The First Time Carlie Touched Me

The First Time Carlie Touched Me
I woke to realized that Carlie’s fingers were massaging between my legs, stroking through the soft cotton fabric of my panties. She had slept over many times since i met her this semester, sharing my bed with me every time. We were always snuggly, more than with my other friends. I was used to waking up and finding her arm over me, her warm body fitting into the curves of my back and butt. But, never had she touched me like this. I was surprised at first, but it felt so amazing I didn’t resist. In seconds my breathing was quickening. I could hear her breath in my ear. She was really turned on. Her body curled around me slightly as she rubbed me gently.

I let me top leg fall back a bit, giving her more access, which she answered by exploring me further down. I could tell she was working out where my labia were, and my clit. I felt a warm oozy slipperiness between my panties and my skin as she rubbed slightly harder. Emboldened, she slid her fingers under the elastic and traced down through my trimmed pubes to my throbbing clit. Her two fingers pushed past it and into the tight puffiness of my lips, drawing warm lube out with them and pulling it back up over my clit. I thought I was going to explode. I let out a gasp as my head pushed back into her.

She continued to stroke me gently, letting me enjoy the sensation. Her fingers massaged every part of my vagina in a way I’d never felt before. She began to make circles around my clit, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. I could feel an orgasm gathering inside my tummy. Was this really happening? It was so hot! Her breasts pressed hard into my back as my breathing came up and I began to moan softly. Then she backed off, gliding her fingers down the outside of my labia, lower towards my butthole. I was so wet everywhere that they slid freely. For an instant I was disappointed. Then she started again and I felt the orgasm building slowly once more. This time my breathing as more out of control, the rising and falling of my chest flowing with a quiet desperation to climax. Her finger circles seemed to lift me above the level of orgasm and my hips moved with her. How did she hold me there without cumming? Then as suddenly, she backed away again, her fingers slipping down my lips, toying around the base of my opening and pushing a bit into my ass. “Oh fuck…” I whispered as she wiggled them back and forth over my pussy, climbing once again back towards my clit. It was unbelievable. I wanted her so badly. My mouth searched for hers and found it, her hot breath filling my senses as she began to masturbate me once more. Her tongue danced between my lips as I openly moaned at her quickening strokes over my clit. “Pleaasseeee….” I whispered.

She kissed my ear and neck as her fingers steadily ribbed the sopping wet skin between my legs. The orgasm was mounting again. I bucked uncontrollably with her hand. “Oh godddd, oh my….” and I came with such a fury that my body seemed to burn with it. I could feel how pleased she was at my display and i didn’t care. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. She rubbed and rubbed and sustained me at such a level I finally had to break off by rotating my hips back and away. Then I collapsed, my body racked from the pleasure. Carlie continued to touch me all over, feeling my tummy, my breasts, shoulders thighs, clearly enjoying my body as I came down.

After taking a minute to catch my breath, I looked at my friend. “Holy fuck.” Was all I could get out.

“You like that?” She grinned.

“Like, woww…” I smiled back. Her lips pressed against mine again. I’d never thought about kissing another girl. Suddenly it seemed like the only thing in the world.

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