myself cumming over and over again, pumping my warm thick seed into her mouth. She moaned and fell backward into the car and thrust her hips up off of the seat and then hurriedly scooted her ass off of the seat and out into me. I thought she was trying to hump my leg as I finished myself off with a couple of more quick strokes and then a good hard squeeze.I staggered back and she jumped out of the car and pushed herself against me and wiped her face on my chest. I was just about to apologize for coating her with cum when she said, “I’m sorry. I got so excited I started to squirt and I didn’t want to ruin your seats!” Indeed, at that very moment I could feel warm wet streams running down my knee and shin as she leaned against me breathing like she had just finished a 100 meter dash!I laughed and pulled her clothes back down to cover her tits. Then I kissed the top of her head. She looked up at me and said, “Thank you. I can’t tell you my name and I will probably run away from you if we ever meet again, but that was what I needed. Now I know I can enjoy sex!” With that, she kissed me on my lips and my own salty cum filled my mouth. She then turned and scampered across the parking lot toward her friends and they all took off running back inside, squealing and laughing.I pulled up my pants and got into the seat and pulled out of the mall vowing to visit more often!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I was bored and had to go get a graduation gift today. As I spied some young teens walking in the mall my mind wandered to …”What if…?” I went home and wrote this short little rompIf you liked it, let me know! Give me a vote, write me a note or send me a PM and tell me why. The fact is, no one pays me $$$ for my stories. I get paid in comments and compliments. So please share with me what you think!Thanks for reading and for sharing something back with me!

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