Secretly spellbound

Secretly spellbound
* based on a true story
I am Jessica30 yr old female

The evening storm on the window from outside crashed dow on the old Victorian house. I was ready to enjoy a quiet evening in my new home. Strange things were occurring.. doors opened.. things moving.. water suddenly on. I knew toy home was said to be haunted,.. why it was charming.. but today is rediculous. I took a deep breath and jumped in the shower.
after a nice hot shower, my wet breasts firm on my robe.nipple shone in the sun and I got ready door bed.
I felt someone watching me. And heard a sinister moan. Turning, it was the wind..I told myself. Jumping into bed.

Suddenly, I felt pressure on my legs..and felt my breasts squeezed . my wet Nipple was being bitten and kissed.
I ached., and moaned. As the pressure between my thighs increased. Something bit my nipple.. squeezing it tight. And pecking my vagina. Rubbing between my legs.. massaging me slowly.
Biting my vagina with soft kisses.,’ ahhh…” I heard .as my vagina was tugged. And my wet nipple licked.
kissed and squeezed softly….’ your beautiful…’ I heard .
Laying back arched into this ghost, rubbing my thighs. Teeth biting my vagina..suckling me softly.slowly..
rubbing me between my legs,
Pecking my legs and massaging my vagina..biting my nipple softly.’ Beautiful..’ I heard.
As the massage between my legs grew deep. Dark. Devilish..
‘kitten..’.ghost kisses were . licking between my thighs…
dove between my legs rubbing my vagina slowly, suckling it hard. Deep.’ Ahhh.’ I heard.’ Lovely..” ad my vagina was stroked, and rubbed.

My nipple rose and I felt hands squeezed softly around my nipple. Tugging my vagina.and kissing my nipple gently. Biting it gently.squeezing my nipple softly.tugging…
what was this..? I thought.
The rubbing between my legs increased. The ghost now Massaging me between my thighs.
The rain from outside pouring down.
a wave of fire entered me . Fucking me in a fever..and orgasm showered deep between my legs.
Kissing my vagina pulling my curls. Suckling…suckling..suckling..
stroking me between my thighs..kissing my vagina gently. With intent.

’ I want u..’ i heard. Stroking between my thighs…deeply.
hugging me tight and grazing my breasts with kisses.
her hands softly caressing my wet breasts. Kissing..biting gently.
squeezing my vagina. Tugging.
pulling my vagina slowly sliding herself gently inside me.
Stroking me softly… kissing my nipple. Pecking it gently.
sliding again against me. ‘ ahh. Intoxicating.’
as the fuck grew intense and fierce oral sex developed.

hugging me tight,.caressing my nipple and vagina, massaging my vagina softly
‘ I want u..’ rubbing my vagina slowly..
her hands squeezing softly on my breast..kissing my nipple,
pinching my bottom and rubbing between my thighs as she gently stroked my curls,grazing my nipple with her soft kiss and entering me in waves.
plunging…deeper and deeper inside me.
I melted to her hot kiss her nipple grazing mine, hands tugging on my curls…

rubbing’ahhh..perfection..’ she whispered. Fucking Me slow twice more.
twisting her lips higher and higher up my vagina. Circling around inside my wall. Turning…
turning.. ‘ahh..’ she whispered softly kibitzing my vagina and orgasming deep inside me. ‘ delicious..’ She whispered, biting my nipple ,rubbing my vagina.
suckling suckling
suckling hard on my vagina.
Massaging me between my legs ‘
spread’ as I opened, and she fucked me hard . For hours. Ahhh…..
suckling,suckling,suckling., my vagina slow.
her lips were soft,hot on me.
her hands grazed down my nipple to my vagina tugging.twirling.
pulling my nippleher mouth swallow my nipple . Kissing it. Pulling and turning..twisting it hard. I ciried. As she circled my nipple and vagina with hot kisses.
deep between my legs. Rubbing between my legs. Grazing my nipple gently.pecking it soft.
stroking my vagina gently, my robe lifted, and hands squeezed my nipples tight.

Her mouth grazed my nipple and vagina.’ Mm soft..’ tracing my nipple and vagina with her fingers.
suckling me soy between my legs..

* pull
* twist

her hand now between my legs tugging.
sucking growing fierce and hot.around my vagina.
peck..licking my vagina ,s wet curls

her hand now between my legs tugging.turning.. suckling.. suckling..suckling my vagina
tugging.. massaging deeper my vagina. ( kissing me as we had oral sex)
grinding herself hard around my thigh, she tugged into my vagina.thrusting herself hard inside me.
‘ I love how soft u are.. ‘ pulling me on my vagina and thrusting deeper into me.
’ Mmmnmm’ Angel..
suckling me on my vaginaNipping my nipple with love.

Squeezing my nipple.

suckling between my legs..rubbing my vagina.slowly.
’ Beautiful.’ She whispered.
her orgasm going deeper boiling between my legs as she thrust herself deeper deeper inside y. Suckling my vagina hard.
4 hours we fucked.
Hot sinfil fierce Oral sex 4 hours.
Biting me on my vagina softly,’ Hush…’ she whispered.. kissing my vagina. And fucking Me slowly.. twisting herself higher and higher up my wall. Deeply massaging my vagina with hot sinfil kisses.
Suckling my vagina with intensity. Lunging slowly into me.’ Your intoxecating.’ She whispered.fucking me gently.
hugging me tight. Caressing my breasts and biting my nipple.
Nibbling my vagina with hot wet kisses….
rubbing my vagina deeply…
* squeezing
* angel…she whispered.
Fucking me hard again and again.

suckling growing deeper on my vagina. Grazing my nipple and tugging.twisting herself high deep up my wall. She deepthroated me hard.

kissing me between the legs and massaging my vagina.
‘ spread’ as I opened .she gazed between my legs,rubbing gently stroking my vagina.
pulling my breast and licking my nipple.suckling my vagina deep and long.
kissing it tenderly
Massaging me between my legs gently..
hugging her gently,
turning kissing her , giving heroral sex. Twice. Twisting up hervwall with my toungue..kissing her vagina..
in and out
in circles

high around her vagina . I Twisted up her wall slowly with wet kisses softly biting her vagina. Sliding my tongue higher higher in her.turning.
up and down
in circles
downstream my kisses slid. Sliding my tongue deeper deeper inside her vagina. Twisting..
biting her vagina with soft pecks pulling her vagina softly rubbing her nipple tugging at her vagina as I arched gently stroking her vagina and kissing her. Nipple.
my toungue entering her twirling around in her vagina … kissing her vagina slowly.
she gave me a rimjob deepthroated me.
The Oral sex grew fierce as she grazed my nipple with her fingers..
kissing my nipple. ‘ good girl..’ as I massaged between her legs.

rubbing slowly down her legs biting her vagina with pecks and nibbles. She came hard.
I nuzzled her curls with kisses.licking her curls gently.
rubbing her breasts pecking her vagina.
she pulled my vagina and lunged deep into me.kissing her nipple…with
hot breaths on her nipple circled her breasts and vagina curls.

Rubbing slow low between my legs, she suckled giving me a dark rimjob as the oral sex became devilish.and she devoured my vagina growling.

gliding between my legs
she fucked me in a heated fury. Slow and dark.
kissing me between my legs..rubbing slowly sliding herself gently into me.stroking my vagina softly. Kissing my vagina.’ Kitten..’ She moaned , licking my breasts .

fucking Me slowly.
giving me oral sex deepthroating me hard.the suckling went deeper..deeper..deeper..longer.
My legs pulsates with her orgasm. Her lips planted on my vagina suckling me soft and deep.
She came between my legs hard.

She was tracing my nipple with kisses..stroking y vagina softly. Licking my vagina slowly. And sliding slowly into me she fucked me hard.
Suckling me deep between my legs.
’ I love how soft u are’ .. she whispered squeezing my nipple softly biting it. Tugging my vagina and kissing it.
rubbing me between my legs.deepthroating mr twice.
Grazing her body beteeen my bottom. Rubbing my soft bottom, stroking my nipple gently.hugging me, she slid gently u so me. Again. Stroking me between my thy. Biting my vagina with her teeth softly. Pulling my nipple as she gently stroked my curls rubbing me between my legs. ‘Open.’ She instructed.
As I opened and she smiled, softly, rubbing my vagina. Kissing me soft between my vagina. Gliding herself into me. Fucking me hard. Deep. Slow.
Hot boiling hands enveloped my vagina and breast. Hot kisses dove on my vagina.
‘ Intoxecating…’ she moaned fucking me in a fury.melting her hands on my nipple, squeezing.

biting my vagina.pecking ….

we fucked hard in a fire like fury.

kissing the tip of me nipple. Rubbing me between my legs softly.
licking my vagina,my breasts. Kissing my breass. Ahhh.. tasting my nipple.
Rubbing my vagina pecking it softly.
’ Soft…’
she whispered.kissing my vagina.

i stroked her between her legs, my finger stroking her vagina slowly squeezed her vagina.and suckled her on her vagina. Traci. Her wall with my finger.licking her high up her vagina wall.
Tugging her nipple.deepthroating her twice.twisying…’ good girl. She whispered.
’ Fuck me.’ She commanded. I obeyed.

As we melted into another hot devilish oral sex session that lasted hours.i tingled between my legs to her touch.
Her orgasm now in waves between my legs.
groeling she suckled my vagina deep.
up and down
in and out
in circles
sliding her toungue higher and higher up my vagina wall twisting.twirling…
‘ I loveyour soft touch kitten..’ she whispered.kissing my nipple and licking my vagina.
squeezing my nipple, tracing my curls.. rubbing me between my thighs,
she suckled my vagina hard
she deepthroated and we had hot oral sex .for hours…

turning to69
suckling my vagina deep.hard.
’ Suck harder.’she comanded
I obeyed.
Giving her a rimjob. Bobing up and down on her vagina.
’ Good girl.’
as I lay back and she kissed my vagina wall deep. Suckling mr hard on my vagina.
rubbing .. rubbing…
between my thighs. Kissing me on my vagina. Squeezing my nipple.tugging…
pinning me, she fucked me hard ‘ edge of the bed’
’ pirate bounty’

* I opened my eyes to see it was aunt kiim.
My mouth opened and wet kisses beautiful legs twisted around me and we had oral sex again. I came i. Her mouth.
Laying beside me,stroking my nipple gently,sliding into me softly.. rubbing my vagina. Kissing my curls. I nibbled her vagina with light kisses and blew hot breaths on her nipple squeezing her nipples sloias she slide herself into me. And we lay sleeping intertwined and melted in each other. I Slept on her breast as she growled gently.

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