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Tech Support 2 by loyalsockAaron was dutifully cleaning up the kitchen while Sarah was showering. He couldn’t stop thinking about being with her tonight. He actually got a semi-erection as he imagined making love to her, prompting him to put down the dish rag and adjust. Even though he was alone, he still felt embarrassed. He leaned back against the counter and closed his eyes, thinking of Sarah’s naked body, imagining of being on top of her, inside her. Just then he heard the water shut off in the shower. She was done. A crazy idea crept into Aaron’s heart. What if he went and just took her, right now, fresh and naked out of the shower? It would be off-the-wall to do it during the day; lovemaking was meant for bedtime. But bedtime seemed like an eternity away! He decided he would be spontaneous and do it—right after he finished the kitchen. Sarah stepped out of the shower and toweled off her long, brown hair, never taking her eyes off her pretty new pussy. She had just grabbed her tube of moisturizing cream when she heard her phone ring. It was still in the pocket of her skirt in the hamper. She almost let the call go to voicemail, but saw her tiny bluetooth headset resting on the vanity. Sarah turned it on and put it in her ear. “Hello?” she answered. “Sarah, it’s Ben.” He sounded a little distraught. “Did you remember to re-enable the firewalls today after finally getting payroll back online?” “Of course.” Ben breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, I can sleep tonight. For a minute there I had visions of hackers pillaging our coffers and offering up my head on a plate to upper management. I’m sorry to have bothered you; I hope you weren’t busy.” “Nope, just out of the shower,” she replied. “Oh?” said Ben, his tone audibly more intrigued. “So you’re…naked?” “That’s how I usually take showers,” she responded. Sarah couldn’t resist the sarcasm. “What do you look like?” he asked. “Like a whale,” she lamented. Ben laughed. “Women,” he said. “Why do you always look at your body through such judgmental eyes? Try to see yourself as a man sees you. A whale is definitely not the word that comes to my mind. Look at your breasts in the mirror. You know they’re amazing, don’t you? Tell me what your husband sees.” He waited for a response, but there was only awkward silence. After a long pause, Sarah finally spoke. “Right now, baby?” Ben thought for a moment how to reply. It was an odd thing for her to say to him. Then Sarah spoke again. “Wait, can I—Aaron, I need to—” There was another long pause before Sarah sighed. Ben spoke tentatively. “Sarah, I hope I didn’t—” He was interrupted by the sounds of lips smacking. Ben wasn’t sure what was going on. He had thought she was alone, but her husband was obviously there. Ben immediately felt a little guilty being so bold with the sex talk over the phone while she was at home with her husband. Sometimes his libido overshadowed his boundaries. His first impulse was to hang up, but he listened a while longer. They were kissing. He could hear the lip smacking and both of them breathing heavy through their noses. Ben’s heart leapt into his chest as it dawned on him what they were doing. He was listening to the sounds of foreplay. But, why wasn’t Sarah hanging up the phone? He listened for awhile longer and considered whether he should say anything to Sarah. Swishing sounds from the room, which he surmised was the sound of Aaron’s clothes coming off as they kissed their way into the bedroom, filled Ben’s earpiece. More kissing followed, then a moan from Sarah. “Oh my god,” Ben said absentmindedly into the phone as he listened. A soft thud told him Sarah had plopped onto the bed, still on the phone. “You must be wearing a headset!” he declared, as if he’d just solved the riddle of the week. He figured Sarah was so taken by surprise by Aaron that she didn’t even have time to remove her bluetooth earpiece. Aaron probably didn’t even know she was on the phone, since it would have been hidden in her long, dark hair. Sarah lay naked on her back, watching her husband take off his underwear. She was pleasantly surprised at the spontaneity of Aaron’s initiation, but would have liked about ten seconds’ warning to end the call with Ben. She was trying to decide whether to hang up on him. If she removed the headset now, it might seem a little strange to Aaron that she’d had it on while naked, right out of the shower, and even stranger, hadn’t removed it until now. On the other hand, what was the harm in leaving it on? Sarah conveniently decided not to do anything about it. Aaron climbed onto the bed, his eyes on her pubic hair, which looked different than the last time he saw her. “Did you trim yourself down there?” Sarah nodded. She didn’t know what Aaron would think. “Is it okay?” she asked, watching his eyes. “You look so different…” He studied her for awhile as a pleasurable, almost guilty chill cascaded through his body. “Oh, Sarah!” avcilar escort said Ben softly. “Did you do that just now? Holy shit, that is so hot!” Aaron got on his knees and scooted them under her thighs, pausing to admire his wife’s pretty little porn star pussy. He ran his hand through her now-diminished hair and smiled at Sarah. She eyed him intently, hoping for his approval. She’d never done anything like that before. She was dripping wet inside, aching for her husband’s touch. He let a thumb touch between her labia, liberating some moisture waiting just inside. Sarah closed her eyes at the blessed contact. “You’re ready right now, aren’t you?” he said, rubbing his slippery fingers together. “I’m really horny,” she confessed. “That makes two of us,” Aaron replied, ignoring the fact that he’d never heard that word from his wife’s lips before. “That makes three of us,” quipped Ben. He didn’t know if he should press his luck on having the privilege to listen in on a married couple’s lovemaking, but then again, she had kept him on this long, maybe she wanted him to hear. What an amazing treat that would be! Still, he needed to hear it from Sarah. He was intruding if she didn’t want him on the phone, and it was possible she couldn’t hang up. Mustering tremendous self-discipline, Ben decided to get Sarah’s explicit permission. “I know you can’t talk directly to me, but I need to know if this is okay, Sarah. Do you want me to hang up? Clear your throat or something if you do.” Ben waited for a response, but there was only kissing. Aaron pressed his body against Sarah’s breasts, allowing most of his weight to settle onto her. He kissed her deeply as he got up on his hands, positioning his cock between her swollen labia majora. Ben needed one more validation from her before he could fully commit to this voyeuristic escapade. “Do you want me to stay on the phone with you?” Sarah inhaled a quick audible breath as Aaron sunk his manhood into her creamy depths. She’d been longing to be filled all day, and feeling her husband’s hard cock slip into her with one long, smooth motion was taking her breath away both physically and emotionally. Hearing Ben’s voice in her ear while her husband was inside her was making her feel sexy on a whole new level—and a little dirty, like she was doing something that nice girls don’t do, slutty behavior that was secretly manifesting itself as a warm, delicious tickle deep inside her tummy. “Mm hmm,” Ben heard her say in his ear, affirming her intentions and giving him the green light to listen in. Ben rubbed his erection in his pants. “In that case, I’m going to get as comfortable as you two.” He went to his bedroom and unfastened his pants with one hand, wiggling them off and liberating his dick through the fly in his boxers. Ben stroked himself a while, listening to the kissing going on in his ear. He hated to put the phone down, not wanting to miss a second of this call, but he did briefly so he could strip the rest of his clothes off. Grabbing the phone, he plopped onto the bed, naked. “I’m so hard listening to you,” he said to Sarah. “He’s inside you right now, isn’t he?” Sarah couldn’t believe what she was doing! She had just told a man he could listen in while she had sex with her husband. It wasn’t cheating, but it felt strangely similar. She reached up and confirmed that her hair was safely concealing the illicit device in her ear. Her heart quivered with guilty pleasure at knowing two men were hot for her right now. She certainly had not planned for this virtual threesome, but now that it was happening, she felt sexier than a cheerleader in a men’s locker room. Aaron drove his firm hips into his wife more forcefully than usual, his knees sunken into the soft mattress. He was turned on like he hadn’t felt in a long time. Her trimmed pussy hair was an unexpected treat, making her look not only loveable, but downright sexy. He didn’t think Sarah would have ever thought of doing that. She put her hands on his ass, probably the naughtiest thing she would normally do to him, and helped him keep the loving pace while kissing his neck. Sarah raised her legs up and spread them wide for her husband, letting the slutty impulses that were sprouting inside her blossom. Ben was trying to picture what they looked like, and what position they were in. He figured it was their usual missionary position. This would be even hotter, he thought to himself, if they would try a new position. Suddenly a light went on in his head. What if he made a suggestion to Sarah? Maybe it would spice things up for her. A little encouragement might be just what she needed. He decided to give it a shot. Ben could hear Aaron breathing and figured he’d better speak softly, lest he be overheard. “Sarah, are you two doing mish?” “Mm hmm,” she said, timing her answer again to coincide with the lovemaking and not raising suspicion from şirinevler escort her husband. “Mmm, I bet your little trimmed pussy is so wet! This could be your greatest night of lovemaking. I have a suggestion for you that might start you on a memorable ride. I want you to do something. You two need to roll over so you can be on top. Aaron wants to feel your sweet, round tits with his hands while you rock your hips on his hard cock. Can you do that for him? Come on, Sarah, ride ’em cowgirl!” Hearing Ben talk dirty to her while her husband fucked her was just about the most erotic thing Sarah had ever experienced. It was like a vanilla sundae suddenly got drizzled with hot fudge. Her senses were charged and her normally passive demeanor was being squeezed and pushed aside by a new, powerful inclination to please. She pushed Aaron away by the hips and sat up. “Lie down,” she gently ordered. Ben could hardly contain his excitement at hearing Sarah follow his suggestion! Aaron, a little surprised at Sarah’s sudden authority, was more than happy to oblige. He lay on his back, grabbing a pillow to put under his head. He lustfully watched Sarah’s naked body climb on top of him, her creamy tummy looking so inviting. He felt her up as she got herself into position. Her breasts were soft and supple, more than a handful, and her soft tummy gave just a little at his touch. Sarah’s skin was velvety soft and creamy white and was just now feeling smooth and dry after her shower. Aaron rubbed her hips and up her sides and then onto her breasts as Sarah settled her weight onto his rigid tool. The wetness of her vagina had become the main attraction, surpassing even the trimmed hair. She felt even tighter to Aaron as he glided back into her swollen canal. Sarah sat up straight on Aaron, her hips rocking rhythmically on his rigid tool. This was a rare position for them. Aaron never asked her to change positions, and Sarah normally lacked the fortitude to suggest it. Both of them could feel the excitement building, as though a hurdle they normally had trouble clearing was safely behind them. Aaron began to thrust in rhythm with Sarah’s rocking, his hands cupping her sweet breasts. Sarah traced the outline of Aaron’s pectorals with her finger, keeping her eyes on his, her expression solemn. Silence was the normal mode for them once their lovemaking had reached cruising altitude, but Sarah was in the mood to talk, not only to further their erotic encounter, but also to keep Ben in the loop. “I’ve been wet for you all day,” she said. “You were thinking about me today?” Aaron asked. “Thinking about making love to you.” Aaron smiled. Sarah leaned down to kiss him. She tugged on his earlobe with her teeth before uttering in his ear, too softly for Ben to hear, “I love you.” “I love you too,” Aaron responded. Ben did hear that. “Awe, you k**s are so sweet! Now is the time to take it to the next level, Sarah. He loves you, but he’ll love you even more after you do this.” Sarah gazed into Aaron’s eyes, part of her wanting to be alone with him, the other part anxiously awaiting what her “coach” would say next. And what he said next stunned her with erotic desire that would have weakened her knees if she wasn’t already on them. “Remember what we talked about at lunch today? Now is your opportunity to show him how sexy you are. Take him to a new plateau of lustful desire. Pull off him and have a taste of his wet cock. I promise it will be the sexiest portion you’ve ever had in your mouth. Mmmm, Sarah! I know your juices are running down his tool right now. Let him see you lick it up for him!” He didn’t need to say any more; she was ready taste their love. She only hoped Aaron would take it the same way she would offer it—a lustful gesture to augment her undying love for him. She abruptly pulled off of Aaron’s long erection. Aaron’s expression went from pleasure to puzzled—and then to surprise as Sarah made her way down to his glistening tool. She watched his eyes intently, unable to predict his reaction. Sarah got into a comfortable position between Aaron’s legs and brought her mouth slowly to his dick, never losing eye contact. His surprised expression melted to sinful lust as Sarah’s lips touched his dripping cock. She had an initial taste, just her lips on the head, her tongue slipping out to meet the shaft. The salty-sweet nectar erupted on her palate and coaxed her further onto him. He was very slippery, the shiny coating peeling off onto her lips and collecting in a drop on her chin. The barely perceptible smell of her sex tickled her nostrils, teasing her desire to its most dizzying heights. Sarah closed her eyes and opened her throat, taking the fleshy organ as deep into her as she could tolerate, bobbing on it once or twice before she had to release it with a deep breath. She stroked his saturated cock with her hand as she looked up at him again. taksim escort Aaron’s mouth was agape, revealing his own erotic desires at having such a deviant thing done to him by his sweet Sarah. He swallowed once and resumed his open-mouthed stare, still disbelieving what she was doing, secretly hoping she would continue. Sarah took it in again, allowing the luscious, wet sounds of fellatio to fill the room—and her headset. “Oh, god, Sarah! You’re doing him right, I can tell! You’re an amazing woman to do this for your man. Right now he’s watching your pretty little lips slurp up your sexy juices. Make sure you look him in the eyes. He loves you, baby.” Aaron did in fact realize an affection he never knew he had for his wife. He could never bring himself to ask Sarah to do such a thing to him, let alone expect her to do it well. He lustfully watched his standing member that had just been inside Sarah’s drenched pussy, disappear inside her throat. He was so enraptured by the feeling of Sarah’s soft palate that he thrust into her, fucking her throat like she was a little whore. Sarah gagged at having his big dick rammed down her throat, but recovered quickly. “I’m okay,” she breathlessly said to both men before wantonly taking the tool into her throat again. Aaron felt like such a dork for doing that to her, and wanted to apologize, but the stimulation took over his thoughts again, and he found himself almost thrusting into her as before. “There’s one more special thing a woman can do for her man with her mouth that is impossible for him to do to himself. I have a feeling Aaron has never experienced this before, Sarah, so you must do this!” Sarah was intrigued at Ben’s cryptic instructions. She licked Aaron’s long shaft and awaited her orders. “Put his balls in your mouth. Suck them gently while you stroke his rod. He won’t believe such a sensation even existed!” Sarah immediately complied, scooting down a little further and lassoing his scrotum with her tongue. She sucked his testicles in gently, first one, then the other, caressing the thick, rough skin with her tongue, spitting them out and sucking them in again, all the while stroking him, just like Ben said. Aaron took a startled breath as his balls found their way inside Sarah’s mouth for the first time. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed. “Oh my god!” he repeated, his mouth wide open. He breathed in audibly again. “Sar—Sar—” he stammered. “Oh, fuck, Sarah!” Ben burst out laughing, absolutely elated at the sexual symphony he was conducting. “I think our boy learned a new word!” Waves of tickling ecstasy pulsated through Aaron’s body with each swish of Sarah’s tongue on his balls. He was having trouble expressing what he was feeling right that second—how her mouth was the most divine thing he’d ever come in contact with, how her pretty face between his legs looked like the sweetest, most beautiful angel mankind had ever beheld. She was expressing her love for him in the strangest way he could have imagined, and it felt perfect! She was going way beyond their normal comfort zone, stepping into uncharted waters, taking risks for his pleasure and expecting no reciprocation. She was pleasing her lover in inventive ways that he never knew she had in her. He didn’t know what she would want from him, but he felt obligated and enraptured at the thought of returning the favor. Ben had a pretty good idea what was going on in Aaron’s male mind, and wanted to keep Sarah ahead of him, like the wonderful lover she was becoming. “Alright, Sarah, it’s your turn, baby. Now is your opportunity to see how dirty Aaron really likes to get. Are you ready to get yours? Keep your lips on his cock, but turn around and throw a leg over his chest. Let him experience up close what’s between those cute little butt cheeks of yours. 69 is a magical number, honey!” Sarah listened intently to her instructions while she rolled her tongue and lips on Aaron’s cock. She moved from between his legs to alongside him, and continued to fellate his tool, but she hesitated on spreading her legs across his chest. She just couldn’t do it. This was going further than she thought they could handle. She was willing to dirty up herself in service to her husband, but to shove herself in his face and expect him get even dirtier was too much. She couldn’t bear the thought of Aaron suddenly getting turned off by her nastiness. She lay on her side, sucking her husband’s dick with continued ferocity, her naked back toward him. She desperately wanted to feel Aaron’s tongue between her legs, but she couldn’t bring herself to force him. Maybe Ben was right, but she wasn’t going to risk anything to prove it. Besides, she was greatly enjoying pleasuring her husband with her mouth, and that was good enough. Unable to see his beautiful wife’s face, Aaron eyed the crack of her naked ass as it lay in full view. Sarah had taken the privilege of putting the sexiest parts of his body in her mouth, but he had yet to seize the same opportunity. For three years, he had been afraid to suggest that he might enjoy something as sinister as putting his mouth on Sarah’s tender parts. It was just something that a decent girl like her wouldn’t want.

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