Sharon wanted to wait BUT

Alessandra Jane

Sharon wanted to wait BUTSharon was 15 and was my girl friend for the last few months but didn’t want any sex not even touching as her parents had put fear into her.She was the hotest looking girl around. Great body, gorgeous face, long blonde hair and nice round tits.I tried everything I could think of to let me touch her but a kiss on the lips was the limit. I was so horny for her, one day we were walking along a track when I pulled down my pants and showed her my cock and pleaded for her to touch it but she turned away and told me to pull my pants up.I needed some sex bad and luck came my way. My mate told me the local lower school fete was on and went till about 8pm that night so after dinner I met up with him and walked down to the school.Most of the crowd had gone and some stalls were packing up, suddenly out of the blue I noticed a girl from my class with a girlfriend. She was average looking but nice body and knew that she had had sex with a few guys so decided to go over and chat her up.My friend soon started a conversation with her friend and they wandered off. We chatted mainly about school marsbahis güvenilirmi then she said ” you don’t take any notice of me in the clasroom” I told her that I had a girlfriend from another school but things weren’t going well as she wouldn’t have sex with me.Glenda then said “well you are with the wrong girl I would let you fuck me”.That was the best offer I had had in months. We chatted, kissed and touched until the last people left the school then we went and found a nice grassy patch and sat down. We kissed again and I slipped my hand into her blouse and rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipples. I then slid my hand under her skirt, up to the top of her pants, pulled then down a little and pushed my hand in and rubbing her clit with my finger until she was wet.Glenda then reached down and pulled her pants right off so I moved between her legs and started licking her. Her breathing became heavy and she was thrusting herself to my mouth. My tougue working feverously on her clit as my finger slid deep inside her. I only took minutes for my finger to become soaked in marsbahis yeni giriş her warm sticky cum.I stopped and pulled my finger out and she said no one had ever made her cum like that before so I asked her had she ever sucked a guys cock. She said no so I pulled my pants off and told her she was going to learn. I knelt in front of her and took her hand and clasped it around my hard cock helped her stroke it. Then I laid down on my back and told her to keep stroking it while she licked the tip of it, which she did. I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her down taking more of my cock in her mouth. She seemed to be enjoying it and offered no resistance to my fucking her mouth. I needed this so much it had been ages since I had my cock sucked and my balls were aching to explode.I was now thrusting my hips faster my cum shot deep in thr throat making he gag a little and withdraw it and let my love juice pour out of her mouth and over my cock and balls.The next few squirts covered her face and neck.After she recovered we both just laughed and I grabbed a hankerchief marsbahis giriş out of my pocket and wiped it off her. She just couldn’t believe that it squirted out like that as she had never seen a guy cum only do it inside her.I asked her to stroke it to get it hard again while I fingered her wet tight love hole, slowly pushing two fingers deep inside her wiggling then to relax her muscles.When I was hard again I move over on top of her and told her to guide my cock so she could feel it dissappear into her. She felt so good, it had been too long since the last fuck, her tight young pussy wrapped around my hard cock as I stroked it in and out. She was moaning with pleasure and moving her hips to meet my thrusts. Her body tensed, then shuddered as her first orgasm came, her kisses became frantic with her tongue slipping in and out of my mouth, moaning as her cum juices flowed.Her muscles relaxed and my cock was sliding deep inside her cunt, our groins slamming together with every thrust.All she could say was “fuck me harder babe, fuck me harder” which I did but soon my balls tigtened up and squirted another load this time deep into her cunt.I withdrew my cock slowly and moved off her. I held her in my arms and told her that she was a great fuck. She then told me it was her best ever and wanted to do it with me whenever I wanted it. I haven’t forgotten SharonPART 2 COMING SOON

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