Teri big surprise


Teri big surpriseThe best surprise I ever gave Teri was one day after she had gotten home from work ( medical assistant) she came into the house and I had dinner fixed for her. I sat her down with a glass of Tylenol #3 spike wing and told her I was going to feed her supper. She really told this was so sweet and then I asked her if I could blindfold her. She said yes and said this is so romantic. Little did she know my best friend was in the next room waiting to see what I was going to do?? She was feeling the effects of the wine and start with some cooked shrimp. I accidental drip some cocktail sauce on her chin, and suggested she take her white uniform top off. The bra she was wearing had no padding in it and you could see her hard nipples starting to push through. My friend Markus was half 1xbet yeni giriş undressed starting to stroke his cock. She finished the wine and cocktail and I served her the main dish. Italian sausage and a red sauce. I told her to open her mouth and suck the sauce off the sausage. Some of the sauce dripped down on her belly and I asked if I could pull off the bottoms to her uniform. She asked if the shade where closed on the kitchen window and I said yes. She quickly took of her uniform bottoms and to my surprise her sexy red thong with the lacy around the top and a black bow on it. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me licking the sauce off of her belly and her pubic crest. I motioned to Markus to get on his knee’s and lick the sauce off of her belly. She then spread her legs 1xbet giriş and asked me if I could get the sauce that ran down on her pussy. She was really feeling the wine , she had drank a half of a bottle with three pills crushed up in them. I asked her if I could hand cuff your hand behind her back and she sure. I didn’t want her grabbing Markus head as she started to moan and jump around pushing her ass into Markus face.Markus had to stop eating her sweet pussy and allow me to put on the hand cuffs. I could see Markus was getting a boner and maybe she would suck his throbbing cock. I motioned for him to get up and rub his cock on her breasts.She started to suck on my his cock and suddenly stopped, your dick is so much bigger, she said, and I told her I had got some Viapro from the 1xbet güvenilirmi gas station and it makes my cock big and hard. She said it really works and went back to sucking. I said hey babe, why don’t we go back to the bedroom. I picked her up and took her back to the bedroom and she started sucking my cock. Again she stopped and said , it was nice and big what happen?? The pills down last forever. She keep sucking and I will take another when I do you doggy style. I started to cum and it was the first time she gagged and swallowed. I pulled out of her mouth and she said go get another pill and fuck me baby. I told her to get on all fours and I would be right back. A couple of minutes later Markus mounted her and she was so hot and started cumming and cumming. Her pussy was soaked and she had cum running down her face and after 10 minutes of hard fucking Markus let go and cum again once more. She never figured out what was going on and to this day she asked for another romantic dinner. Send me an invite if you want to hear more.

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