The Housemaids Chapter 2


The Housemaids Chapter 2The Housemaids Machine translation. I ask some errors to apologizeChapter 2Anton was awakened by knocking at the front door. It was Friday, the Arab Sunday, so that he did not work and was able to sleep longer. When he opened the door he saw Suzy and Lilly are facing the door. Confused and unsure about the evening yesterday he asked both in with a note that he had not been cleaned. Suzy said, “Oh, that does not doing anything. I’ll just go for a walk by and thought I’ll check quickly with you in. “Suzy had a black, Asian silk suit at the Anton a bit reminiscent of a martial arts dress. The jacket hung loosely down to her and yet you could see that her nipples were excited. Obviously she had no bra on. Lilly wore a silk cape the rinds covered her whole body with a high collar. On her necklace, which was hidden by the cape, a dog leash was attached with the led Suzy. Anton asked both come in. But Suzy said “seat” and Lilly read the cape to the ground traps and put me on it. Suzy tied the leash firmly on the handle of the door. Anton looked at Lilly as she sat with her legs spread on the ground, his hands fastened securely with the straps at the neck. Suzy stroked her head and said, “If I did not go with her every day for a walk I would never get Housebroken. But let us go now, and I’m going to explain everything again in peace. Thomas is now eh throughout the day with a few neighbors while fishing on the Gulf. “Anton made 3 cups of coffee and Lilly wanted to give a, but Suzy stopped him. “Anton I’ll now explain a few basic rules and afterward I will show you Condominium. 1. We call them here, although “employees” But they are our property. Slaves! You have to obey and need to be educated like puppies. And if they do not obey or make mistakes, we must punish them. Here’s how to puppies. If they are still new and young, we play with them, but when they get older they listen to every command and to make our commands episode. And as with dogs and the boys when they are not under the control castrated. Only the girl you need later for breeding. Our community aim to re-establish a society in which there is a small group is for the benefit of all and there is a group of slaves that exists only to our use and for pleasure. A society in which each and every master mistress can pursue his passion and lust. 2. When the slaves come to us they only have the name we give no more names to them, they have no more possessions, and they also get only what we give them. And they have no will of its own only the more our desires and needs are important. 3. You can do whatever you want with them. As long as they are your property, sometimes we get slaves to care if their masters are in the outside world. This you can use, but should they return again without damage. 4. Sometimes you meet here are couples in the facility where the master or mistress are married to or slave. But they are in the minority. But have also a real slaves, because the partners are usually enjoy only with restrictions. Because in order to come into this circle you must be at least a slave to own 100%. “Suzy now paused for a sip to drink coffee and opened the top 3 buttons on her jacket. As Anton said, “Suzy, you’re saying that everyone in this Condominium at least one person has used herein and as you Lilly used?” “Not everyone, but each family, and not everyone here likes SM or BDSM. We have residents with different inclinations and desires. Here and in other facilities around the world, we can enjoy our lives even though many would call in the outside world as “sick and disgusting”. “” And how you get your kayseri rus escort slaves? “” Well Anton we that you are one now to help us get our “employees” of agencies such as the Ali. “” and how do you get Ali these “employees?” “Mh he buys he or she catches her on the street, some come in search of work through intermediaries , Last week a yacht hijacked by pirates, who have 10 American “high school girl” captured. The millionaire son has made in his pants in fear and said to the captain he could calmly take all the girls when he spared him. “Suzy now had to laugh out loud. “She wanted to have no other because it has Ali get cheap. You’ll see them next Thursday evening yes, Ali makes an auction here. I think I’m going to buy one of them. “Anton listened Suzy and was amazed that it excited him when he thought to possess a woman who had to do everything. He did once with rings in a swingers club just to even yourself to see how it would because Inge has cried and cried and said he would love them no more if he wanted to sleep with other women. “Suzy, what do you think what a girl like that cost?” “Oh, that one you get for 100 or 200 dollars. All here know that this is less an art than a liquidation sale. “Suzy now opened the other 3 buttons of her jacket and he could see a little bit of skin underneath. There she sat in his living room. Her black hair hung down on either side of her face. It seemed narrower and softer than yesterday. The narrow eyes, small nose and small mouth smiled so gentle and innocent. A hand began to stroke slowly over his crotch. She slid from the bed to the floor and pulled it off her jacket and slowly pulled him then his pants off. She slowly began massaging his cock with one hand and with the other she gently kneaded his balls. When she began to massage his stiff cock with her lips and sucking on him, slipped a finger into his anus. It was filled to damp and slid easily inside. You had to have him prepared beforehand in her pussy. Slowly she massaged his prostate him. Now she began to move faster and deeper, lifted her head and fell in the same rhythm. Anton was just before the outpouring since they stopped and pressed two fingers against the spermatic cord. With her other hand she grabbed Anton’s hand and pulled him up. Quickly she led him to the Lilly was still sitting by the door on the floor. Lilly immediately opened her mouth and Suzy led her a Antons tail. Lilly immediately began to suck cock and massaged from the shaft to the glans. Suzy was still holding Antons spermatic cords with her fingers closed and when she took off shot Anton’s sperm deep in Lilly’s throat. After she had swallowed it all, she tilted her head down and said, “Thank you. Mr. gift for your sweet” Thereupon Suzy her pants and said, “So Anton, now it is time for you the 1X1 of” education “and” attitude “to teach. Your slaves only have a will that is yours. If not they will be punished. Tell Lilly what she has to do now, and remember I’m not there yet and would like to have something like this. “Anton took the leash from the door and went back into the living room. Lilly followed him on his hands and knees like a well-behaved dog. Then he saw that her ass was covered all over with welts. He looked at Suzy and asked, “What did she do wrong?” She dessert that Thomas gave her, she does have eaten but then not cleaned everything. But do not worry, I’m sure the dildo in her pussy has her very much because they had my permission to allow her to come during the punishment. And she came at least 3 times. Enough for a whole month. “And as they say that they fingered again Lillys pussy and fondled her breasts. When Lilly began to moan was Anton Jealous and Furious. He pulled on the leash upward, pressing her against the wall, spread her legs and feet with a loosened the leash from her collar. With one hand he grabbed Lilly’s nipples and Squeezed it together between two fingers. At the same time he began to lead her pussy edit until you came just red welts on the inside of her thighs and he heard Suzy on the couch. He turned and looked like Suzy with 4 fingers satisfy themselves. Then he said to Lilly, “Go get it, Move it you bitch I want to see how your mistress. And hear, not until she has at least 3 times hosed. “Lilly went to Suzy pulled their fingers and began her pussy with his tongue edit. Quickly, she also worked on the G-spot with 2 fingers. When Anton saw this he wished to penetrate with his cock in Suzy. He raised his hand with the line and hit as hard as he could in order to Lilly’s ass. He shouted, “Take the whole hand you whore.” And Lilly immediately began to increase their number of fingers and pressed her fingers in no time at all in Suzy’s pussy and tried to press her hand in it. Anton stood beside the two and looked with a stiff in the amount available to the tail. When he could no longer bear Squeezed he slapped his hand on his dick in ass Lilly Lilly’s mouth. Anton enjoyed the fucking into her mouth, savoring it to see how Lilly Suzy fucked with his fist and he enjoyed it, that someone was to ask you not only had to do something but you could just tell. He shouted, “Faster and deeper you whore.” Lilly did not know if he said it was still struggling in deep with her hand in Suzy penetrate and fucked his cock down to the shank and even threatened to get out of air. Lilly was scared. Fear of punishment her mistress, anxiety because she did not know this gentleman and did not know how he could punish, anxiety because there were two people that could use it without restriction. And fear that they might lose the love of her mistress and she is sold to the “Grand Master”. Because if they would be sold, not how it would go with her knew. She only knew that when the Grand Master, the girls will never have an orgasm. And she was not allowed to bring her daughter to be as promised by her mistress. Anton wanted to fuck now and then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood behind Lilly. He took his cock into Lilly and began to fuck her with hard thrusts. Lilly began Suzy at the same rate in Suzy’s hand to push the abdomen as Anton fucked her. Anton thought about how many times he wanted to do it with anal and Inge Inge did not want this. He pulled in from Lilly’s pussy and pushed his cock with all her strength in the ass. Lilly moaned on Anton’s cock seemed about to become even greater. Suzy came at the same time with a loud cry. She said to Lully: “Do you bitch was further 3x commanded you.” While Suzy began again, groaning to enjoy the satisfaction by Lilly Anton erupted deep into Lilly’s intestine. He pulled his flaccid cock from Lilly, and watched as Lilly continues trying to satisfy their mistress. After Suzy had come yet 2x licked Lilly Anton’s cock until all traces removed, after which it was again out of their place on the door and tied. Suzy and Anton again enjoyed a cup of coffee before Suzy stood up and said: “So Anton, I will show you now sometimes the entire residential complex.” On leaving the apartment Lilly was still dependent tidy up the apartment and cook lunch. As the two had left the house Suzy said: “So Anton, we live here in the inner circle. The inner circle are these 3 houses around the main pool. At this pool our common parties are held. In the houses around the main pool only singles and couples without c***dren live. Here you can do anything with his employees. The house to the street to the wall is inhabited by slaves who have earned the right to live on their own or with their own families. Right and left of the inner circle of houses with the larger apartments. Here live families have already reached puberty their c***dren. These houses each have their own pool so you can swim with the whole family without the k**s look like one or the other educates its employees here. This does not mean that nothing happened until recently they have caught the evening a couple of teenagers who need two “employees” after a few beers show them a “life porn”. You know the tendencies of their parents and sometimes even these parts. In most cases, they are in boarding schools in their home countries. The outermost circle is for families with small c***dren. A red ribbon on Earth marks the border. Here is ever a pool area also has a c***dren’s pool. Behind the red line we are like in the outside world. No sexual activity in the common area. Also, there is here a duty to cover yourself always. The parents live their passion in their homes or in special rooms by combination lock. The outer wall delineates our area from the rest of the city. The security guards can only residents, people we meet you at the gate or people know the password in. We have residents with various inclinations and desires. Swingers who want to spend only a few common with other couples hours, people standing on group sex but have no SM wishes, married couples where the partner or both are submissive. Together we have only 2 things. First, joy of sex and secondly at least one employee in the personal property. Especially the second point ensures us to secrecy. “While all this said Suzy Anton they ran through the entire condominium and looked at everything. It was the first time that Anton realized how big the plant was. Anton turned to Suzy and looked at her. She told all this without giving the slightest impression that this is not the “traditional” way of life corresponds to the most people. For them, it all seemed quite normal. And he asked them, “Suzy, but you is the awareness that slavery is i*****l in most countries?” Suzy smiled and said, “really, maybe the slaves no longer work in the fields, and pick cotton. But it has always existed and will always exist, slaves only serve a purpose, namely to serve us and us to fulfill all our wishes. “They went on and Suzy was still one way or another special feature of the residence, and if them other residents met Anton did not know, she presented them with each other like a walk through a public park. When they came back to Anton’s apartment, it was cleaned and Lilly was normally vested in the kitchen and cooked lunch. At a questioner view of Anton said Suzy: “This afternoon Lilly leisure. When she is finished with the washing up later, they may withdraw and if they want to meet with other Maids and to sunset do what she wants. If we do not give these recreational them, they break and the whole investment and education was free. . You ought to also treat your girl later “After dinner, Suzy said to Anton,” Let’s shower and then do what you already want all the time “They went into the bathroom went out and enjoyed sharing a bathroom with shower.. Suzy Anton washed all over, crouched down and began to meet with the mouth in slow. As Anton’s cock was stiff, she turned around and they both started it in the shower to drive like a normal couple. After both came they went into the bedroom and began to meet with his mouth again. Against Sunset Suzy adopted and went into her own apartment.

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