The Convertable

Adriana Chechik

The ConvertableThis couldn’t be more cool. A sunny day driving around with her older cousin Todd in his excellent convertible. She might have just turned eighteen, but she felt so grown up. Todd was almost twenty two. That was older than anyone she knew.Pam brushed her hair out of her face. She liked the way he looked at her. It made her feel like he wanted her. It was weird to think something like that of her cousin, but he was a cute guy, after all.She kept thinking about what Melanie told her when they were driving home from her boyfriend’s house. Somehow they started talking about guy’s things. Melanie called them cocks, but she said they were also called dicks or penises. Pam asked her about her boyfriend’s penis and Melanie told her something that surprised her.”Todd’s is bigger,” she said.Pam was confused. “Bigger? Does that mean it’s better?”Melanie nodded and grinned. “Bigger is always better.”Now she was dying to see Todds thing. At the time she did not think to ask her cousin how she knew so much about her brother’s cock. As she thought about it, though, she decided she must have seen it accidentally one time or another.Pams hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and the tail blew in the wind. She loved the feel of it on her face. She was wearing one of her brother’s old hockey jerseys with nothing underneath. Her breasts rubbed against the rough fabric, making her nipples tingle.Todd drove to the lake and parked in a spot overlooking the water. Below and a short way up the shore some k**s were swimming and a small sailboat drifted slowly on the water. The lake wasn’t very big. She could see the houses on the other side.”So, when do you go home?” Todd said.”Sunday. School starts again on Monday.”Todd nodded. “Do you have a boyfriend now?””No,” Pam said. What was he getting at?”Did you ever kiss a guy?””Yes,” she said.”Did you ever …” he started to say.”Ever what?””Did you ever see a guy’s dick?””Yes, I did. I even sucked one, too,” Pam said. She could not help feeling smug.Todd looked shocked and that pleased her.”You sucked one? Who’s?””My boyfriend’s.””I thought you said you didn’t have a boyfriend?””I had one. That was last year.”Todd nodded with his jaw set firmly. Pam glanced down at his lap and was shocked. Standing up along his right leg in his jeans was a long, thick ridge, much bigger than the lump she had seen in Melanie’s boyfriend’s jeans. Melanie hadn’t lied. Todd’s penis was much larger.”Did you ever let him touch you?” Todd said.”Touch me?””Yeah. Like this.” Todd reached across the seat and his hand slithered between her thighs and under her skirt.Pam gasped. Her thighs parted. Todd’s hand slipped up her leg to her crotch before she could squeeze them shut. The touch of his hand on the bare inside of her thigh was like an electric current shooting through her body.His fingers quickly wiggled under her white cotton panties and touched her warm crotch. Pam was frozen to her seat. She never felt a man’s hand between her legs. Todd pressed his mouth to hers. His tongue forced her soft lips open and pushed into her mouth.Pam moaned. Her breasts throbbed. She didn’t know what to do, so she stayed still with her knees apart and her cousin’s hand between her thighs. His fingers probed in places only she had ever touched, and it felt terrific. Should she let him touch her there? If she did anything he would stop, and she didn’t want that. So she met his tongue in her mouth with her tongue.”You like that?” Todd whispered.He rubbed a spot on her crotch and Pam groaned. She slumped against the door, feeling weak. Her legs were still spread and her mouth was still open, with a drop of saliva on her chin. She never felt anything so good in her life. Her chest was heaving when she looked at him again.”You liked that, didn’t you?” Todd said.Pam nodded.”You want me to do it again, don’t you?”Pam nodded again. She would give anything if he would touch her like that again.He looked down at her lap. “Take your panties off.”Pam stared at him for a second, panting. She pulled her skirt up over her hips and pushed her panties down to her ankles. Her crotch was moist and warm. That only happened when she touched herself, and it always felt good. Todd’s hand felt so much better.She sat back and spread her thighs. Todd stared at her crotch with a gleam in his eyes. Just being looked at like that made Pam tremble with excitement.His hand brushed her thigh. Pam gasped. She could hardly stand the anticipation. As his fingers neared the soft mound between her legs she spread them wider, moaning.Todd moved closer to her and she looked up at him. He leaned forward and kissed her. Pam pressed her hands into the seat and raised her pelvis toward his hand. His lips pressed gently on hers and his tongue searched in her mouth. Todd’s fingers pushed between her delicate lips between her legs. Pam squealed. It was the best sensation she ever felt.She put one arm around his neck and pulled him down. Her other hand squeezed the door handle. His finger wiggled up inside her so gently. She felt a slight twinge of pain, but the pleasure was so good. She thrust gaziantep escort bayan herself toward his hand.Suddenly he broke away and sat on his end of the bench seat. She stared at him, feeling terribly disappointed. It seemed there had to be something more to what he was doing to her, although she had no idea what.He was panting as hard as her. She glanced down at his crotch again. His hard penis was still there. She longed to take it out of his pants and touch it and kiss it and feel it in her mouth.”You need someone to show you more about sex,” Todd said. His hand rubbed the ridge in his pants.Pam looked away, pretending to be bashful.”I’d like it if someone showed me how to do it.” Pam said”What about me?” he asked.She avoided him with her eyes. “You?””I’ll show you how.”She looked at him. He was playing with the zipper on his jeans.”You would?” Her eyes trailed down to his lap. She hoped he would give her permission to take out his penis.”Sure,” he said, and took his hands away from his lap. “Go ahead.”Pam stared at the ridge in his pants for a few seconds, working up the nerve to touch it. She reached across and put her hand lightly on his right knee. Todd sucked in a breath. Her fingers moved slowly toward the long ridge that built up in his pants. She could feel its shape and hardness through the fabric. She was breathing hard.”Take it out,” Todd said. His voice was a choked whisper.Pam undid his jeans and Todd lifted himself off the seat so she could push them down. His penis jumped out at her and she squealed. Todd sighed.It stood up from his lap like a pole. Pam stared, fascinated by it. Todd’s was a lot like her old boyfriend’s, only much longer and much thicker. It had ridges and bumps and fat blue veins that ran just under the skin. Her eyes followed its length to his balls.She reached out to touch it with her trembling hand. Todd groaned deep in his throat. Her fingers closed around it. The skin was burning, and the bone inside was as hard as a rock. She moved her hand up and down slowly. Todd groaned again. His head tilted back.”It’s so hot,” Pam said in a soft voice. “What should I do?””I think you should kiss it.”Pam turned her eyes up to him. She was crouched on her knees over his lap with one hand around his cock and one hand around his balls. He was staring down at her with excited eyes. She leaned forward, squeezed the shaft of his cock tightly, closed her eyes, and pressed her red lips to the round head. The feel of the spongy head on her soft lips sent a shiver through her body.”Oh yeah,” Todd said with a groan.He must have liked that. Pam kissed it again and he groaned again. She liked the way she could have such an effect on him, and she liked the feel of his cock in her hands and against her lips.”Stick your tongue in that hole on the end. That’s where my stuff comes out.”Her brows crossed. Stuff? What stuff? What came out? She stared at the tiny slit at the end. How could anything come out of that? Still trying to figure out what he meant, she poked her tongue out and licked the slit.Todd sighed. “Oh yeah. Lick it again.”Giggling, Pam licked the slit again, then the whole head. She ran her tongue up the side of the shaft and she stroked it in her small hand.”Now suck it,” Todd said in a deep, rough voice. His hand pressed on the back of her neck.His sudden roughness startled her. He wasn’t hurting her, but he held her down firmly and mashed the head of his penis against her lips. She whimpered. He was scaring her.His hand pushed her head down harder. The head of his penis forced her lips apart. She opened her mouth all the way and Todd forced his penis in. It stretched her jaw wide and jammed her tongue to the back of her throat, making her gag. She squirmed under his grip, but somehow she was excited. Her private area felt warm and moist and tingly, like it did when she touched herself in bed.”Now move your head up and down,” Todd said, his voice a growl. His strong hand eased its grip to let her head come up, then gripped her firmly again to force her head back down.She moved her head reluctantly, gagging and choking under Todd’s grip, and becoming more and more excited. The head of his penis rubbed over her tongue and touched the back of her throat. It was the biggest thing she ever had in her mouth and felt like it would strangle her. She squeezed her lips around it and moved her head up and down as much as she could, although Todd tried to force his penis deeper into her mouth than she wanted.”Do it faster,” Todd said, his voice a hiss. “You’re gonna make me cum.”Make him come? What did that mean? He released his hold of her neck and Pam was sucking him all on her own, moving her head and her hands up and down rapidly. She loved the feel of his huge, hard thing filling her mouth, but she was confused by what he had said. Where was she going to make him come from?”Oh god … Oh god,” Todd moaned.Pam turned her eyes up to his face while she concentrated on sucking him. Todd looked like he was in tremendous pain. She should stop and make sure he was okay. She would hate to find out she was hurting him.Then Todd grunted. His butt lifted off the seat. His muscles became very tight. His penis throbbed in her mouth, and suddenly some kind of warm, thick fluid was pouring down her throat. She squealed, but her voice was muffled by the penis. She took it out of her mouth to cough, and while she was looking at the tiny slit at the tip of the head, a huge glob of white stuff shot out of it and hit her on the face.Pam screamed. Another glob of the stuff shot out and hit her upper lip. Most of it went into her mouth. Pam tried to get away, but the next shot hit her on the neck. She was too shocked to scream, holding the penis away like a snake that had bit her. More of that white stuff dribbled out of the tiny hole and ran down the side of the shaft, covering her hands.Pam didn’t know what to do. It was all over her face and hands and in her mouth and on her neck and leg and was dripping down her chest, and she didn’t even know what it was. He said the hole was where his stuff came out. Was that what he meant by his stuff? And did she made it come out, like he said?”What is it?” she mumbled, trying to speak with her mouth full.”It’s my cum. You made me cum.”Pam spit it out and wiped her mouth with the part of her wrist that wasn’t already covered.”What’s come?” she said.Todd chuckled. Pam felt humiliated.”It’s my sperm. It’s what makes a baby.”Pam felt a moment of panic. “Will I have a baby now?”Todd laughed again. Pam couldn’t understand why he was laughing. He handed her a handkerchief to wipe her hands.”No, don’t be silly. You won’t get pregnant unless I cum in your pussy.”Pam felt confused again and hated not knowing what he was talking about.”My pussy?” she said. She couldn’t imagine him putting that white stuff on a cat, even if she had one.”Your pussy,” Todd said. He reached between her legs and touched her mound. “Here. This is your pussy. This is where babies come from.” He wiped up some of his stuff with his finger. “And this is the sperm that makes babies.”He held it up for her, but she cringed away. She had enough of it in her mouth and didn’t like the taste.Pam cleaned her hands and face and wiped up the droplets of sperm from her chest and leg. She could have a baby. All she had to do was make Todd’s penis come in her pussy. The only thing was, she didn’t understand how a thing as big as Todd’s penis was supposed to go in her pussy. She looked down between her legs. It looked way too small.When her hands were clean she handed the handkerchief to Todd and he cleaned his penis. Pam was tempted to ask him to put it in her pussy, but didn’t know what words to use.”We should get back home,” Todd said, and started to pull up his jeans. “My Mom’s gonna have dinner ready for us soon.”Pam saw her only chance disappearing and tried to think fast. She turned sideways and put her feet up on the seat, leaning back against the door. She smiled at Todd and let her knees fall apart.He looked at her suspiciously. “What are you up to?””I want you to lick me now,” she said, trembling with excitement as she spoke the words.His eyebrows arched up. He looked shocked, and for a moment she was afraid he might be angry. Then his face softened into a smile and he leaned toward her.”You deserve to get licked,” he said as he lowered his face close to hers and kissed her. She put her hand around his neck, teasing her fingers in his hair, and kissed him back. His body lay between her legs, pushing her thighs apart, and it was a delightful feeling.One of Todd’s hands slipped under the hockey jersey. His fingers touched her nipple. Pam moaned into his mouth. Her knees squeezed against his sides. Todd pushed the jersey up. Her breasts fit in the palm of his hand with pointy, pink nipples at the tip. Todd leaned down and licked her nipple and Pam gasped. An incredible tingling sensation shot through her body from her nipple.”Oh, Todd,” Pam moaned as she squirmed under him. She bit her lower lip and squeezed her eyes shut. It felt so good she wanted to burst. The more he licked the weaker she felt until she was limp and whimpering beneath him.His tongue and lips left her nipple. She felt the cool air on the saliva on her skin. He moved between her legs and she opened her eyes to see what he was doing. He was moving down, lowering his head to her warm, private area. Pam’s chest heaved. She felt Todd’s breath on her bare belly and in the few fine hairs on her mound.He kissed her. She whimpered. His tongue came out and licked her. Pam closed her eyes and sighed. Her lower lip quivered. His tongue moved around her pussy and she especially loved it when he pushed the tip of it inside, where his fingers had been. He licked a certain spot down there that he had touched with his fingers that thrilled her. When he licked it over and over she felt like she would explode. Pleasure rolled through her body in waves, building and building until she couldn’t take it any more, then she was exploding.Her small body writhed and bucked. She was screaming out loud, but all she noticed was the light of the explosions behind her eyes and the heavy waves of pleasure that crashed through her body.When it was over she lay still, breathing hard. That was what was missing, when he was rubbing her with his fingers and quit before it was finished. She opened her eyes and looked at Todd, smiling. This was what it was all about, she had no doubt. She wanted to feel that again and many times, and if she didn’t have Todd to do it to her she would find a guy, she decided.Todd was on his hands and knees between her legs. She could see between his legs. His beautiful long penis hung straight down and looked very hard.”Don’t get up yet,” Todd said. He had his hand on her pussy.”What are you gonna do?” Pam said, her voice quivering.He moved up so her spread legs were around his hips. “I’m gonna take your virginity,” he said.Pam gasped. Todd took his penis in his hand and suddenly she knew what he was going to do. He was going to put it in her pussy. As he raised his penis and pointed the head at her tiny pussy, she bit her lower lip and whimpered. She was filled with fear and anticipation at the same time. His fingers pushed the lips of her pussy apart and he pushed the head of his thing against them. Pam giggled.”That feels funny,” she said.He pressed himself forward. She watched the head of his penis disappear inside her pussy and she gasped. It was a strange sensation of being spread open. He pushed it a little deeper. She felt a twinge of pain and gasped again.”That hurts a little bit,” Pam said in a meek whisper. The pain was a concern. She didn’t want it to hurt. She wanted it to feel good. He pushed again and she winced. It was hurting more.”I think it’s too big,” she said, hoping he would reconsider, but he didn’t. He pressed forward until his penis came up against something inside her pussy that stopped it. Todd hesitated and Pam sighed with relief that he wasn’t going to cause her more pain. She was shaking. The pain of her pussy being stretched eased slightly.Todd shoved his hips forward. Pam felt something tear inside her, followed by a searing pain, and she screamed.”Ow! Todd, stop. It hurts,” she cried.Tears rained from the corners of her eyes. She tried to move her legs or push him off, but he was too big. Todd ignored her. She couldn’t understand how he could be so mean or why he would want to hurt her so badly.”Hold on,” he said. He shoved more of his cock into her pussy and she screamed in pain again.She was sobbing and screaming and pushing on his chest and his penis was still sliding into her. His hips pushed her legs farther apart. She was pinned under him and felt helpless to his assault. She was confused and hurt and angry at him for doing this to her.”Take it out. Take it out, please,” she pleaded as she sobbed. Her eyes blurred with tears that streamed down her cheeks.Finally, Todd stopped pushing, but the pain did not ease.”It’s in now,” he said, wiping the tears from her cheek.”Why?” Pam sobbed, her chest heaving. “Why did you do this to me?””We’re making love,” Todd said in a soothing voice. His hips moved slowly back and forth. “Don’t you want me to make love to you?””But … it hurts,” Pam sobbed, and winced in pain when his hips moved forward and pushed his penis a bit deeper into her body.”It always hurts for a girl the first time.”The sharp pain began to ease, if only slightly, but she was still angry at him for hurting her. She stared up at him with a scowl on her face, sniffling. Her crying had stopped except for the pools of tears in her eyes and her shuddering breath.Gradually, she began to notice a new sensation, one she felt over the occasional twinge of pain. It was the sensation of Todd’s thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She began to concentrate on that sensation while she stared up into his eyes. It felt strange at first, then she began to like it. The pain was fading rapidly, replaced by a deep, lusting ache deep in her belly.He was doing it. They were making love. Pam began to respond. Her breathing became heavier. Her nipples tingled. She started to like the feel of his cock moving in and out of her body.Todd’s hips moved faster. His eyes were locked with hers; she could not tear herself away. Pam moaned in shallow, rapid breaths. Her small hands stopped trying to push him off and stroked his sides.”Oh, Todd,” Pam whispered. She felt that thing building inside her, just like it did when he was licking her pussy and she was overjoyed. He was going to make it happen for her again.She was panting and moaning as he went faster and faster, and didn’t even notice when he groaned and his penis started throbbing. She felt a warm fluid filling her insides and she knew he was spilling his white stuff in her belly.Todd lay on top of her for a minute or two, panting. Pam brushed her fingertips over his sides, squeezing his body between her thighs. He lifted himself off and sat behind the steering wheel. His long cock drooped over his lap and was covered with shiny fluids.”We better get home before my Mom asks why we’re late,” Todd said, and pulled up his jeans.Pam sat up and pulled her panties snug against her crotch. The whole way back home she couldn’t stop smiling. The warmth of Todd’s stuff spread through her whole body, and she could feel it leaking from her slit, soaking her panties.

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