The Day I Fucked My Russian Maid

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The Day I Fucked My Russian MaidIt was another slow day at work. Another day where absolutly nothing happened my whole five-hour shift. I left work bored out of my mind… and craving something different. I was staying at a small hotel, since my wife divorced me, and I went up to the third floor so I could just go to my room and sleep until the next miserable day. I noticed the cleaning girl’s cart was outside my door. I ignored it, assuming I could just tell her to come back later. I opened my door and threw down my tie and suit jacket on the bed. I looked in the mirror at myself and noticed the bathroom door was cracked open. In it, the young Russian cleaning girl was touching herself. Her eyes were closed, and she was wearing earbuds. She must not have heard the door open. I could see her perfectly sculpted, young breasts and her freshly shaven pussy. Her bright, fire red hair was messily sitting on her shoulders. I found this all very arousing… but the thing I couldn’t keep my eyes off of were here feet. She had the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. It was as if they were sculpted tuzla escort by an angel. Her bright red toes curled in pleasure as she rubbed her clit with her matching nails. I wanted nothing more than to pick her feet up off my sink and put them in my mouth… but I was scared. Too nervous to even mention it. But what I did do was unzip my pants and begin to stroke my cock. I couldn’t help it. Some firey passion came over me and I just started rubbing my cock with fury, never taking my eyes of her heavenly feet. I watched them write up and down, curling with pleasure and driving me absolutly crazy. I was seconds away from coming and I ripped my hand away from my cock to prevent it. I put myself into an ultimatum; I decided I would either do something, preferably to her majestic feet, or I would just leave and jack off in my car like an asshole. I decided on the first option. I pulled my pants the rest of the way down and tossed them on the bed with my jacket. I walked over to her, perplexed, praying that she’d be just as into as I am. She still had her eyes closed. I watched sancaktepe escort her sweaty breasts heaving with every stroke of her clit, and looked into her blissful face. I wanted to put my cock in her mouth so bad… but I resisted. I instead turned my attention to the pair of fantastic feet sitting on my bathroom sink. I didn’t know what to do, but I did what felt right. I put her big toe in my mouth. I started blissfully sucking on it like a baby at the mother’s breast. My cock became harder than I think I’ve ever felt it. I started sucking her other toes, one by one for two or three seconds each, moaning intently as I did so. Eventually I looked away from her foot and into her face to see her biting her red lips and rubbing her nipples, staring at me worship her feet like she was a godess. It was at this point I stuck her entire foot in my mouth, or at least as much of it as I could. I sucked on it as if I had a disease and her foot was the cure. I stopped when I realised I wasn’t breathing. I backed up a step, panting, when she crawled towards the doorway üsküdar escort and grabbed my cock. She put it in between her big red lips and sucked on it like a jawbreaker. I brushed the hair out of her eyes and put my hands on the back of her head. She cradled my balls with her sexy red nails and sucked them for a moment before turning on her hands and knees and looking lustfully over her shoulder at me, biting her lip. That lip bite drove me crazy. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. She opened her asshole for me, and I started licking it like it was my job. I ate her ass like my life depended on it, and the whole time she moaned and groaned, saying something in Russian I didn’t understand. Eventually she said in her thick, but sexy, accent “I want you fuck me”. I stopped gobbling her ass, and leveled my cock with her wet, pulsing asshole. I put it in gently, and carefully but then she pushed into it eagarly, so I went to town. I pumped in and out of her ass violently, and with a passion I wasn’t aware I had inside me. I pushed, pushed, pushed until I felt myself having the most violent ejaculation any woman’s ever given me. It was so powerful and exhausting that I collapsed on the bathroom floor. I woke up seven hours later to hear the birds chirping and find myself without a wallet or dignity. And that was the day I fucked my Russian maid.

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