The Day We Caught the Train – Part 2


The Day We Caught the Train – Part 2Newcastle Morpeth Alnmouth Berwick-upon-Tweed Dunbar Edinburgh WaverleyThe taxi pulled up in front of Kate’s house and we stepped out into the shadow of the house. The air was a little chilly and Kate had picked up a light jacket from the hooks by the front door and carried to the taxi. She commented on how cold the air was but once she’d stepped in to the sunshine she warmed up immediately. I was walking a few steps behind watching her very well proportioned arse, hips and legs sashay casually to the car….and enjoyed it very much. It’s nice to observe from a distance what you know you’re going to be getting.Once in the black cab I confirmed with the driver, before sitting, that we were heading for Newcastle Central Station and asked him how long the journey was likely to be. He told me fifteen to twenty minutes depending on traffic but it hadn’t been that bad heading to us so probably closer to fifteen.I sat opposite Kate, facing backwards on the passenger side of the car and relaxed in to my seat and gazed across at my beautiful woman. Her breasts aren’t pointy but they’re good solid C’s and whilst not massively prominent under her floaty vest top, knowing what was under there and mine to touch was invigorating and satisfying.I smiled at her and she smiled a naughty and knowing smile back at me…… however,she didn’t actually know at this point exactly what she didn’t know.The cab driver was a friendly sort and asked where we were off to. Not wanting to extend a conversation I told him we were just on a day trip, not sure where and told him it was a lovely day for it etcetera. My excitement was building and I did my best to quell it before leaning across towards Kate and gesturing with my head that she should do the same. “What are you?” I asked her.”I’m a passenger” she replied.”That will get you in to trouble” I answered, and asked her again. “What are you?”. “Your obedient piece of meat sir” she replied.”Good girl” Said I and leaned forwards and ran my hand up Kate’s skirt as high as mid thigh and enjoyed the softness of her skin.I turned back to the taxi driver and started talking about how often we get a day off and despite that, we still couldn’t turn off our mobile phones… He sympathised and asked me what we both did. I lied and told him we were both in facilities management and went on to erzurum rus escort say that even though the phones were on we didn’t HAVE to take every call, just the seemingly urgent. ie, if it’s an emergency they’ll ring a few times and we’d know it was worth the bother of answering.With that set up… the fact that there’d be a phone set to vibrate in both of our pockets, I turned back to Kate…… ;-)I was feeling anxious, excited, expectant and horny. I had no idea how Kate would react to the little vibrator inside the pocket on the gusset of the knickers that I had just bought her…. or, at least what her final response would be.I had selected a “pulse” setting on the wireless remote for the vibrator in her underwear. Hopefully it would sound like a mobile phone and I was wishing I had tested it for noise levels prior to arriving at Kate’s but that’s life…and poor planning.I reached in to my sports jacket pocket, uncomfortable and unnatural looking though the pose is…those pockets aren’t really that useful.I looked at Kate and took a long indrawn breath. She looked quizzically at me and I prepared myself to push the “ON” button. I wanted to take it all in, the play of emotions I’d witness and in my head I was objection handling in preparation for any immediately voiced objections.Still looking at me curiously I, finally, pushed the button on the remote.Kate’s reaction was one of instant panic, a complete lack of understanding about what was happening to her. Her hands immediately went to her groin in response to this. Then some kind of understanding dawned and the play of expressions across her face was pure, unadulterated delight for me.From confusion to anger, she was a little impressed, and definately turned on. She clasped her hands to her chest briefly, like she was trying to cover herself up because she was feeling exposed. That gesture was fleeting and her body began to respond to the pulsing of the vibrators. All of those feelings and gestures were expressed in the first three pulses of the vibrator and then she started to reach towards her groin again. Her eyes were, once again, fixed on me and I slowly shook my head. “You’re not to touch them, remember?”I turned off the vibrator and the taxi driver was laughing as he commented, “Is that the first missed call of the day?”I replied erzurum rus escort bayan that it would be the first of very many missed calls that day and kept looking at Kate as I said it. I continued to say once again, “They’ll keep ringing if it’s really important”.Kate looked at me and realised that despite the noise of the vibrator that I had it covered. She realised that she would be subject to me pushing the button for as long as she wore the panties and as long as the batteries lasted….which might be a while. I made a note to buy more batteries as soon as we reached the station. Kate’s expression was unreadable as she leaned forwards with great urgency to talk to me privately. I pressed the button and the device started pulsing. Kate looked furious but by the third pulse two things happened; the taxi driver guffawed and Kate looked furious that I was ignoring her feelings. Three more pulses and I stopped the little panty machine. “We’ll discuss this on the train, do you understand?” I said in a business like manner. Kate nodded her acquiescence and I turned to the taxi driver and said, “Two calls in five minutes means the issue is quite important but they’ll find someone else to ask. If they don’t I’m sure they’ll call back”.”Bastard!” Kate silently mouthed at me. I grinned and rubbed my semi erection to draw Kate’s attention to it. She looked down and then back at me. “Bastard” she said again and grinned. I leaned forwards and asked her “Do you want to suck my cock?”. “Maybe” was her reply. “You know I like simplicity and specificity in communication, a yes or no is required”. I turned the machine on for six more pulses and Kate was pinned to her seat again. This time I saw her squirming to enjoy the experience and slide her bum forwards ever so slightly to tighten the knickers and press the vibrator closer to her clit.We all know how irritating a vibrating and unanswered phone can be and I felt that we were starting to damage the taxi driver’s calm. I repeated my question, “Do you want to suck my cock?””Yes”. Came the replyWe were only half way in to the journey and I really wanted my cock in her mouth whilst I put the machine on constant but we’re not quite that brave and given our jobs would prefer to remain anonymous. We just looked lustfully at each other across the cab. My hand rus escort erzurum and Kate’s eyes both strayed to the bulge in my trousers and we were transported wordlessly towards our destination and burning to touch each other.A few sexually tense minutes later we arrived at Newcastle Central Station. Kate was actually nervous to stand up in the cab as she saw my hand dart to my left jacket pocket….EXACTLY the response I was looking for.I settled the fair and we wandered in to the station. The taxi driver said have a good day. Part of me wanted him to have realised just what dirty fun we had been having but either he was discrete or oblivious. The concourse was noisy as we headed for the ticket kiosk. Kate, comforted by the background noise, grabbed my right arm as we were walking and tried to gently bring me to a halt. She started saying something along the lines of not just turning on the machine randomly and I reminded her that we agreed to discuss it on the train. I reached for my left jacket pocket and she tried to intercept my hand in its traverse from my trouser pocket. She failed. I turned on the machine and pulled her towards me, held her tight and felt her shiver in response. I looked down and saw embarrassment and the look from earlier that a dirty little secret was now in the public domain. Like a petulant girl she looked at me and with venom in her eyes briskly headed for the ticket kiosk.WOW! I’d gone too far too soon but she was still committed to the day…or she couldn’t think of where else to go and just had to walk away. I was somewhere between extreme excitement and dread. The potential for SO much fun and I nearly blew it. I followed her to the queue and gently and firmly put my hands on her hips, non sexually, and leaned down and gently kissed her neck. She was a little unresponsive. I whispered that I was sorry and that we would discuss the rules on the train as planned but if you wander off like that again I’ll turn on the machine and not turn it off. It’s not like you can put your hand down your pants or strip off in the middle of a station is it?. Her anger didn’t melt away so much as skulk off to the corner to wait for next time I’d go too far, but it was progress and tacit acceptance that that’s what I was doing to her today. I felt my balls contract and wondered just how blue they’d be in an hours time.I couldn’t wait to draw out her orgasm until she was desperate and almost bored. What I’d not yet worked out was just how I was going to get my hands on her or cock inside her to finish her off. Well the first one of many that day, no doubt.Once the tickets were purchased we headed for our platform and a five minute wait for our train.

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