Sukky Foxxe – forced to cum, over and over again


Sukky Foxxe – forced to cum, over and over againHalloween.Sukky arrived back in Amsterdam on schedule. She had been right, Joe was not impressed that she was working into, and over Christmas. He would have been even less happy if he had known the true reason why, The Company wanted to wine and dine fellow businessmen, and they wanted Sukky to entertain them, with her company, or to put on a show for them. They wanted her to fuck them. Sukky was contracted . She’d been eager to sign that contract, and despite missing out on Christmas at home, was still eager, willing and happy to do the Companies bidding.Halloween arrived. Sukky was driven into town. A tall sixteenth century Dutch town house was the destination. It was freezing cold outside, and she was glad when she was shown inside, and taken to the second floor. This was where she was to get ready. A case was on the bed, it had her name on it, written in Claire’s hand. Thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching corset. The corset had no cups. There were no knickers, not even the briefest of thongs. Two wrist cuffs, with metal clips, like those on a dog lead, a strong dogs lead, with them were two more, which were for her ankles, also with fitted with clips. The leather was thick, with secure double buckles this completed the outfit. Sukky dressed in the outfit, placing her own clothes into the case. Sukky buckled the leather straps into place, and was ready, for what she was still to learn. She descended the stairs, and went to work. The house was in fact two houses, back to back, knocked through into one. It was very large by Amsterdam standards. The main dining room had been cleared for the guests. They were dressed for the occasion, in all sorts of fancy dress costumes. All were masked. Sukky circled the room, sipping the champagne she had been given. A tall man walked towards her, smiled, bent his head and bit her nipple, before running his hand between her legs. He smiled again and was gone. Sukky saw a couple in the corner of the room, she was sucking his cock. In another corner a woman fingered another woman. A gong sounded, and the people moved back from the centre of the room, leaving a space in which she found herself. A love seat, like the strap swing in the dungeon owned by Gary and Helen, was lowered. Sukky knew it was for her. She climbed into it, without being asked. The catches on her cuffs were clipped into place. A leg stretcher was placed, so her legs were held firmly, but wide apart. Very wide. Sukky knew was to be the plaything of the party. The music re started the seat swung gently back and forth. Sukky’s head was at waist height, her arse slightly in the air. She made herself comfortable, as best she could. Sukky felt herself becoming excited, a tightening feeling, and knew her cunt was moist. A couple, man and woman came over to her. He was dressed the same as the woman, including make up, and a bra, with see through knickers, and stockings and suspenders. Sukky almost giggled as she remembered the old Monty Python song. Without saying a word, the woman got her companions cock out from his costume. She rubbed it, until it was hard. She then put it in Sukky’s mouth, and whilst Sukky sucked, and licked it, so she rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, vigorously. The man came with a groan, after only a few minutes. Sukky swallowed. Then they moved off, still not having spoken, either to her, or to each other. Two women were next. They walked hand in hand. Company executives perhaps, middle aged. They stood by her ankles, and openly discussed her cunt. Then they parted her labia, and pulled the inner lips, so they protruded a little more than usual. Sukky felt something hard enter her. One on the ladies was pushing the handle of her whip into Sukky‘s pussy. It had a long handle, a very long handle, which was ribbed, and grooved. Sukky raised her hips to allow her better access, and a little more was pushed into her. Just when Sukky thought she couldn’t take another inch, it was suddenly pulled out. All of it, straight out, very quickly. Sukky gasped out loud. They both licked the handle dry. They walked away. At no time had either of them said a single word to Sukky. But then she was just one of the toys, to be used as such. Probed, prodded, licked. To have her mouth used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. Sukky was the property of The Company. And she loved it. Sukky was in the “swing” for just under an hour, during which time she gave ten blow jobs. Had her cunt played with, her clit licked, her arse was fingered, so many times that she lost count. But no one fucked her. No one made her come. The tightness in her stomach remained. Sukky could almost scream with pent up frustration, but didn’t. It didn’t matter whether she came or not, nor if she enjoyed being used. The Company paid her, and the Company expected her to fuck to its bidding. Coming was a bonus. Enjoyment was a bonus. But if she didn’t come, she did enjoy herself. Sukky liked being used, like being played with, and fucked. Being under the company’s control made it all the more exciting. She had no say in what people did to her, who fucked her, or how, or when. Perversely, she liked that too.Sukky was un clipped from the “swing seat.” she looked up to see who it was. She was delighted, it was Ophelia. Sukky started to say something to her, but she said“Time for catching up later, my love, now listen, I’ll tell you what’s going on.”They had entered another large room. It looked to Sukky as if it was a casino, but there were no roulette wheels, no games of cards. At each table was a girl, dressed, or undressed really, exactly like her, even down to the leather straps on wrists, and ankles. Ophelia was dressed in the same way, like some kind of uniform. Sukky could see the room was full, perhaps one hundred and fifty people were in the room,. As she looked about, she saw there were many “gaming” tables. None were taking odds on red or green. At each was some form of sexual game being played out. At the far end of the room, away from where she had entered, was a stage in the centre of the stage was a St Andrew’s Cross, which stood empty, two large blank screens hung either side on the wall. She saw the two middle aged women, the ones with the long whip handle watch at one of the tables. Sukky saw for the first time a row of gyno chairs, all empty against a wall. At the stirrup end of each was a guy, chained by his cock, the chain passing through a Prince Albert piercing. On there knees they waited. At one of the tables was a screaming girl, Sukky saw her on a table, to the left of the stage. She didn’t look a day over f******n, The Company catered for all tastes, she was just another one. She was dressed as Sukky was, and strapped to an adapted bench. She was on her back, her back and upper body slightly raised. Her legs were pulled wide apart, and held by ropes, onto which her ankle straps were clipped. Between her legs a large lever, worked by an electric workman’s tool, which itself was clamped onto the table. On the end of the lever was large dildo, one of those twelve inch plus ones. The dildo was pumped into her cunt, in a series of rapid thrusts, followed by several slower ones. Sukky saw the slow thrusts were becoming less and less, the rapid ones more and more. A woman, in a long sparkly evening dress, like that of a croupier was keeping the dildo shaft lubricated. She begged to be released, her cries went un answered, and the dildo pumped ever on. Sukky wondered what the bet was that concerned the screamer. How long could she endure the machine fuck seemed the most likely, not till she begged them to stop, no she was begging now, no it would be until she passed out. The St Andrews Cross loomed across the room. “Time for a quick drink, then its your staring turn darling.” Ophelia said.“My staring…” Sukky started to say, but knew she meant the St Andrews Cross.Sukky drank her mineral water. The “croupier” at the screamers table, was paying out the winnings, the girl it seemed could take no more, and had at last passed out. Another would be brought to take her place.“So what are the bets for on the Cross.” Sukky asked her.“You’ll like this, first, how long your clit can be made to stretch, using the vacuum cap, you like that I seem to remember. Next how long it takes for your first orgasm. Then how many orgasms you have, then there is how long before you piss yourself. And last but by no means least, how long before you beg me to stop, or if not before you pass out.” She recited the list.“You have to be fucking joking me.” Sukky said.“No joke, that’s the betting options. And its being filmed, for use in some future movie. The screen you see, that’s so the audience can get a real close look, from any part of the room.”“But how do they know when and if I come?” Sukky asked.“That’s the clever bit. You are going to be wired up, with some electric sensor, nice eh!”What had she said to herself in this very house. “I was just one of the toys, to be used as such. Probed, prodded, licked. To have my mouth used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. I was the property of The Company. And I loved it.” Sukky hoped she did.The stage lights came on. The television screens burst into life, showing an empty Cross. A croupier appeared, and not just any croupier, it was Claire. “Last bets please.” Claire called.She looked good, standing there on the stage, all glammed up, her hair and make up immaculate. asyabahis yeni giriş She was wearing, just like all the other croupiers, a long backless, sleeveless dress. Hers was red, others were silver, or blue, that sparkly material, made from sequins, which seem to catch all the lights, and reflect them back ten fold. The neckline, there was no neck line, the dress plunged to below her waist, her breast full, barely being held in place. A long split up the front of the dress, ended just where the plunging neckline ended. She wore a pair of contrasting knickers, sequined, and sparkling, but in black. Red heels, and she looked fantastic.Then Sukky was being propelled by Ophelia onto the stage. All eyes were on her. Claire smiled at her, as Sukky was introduced by her to the crowd. Then she asked Sukky to turn and put her back to the audience, Claire bent her forward. The electronic sensor was inserted fully, by Claire into Sukky’s anus, a wire hung loosely from it. The TV screens showed it all, ten feet high. Sukky was then strapped to the St Andrews Cross, the clips on the leather straps clipping her into place, so she was unable to move, either her hands or feet. The sensor hanging wire would transmit to equipment, which would record her orgasms. Any fear she might have felt was gone, as Sukky knew it would. She was excited, as much by the forthcoming “torture”, as by the fact it was being watched live by so many people.Claire announced “No more bets, please.”Ophelia began the business which she was so good at. First to get Sukky “in the mood” she worked a vibrating wand over Sukky’s cunt. It felt good. Sukky clenched her bum, and that was converted into a series of scales into numbers, low numbers, later, everyone hoped the numbers would be in the high eighties, which would indicate Sukky was coming. There could be no cheat, the involuntary spasms’ in her bum would be picked up by the sensor, which Claire had pushed in, and now awaited some action to transmit. Ophelia having warmed Sukky up, considerably, rubbed her clit with her fingers, then when she had excited Sukky’s little button of joy, she placed the vacuum cap over it. The vacuum caught immediately, and her clit entered the vacuum. Claire looked at the time keepers clock, which like the spasm sensor, was digitally displayed on the wall behind Sukky’s back. Sukky felt herself coming for what was likely to be the first of many. Then the wave of pleasure washed over her. The sensor picked up her pleasure, and transmitted it to the screen. A loud shout from the audience indicate someone had just had a win. Her clit was by now getting longer, as it continued to expand into the vacuum. On it went. When Ophelia had done this to Sukky before, she had though it impossible that it should get go big. It got bigger even than Sukky imagined it could. Sukky screamed with pleasure, and pain. It was starting to hurt, but was still incredible sensitive. She screamed again, and Ophelia whispered in her ear,“Just a little more honey, we are nearly there, trust me.”It seemed an eternity, before the vacuum was pump was stopped. Her clit would remain in this vacuum until she was untied. The sensations continued running through her body, as her clit throbbed. Claire, bent down to measure how long her clit had grown. As she touched her clit Sukky groaned, and came again. The crowd cheered, which only seemed to make Claire glow with pride. She announced the length of the clit. Another cheer from a different part of the room, as somebody else made a winning. Sukky ached for the vacuum to be taken off, but knew it wouldn’t be. She was the property of The Company, to be used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. And she loved it. Tonight she was just one of the toys.Ophelia was back at her clit. She attached a small vibrating bullet to the vacuum cap. It was purpose built, and fitted perfectly, into an indent in the cap. It was controlled by remote control. She stepped back, and stood beside Claire, a foot or so way. She moved the dial, and the bullet began to vibrate. Sukky came immediately, and then twice more in quick succession. She gasped with the intensity of the feeling. The crowd watched, as the digital read out told them what was happening within her body. No cheating was possible here, no faking it, as she did for the camera on occasions. Each orgasm was for real, and they knew it. The dial was turned higher, Sukky tried to arch her back, but couldn’t move, She tried to twist, but couldn’t move. “Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes.” Sukky screamed at the top of her voice. Only the people in the room could hear the cries, the house was soundproofed. The buzzing increased.“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Sukky shouted.The audience too shouted “Fuck her, fuck her.”Ophelia, obliged. She brought out a dildo, which she then attached to an electric ram. Sukky was to be machine fucked, like the screaming girl. Lubricated, it was pushed into her cunt. A new ordeal was to be added to the buzzing bullet, and her agonisingly aching clit. It started slowly, with short, slow strokes, but even as she adjusted to it, felt the speed building up. Deeper it went, faster and faster, Sukky came again and again, even she had no idea how many time she had come. The digital read out changed again and again, keeping “score.” Sukky screamed for them to stop, but didn’t want it to end. It didn’t. Ophelia turned the buzzing bullet onto its highest setting. Sukky thought she would die. Then suddenly Ophelia stopped both the bullet, and the machine fuck. Sukky was euphoric, she had not had to beg them to stop. No one shouted out that they had won. It wasn’t over, there was more to come, much more Sukky realised. That thought, just the thought made her come again. The read out turned over again. The dildo was removed. As was the bullet. In its place, again made especially for the purpose, an electrode was attached to the vacuum cap. “Here we go, love.” Sukky heard Ophelia say, as she turned the current on.Claire watched fascinated. The audience was spell bound.The current was turned up. Sukky came again, but was past being able to count them, Sukky existed on a high of sexual pleasure, as wave after wave rushed through her, from that little button of nerves, her clit. Sukky’s entire body felt so sensitive, Claire touched her face, it was soaked with sweat, and smiled at her. Just that light brush on her cheek was enough, the read out recorded another orgasm. The current was turned up, one more notch, and Sukky pissed herself, as the current surged through her clitoris. The crowd cheered loud enough to lift the roof. Some where in the room, some one had won on the outcome of when she would piss herself. Sukky was beyond caring. she was in a world of mainly pleasure, but pain as well. Her clitoris hurt, as if she had been kicked there. Her cunt just ached. Her nipples, cut them off please, they were excruciatingly painful. The “come” counter kept ticking away. Each time it recorded yet another orgasm the crowd counted the number off out load. Only one bet remained outstanding. The length of time Sukky could last, without begging for it to end. For this she would use the safety word, agreed with Ophelia before hand. That or pass out. Then the crowd did the unbelievable. They chanted as one for it to end. They wanted it stopped before Sukky was forced to beg. They were only just in time. Ophelia switched the current off. Then she released the vacuum. She removed the cap from Sukky’s clit, and as she did so, she tenderly bent and kissed her, on her most tender of spots. Claire, stood speechless. Then she too bent down, and took Sukky’s elongated clit into her mouth, and gently ran her lips around it. Sukky came again. Not for the first time that night Claire had made her come. The crowd roared with delight. Sukky was helped from the stage, carried really, to great applause. She was totally exhausted, drenched in sweat. Sukky was just one of the toys. And loved it.Sukky recovered swiftly, after only half an hour, she was able to walk unaided onto the stage to great applause. she sat back in a gyno chair, which had been provided, the camera zoomed in on her clitoris. It was still elongated, but had started to shrink. Over the coming days it should go back to its normal size. Ophelia bent and licked it, pleasure surged through Sukky again, a little orgasm, just a small one. The read out clicked over again, she was still wired. Claire at the crowds insistence knelt and licked Sukky’s clit, oh so gently, and with great tenderness. The counter for the last time that night, clicked slowly, one last time. And then, it remained. Still. Party SeasonSukky had the 1st November off. Ophelia lay next to her in their bed, just watching her as she slept. She could watch her all day, she looked so peaceful, and so lovely. Later as Sukky relaxed in a warm bath with her, Ophelia told her all the news, and Sukky told her hers.“You’re spending Christmas with the Chairman.” Ophelia said, totally amazed. “Fucking hell girl.” They had a few scenes together over the next two busy weeks, then it was party time for Ophelia. She was then joining Sukky in Thailand, for the shoot. A late extra Christmas present for Joe, well maybe. Until then they soaked together in the bath. The fortnight was hectic, just as Claire had said it would be. At its end, Sukky had chalked up another two videos. On her first free Monday, Sukky checked in with Claire. She hadn’t really asyabahis giriş spoken to her since Halloween. She had sent memos, but Sukky’s days had been full, scene after scene. The car Claire had arranged collected Sukky from the flat, and took her home at the end of each day. Even Sukky couldn’t but help, be where she was supposed to be, and on time. Claire looked embarrassed when Sukky walked into her office. In truth Claire had been avoiding her, avoiding this moment.“Why the embarrassed look.” Sukky asked.She looked away, unable to look Sukky in the eye. It took a few moments for the penny to drop. “Your embarrassed, because you kissed me on my cunt, and made me come, that’s it, isn’t it.” Sukky said louder than she should have.Claire looked at her, her eyes watery, a tear ran down her cheek. “I don’t know what came over me.” Claire gushed. “I am so sorry, I don’t know what to say, now you’ll want another assistant, I know you will.”“Now just you hold on there. One I don’t want another assistant, I have the best in the firm, that’s you. Two the fact that at a “party” organised by, and for The Company, you kissing me, is no reason for you to apologise, to me, or anyone else. Anyway, you’re a lovely kisser.”“You really didn’t mind, I just couldn’t help myself.” Claire said.“I really didn’t mind, really.” Sukky said, and meant it. “Right I’ve got five more parties before Christmas, when are they, I know you, know, and….”Sukky stopped in mid sentence. Something was up, Claire was just trying to find a way of telling her. “You did have five parties, now you have five more.” She said. Then went on “We had twenty five extra requests after your performance at the Halloween party, now everybody wants you at their party, doing that same show. Not the betting side, just the show.”“Was I that good.” Sukky asked. Sukky knew it had been a knock out. Just her bonus for it, was incredible, some from the audience, and the rest from the company. Apparently there had been lots of very important clients there. Sukky had heard the two middle aged ladies, were sisters, eccentric billionaires, who had following her performance invested very heavily in The Company. The Chairman was apparently over the moon. Claire had been too, her bonus was equal to almost half her yearly salary.“Ok, when.” Sukky asked. She knew better than to ask where. That she would probably never know, nor whose party it was. Sukky didn’t need to know. The Company paid her, and the Company expected her to fuck to its bidding. And so she would.“Don’t forget to put those bookings in your dairy, you are a part of the team now.”“What, no I couldn’t, really, I mean, could I?” Claire stopped herself. “Could I.?”“I don’t know, but Lynn is the party booker, I’ll find out.” Sukky said.With that she went to find Lynn, the office dragon, who was deep down, really a sweetheart, if you approached her in the right way. Sukky told her she needed Claire, to accompany Ophelia and her to the parties when the St Andrews Cross show was included. Lynn said no, of course. “Why, why can’t she.” Sukky pressed her argument. “She was part of the show, which has done The Company a little good, I hear.”Lynn was eventually won over by my argument. “She’ll have to have weekly blood tests from now on, like you and the other girls. Last week she had her six weekly blood test, that we all have to have, that was fine, I’ll arrange for the Doc to put her on the performers list. Next outfits, that’s expensive, especially for just a few shows. But, Eleanor has just left us, she is about the same size as Claire, get her down to wardrobe, I’ll authorise any alterations. Is that alright for you.”It was. Then Sukky asked “Why is a pretty girl like her not in front of the camera.”Lynn, walked to the door, and closed it firmly. “This is not to leave this room, do I make myself clear.” She did, and it wouldn’t. “She came here, with her dreadful boyfriend, a couple of years ago. He’d taken some pictures of her, and wanted us to pay him for them. They were rubbish, the pictures that is. When he was told to leave, we weren’t interested, he went berserk. Broke poor Peters nose, then gave Claire such a beating. Then he left, never been seen since. Claire, well when she got out of hospital, she came to work for us, in the admin department. quite a story, but true. And not a word to anyone, understand.”“She needs some decent photos taken, then she might make a great addition to the stable of us lovely girls, if I get Chris to do the pictures, would that be Ok?” Sukky asked. “I’ll pay.”Lynn smiled. Sukky left Lynn, and went to find Claire. She was still in her office. “Right lets get busy. First you have to see the Doc, blood sample.”“I had mine last week, it not due again for another five weeks.” She said.“It is if your doing parties, in whatever capacity.” Sukky said She stood open mouthed.“Then its wardrobe, your having Eleanor’s stuff, for the short term. Then make up, for your hair, and any waxing that needs doing. Ok. Then when I’ve seen Chris, you’re having a photo shoot, with him What you do is up to you. This will be your chance, if you want it, take it.”Claire took it. She was placed one the performers list. Chris took some lovely pictures of her, toys included. Soon she would be in The Companies magazines. Eleanor’s outfits fitted if not perfectly, then well enough. Her hair was trimmed, and her quim was fully waxed.At the first party, Sukky was to be strapped to the St Andrews Cross, just as before. It wasn’t to be a marathon session, Ophelia worked her magic, they were all dressed, as they had been on Halloween night, only this time Claire wore the same as Sukky and Ophelia, thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching cup less corset. No knickers naturally. And the thick leather straps, for ankles and wrists fitted with metal clips, like those on a dog lead, a strong dogs lead, with secure buckles. Claire looked great in the outfit, her pussy newly waxed, with just a very thin line of pubic hair up the front. She wiggled, and flashed herself with abandon. She took an active part, sucking Sukky’s clit, with no hint of embarrassment. The party was small, only ten or twelve people, men and women. They were masked, it seemed to be the in thing. Being small an intimate no restrictions had been placed. The numbers at Halloween meant it was not possible for every one to be checked with a blood sample. Normally, and that included this party, everybody was required to provide a health certificate. The Company did not want any of is property, to be infected with any diseases. They took great pains to ensure this, not always successfully. But then nothing is one hundred percent. The show ended, but they wanted more, a threesome, before joining them. Ophelia and Sukky had done this many times before, Claire was the new girl. “I’ve never done it with a girl before, or with people watching, I am so nervous, I thought it was just to be the show.” She confided. “And I don’t really want to do anal.”“Look what you want no longer matters. If they all want to fuck you in the arse, then they will all fuck you in the arse. You are here to be fucked, and to fuck for The Company, not for yourself. I’ll look after you.” Sukky said “Come on.”Sukky took her head in her hands, and kissed her. Sukky moved her hand down between Claire’s legs, her cunt was already wet. Claire clearly, like Sukky enjoyed being on display. Ophelia joined in, kissing Claire full on the lips. Then they seduced Claire, licked her, fingered her, in the pussy, and the anus, until she had her first public coming. And noisy it was to. One of the guys in the audience, joined in. He kissed Sukky, and Ophelia, on the mouth. Not so Claire. Taking his cock in one hand, he pushed himself into her open mouth, her eyes had been closed. They came wide open, as his cock filled her mouth. Then she relaxed, and sucked him, and licked him, until he came. She momentarily didn’t know what to do, then she swallowed, like a good girl should. The night wasn’t over, all the men took turns, they were fucked in the mouth, fucked in the cunt, Ophelia and Sukky were both fucked in the arse. Finally, with Claire on all fours, she too had her first anal fuck. She gasped as he pushed his cock into her, then screamed as it was pushed fully in, then the pain passed, and a wave of pleasure washed over her, and she came, again, and again. It didn’t end there, whilst the guys recovered they pleasured the ladies, biting their clits, and probing their cunts and arseholes with our tongues. Claire did all this too. Then she was taken by thee of the guys onto the stage, whilst Sukky and Ophelia finished the ladies to their evident content. Then they had time to watch as Claire sitting astride one cock, leant forward, and receive another in her arse, her first double penetration, her gasp was lost, as she took the third cock in her mouth. Claire’s party season had got off to a good start. The next night they were collected from work. Outfits in the boot. Claire, and Sukky. Claire was excited, this was what she had prepared others for, and watched them go off to, over the years she had worked for The Company. Claire’s pictures, taken by Chris, meant she was no longer an office girl, but was now a contract girl She had signed that morning. Now here she was too. She was very nervous. As she was now on the performers lists, her access to the client list had been withdrawn. She, like them had no idea asyabahis güvenilirmi where they were going. She would be on the Thailand shoot with Sukky. Sukky had another assistant, starting in the new year. In the meantime, Lynn was covering, temporarily, of course. They arrived at the airport. Claire’s eyes wide with excitement, and boarded a private jet, and flew into the growing darkness. The flight wasn’t long, under an hour. Where they were, Sukky had no idea, nor did Claire. who was worried. Sukky reassured her. The Company looks after its property, she told her. And they were Company Property. Claire looked at Sukky, until that moment she hadn’t even considered that.They were taken in a blacked out limousine to a mansion in the hills. Then shown to a large room, and told to change. They opened their cases, and took out the out fits. High heels, naturally. That was it, nothing else. Claire looked anxious.Sukky said to Claire “Look, you’re a contract girl now, you signed the contract. You knew more of what was involve than I ever did. The Company pays us, and the Company expects you and me to fuck to its bidding. Coming is a bonus. Enjoyment is a bonus. We are going to be used, whenever they say, where ever they say. I like being played with, and fucked. I like being under the company’s control it makes it all the more exciting. We have no say in what people do to us, who fucks us, or how, or when. I like that, so will you. You are The Companies, to do with as they like, to be photographed, filmed, and to entertain who it decides we should entertain, and how, to play, suck, and fuck, whoever they say, when they say, and how they say.”“I am sorry, you’re right, I have butterflies in my stomach, its just nerves.”“My stomach is tight to, but its excitement, I have no idea what is going to be done to us this weekend, or by whom. I am wet just thinking about it.” Sukky reached out, and touched Claire’s pussy. It was wetter than hers.“You, lady, are going to do just fine, just fine, just try to enjoy the experience.”They showered and then applied make up. They had been told to be ready for ten, it was ten minutes to go. They put the heels on. No sooner than they had done that, than the door opened, and a tall slender woman opened the door, and told them to follow. In a darkened room, were a dozen or so men. All naked, all with erections. “Viagra has a lot to answer for,” Sukky thought.Still the party session was not over. Claire, she was turning into a party girl and like, Sukky could party all year. It had been decide, by whom Sukky had no idea, that Claire would stay with her and Ophelia, going to the same parties, until the new year, then after Thailand, she would have her own schedule. It was too late into the year’s schedule to make Claire her own schedule. There was no filming taking place, although Claire had made one video, a one girl, two guy one. “Its not so bad, when you get used to anal.” Claire told them one morning.“Really.” Sukky said. “I would never have thought it.”They had a booking tonight. Sukky had to be in make up, they were doing her hair before she went for Christmas, with the Chairman. They cropped it short, a little shorter than usual, Sukky thought. Her fanny was plucked as her nails were done. Nothing down there to wax, but the odd stray needed attending to. Two short hairs plucked from around her anus made her wince.Sukky had been booked to do a party with Ophelia, but only two were needed Sukky took Claire instead. Sukky preferred parties to making blue movies. Ophelia, preferred movies. Don’t get Sukky wrong, She loved making videos, she just loved parties a little bit more, Sukky thought it was because you never knew what was in store, with videos, everything was pre planned, down to the last camera angle. Sukky was high on the thrill of it. She wasn’t allowed much else in the way of stimulants. No d**gs, not even a spliff, alcohol one glass per day, no more. No drunkenness, ever. She had known all this, it was spelt out in the contract, with every other facet of her life. No casual sex, she had never gone in for casual sex anyway. She could fuck Joe, when she saw him, which wasn’t as often as she’d thought it would be. Even he had to have a blood test every month. Fucking hell. No blood test and he couldn’t even fuck his own wife! Want a lover, ask permission first. Sukky was lucky, her lover was Ophelia, they had no problem with that. She was part of The Company, so fucking her was fine. Parties were her outlet she supposed. Even though they were selected for her. Each girl, or girls, or guy, had to meet the customers requirements. The customers were either businessmen who were in some way, or other connected to the firm, or people the company wanted to influence, or blackmail. Unless the party, or receptions as they were sometimes called was at the clients place, then they were filmed, sound as well. Even some clients house’s had been bugged. And The Company ran the parties at a profit, a huge profit, all tax free and hidden. The Company reached long and far. Sukky had no complaints. After six months, God was only six months, she was well off thanks mainly to the very generous bonus system, often she would get a “little something” from the client, as well as from the company. All very tax free. Her salary, that was taxed, but the accountants had been at work, and she paid very little to the revenue. The salary was invested, a wide spread, global to give her as little risk as possible. In the six months, she made twenty films, done dozens of stills shoots. She had been in one way or another fucked by over eighty guys, not including parties. She was beginning to loose count. Before she began modelling, and doing porn she had only been with a handful of guys, or boy’s including Joe, and Tom of course, she thought of the spotty teenager, behind the bike sheds at school, he didn’t really count, he came as he was about to enter her. Just made a mess in her knickers. Liz had been her only female lover. Now she had no say in who or when someone got into her knickers, not where, not even what sex, or age. Did she mind, fuck no, she loved it.They dressed at The Company headquarters, near the centre of the city. As usual they had no idea where they were going, only why. The outfits gave it away. Cup-less corsets, no knickers, thigh high boots, she’d worn these very recently. The car collected them, long capes over their shoulders, to protect them from the cold North Sea wind, and the prying eyes of passers by. Destination was a brothel in the red light district. It was a very high class establishment, owned by The Company, and very exclusive. It had an outstanding restaurant, some of the best playrooms in Amsterdam, if not the world. They were taken to the lower floor, where a private party was underway. They were the entertainment, for the gathered business men. On the house. As soon as they entered Sukky felt a bad vibe. There was an underlying current in the room, it wasn’t good. Too many of the assembly had, had too much to drink. Sukky didn’t like it. Money does not guarantee good manners.Claire had noticed none of this. To her this was yet another thrilling and exciting thing, to be tried and savoured. It should have been for Sukky as well, she was still anxious. One of the men, came over to where they watched, gauging the mood. He smelt of beer, and clearly thought he was gods gift to women. Sukky pitied his poor wife. He breathed fumes all over Claire, as he felt her up. Claire adjusted her position, so he could better finger her. He pulled his hand away, holding up the finger he had used. “Look at that.” He slurred, “look at fucking that.”Sukky looked, a sticky finger they used to call it at school, and guys like him, fucking wankers. Sukky wished Ophelia was with her, and not Claire. Ophelia would know what to do. They were here to do The Companies bidding, but fuck this, this was real bad news. For the first time since she had joined The Company Sukky was not enjoying herself. She was not taut with anticipation, no butterflies troubled her stomach. Sukky’s pussy, was suffering a drought, its first for many a long day, or night. She had fucked in videos, men and women, that she didn’t find attractive. That is the way of the business. What she found attractive mattered not a h‘pence. That she did her job did. So she’d fuck them, or suck them. Lay back while they came on her face, or tits, even in her hair. That’s what she was paid to do. And paid well, very well. At parties, she’d been frightened once, no twice. The auction had terrified her to begin with. Standing on what amounted to a slave block, being sold to the highest bidder. Whilst she might have been scared, she was also excited. Sukky could do nothing, but stand and be sold, and then what, in time she found out. Mainly, for her at least it was pleasurable. Sometimes there was so much pleasure that it hurt, agonisingly so, like at Halloween.. Tonight there was none of those things. Tonight there seemed to be only drunks. drunks to her meant only one thing. Bad news. Bad news, with v******e close behind. A brawl broke out near the bar. Sukky took hold of Claire’s arm, and edged away from what was to follow. What followed was the clubs security. Unobtrusive, always in the background, the drunks were ushered out. Any spark of resistance, crushed. Security worked indirectly for The Company, they took no prisoners, nor any back chat. They were quietly efficient. The party, never re started. The manager saw to that. The car was re called, and they went home, an early night. Ophelia was still up, when Sukky got to the flat. Still in her working gear! Ophelia made the most of what the party goers had missed. Their loss, was the girls gain.

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