sex with neighbor


sex with neighbor
As it is my first story i wish you all will like it.
I am studying right now and live at rent home. Where I live, in front of me a family lives, a small family , a husband, a wife and their small daughter.
First of all i had no intense to get introduced but after some time, i started taking insterest on my neighborhood lady. I know i cant describe her figure in words, cause if i go to find the words, i cant describe. In short, she was the queen of beautiful girls. Her age was about to mid thirties. But, her figure didn’t show that. She was still looking like a girl. Her figure was may be 34-36-32. I didn’t notice it exactly.
I still remember that day of monsoon, when it was raining heavily. Due to rain people had stopped to go outside. I was also at my home, doing nothing, just peeping outside from the window. Suddenly, I saw that lady outside of her home and wetting. May she had lost her keys. Her wet clothes were showing me her exactly figure. Her boobs could be seen perfectly as her white top was wetted. She was trying to hide her assests but the effort was not enough.
Then, I got a idea to coax her suddenly, i woke up from my bed which was near by window from where I was staring her. I slipped my feet into slippers and opened the door and welcomed her. First, she denied but I insisted her and from another side the rain was becoming heavier than heavier. She had no other option.
She came to my room. There were all things messed up When she came into the room. I tried to hide that mess but i was not good with that. “I am okay” she said. As there was no lady in my room i had no clothes for her to offer. So i took my night dress from wardrobe and handed her. She refused but i insisted again and she could not hesitate. She took those clothes and went to bathroom for changing. I had no wish to peep inside, but i dont know from where devil appeared into my mind and controlled my thoughts. I slowly-slowly took steps towards my bathroom. There was a small hole in my bathroom’s door from where i could see her. She was completely naked. Her back side was in front of me, i could see her ass. It was very beautiful. I wanted to press those buttocks hardly. But i had to control myself. I continued seeing her. She took the towel and stsrted wiping off her wet hairs. It took 10 or so more minutes to wipe her all body off. Meanwhile; my dick was become very hard and long, like a hammer, ready to dig anything. I wanted her pussy. I was seeing her from thd hole and from outside my hand was in my pent. I was mastubating. I jerked off my sperm into my pent and then tried to wipe it off as if nothing had happened but i failed. So, i took off my pent and opened the wardrobe to take an another pent.
Meanwhile; she came out from the barhroom and saw me naked from downside. My mennhood was in front of her eyes. Her mouth fell wide open. I tried to hide my dick, using my both hands but, it was late, she had seen me. After that she turned back and i wore my pent. ‘sorry’ she said. ‘its okay. It happens.’ i replied. Then we came hall again. I opened tv and started switching the channels. The rain was so heavy that the cable was loosing frequency every two or three minutes. Then we got bored and switched it off. She asked my phone to make a call to her husband, because she had no battery in her phone. I handed her my phone. She dialled her husband number but due to bed weather phone could not be connected. She tried many times but, result was same everytime. Finally, she got tired and stopped calling.
Its had been raining since morning and still it was raining. There were no chances to predict about when the rain would stop. The time was about to 7 in the evening. I asked her for some food. She denied. ‘be comfortable. Feel it like your own home.’ with saying that i tried to make her feel better. I cooked some food for both of us and served it on the dining table.
When we were having our dinner her phone rang which was connected to the charger. She stood up and took the call. It was from her husband. He informed her that due to heavy rain he was unable to come home by night. She was very anxious. I told her to stay here , with me, my home and consoled her. As she had no other option she surrendered.
After having, our food we started talking about ourselves and in the talking she asked me about my study, my friends, and about my girlfriends too. I had no girlfriend i informed her, on that she told, ‘ you are very kind and nice looking person then why still you haven’t had any girlfriend?” I remained silent. I had no answers of her questions. Meanwhile; rain became more stronger and then clouds started roaring like never before and within very next moment, electricity gone. Now there was completely darkness in my room. She had a fear of it and cause to fear she hugged me and hide herself in my chest. I was amazed, completely astonished, i had no idea what to do next….

Do you want to know what did i do then?
Be in touch with me,
The story will be continued

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