The relationship with this “facet” lady has lasted for at least a decade and continues although there have been periods of highs and lows, with the time the “attendance with this grandmother” was, and is still the most intense that lasts and that has happened to me; I do not mean only by sexual understanding, but by empathy that seems to be strengthened, I repeat, despite the periods of emptiness in which one does not even hear the phone. The lady, despite her venerable age of 83, shows 30 years of
less, and it is a phenomenon of nature as very aesthetically. Widow for years, she worked as a dental technician learning the trade; she grew up an only daughter and is a grandmother of very beautiful grandc***dren. Bassina, olive skin, a tonic physique with turned thighs and a seat that follows the shapes of a Callipigia Venus. Third measure of tits and a little belly, with a mahogany red carré cut, makes the idea of ??a girl even without using cosmetics (not even lipstick) and doing both in Winter and in Summer from 2 to 3 showers a day. Will this be the secret of his youth? Very quick in doing and talking, I met her in a medical center, where she went for an ECG; I was shocked, and my sixth sense, made it possible for me to get the phone number out of him, to agree, given that there was a very strong feeling and magnetism. I called her and asked me to go and see her on a Saturday afternoon for a sex session; she had clear ideas and wanted me, without making long waits and various frills, she knew what she wanted. To see it in the street appears inconspicuous, but it is from these that conceal surprises. Over time he confessed to me that many of his separated or widowed friends have a young lover, often married, who evidently have sex with these ladies, as they do not do with their wives; my theory would have been confirmed. She herself says that loving each other between lovers is giving everything for everything since life is not eternal. Rosalinda welcomed me with open arms with a passionate kiss in stockings and slippers; she sat on my legs while I caressed her thighs veiled by nylon; a big ass and tonic made her appetizing and sexual attraction even if at first she wore underwear that did not highlight it. In recent years having exhausted the previous relationship, I was able to deepen with her, explaining and rationalizing our relationship without hindering ourselves with jealousy due to the fact that it is married. She’s very smart, and I do not understand if the daughter knows about our relationship or not, she says no, but I have some doubts. over time he refined the underwear, always accompanied by shoes with heels, treated with nail polish, hair always from the hairdresser but without a trickle on the face. Now after the initial qualms in recent years when I can the video or some photos to see her alone, especially when wearing mini briefs, socks and heels and the inevitable bra. In the early days he made me the bidet with his hands and wiped my cock already in maximum erection. His mouth is warm and expert and his hands appreciate the jewel fucking vehemently. His mouth sucks as the tongue whirls the chapel with skill, often leading to violent orgasms that discharge so much sperm into her mouth, although she says she does not like it, she always acquits. Difficulty of dyspareunia in vaginal penetration, which is surpassing thanks to the relaxation and contraction of its strong pelvic muscles. Licking it cola and enjoying multi orgasm until you get to squirt with a whitish creamy, where I wash my face. At appointments you ‘get showered and intimate, and gives me the ass that now is our favorite channel, where she too stimulated if you try orgasms. It lives alone, in two houses available; one in a country in the province where if we organize we spend whole nights. Now it is open behind, and it was I who deflower it so much that it considers me a husband. The first time I cumed her in the ass, she was in the side infracoscio on the double bed where the fuck in the ass and fingers in her pussy made her scream and chill pleasure. He moves with a feline, and gives the idea of ??a prostitute of other times, in the way of moving and provoking. In skirts and heels one afternoon without getting me washed or anything, she bends over to 90 * with her hands on the edge of the bed with legs slightly apart; I raise her skirt and shift the slippin, with the tongue moisten the hole in the anal, then untie and aim the hard chapel, making sure that herself with slow movements of the pelvis, impaled by making their way into the anal hole. In the lunges screams of pain / pleasure and once widen her ass, the dick even in bed after the first, with her on the side, me behind the plunger that the little hole that now burns them, but with pleasure, without effort to find the street.

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