That nice dog across the street

That nice dog across the street
That morning I was home alone; sitting at the living room and sipping a coffee. I looked out of the main window and could see Twister, my across street neighbor’s Great Dane.
He was a wonderful sweet dog, although his huge size was impressive.
I could see he was mounting a nice female black Doberman. I saw his huge red cock entering that poor female which was in heat.
Twister slid his huge cock and pounded her really hard. I saw him pushing with rapid thrusts. He was giving her a good fucking as I watched.

Then I felt I had become wet as I watched those two dogs having sex.
My hand reached down inside my summer shorts and pulled my thong aside as my fingers found my enlarged swollen clit. I started to rub myself as I watched. My pussy was getting hot and my fingers felt good as my breathing became faster…

My pussy was on fire now as I stroked the swollen clit and pushed my hips to meet my probing fingers. They were moving faster now to ease the itch I was feeling; my climax was approaching as I touched myself with no control.

All of a sudden my entire body shook from the climax as I witnessed that hot scene outside my front yard. I moaned as my climax continued as I rubbed my middle finger in little circles over my puffy lips and the clit…

Then I thought I needed a big cock in my pussy. I needed to be fucked…
I would love to have that dog’s cock fucking me. I wanted him to fuck me.

My legs were shaky as I slowed my wet fingers to a stop.

I felt I had never cum like that; then I saw the dogs slipping apart.

If I could get that fine dog to come into my house, I would find something to put on my pussy and let him lick it off. I could have him taste my wet cunt.
If Twister could do it; I might entice him to fuck me.

I opened the door and went outside to the nice big Dane.
I called him by his name, moving my hands; until that big boy wagged his tail and began to come to me.

As he came closer, I reached my hand out and petted him on his head.
I knew he would be hungry after fucking that female Doberman. I finally could make him enter my house. He followed me as I opened the door to the kitchen. I led him inside and shut the door behind him.

His thick, red cock was still sticking out a little as I grabbed a jar of peanut butter. I lowered my shorts and removed my soaked thong. Then I rubbed a dab of that butter over my exposed shaven pussy lips.

Then I sat down in a chair and spread my thighs, slipping forward in the chair to bring my mound closer to the edge. After rubbing a little bit more over my pussy lips, I took the dog head and guided him towards me.

His long rough tongue came out and Twister began to lick the butter from my soaking wet cunt. The roughness in his tongue just drove me crazy.
I moaned in pleasure, as I moved my hips to his mouth.

His tongue was hot as I felt him begin to lap at the peanut butter.
My own cunt was on fire as he licked me. I spread even wider my thighs and put more of the butter over my pussy lips, as he continued to lick them…
Again I inched my hips forward, pulling Twister´s head to my spread thighs.

I saw his long, red cock as it began to ease from its sheath, growing at the smell of that wet pussy as he licked. I thought it was time and then I led him to my bedroom, keeping the peanut butter jar in my hand…

As I sat on the bed, Twister also climbed after me. I reached down to take his hot piece of red meat into my hands. I started to stroke it.

Some minutes later I was so hot; then I got on my hands and knees, still playing with his cock as I positioned myself on all fours, like a good bitch in heat.
Twister seemed to understand exactly what I was wanting as his paws encompassed my hips, pulling me to his big cock. He then mounted me from behind as I reached under my belly and took his cock into my hands.
It was slick, but hot to the touch as I stroked it for him.

I wiggled my ass cheeks back to him as I guided his thick cock to my waiting pussy. I could feel the huge head as I rubbed it up and down my wet slit…
Then I put the thick head against my pussy lips. I scooted back to meet his cock as he began to thrust his hips to me; his big cock starting to enter me.

I felt his cock enter as it pried my tight pussy apart. I slammed my ass and hips back, trying to take more of his doggie cock. I felt it too huge for my cunt. That massive dog cock was really thick and long…

As I was there, kneeling on my marital bed on all fours and being fucked by the next door big dog; I thought about Susan, the sexy slut married bitch across the street who owned that nice Twister. Then I knew that she had trained her sweet Great Dane for doing it.
I was not the first woman to be fucked by him. Susan had a nice sweet round ass and I knew that nice dog was fucking her also…

As his huge doggie cock penetrated my hot wet pussy; I had one arm under my head as it rested on a pillow and the other arm was under my belly; as I played with my swollen clit.

I was in pure bliss as he slammed his cock deep to my throbbing pussy.
I was screaming for him to fuck me as he filled my tight pussy with his huge cock, slamming it to my cunt as he pulled my hips to him with his big paws.

I was crying in tears begging for more; when I heard a noise in the hallway.
As I lifted my head from the pillow I saw my girlfriend Helena standing there at the door, her nice eyes wide open as she watched me being fucked in all fours by a huge dog…

Helena could not believe her eyes. She knew I was a slut wife as she was; but she could not think I would dare to let a dog fuck me.

Suddenly she smiled and laughed to me.
I explained her that the dog had surprised me in bed and he had mounted before I could stop him. Helena said I was a slut bitch liar…

Twister never stopped slamming his red huge cock to me as I spoke to my girlfriend there; as she offered me no help to pull the dog off from my body.

Helena just said I seemed to like it; as I was a real slut…
Then I noticed that she had her hand in her shorts, playing her own pussy. That bitch was enjoying the scene spread out before her: that huge dog fucking her best friend as she watched and touched herself…

Suddenly Helena asked if we could share that nice horny Great Dane…
She wanted to have some of that red cock…

Then Helena got closer, to see that cock pounding my wet pussy; as her own hand went faster working on her clitoris.
She moaned in pleasure and begged me again to let her have that cock in her cunt. She said it felt huge for sure inside my tight pussy…

Then I felt the thick dog cock swelling up inside my tight cunt and it began to throb inside me. I knew he was on the verge of filling me with his hot cum as he pounded away at my exposed cunt.
I was also on the verge of cumming as I bucked my round hips back to meet his thrusts. His cock was going real deep now; as my own climax began to erupt from deep within my body as my girlfriend Helena watched.

Suddenly I felt his hot cum as it shot against my womb, filling me as my body began to tremble all over. His sticky cum flooded my cunt and it felt good. I shouted and screamed in delight as I felt that warm semen…

Helena then moaned loud and she had her own climax, with her fingers inserted deep in her nice sweet cunt. She insisted, begging me she wanted that red big knot buried deep in her hungry cunt…

As Twister filled my womb, I slowed my movements to a slow rocking as he finished fucking his cock to me. Then I lay flat on the bed and watched as Helena removed her fingers from her own wet pussy.

The big Great Dane pulled away from my pussy lips and got off the bed.
He licked his softening cock as we both watched at him.

Helena seemed disappointed. She said that Twister now looked satisfied but tired anyway. He needed to have some rest for sure.
He was now licking the mixed juices and cum from his red dick.

I told Helena that he had fucked another female dog before coming to my bed. He should be really spent.

But Helena would not give up. She told me she would come the next day, with her cunt ready for some canine action… She wanted it and she told me I should help her to fuck that sweet huge doggie dick…

Then my slut girlfriend blew me a kiss and closed the door behind her.

I felt Twister cum dripping out of my pussy. I went into the bathroom and cleaned the mess from my belly and thighs.
When I returned to the bedroom, the dog had jumped again onto the bed.

I was still fully naked; he was there. It seemed he wanted to fuck me again.

Then I lay back on the bed, asking him if he was ready for some more…

Again I got into the doggie style position as my head hit the pillow, popping my ass high into the air for him. I spread my knees a little as I felt his paws go around my hips once more.
I wanted him to tear my pussy up one more time…

I reached down and took his thick, slimy cock and guided him home again. This time my pussy was ready for his massive cock as I pushed back to meet it. Then I felt the head as it went inside, filling my horny cunt.
It was good as I wiggled my hips as he went deeper.
I wanted him to slide that knot to me this time, to pound his huge dick so far in my cunt. To fill me with his hot cock and slam his red knot in me.

I screamed with pleasure as he hammered away at my wet cunt.
Soon I could the knot at the entrance to my pussy. It felt really huge.
I did not know if he could get it in me as I threw my ass back to his pounding cock, trying to push all of his long hard cock in me.

Then it slipped in…His huge knot thrust past my opening as I felt the huge cock slam into places no other cock had ever touched…
Twister was thrusting it to me as I felt his cock swelling up, the knot gripping the inside of my cunt and locking me to his thick cock.

It was a little painful at first, the huge size of his cock and the enormous knot swollen up inside my hungry cunt. But I really loved it.
Suddenly I started to cum, over and over again from the feeling of his dick so deep within me.
I just kept cumming as he hammered me, thrusting his big cock as I pumped back to meet his big red knot buried in me.

Then I felt some footsteps again coming up the stairs. I thought it was Helena again, trying to share that big Dane with me; but I was wrong…

I had new visitors at home, to witness Twister pumping my cunt…

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