Reluctant Wife Gang Fucked with Hubby

Reluctant Wife Gang Fucked with Hubby
Amsterdam in late May.  It’s a beautiful city; evocative, cool, fun and the weather was glorious.  We had only been there for a day and had already reached saturation point for gorgeous babes on bikes…  it is a saddle sniffers paradise, that’s for sure.

‘We’ were a party of guys from Scotland, celebrating my nephew’s 21st birthday.  He’s not really my nephew, but I’ve been close to his dad since we were at school, and he’s always called me ‘Uncle Funghi’!  haha.  When he introduced me to his mates, they naturally took it up as ‘Uncle Fun Guy’, and I lived up to my new identity on the first night, getting pretty drunk and being generally entertaining.

The next day most of the lads were a bit worse for wear, some wanted to visit the sex museum, some went for a canal tour and I found myself with the two biggest stoners in the group, Jamie and Ben, or Cheech and Chong, as the guys had christened them…  and we spent the early afternoon in a relaxed, dark coffee shop in Oud West, near the park, with a couple of beers, jenevers and a few samples of the finest Nederwied.   The lads wanted to go into town, so we took a tram to Dam Central. 

A stroll through the Red Light district got the guys talking.
-You ever fucked a prostitute, Uncle Fun Guy?  Asked Jamie (Cheech… or Chong, I can’t remember.)
-Nah, I said, -I prefer my sluts to come gratis.
-I’m gonna have one tonight.
-Fair enough, you’re in Amsterdam, after all. 

It was still too early for any real action, but there were a couple of windows with girls in them, mostly looking bored, as families with c***dren walked past, ten year old boys, gawping. 

-I’ll tell you what I want, Jamie continued, -I want a fat, mature slag, with a meaty, bald, sopping wet cunt and I want to fuck it right up the arse…
-I’d rather have a young blonde Russian babe myself, said Ben.
-Bullshit, countered Jamie, -we’re both gonna fuck an old cum-bucket tonight.  I’m paying this time.
-This time?  I asked, -You guys done this before?
-Once or twice, winked Jamie, grinning at Ben, -Skinny Sammy?  Ben laughed, I gave them a quizzical look.
-She was the first, explained Ben, -We both fingered her in the boys toilets in fifth year, then she sucked us both off…
-And swallowed the lot, the greedy fuck.  It turned out, she was a natural cock sucker, who loved exploiting her talent…
-I got a good few blow jobs off her…
-You and every cunt else, Jamie laughed, -She must have slurped down gallons of cum in her time…  still at it, I hear.
-Didn’t she hook up with Freddie McCann? 
-After he pupped her, yeah, but I saw her in the town last weekend, dressed like a slut, pissed, and she tried to grab my cock!
-And you didn’t let her, for old times sake?
-Course I let her, but I was with Steffi, and couldn’t take it any further…

We decided to have a drink and headed towards some café/bars with outdoor seating.  It was pretty busy, but four people were getting up from a table as we approached and we nipped in sharpish.  It was a table for six and there was a couple in their forties sitting at one end,  finishing a meal.  -You don’t mind, I asked.
-Not at all, said the guy, wiping his hands on a napkin and gesturing for us to sit, -there’s plenty room.

We sat and while the lads looked at the menus, I checked out the couple.  Both fairly well built, probably in their forties, she was definitely fuckable, curvy and thick, and – fuck me, wearing a really short, tight dress with fishnets, and buckled schoolie heels.  I was sitting on the same side of the table as her and I was able to watch her thighs wobbling when she shuffled her feet.  I looked up and nodded to the guy, -Having a good time in the Dam?  I asked
-Sure, yeah, he said, -wiping his lips, it’s a wonderful city.  What about you guys?
-Yeah, I love it here, I come for the marijuana, mostly, but it has many other charms, Cheech here, for example, I indicated Jamie, -he likes the weed too, but really wants to fuck a mature prostitute!

The guy guffawed at that, and Jamie grinned inanely.  I’m not sure what the woman’s look indicated…  indignation?  shock?  arousal?

-I’m Ewan, by the way.  I offered each of them my hand.
They both shook, friendly enough.  They were Jay and Dee.

We did a little small talk; they were Canadians touring Europe and had been to Edinburgh and London, and were heading to Berlin then Krakow, in Amsterdam for three days, this was the second. 

-I like your tattoos, Jay said to Ben, who had a sleeve of blood red roses on his left arm.  Ben took off his shirt to show him better, and I have to say, he was in great shape.  A gardener’s labourer, all that fresh air, hard work and sunshine had him tanned and ripped and the tattoo wound over his chest and down his back.  It was the first time I’d seen it all and it really was a work of art.  -Wow. 
-I’m gonna get the other arm done with snakes in a similar way and have them intermingling in the middle.
-Your artist knows what he is doing.  Jay admitted.

Dee remained silent, but I noticed her attention sprang up when Ben took his shirt off.  -Fuck sake Ben, said Jamie, -you never fail to rip that shirt off do you? 
-You’re just jealous, cos I don’t go to the gym and I’m in better shape than you.
-Like fuck you are.  Jamie took his shirt off, to reveal a toned figure, good definition all over, it was close, but I think Ben’s fit for work body, was better. 
-What do you think?  I asked Dee.
-Er, well, they’re both pretty good, I think…  she answered, not wanting drawn.
-But you have to pick one…  I insisted. -Pick one or I’ll show you my scrawny frame!  I threatened.
I don’t know if it was my accent, but suddenly she looked a bit frightened, I smiled, -I’m only k**ding, I patted her hand.
-He’s just messing with you, hon.  Said Jay. 
The lads continued to bicker for a while and I settled into Amsterdam chat with the couple, Jay was asking about the best coffee shops when Dee excused herself to go to the toilet.
-Listen buddy, he said suddenly, -do you guys want to fuck my wife?
-Sorry? I said, a little taken aback.
-I want to get her fucked, by all of you, if possible.
The lads were all ears by know.  -I’m up for that!  Grinned Jamie.  -Ben’ll do what I tell him.
-Will I fuck, prick.  Ben laughed, paused. -Yeah he’s right, I will. 
Jay looked at me, Uncle Fun Guy.  I shrugged.  -Sure, fuck it.  She’s a tasty piece, right enough, but she doesn’t seem that up for it. 
-She will be, trust me, you just have to make her.

If that’s the way it was, that’s the way it was, I hatched a rapid plan with Jay and we waited for Dee’s return.

By the time she came back, the excitement in camp was palpable, and we all watched her walking to the table, her long black hair, with purple streaks, her round pretty face, nice ample tits and belly, straining her dress and those thick legs, clad in fishnet, her slightly wobbly, intoxicated gait, and the swish as her thighs rubbed together, imagined, if not actually heard.  -What?  she asked, self conscious.
 -Nothing honey, soothed Jay, -you just look gorgeous, is all.  She smiled shyly at that.

We had finished our drinks and I ordered a round of large scotches for us all, to toast our venture.  Dee, out the loop, eyed hers suspiciously.  -I don’t drink whiskey, she said. -I’m already too drunk!
-We have a saying in Scotland…  take a drink!  I raised my glass.  The lads joined in.  ‘Take a drink!  Take a drink! Take a drink!’  we chanted and soon Jay was chanting as well, and the other customers were starting to look at us.
-Screw you.  said Dee, raising the glass and downing the lot.  A big cheer from us and a few ragged cheers from nearby tables ensued as Dee grinned and slammed the glass down.  We all followed suit and soon our cheeks were flushed with strong spirits and success.  -We’d best get our check.  Jay said.

When it arrived, Jay made a big show of having lost his wallet with his credit card and other means of payment, which took the edge off Dee, that’s for sure.  -Where have you lost it?  She hissed, -I don’t know, if I knew where I lost it then it wouldn’t be lost would it?  Could have been pickpocketed?

-Listen, guys, I stepped in, -It’s only a credit card and some cash…  you’re in Amsterdam, chill out.  Me and the boys’ll chip in to pay your bill and you can come back to our apartment for a drink, make some phone calls, figure out what to do next…

Of course Jay refused, ‘couldn’t possibly’, then ‘if you guys are sure’, then eventually assented, the bill was only a hundred euros anyway, he would pay us back.  -Don’t worry about it, I winked and patted his back.  Dee didn’t seem overly keen, but fell for our reassurances and tagged along. 

We got the tram up to Ten Katerstraat.  It’s about seven stops and was standing room only.  Jamie pushed himself in behind Dee and Ben turned to face her, fake stumbling into her as the tram cornered and Jamie reached up to steady her, accidently on purpose grabbing her tits.  She noticed that, but he let go immediately and apologised, and she gave him a nervous smile.  As the tram emptied, she took a seat, making her dress ride up her thighs and I guessed her fishnets must be pantyhose as there were no stocking tops visible. I was so close to getting my first view of her snatch when she noticed me staring and straightened herself, pulling her hem down.  Jay had clocked all this and was acting oblivious, chatting to me about his interest in the Second World War. 

At the tram stop, Dee got off first, followed by the boys then the two men.  She turned to speak to Jay, -I’m not sure about this, honey, why do we have to go to their apartment to sort this out?
-These guys are helping us out, Dee.  Jay explained, -Let’s just accept their hospitality, huh?

She looked like she was about to say something else, but Cheech and Chong grabbed and arm each and muscled her towards our place.  -This way ma’am…’  said Cheech, a doorman by profession.

It was up on the third floor and Jay and I had a great view as the lads manhandled a now struggling Dee up the stairs, they were grabbing her arse and groping her tits unashamedly now and she was squealing and trying to move away, and pleading with her husband to help her.  He was silent, grinning like a pervert.

We got into the flat, which was empty and I directed the group into my room, a nice double bedroom with two armchairs.  Jamie got in behind Dee and pinned her arms behind her back, Ben stood in front.  he pulled her dress down her arms and over her tits which, although big, were well shaped and pretty pert.  -Fucking let me go, you fucks!  Dee screamed.  -Shut it bitch, Ben hissed and slapped her face.  She tried to bite him but he just laughed, -Look at those sexy nipples he said, taking each one between finger and thumb and rolling, then twisting and pulling, -Dee groaned.  -Like that slut, eh?  Jamie whispered in her ear.  He used one arm to restrain her and pulled up her skirt.  It was as I had guessed, Pantyhose!!!  Fucking result.  No knickers either.  Jamie clocked that right away.  -Fucking whore forgot her pants this morning and he smacked her arse cheeks a couple of times each. 

-Get her on the bed lads.  I said, and I indicated to Jay that we should take a seat. 

After a small scuffle the lads had her on the bed, on all fours, ass in the air, Ben sitting on her head.  Her dress ripped down the front now and her tits and belly swinging freely.  He moans muffled into the duvet.  -Is she wet?  He asked Jamie, expectantly.

Jamie spread her arse cheeks and ran a finger down her netted crack.  -Fucking soaked.  He licked his finger.  -Wow, he said, -that is some mature cunt.
-Let me see, I said, getting up.

He was absolutely right.  Her big ass, beautifully round, and chunky thighs framed a smooth, bald, glistening gash, and her tights pulled across the cunt, sawing in as she wriggled.  I ran my own finger down and it was soft and wet.  I started to grope her twat quite roughly, smacking her vulva then grabbing, pushing a finger through in to her hole, tweaking her clit and she started to move rhythmically as I built up a tempo.  -The cunt it starting to love it!  I shouted, -Do you love it?  Eh, slut?  Fuck meat?  Eh?  I slapped her ass, slapped her pussy and started fingering her again, I had to rip a bigger hole to get three fingers through but soon was knuckle deep and probing her g-spot as her juices gushed out, I fell her cunt wall tense and widen and she started to cum so I pulled out and slapped her again.  -You’d better fuck her, I told Jamie.  -Ease up.  I told Ben and he got up off her head.  -Ohhhhh!  She moaned, sitting up, her hair all messed, make-up all over the bedclothes, tear-stained cheeks, -What are you doing to me, you shits?  Jay!!!

Jay, shrugged, smiled and took a hit from the pipe I gave him. 

Jamie, ripped those tights right off her arse, and took down his own shorts..  He had a good seven inch cock, uncut, with an angry pink head.  He grabbed Dee by the hips and entered her to the hilt in one thrust.  -Ohhh! Fuck. She screamed, -Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Ben grabbed her hair, his own boner poking out of the waistband of his shorts and pulled her head towards it.  -You want to pay for your meal, you dirty fuck, suck my cock!  Dee tried shaking her head at first, but Ben was pretty insistent and obediently, eventually she had his shorts down and was slurping over his tip.  -That’s what we are talking about!  I clapped my hands. 

The guys gave her a good ten minutes of this, slapping her ass, groping and grabbing at her tits and belly, Jamie, pistoning into her and Ben now jamming his member deep in her mouth.  All resistance gone, she was like a ragdoll, and when she orgasmed again, she lost all motor control and flopped onto the bed unmoving, spent,  even after that, the guys were unrelentless, pounding her at both ends until Jamie pulled out shooting a wad up over her back and into her ass crack, and Ben followed, spunking on her face. As she lay there, Bens load dribbling over her lips, I saw her tongue come out and she gave a little smile.

The boys needed a toke and it was time for me and Jay to take over.  We rolled her over onto her back and Jay stroked her face.  She opened her eyes.  -Shhh, honey it’s ok.  He said.

I pushed her legs apart and started to play with her cunt again, but it was her tight asshole I was after.  -Hold your knees up, show me that tight little hole!  I demanded.  With a bit of manouevering , we got her so her head was hyperextended, hanging off the edge of the bed and she was spreading and raising her own legs like a good slut.  Jay was cock-slapping her cummy face and she was trying to catch him in her mouth,  I ripped her tights some more, leaving tatters on her thighs and spread her cheeks.  Her cunt was still leaking and I spread the exuding slime over her anus, before inserting a finger,  when I looked up Jay had turned around and he had her rimming his asshole.  Nice move, I thought, I’ll get some of that later.  I had my own job to do, though and joined the first finger with a second.  It wasn’t the first time this bitch had taken a couple of fingers up the ass, she relaxed her rectum quickly and started to squeeze.   -Oh my god, She moaned into Jays ass, -Oh you’re so deep in my ass!!

I do have big hands, and I started to moved the two fingers around, forcing them as deep as I could.  She was slick and I couldn’t help wonder if she had already lubed….  The boys were raring to go again.  -I want to fuck her up the arse!  Claimed Jamie.  So what, I thought, don’t we all.  So I claimed seniority privileges. Back on all fours now, I spat on my cock as I positioned myself at her sphincter and eased the tip in.  Little by little I ended up balls deep in the dirty fuck.  Ben, wriggled underneath her and with some jockeying managed to get his big cock in her twat.  Big Ben fucking Dirty Dee, with me on top, up her dirtbox.  To be honest, I’m glad I wasn’t on the bottom, they’d have snapped my slim frame in two. Meanwhile Jamie had taken over skull fucking her while Jay played with her tits and jerked off. 

It wasn’t long before Dee was coming again and Jay tried to get his cock in her mouth with Jamie’s.  Dee was totally compliant and did her best to accommodate, getting both tips in, but had to settle with sucking them off alternately.  I started to cum and didn’t pull out, blasting it right up her arsehole and Ben must have felt it cos he laughed and shouted, ‘Go on, Uncle FunGuy!  I pulled out, jacking the last jizz from my softening cock onto her anus, but jay was right beside me, ready to go.  Ben was showing no signs of tiring, but slowed his pace to allow Jay to enter. 

-Good lad Ben, I said, -Always allow a man to sodomise his own wife.  I addressed Dee, mouthful of Jamies cock, him holding her nose, -Isn’t that right Dee?  You like being a three hole slut for your husband and his friends? 
Jamie let her go to answer, -You’re not his friends, she gasped.  We all laughed at that and I slapped her arse a couple of times…  in a friendly way. Ben started cumming, unloading into her cunt.   

I had a semi returning and I wanted her to clean my cock so I told Jamie to lie on the bed.  -You gonna let Jamie fuck her arse Jay?  I asked -It’s his boyhood dream. 

Jay smirked at that and pulled his cock out of his wife’s ravaged asshole.  -I think the man wants you to sit on it, honey.  He told her.  Dee looked at Jamie’s big cock, and shook her head resignedly.  -It’s been in my pussy and mouth, won’t do any harm.  Jamie grinned at that, laying back and jerking himself as Dee straddled him in reverse cowgirl, impaling her anus on his stiff rod.  This was good as it gave me finger access to her cunt again and I managed four fingers.  Dee then lay back onto Jamie as Jay said he wanted to cum on her belly.  He pushed his cock into her ragged clam first, DPing her, but within a few strokes pulled out and shot the most amazing load up her body, spurts after spurts hitting her belly, tits and even her face.  Man, I’ve never seen a wad like it.  -Fucking wow!  I said.

After that Jamie, flipped her over, and still up her arse, rattled her hard before pulling up and adding another contribution to the spunk-fest. 

One by one we had her lick her cunt and arse juices off our softening cocks, then we heard some of the other guys coming back.

-Ready for round two?  I asked

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