The Hotel

The Hotel
She checked into the hotel. It was her week end to dress and act just like the slut that needed to escape her boring life. She wore a flimsy skin tight top that showed her huge tits and hard nipples. Her skirt was so short it barely covered her ass cheeks. She wore no underwear at all. She had shaved her pussy and put a mint into her cunt. She wanted the tongue she would find to taste how fresh she could be. She reached in and pinched her nipples making sure they were hard and poking tight against the flimsy material. She thanked her mom silently for the nice big firm set of tits she had that she loved sucked and men loved sucking them. Now she was ready to go cock hunting. Her cunt got wet just thinking about it.

She entered the bar and several men stared. She ordered a glass of wine and sat at a back booth. She wondered which man would come to her first. She just wanted him hard and huge and ready for a good long fuck session. She loved a big long thick cock that was hard as a rock and could fuck all night. When it wasn’t fucking one of her holes she loved sucking it and craved the taste of cream spurting down her throat. Two months ago she did a foursome with three black dudes. They were huge and hard and fucked her non stop all night and half of the next day. She got her fill of warm thick cream and when they left her cunt and ass and nipples were raw. It was a great night. This is just why she came here to fuck as many cocks as she could till she went home to her boring life and job.

Just then a middle aged man stopped at her booth and slid in beside her. He eyed her tits and told her “You are way too sexy to be alone.” She replied “Well, now I am not.”  She took his hand and put it on her leg. Then she slid it up to her pussy and he looked pleased she was naked under that skirt. It took him no time to run his fingers over her pussy then finger her clit before he rammed two fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her. She ran a hand over his dick and liked that he was packing a nice horse size cock. She told him ” Want to go up to my room and play naughty before we get arrested here in the bar?” He nodded and they stood and headed to the elevator. In the elevator he pulled her to him and tongue kissed her as his hands went under her shirt and ravaged her huge globes then he lifted her skirt and finger fucked her so hard he lifted her off her feet. She slid a hand down the front of his pants and grabbed that huge dick and began jerking it. Just then the door opened and they got out at her floor. Once inside her room he grabbed her top and pulled it off and then removed her skirt. He shoved her against the wall and sucked a tit as his hand went back to her cunt and fingered her more.

She then unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees and began stroking that huge cock. She had one hand on his cock and her other hand was squeezing and massaging his balls. She loved the nice big round balls that were so firm in her hand. He began to feel his cock throbbing and he turned her to the wall and shoved his cock into her asshole as he three fingered her cunt. His big cock was pounding her ass deep and hard as he fingered her fuck hole giving her a rough but thrilling fuck. It did not take him long to fill her with cream and he then pulled his cock out and discarded his clothes and took her to the bed where he sat and pulled her across his lap. He told her “You have been a very naughty girl. You are acting like a dirty slut. I need to punish you.” He then began to spank her ass hard leaving hand prints across her white skin. He would stop and finger her cunt then go back to spanking her ass more. After her ass was bright red he stood her and told her “Arch that back and show off those big tits. Put on a show for me. Pinch your nipples and get them rock hard. Yes, that is just how I like it. Now spread you legs and show off that wet nasty cunt. Spread your pussy lips so I can see that dirty fuck hole. Now suck a nipple as you finger your own cunt for me. Make yourself cum and cum hard. Yes, turn me on. Now lick the cum off your fingers and then fuck your wet cunt more. Oh baby, that is just what I like. Finger fuck that nasty cunt harder and faster. Yes, get dirty baby get dirty. I love a nasty cunt fucking bitch. See what you have done to my cock. It is throbbing for release. Get down here on your knees and suck this cock for me. Lick my balls and finger my ass. Get nasty.”

As she got on her knees and sucked on his hard cock he pushed it further down her throat. She took him deep and sucked him hard as her hand ravaged his big balls and her other hand shoved two fingers in his asshole and finger fucked him hard. He leaned back and spread his legs further apart and moaned to her “That’s it baby. I knew you could be as nasty as I like. Suck that big dick and finger fuck my asshole. Do it to me. Yes, suck me.” As she sucked him and fingered his ass and kneaded his balls he moaned loving how she knew just what a man needed. He could feel his cock deep in her throat and loved the sucking she could to. It took him almost forty minutes to start spurting his cream down her throat as she swallowed every drop.

He then moved her to the bed and laid her on her back and spread her legs wide. He began sucking on one nipple as his one hand fingered the other nipple and his other hand went to her pussy. He was sucking the nipple hard as he pinched the other nipple but he was finger fucking her wet cunt hard and deep. The he put both hands on her nipples as he moved his mouth to her pussy and he licked the cream from her and sucked her clit then he licked around her fuck hole before he rammed his tongue in deep and tongue fucked her shoving his tongue in her deeper and deeper. She coated his face with her mint tasting cream and he tongue fucked her like a hungry a****l. He pulled and twisted the big hard nipples loving the big huge tits they sat on. He ate her pussy for over an hour then he crawled up on top of her and sank his big cock deep in her cunt and began humping her fast and hard.

They fucked and licked and sucked for the next two hours. He had his cock or finger in her cunt and he sucked on a tit non stop. The sex was hard and demanding almost brutal at times. He had the stamina of a teen ager and he craved her delicious body. She took every inch of the huge dick and let him abuse her body any way he wanted. At one time he took his belt and whipped her ass and her cunt then he folded it in half and fucked her cunt with the hard leather. He ass fucked her as the belt fucked her wet cunt.

He spent the whole week end with her and they never got out of the bed only to shower together and fuck a couple times in front of the mirror. When it was time for her to check out and go home her body was so abused. She had marks and bruises but nothing she did not like. Her nipples were swollen and the sides if her tits had bite marks. Her ass was red and bruised from the whippings. But her cunt and asshole was raw from the fucking by cock and fingers. His cock was also swollen and raw but he did love fucking this sexy slut every minute. They made arrangements to meet again in two weeks. In fact they had a regular week end every two weeks for most of the year. Now she went home to an empty apartment and a boring job and he went back to his knocked up wife and their boring sex. He looked forward to the next meeting with the sexy sex demon.

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