Surprise 3-Way turns to a 4-way, with a SURPRISE!

Surprise 3-Way turns to a 4-way, with a SURPRISE!
This is a continuation from the Surprise 3-way Series.

I was blindfolded, which only heightened my other senses. I could taste my wife’s mouth on mine, her tongue wrestling with mine. I felt hands on my cock and balls and lips circling the head of my cock. I then was surprised by a very wet slowly circling my anal ring. My wife was holding my hands, either out of passion or to control my urge to “feel around.” She then broke to kiss long enough to say:

“We’re going to restrain your arms” she said calmly, “just for an added affect.”

With those words, both of my wrists were grasped with two separate sets of hands Neither, I suspected, belonged to my creative wife. It’s then that I realized that there were tow others in the room besides my wife! I was imagining the shorter blonde, that joined us last time, and perhaps her taller, thinner sister. My hands were tied at the elbow to the my other wrists, and vice-versa. My wife then checked the bindings and calmly announced.

“Tonight I have promised these young ladies” my wife proudly proclaimed, “the total use and availability of your body for their learning pleasure. If you behave yourself and do as you’re told, it will be an amazing night for you as well.” added my inspired wife.
I then heard a shifting of furniture and I was gently guided to my knees.

“Lean forward” I heard my wife say “and lick”

It was challenging to lean forward without the use of my arms. I feared falling forward, but by arching my back and sticking my butt out, I was able to bend slightly until I smelled the scent of an aroused woman! That first, long, slow lap, with the flat of my tongue, was intense. And in that position, I soon felt a tongue searching between my cheeks for my little hole. As I found a rhythmic lap of licking, who I was certain was my wife, and the young tongue behind me rimmed my appreciative ass, I felt a tender mouth begin to circle my cock again! WOW, what a feeling! This went on for some time until my wife announced:

“Help him up to his knees” my wife said, and I felt everyone else shift and then take me by the upper arm and straighten me up to my knees.

“Now” continued my wife, “let’s untie him and lay him on the floor, on his back. I felt the others untie me and then help me onto my back. I had hoped that I might get the use of my hands, but my hands were quickly stretched out and secured to furniture legs.
“You first” I heard my wife say “Squat over his mouth.”

I felt young, smooth thighs lightly touching my shoulders and face as this first candidate positioned her little pussy just above my mouth…. and then settle down. My God, she was wet and sweet! I lapped at her like she provided life-itself!

“Now” added my wife, “Practice your cock-sucking skills.” I naturally then felt a warm mouth begin to slobber up my fuck-stick and then begin to give me a nice, albeit slightly rough, blow-job.

I then heard slurping sounds, moaning, kissing and all kinds of erotic sounds while I was being treated to the time of my life. I could only imagine if my wife was kissing the one sitting on my face, or licking the one who was sucking me. I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t care. This multi-stimuli was felling incredible and I felt myself begin to moan…. and I didn’t want to cum too soon. My wife must have sensed it as well and had the others stop.

“I’m going to leave you alone to your thoughts” my wife said in a very excited tone “You seem close and I want to calm down for a minute. I’m going to take them both into our room for some alone time, okay?”
“Mmmmmm” was all that I could say, as I smiled as big as I ever have.

I just imagined what they looked like. I hade seen them both, from afar, and with clothes on, they were really cute. Of course, the shorter one had a killer bod, compared to the taller, more straight-figured one, but they were both sexy in their own way. I then was imagining what my wife was doing with them both, in out bedroom, just down the hall. After what seemed like 30 minutes or so, I felt lube being applied to my cock. I then heard my wife’s familiar voice.

“You’re in for a treat” said my wife “but please lay still and let her control the rate of penetration.”

I felt soft thighs again gently touch my skin, but this time over my stomach. My cock was lightly gripped and then rubbed into the wet, tight center of one of these young pussies. She inserted just an inch, then wiggled and relaxed, another inch, more wiggling, giggling from the others and then process was repeated until she could take no more. I think that I had another two inches to offer her but she stopped.
“Lean forward and gently rock on him” coached my wife. As she was doing this, I felt a tongue lick and suck my ball sack. It had to be the other one as I heard my wife’s continued encouragement to the one riding my cock. The one riding was going faster and faster and moaning out really loudly. She eventually froze as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. Once she calmed, she lifted off of me and I felt a hungry mouth engulf me completely and lick me clean! Then, more lube was applied so it figured it was the other one’s turn.

“She want’s to try you in her ass” announced my wife, ” but again, let her do it at her pace.”

I felt thighs again straddle my waist and then move down toward my feet. She must have been facing my feet because I then felt hands on my knees. My cock was then gripped and guided to her tight little opening. I had no idea who this one was but honestly didn’t care! More and more of this tight anal ring engulfed my rock-hard cock. She would stop, on occasion, just to get more accustomed, but then lift up slightly, only to sink down again. Eventually, I felt her butt cheeks resting on my thighs, signaling that I was in as far as there was. She took her hands off of my knees and leaned back, giving ‘someone’ access to her dripping pussy because I could feel fast side to side motion between her legs, and mine. It’s not until I heard my wife say:
“I think that she enjoys you in her ass” stated my wife,”more than she did in her pussy”, that I realized that this was till the first one, the one from the other night, and most likely the shorter of the two. I felt her ass ring suddenly grip m really hard as her orgasm hit again. I lay perfectly still because I knew that she had to be sensitive. Once she calmed, she was helped up and off of my cock.

“I’m going to provide some after-care” my wife announced, signaling that she and the first one would be leaving for our bedroom, “but before we go” my wife added “I believe that you might have one more ass to fuck. Yes, I see a nod…. No pussy, for certain reasons, but your cock is requested inside this very tight anal opening. Are you up for it?”

“Absolutely” I proudly announced, thinking that perhaps she was on her period and didn’t want to offer her pussy right now.

“I thought that you might” my wife said. “Lets get you started.”

The three of them untied me and then helped me to my knees.
“You probably can imagine why you’re not being offered a tight pussy” my wife explained calmly, confirming my suspicion that she might have been on her period, “so no reaching under there. Hands on her hips only, okay Big Fella?”

I eagerly nodded as more lube was applied to my cock. I then stoked, since my hands were now free. More lube and I was ready.

“I’ll help get you started” my wife added, “But then it’s up you to two.”

I felt my cock guided as the next contestant, evidently on all fours, scooted backward toward my cock. I then felt softness against the spongy head of my cock. The softness seemed to give-way and I slowly began to enter. I reached out and found her hips and gripped tightly. I eased in, then out, just a bit and then in again. I heard whimpering yet no indications that I should stop. Honestly, I could take no more teasing and needed to blast a huge load somewhere and this seemed as good as any. Once I ‘POPPED’ inside her anal ring, resistance was very little and I began a slow, rocking motion. About that time, my wife leaned down and said:
“Let yourself go and take her HARD” my wife said as she hissed into my ear, “Own this slut, Baby. Fill her asshole up with your cum” by the cautioned again, “but no reaching under…..”

By now, I had her by the hips and was literally pulling her back onto my raging hard-on like she was a rag-doll. I was slamming and pounding her ass like I was possessed, yet she never protested. She just whimpered, and eventually cried out that she was cumming. I was right there as well and growled out my own announcement:

“I’m cumming DEEP inside of you!” I yelled, as my cock spasmed and shot stream after stream of my sticky seed into her bowels. Her anal-grip was severe and only added to the intensity of my orgasm. As we calmed, we heard a soft round of applause in the room. Evidently my wife and the other never left and stayed to witness this insane fuck-fest of this young lady’s asshole.

“You were amazing” said my wife, from across the room. “Why don’t you remove that blindfold for us”
I reached back and undid the buckles and took it off. It took me awhile to adjust my sight as I had been blindfolded for quite some time. There, across the room, was my naked wife and the shorter of the two sisters. they were a vision to behold. Both so sexy, yet one very experienced and giving, and one so young and eager to learn. I then lowered my sight to the one still impaled on my softening cock. Her skin on her back was smooth and without blemish. She was, in fact, the taller of the two and also had blonde shoulder-length hair, but that’s where the similarity stopped. This on. still on her knees, but her face resting on the floor, was taller with broader shoulders… a swimmers body perhaps. I ran my hands up her back to her shoulders, turned out and gently ran then back to her waist. I looked over at my wife and she gave me a reassuring smile as she gently stroked the hair of the shorter one curled up on her lap. My wife then blew me a kiss and said:

“How does she feel?” asked my wife.

“So good” I replied, as I ran my fingers , once again, up the middle of her back to her shoulders, turned out and this time, went wider and lower and grazed the sides of her young breasts that hung down from her thin frame. She moaned yet was still impaled on my still slightly-hard cock. I reached up further and very gently toyed with her little nipples. She moaned again. I then ran my fingertips down her ribcage and to the flat of her tummy. She let out a prolonged moan this time.
“Be careful” cautioned my wife, “we don’t want you to be surprised down there.” followed by giggles from my wife and the other sister, who was curled up on her lap.

“I am” I replied. “I wont touch there” I said, but figured a little gentle touch at the top, just about her clit, might feel nice to her, after the intense pounding that I just gave her now-tender asshole.

I reached a little lower, feeling for her pubic bone and then to the area just above her clit…..

….. and THAT’s when I realized it!

That’s when the reality began to set in to my still-fuzzy mind; the taller and straighter figure, the broader shoulders, the breasts much smaller than her sister.

To Be Continued….

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