The Hudsons

Double Penetration

The Hudsons”Now mommy is going out for a little while, so you be a good little boy for daddy. Okay sweetie?” My wife was speaking baby talk to our nine month old son before handing him to me. “And who knows, we might soon have you a brand new little baby brother or sister on the way.” She whispered to him again as I held him. He was happily nursing on a bottle. Our son was of course too young to understand what she was talking about, but I knew full well, and cringed helplessly. “Luv you darling, don’t wait up.” She said after a pecking me on the forehead before walking toward the front door and out to a waiting car. Her perfume and the enticing sight of her beauty in that thigh high party dress caused me the utmost pride that she was my wife, even if she was another man’s woman.My name is Jerry Hudson. My wife Judy and I have been married for five years. Over that time, a series of significant events have happened. I have finally resorted to gathering my thoughts and recollections and writing them down to see if I can make sense out of all that’s occurred.Judy and I met after I graduated from the state university. We both were working at a company fifty miles from my home town. She was the most beautiful girl that I’d ever had a chance to meet and talk with. I never had much luck with girls in high school or college so when Judy and I started having lunch and subsequent dates, I was walking on air so to speak.We had so much in common. We were both Catholic. We talked quite a bit about our religion. We both were strong believers but not really devout. We liked many of the same movies and books. I wondered for a while whether or not if she was a virgin. During a date when we were petting very heavily and I got bold enough to gingerly place my hand on her size 38 mammary endowments. She took my hand and moved it around her delightful chest and then pushed it away.”Satisfied?” She said afterwards smiling at me. I was blushing, as this was a very bold thing for me to do. The moment of me going further seemed to be broken. To my surprise, she started talking about sex and how far our religion says we should go. She let me know she was not a virgin.I took her revelation that all was not loss and this was the green light to go further. Instead, she wanted to know if I was a virgin. I tried to be evasive; after all there aren’t many guys who go around broadcasting their virginity.”You’re a virgin aren’t you? I know you well enough to see in your face you don’t want to admit it.” She said as she looked me deep in the eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes were so intense as she gazed at me.I never came out and said I wasn’t, but through a series of interrogative questions, she got me to admit to two failures in which I never got to actually put it in either of the girls that took their panties off for me.”You’re still a virgin then.” She said which caused me to blush even more as she kissed me with a broad smile on her face.I however, didn’t reveal that one reason I was still a virgin was premature ejaculation with the first girl and the second, my date laughed at how small I was. I was too embarrassed to continue and try to sex her. Especially as my date had straddled my head and basically forced me to eat her out. Then after she got off, she had me carry her home and basically said not to call her again, unless I wanted to eat her as she was impressed by the good head I gave her.I did call her to see if we could go out again, but she insisted that I would only be guaranteed tongue time in her pussy. I was humiliated, but I did do as she wanted, even though she’d opened her legs for many, many guys on campus. I promised her to secrecy, but my dorm roommate, Jim, a notorious campus stud got her to tell him about me and her. Well more about that later, but back to Judy and I.”Jerry you want to get in my panties don’t you? Don’t be shy, admit it.”Judy’s boldness caught me off guard and had the effect of subduing my aggressiveness once I found out she was more experienced than me and especially after she’d given me the third degree.”Since we were getting closer, I-I thought it’d be good for both of us.” I replied nervously and meekly.She then put her hand in mine as she spoke.”Jerry I do like you a lot too. But I do want to know you better. The other thing is that I like the fact that you’re a virgin, and that if we go on to eventually get married, I want you to come to our wedding bed that way.””W-What! Y-You can’t be…” I muttered in disbelief.”Yes, I am serious. If you love me and want this relationship to grow, you’ll not ask me to have intercourse until we’re married.”I could see the determined look in her face as she went on to tell me that it was also a good testament to our religion also.”Even though I’ve failed to keep my virginity, there is no reason we both have to fail.”Her words, while noble were not quite what I wanted to hear.”J-Judy, I-I applaud you a-and know you mean well, but please d-don’t make me wait that long. I-I love you and w-well think it would do us both…” She cut me off again.”No dice Jerry, if you really love me, you wait. If you don’t love me and want to break this relationship off, then I’ll let you have some and then we say goodbye. Which way do you want it?” Her voice changed. Her tone cowed me as I pondered this rather unexpected and unusual turn of events.I of course wanted to see her again. She was the best thing ever to happen to me. I caved in and agreed to her demands.”I know you love me now. For that I’m going to let you see my pussy. I know you want too.” She said as she stood up and without the least bit of embarrassment pulled her panties off, threw them at me and raised her skirt.The sight of her well trimmed dark bush was like holding up a steak to a starving man. My mouth got watery and my throbbing prick pulsed.”You like?””Y-Y-Yes. Y-You’re beautiful.””While there’ll be no intercourse, I will permit you to lick it if you wish to.” Judy said with a strange but broad smile on her face.She didn’t have to say more. I was drawn to her crotch like a magnet. The enticing musk scent smell of her sex invaded my nostrils.”OOOH YEEESSSSS!” She cried out as my tongue and lips made contact with her juicy pussy lips. She grasped the back of my head and held me for almost twenty minutes as she got off twice to my oral activity.”That was delightful Jerry. You give great head. I know you and I are going to get along well.”As she was tired and ready to go to sleep, she was going to show me out of her apartment as I brought up the idea that maybe she would do the same favour for me, since oral sex was not technically intercourse.”No Jerry, me doing that for you is much more like intercourse than what you did, since you’d be penetrating my mouth. No I won’t suck you off, but next time I’ll jerk you off.” “N-Next time? Can you do…””Not tonight darling. I’m too tired. I want to go to bed and reminisce on how well you ate me out. You’ll have to take care of your problem yourself until we get together next time.”With that we kissed and said goodnight. I went home with blue balls and found relief with my hand. As I stroked, I thought of eating her tasty pussy.NEXT DATE”That was a wonderful concert Jerry and the dinner was superb. I’d never been to that restaurant before.” Judy said as we settled down on her couch after an evening out.We continued to talk and watched TV as we snuggled and petted. Again, at the throbbing urgency of my prick. I asked her if she wanted to reconsider sex.”If you do, we never see each other again. I think you want to get rid of me. Is all you want to do is get in my panties? Do you want me or just my pussy?” Her tone was belligerent. I knew I’d said the wrong thing. I quickly apologized.”That’s better. Next time Jerry sweetie, don’t let your prick get the better of you.” She chided me.It took a while but we got back in the mood. I could tell our petting was having an effect on her. Soon she placed her hand on her thigh and gently slid it right up to her hot moist cunt. She wasn’t wearing any panties.I caressed her warm hairy sex with my fingers. Soon she guided me to my knees as she laid back and urged me on to love her with my mouth. I was now doing with my tongue and lips I’d previously done with my fingers. I loved the gyrating motion of her crotch on my face and her moans of enjoyment were such sweet music. I delighted in pleasing her this way.About 15 minutes later I got her off and this time I was treated to the action of her soft hands on my throbbing prick. She jerked me off into a wad of tissue. It was most delightful.We nuzzled afterwards and I felt so close and cosy with her. A feeling like I’d never had before. We both professed our deep love for each other.HER NEED FOR REAL SEXJudy and I dated fairly steady, and each weekend we had our own type of sexual pleasure. I’d suck her pussy and she’d jerk me off.About two months after our first sexual adventure, people at work knew we’d become somewhat of an item. Then I heard something that disturbed me greatly.I was in a restroom stall in a different part of the plant and overheard a couple of guys at the sink talking. “Yeah, that poor sap Jim doesn’t know Tom Hall is screwing Judy and giving him help he doesn’t know about.” I overheard the two men say as they left chuckling.Tom Hall, handsome with a gift to gab, had a reputation of being a lady killer for both married and single women.I was no good for the rest of the day. I pondered for hours how to broach the matter with Judy.To add fuel to my turmoil, Judy had been out several times over the past few weeks with some girl friends of hers, when I wanted to go out with her to catch a movie. My mind ran amuck with suspicion until I got myself under control. I decided to wait until the next weekend when we were scheduled to have our regular Saturday night date.After we had our usual sex, I nervously let her know of the silly rumour about someone that resembled her being involved with Tom Hall.”I was wondering if word was going to get back to you about Tom and me. How long have you known darling?” She asked without the least bit of surprise.”Y-You m-mean it-it’s t-true?” I stammered in shock.”Yes darling it is. I’d planned on telling you, but it never seemed the right time to do so. Plus I was afraid of you wanting to stop loving me the way you do.””B-But why? Is it-it over between us? Y-You d-don’t love me anymore?””Jerry darling I love you very much. And no it’s not over between us. And as to why, well darling, I hope you understand what I’m about to say.Darling, you’re the virgin, I’m not. I have these needs and urges that must be taken care of, that’s why I’m dating Tom on the side. Yes I know he’s a pussy hound, and a good cocks man too, I might add. That’s what I need now. Don’t worry darling, my heart belongs to you, even if I let him play with my pussy. As soon as we’re married, it’ll be over with him”.”What!” I cried out.”Honey, I love you, that’s why I want to marry you as a virgin. Since you’ve basically committed to remain that way for me, I have to have more than your tongue in the mean time.”We talked for a very long time about this situation. She was adamant that I remain a virgin and that Tom meant nothing more than sexual intercourse.When I raised objection to continuing to giving her head, as she continued dating Tom, she wouldn’t hear of that either.I thought hard about doing as she wanted. Her logic, even though humiliating to me, was reasonable. She was the best thing that ever happened to me so I gave in and pretended to not hear the whispers at work behind my back.Eight months later when we got married, rumours had it that Judy was sleeping around with three other guys at work. She convinced me not to worry about such malicious drivel and she assured me that she was still mine irrespective of all the silly rumours. However, as I think back over matters, she never denied the accusations.After the wedding, she switched jobs for better pay at a different company and I felt better about that.I was in seventh heaven for having such a beautiful bride and being able to enjoy my conjugal privileges.However, it was apparent I didn’t have the stamina to please Judy with just my virgin prick. It took a combination of my mouth and cock to do so. Tonguing her pussy after I’d given her my five minutes of intense screwing usually ended up in me also eating out my own jism to get her off.I really didn’t like doing that, but she enjoyed it, so I got accustomed to doing it for her. After all, nothing was too good for this goddess I married.AN OLD COLLEGE BUDDY COMES TO TOWNShortly after we married, my friend Jim, who was my dorm mate at the university looked me up after moving to town.I really didn’t want Jim anywhere around Judy. I sort of looked at Jim as a so-so friend, but knew he was an opportunist. I was afraid he might get Judy interested in desiring being with more studs like she was going with before we got married.You see, Jim was hung and quite a pussy hound.From the first time Jim came over to dinner, which he kind of invited himself to; I could see the vibes between him and Judy. I knew I had to put a stop to it.When he wanted to come over the second time, I let him know that we were too busy and that we would call him when it was a better time.”You just don’t want me around that gorgeous wife of yours. Are you insecure Jerry? Do you want her to know about some of the things you did back at the university?””J-Jim you wouldn’t bring that up would you? Besides, who’d believe you?””Get serious Jerry. You know your face would give you away the first time I mention about you and the campus slut.””S-Stop it Jim. You know that’s not true. Don’t you even t-think about saying…””Only if you agree to me coming back over. Look, can you really handle that much woman? How are you holding on to her with your little pecker? Can she even feel it? I know you’re eating her to get her off, aren’t you?””Stop it Jim!””Tell you what good buddy. If I don’t make a pass to her others will do it or are doing it. You may be getting some help you don’t know about already.”His word hit home like a thunderbolt. The possibility wasn’t that remote and I knew it.”Jim don’t even go there I-I don’t want to hear. . .” He cut me off and went on talking.”Tell you what. Why not let me have a go at her and I’ll tell you if she yields into temptation. You’d never know about what she’s doing with strangers. Jerry you’ve got a golden opportunity to get the real low down on her. Don’t blow it. Besides, she’d probably leave you anyway if I tell her about your taste for…””Stop it Jim! You know that not true. You know you tricked me when I was drunk a-and took that Polaroid of me with Kathy.””drunk or not, you did so, and quite adiosbet yeni giriş well I might add. She said you swallowed every drop.””I hope you got r-rid of that Polaroid. You used it to blackmail me into doing your homework for two years. I’m not as easily intimidated now as I was then. So don’t even. . .””I lost it, but I know you. The mere discussion of the incident will have you face bright red and you’ll look guilty as sin as she questions you whether you’re a latent pervert, that is, for eating the campus slut out after she’d pulled a train at that frat party. What was it, 16 guys creamed in her? Do you want your pretty wife to know about your taste for such spermy snacks, Jerry old buddy?””Okay! Okay! I-I’ll go along with your program. B-But Jim, you have to give me your word that you won’t tell her anything about that incident.””My lips are sealed.””A-And Jim, y-you’re not to go all the way. I-I just want to know if-if you can find evidence of…””Don’t worry Jerry, I’ll fill you in what happens. Bye buddy”.Jim came by a few more times. I knew from my conversations with Judy she found him interesting and admired his good looks. It pained me to hear her say that.I wasn’t prepared for what she said next after Jim had been over for dinner about a week later.”Jerry honey, you know I love you dearly. But I have a favour to ask.””Sure hon, what is it as I sat on the patio sipping lemonade one evening.”Would you get terribly upset if I went to bed with Jim?”I almost choked on my lemonade and ended up spitting out what was in my mouth. “J-Judy y-you can’t be serious.” I sputtered.”Darling, I was afraid of this and I wanted to find a way to tell you, but I need more than you’re doing for me in bed. Don’t get upset. I know before we got married, I had other, er, I mean another man on the side, and I told you about that. With us being married I thought my need for another man would go away. Darling, understand, I truly love you, but from what you tell me, Jim maybe can help us out here.”I had told her about Jim being a playboy, more for her to be on guard against him rather than as advertisement.We talked for a long while. I guess I was always afraid of this coming up after discovering it took so much more effort to satisfy her in bed than I envisioned. I mentally lamented that I wished she was getting me help on the outside and me not knowing about it rather than for me to know about Jim and her fucking each other.”Jerry, you know we have something special. After all, I wouldn’t have wanted you to be a virgin when we got married. I went with other, er, another man until we were married to insure that you would be that way on our wedding day. You know I love you, otherwise would I have done that? You know my heart is yours. Nobody can take that from you.”Her wording of what she was trying to say didn’t quite come out the way she wanted – I think – but I knew she meant well in telling me my saving myself for her was special. The bad thing was that it was clear, very clear, that while nobody could take her heart from me, her pussy apparently was up for grabs.I was very dejected at her request, but she did make a similar case, as Jim did, that is about her extramarital activity being with someone that was a friend and not a stranger.I cursed myself as I heard myself utter the words agreeing to her to become adulterous with Jim.True to his word, Jim let me know a few days later that he’d scored.I cringed at his words.”You’ve got one hot lady there Jerry. I mean really hot. But I think I managed to cool her down a bit. But look, is it true what she told me about you giving her the okay for me and her?”Answering him was the hardest thing I’d ever done. I felt so downtrodden and emotionally drained after hanging up the phone. The other thing that got me upset was the erection I got after telling him he basically had free rein to screw my wife.GOOD NEWS BAD NEWSJim became a regular at our house and in my wife. It was really tough looking him in the face whenever he came over to be with her or for them to go out of town on dates. They were at least discreet enough to do that and not be seen by the local folks, including our families.Judy said her doctor took her off the pill due to side effects. She started using a diaphragm as her chief means of birth control. I wanted Jim to use condoms in addition to that, but they both voted me down on that. She assured me that the diaphragm along with a spermicide would protect her.”Jerry honey, I don’t use spermicide with the diaphragm when we make love cause that would interfere with you eating me out. So I’m really only risking getting pregnant from you. Anyway, I just love your tongue on my pussy. I have to have that.”I’m sure she didn’t mean for it to come across the way it did, but she said “Men like Jim, don’t eat pussy, so the spermicide is not an issue with him.” I didn’t bother to ask for any clarification. I’d come to the conclusion that some things are better not explored. I had enough emotional issues to deal with as it was.It’d had been six months with Jim being a regular third party in our marriage. I didn’t ask my wife much about their relationship, it was just too painful for me to get further details on my cuckoldry. I just sort of let her or Jim volunteer details to me, even though I was dying to know.What I eventually found out devastated me. Jim was sexing her almost two to three times to my once a week efforts. I was so alarmed I asked Jim if the relationship was becoming more than just sex.”I guess there is some emotional attachment, but look buddy, I wouldn’t dream of trying to take her from you. I’m not the marrying type.” His words did comfort me somewhat.A few days later another big event came about which gave me even greater satisfaction. My wife announced we were going to have a baby.We hadn’t planned on one so soon, but I was overjoyed. Little did I know that my joy would turn to anguish and agony nine months a year later.Judy assured me she was certain the baby was mine.To my surprise, both our mothers came over to meet with Judy and me to ask the same question.”Son, we didn’t say anything, but we knew about Jim being the other man in your marriage.” My mom said. “You don’t have to feel ashamed about needing help with your bedroom obligations. More marriage would be stronger if all husbands got such help.” My mother-in-law added.Their praise was well meaning, but caught me by complete surprise and caused me the greatest discomfort while sitting beside my Judy, as she lovingly held my hand. She looked radiant.”However, we wanted to be sure you two are ready to deal with the possibility that the baby may be Jim’s.” Mom went on to say.I’d never given it the least thought of what I would do if it was his. I didn’t want to. But our moms got me to swear that I would accept the baby as my own and not hold it against the c***d. I gave my word.As the women were leaving, mom joked with me and said that maybe it wouldn’t be bad if the baby was Jim’s since she was sure he and my wife would make a prettier baby than she and I. I couldn’t believe my ears. My own mother was dumping on me.”Don’t fret or get upset. I’m just joking. You know I love you and Judy and will be a good grandma to whatever the baby looks like.” She said kissing me on the cheek before she left.Judy got really swollen and after the first sonogram, it was revealed she was carrying twins and they appeared to be fraternal.We both were elated and made the additional plans. Both our parents were also overjoyed.All the family was there when Judy was delivering at the hospital. I got the usual praise and congrats from all. I was on cloud nine.After about three months the babies facial feature began to fully come out, it was painfully obvious, Jim was the biological father of our c***dren. They both resembled him very much.My wife explained it as an accident, but almost in the same voice praised the virility of Jim’s sperm to fight through the spermicide and around the diaphragm. I was hurt.Our mothers were present at the time and they too seemed more concerned with praise for Jim than consolation for me. I sat silent and insignificantly as the three women doted over the babies.Upon leaving, the two moms, sternly reminded me of my sworn pledge. I’d never known them both to look so serious. I meekly reassured them. “The c***dren are just like my own and I will treat them the same way.” I meekly said as they took in every word.They both hugged and kissed me before they left saying what a “good daddy I was going to make.”Jim seemed to become a bit cockier. He did console me slightly for what happened. I guess if you call him saying “tough break” as an act of consolation. He never really apologized. I at least expected him or my wife to do that. I just thought it would be a good gesture.As the k**s grew, they began to call Jim “Uncle Jim”. Over time, I settled in as the true doting father. The k**s grew on me, and Jim and my wife grew closer. She became his main source of sexual pleasure.The members of both our families knew about him being the k**s’ real father and they knew or suspected he was also the real man in the bedroom.I tried to persevere as best I could and deal with the k**s and my cuckoldry.Judy was still loving and affectionate toward to me, but in one way or another Jim ended up being a part of our conversation when were together. I tried to prevent and discourage it, but it was no use. I gave up.I was really worried about him taking her away from me, but they both assured me that wasn’t in the plans. It was still just sex, so they both said. I was somewhat relieved, which helped make my cuckold existence as tolerable as possible under the circumstances.A DAY IN THE LIFEWhen Jim and my wife wanted to be alone for sex, I of course babysat the twins. Sometimes the k**s were over at one or the other of their grandparents.My wife typically wanted me in the house when she was getting screwed by Jim especially if the k**s were over at our parent’s place, and I didn’t have babysitter responsibilities. Her belief that as her husband, I should expect to be near her, even if I couldn’t be in her.My counter arguments never seem to impress her and she just accused me of not being supportive of her needs and being ashamed of what she had to do to make up for my shortcomings.These spirited discussions, with her providing the zest in them, were often done with Jim present. While she berated me for wanting to desert her when she needed me, he just listened and smiled smugly seeming to enjoy my embarrassment and torment.I often gave in and stayed after being browbeaten by her that I’d be less than a man if I didn’t stay around while another man fucked my wife.To make matters worse, my wife didn’t try in the least to restrain her loud cries of enjoyment as she achieved multiple orgasms. She made no secret that Jim got her off several times, compared to my one. I had to use a combination of my prick and mouth to do even that and she was not shy about letting Jim know that.One day they were really going at it and I had just finished doing the dishes and was sitting down to enjoy TV.I’d hoped to leave before Jim came over, but my wife got to me first. I had to stay if I didn’t want to get another lecture about deserting her when she needed me most.Well just as I got comfortable, she called me into the room. This was unusual, so I rushed in.I’d only glimpsed Jim and my wife making out from a distance, but never up close.I was not prepared for what I saw when I entered the room. The air was permeated with the smell of hot sex. The sight of Jim’s big prick, even soft, looked like it was three times the size of mine, laid languidly between his legs as he laid back on the stack of pillows behind his back.Judy, my wife was laying back, legs parted. Her hairy crotch was messy, to say the least, with thick jism rivulets slowly oozing out of her bruised vulva lips. My eyes went right to the sights before me. I stood there momentarily before I inquired what I was being summoned for,”Do you like to see my cunt so well satisfied darling?” My wife said.”I-I heard you c-called. Is-Is everything o-okay?”I intentionally avoided her pointed question.””Everything is very well. So well in fact that I wanted to see if you wanted to join in and add to our, well really my good feelings.” She ran her finger through her sloppy, gloppy, jism leaking cunt lips, reddish in colour and inflamed from all the use Jim had subjected it to.”I-If you want a drink or something I-I’ll…””I want to offer you a drink… well it’s really more like a meal it’s so thick. You see darling, I want you to be a part of the good way Jim makes me feel. I want you to eat me out.I had to sit down in the nearby chair. My knees got weak. Her words hit me hard. At that moment it seem as the past flashed before me and hit like a thunderbolt. The sight of the campus slut’s squishy jism saturated bush popped into my mind. Had Jim broken his promise and told my wife about the incident from my past?”J-Judy… I-I, er, y-you d-don’t mean f-for me t-to a-actually…””Yes darling. I want you to come over here and love me with your mouth and share the moment with me.I began to perspire and my voice cracked as I stammered out my reluctance. It was then that Jim interceded.”C’mon Jerry, lets go talk for a minute. We’ll be back in a minute baby.” He said getting up out of bed and giving a quick wink to my wife. He walked over to me with his wet, cum and pussy juice coated, dick swinging like a small club between his legs. He grabbed me by the shoulder, literally pulling me out of the room back into the kitchen.”Y-You told her didn’t you? You bastard?”He denied that he did, He said it was her idea and that she’d mentioned to him wanting me do it several times before.”She’s had one more martini than she normally drinks, she’s feeling mellow and less inhibited right now. So why not go ahead and indulge her?” He replied.”You’d like that wouldn’t you? Me being your clean up man too wouldn’t you? It’s bad enough you’ve almost taken over my house as well as my wife, a-and that you’re t-the f-father of our k**s.” I blurted out angrily. “Calm down Jerry, calm down.” He said as he got up to get a drink. As he stood up, the sight of his big dick again seem to punctuate his influence over me and the household.After getting a beer, he returned to the table.”Jerry, I understand how you feel. I do. But you have to understand, your wife loves you in a special way. But it’s a type of love that’d only work between you and her. I couldn’t hang with it. I’m made up differently. I wouldn’t even dream of putting up with what you put up with. But you want her. You love her. I don’t. I just enjoy helping you keep adiosbet giriş her. It’s fun. I know you’ve worried about me taking her away. Not me. Now maybe somebody else would want to come in, and take over her and your house and the k**s and have you paying c***d support and alimony, and taking care of them and your ex-wife. So there you’d be, without her and having to support her and another man. But at least I’m your friend and I haven’t had her kick you out or alienate her affections for you. She needs you Jerry, and you her. Go suck her pussy. Go fight to keep your wife. You could have somebody else in here who could possibly have her kick you out. You’d be miserable and not even getting what you’re getting in the way of sex now. You’d be getting nothing.”Jim always had a way with words. But in all his fast talk, influenced by alcohol, he was throwing on me, there was a thread of logic. I knew what he was trying to say. I lamented at having to doing what he was encouraging me to do. I seemed to have sunk so low in the cause of love for the woman I loved.”In order to help you keep another man out of your life and save your marriage, if you don’t willingly go in there and do your husbandly duty, namely clean my jism from her cunt, I’ll tell her you cleaned the spent jism of, what was it, 16 strange loads from some slut’s snatch, but won’t do if for her with only one man’s load. Maybe you’re a pervert that need gang bang pussy. I’ll tell her that.”He started to get up. I stopped him.”L-Look J-Jim. P-Please d-don’t tell her. S-She’d never let me live it down. P-Please.” I pleaded pathetically. “Then go do your duty. I’ll stay out here while you go give her want she needs.”I returned to the bed room and sat on the edge of the bed. The smell of sex in the air was still strong. My wife was still in the same position as I left. The only difference, more of Jim’s copious whitish slimy load had leaked out. The contrast with her dark dense hairy bush was striking. She asked what Jim and I were talking about. I avoided her question and instead nervously asked if she was still serious about me going down on her the way she was.”Of course I am darling. I know how much you like eating me out anyway. I’d like for you to do me when I’m full after Jim’s done me. I think it would be so romantic. I got tired of thinking about it, so I finally got up enough nerve to say so.”When I tried to convey to her how humiliating it would be for me to suck up another man’s spent cum, and how she’d even lose respect for me, she put a jism coated finger to my lips to quiet my words. She then simply looked at me with her enticing blue eyes and said “you’re afraid you’ll like it want you?””W-What?” I replied, caught off guard by her.”You’re afraid that it’ll be so good you can’t willingly stop. You think you’ll get addicted won’t you. Prove to me you’re man enough to do it and not become a cum eating sissy from doing me like this.”I tried to protest her implied characterization about my manhood, but the way she looked at me and while putting my manliness in question with a simple dare, was so intimidating. I knew she knew that it was a sensitive point with me anyway. Nothing I said to dissuade her logic seemed to matter. To her it was simple. I had to prove to her I was man enough to eat up another man’s sperm, out of her well fucked cunt, and not be affected by it.Why I didn’t just walk out of there like a man I don’t know. Instead I proved to my wife what a man I was by going down on her and sucking up the copious slimy remains of her and Jim’s fuck juices.I remembered the taste from my college encounter with the campus slut. The smell was much stronger with my nose buried deep in her soft wet, hairy, soft, plumped labia. The taste wasn’t bad and not unpleasant. Her gyrations of her hairy crotch against my face and her grasping of my head combined with the loud pleasurable moaning from her, seem to add to the total experience, even though I didn’t desire it. I must’ve been there a good 20 minutes before she got off with a rousing come.She relaxed her hands on my head and I pulled my face from her wet hairy pussy. It was then that I first detected Jim standing there. He was smiling at me as I looked at him surprised. My face went immediately red. I knew I could never look at him in the eyes again. He had watched me eat up his fuck juice. I felt an inch high.I know I looked a sight with his spent cum and pussy juice smeared around my face.”That was soooo gooooood Jerry darling.” Judy said in a very sensuous moaning manner. “Thanks for proving me just how much a man you’re are.” She added. Somehow, her statement seemed to have a double meaning, but it didn’t matter, what was done was done.”Now darling, why don’t you leave me and Jim alone. I’ll call you back later when you can be romanticize me some more.” She said reaching over to kiss Jim as he crawled back into bed. I was a gasp at the size of his jutting erection. I’d never seem him erect before.As I walked out of the room leaving the two to their next round of sexing, I wondered how she could take all of his big cock. It was clear now why she seemed so much looser after he came on the scene.THE EAVESDROPPING EPISODEOne day I accidentally left an important business chart at home. After lunch I decided to run by the house and pick it up on the way to see a client.At about one-thirty I arrived at home and noticed Jim’s car in the driveway. Since he was virtually a member of our marriage, I wasn’t totally surprised. I assumed he must’ve taken the afternoon off from work. I was saddened to see it there because generally Judy would tell me when she’s expecting to see him or go out on dates with him. Sex with them was far more spontaneous than me and her. My batteries just didn’t recharge as quick as Jim’s.Anyway, I went in since I needed the chart for the meeting with my client in a few hours.I opened the front door, went in, and was about to announce my presence when a chorus of loud moans and groans came from the direction of the master bedroom. They were so loud it was easy for me to walk on the carpeted floor and not be heard. I immediately knew Jim was working his magic on my wife’s pussy. I was still not satisfied with the arrangement we had, but I tolerated it. To say I was envious of his talent and good looks was an understatement. My wife’s voice cause me to freeze as I was about to leave with what I’d come for. I was on the other side of the bedroom wall, which is also the den wall.”OHOOOOOOO! YESSSS! THAT’S BABY! FUCK YOUR WHORE! OHOOOO! YES! YES! YEAH! THROW THAT BIG DICK TO ME! OHOOOO! I’m ALLLLL MOST THERE! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSS!”It was obvious she was in the throes of an ecstatic orgasm.There was a moment of silence and then the obvious sound of juicy kisses could be heard down the short hall from the open bedroom door. After that I heard them talking. I hated being an eavesdropper but their words cause me to freeze again as I sought to slip out undetected.”That was wonderful darling. I needed that. All I need now is for Jerry being here to give me a clean out orgasm. That would make my day.” I cringed as I heard her say that in such a cavalier manner and heard them both chuckle slightly.”I still don’t know how you got him started doing that, but whatever you did, thanks. I wanted him to do that for me anyway. If you hadn’t got him to do it, I would’ve eventually. What’d you think about him sucking your dick clean too sometimes?””You’d want to do that to him? Do you really love my buddy?””Of course I do. I love him very much. I do. It’s just that I get such a turn on from being the slut to my honest faithful husband, and holding it over his head that it’s all because he’s inadequate in bed. I guess it’s what they say about you hurting the one you really love. I know a guy like you wouldn’t put up with what I do, but I know he will because he loves me, and to some extent, I require him to do these things and take what I dump on him so he can have more things to do to prove his love. I need Jerry to help me live out this fantasy that I’m living. Nobody else would do. I’m on top of the world. I like having cuckolded him. That is with your help darling. And the k**s are the centrepiece. They are a constant reminder that you’re my real man and fucker and he’s my real hubby and pussy sucker”.”He really took well to the k**s. I was surprised.””Oh I knew he would. He wouldn’t take it out on them. He’s a good husband and a good father. He knows they’re innocent. He knows they didn’t have anything to do with you and me bringing them into the world.””You’re a cold slut. I’m glad I didn’t marry you.””You and I wouldn’t make a good marriage, because you’re a play boy and a pussy hound and wouldn’t even give me a second fuck if I wasn’t your buddy’s wife. I know about the thrill guys like you get from doing somebody that’s legally off limits. The mere fact that I’m married makes me more attractive to conquer than anything else I got. I’ve been around.””I guess you have. By the way just how many guys did you sleep with before marrying poor Jerry. C’mon be honest it was more than just than two or three.””Well if you really must know, it was over a hundred in addition to the five guys at the plant I slept with while he and I were engaged.”I almost gasped upon hearing her statement, but quickly put my hand over my mouth. After the shock of knowing I’d truly married a slut, and that the rumours at the plant were true, I continued to listen.”I thought so. I knew it was more than what you’d told me earlier. By the way, you’re right about that new diaphragm. I could hardly tell it was in.””That’s because it’s not darling.””You mean you’re trying…””Yes I want us to make another baby, for me and Jerry. I told him I wanted another. I’ve supposedly not wearing the diaphragm with him, only you.””You are something.””Thanks darling. He’s too short to hit up against it like you. Also, I use a edible spermicide with the diaphragm. That guarantees he won’t get me pregnant and most importantly won’t interfere with his pussy eating. Since that about the only way he can get me off when he fucks. I know I couldn’t fool you, so that’s why I lied about getting a newer type. I wanted you to just be yourself. I wasn’t sure you were up to doing that to him again, like the first time you knocked me up, so I’m helping you out this time.””You little devil. You know, I do sort of like the idea of making k**s but not having the responsibilities.””That’s why you and I have so much fun screwing. You’re not hindered with the burden of fatherhood, only the pleasure from doing it. I get my jollies from having them from you and having Jerry being the good daddy for them.””By the way, are you going to tell him this one’s not his or let him find out like he did last time?””Who knows. And by the way darling, I want all our k**s to have the same daddy, so get ready to do me a few more times.””How many k**s you planning on?””I’d like to have at least three more.””Now you know he’s not going to believe accidents can happen that many times.””You’re right darling. After this accident, I’m going to tell him the same thing I just told you. I want all our future c***dren to have the same father – namely you. He’ll object at first, but then he’ll know his place by then and accept you as the family stud and he’ll accept the family we are making for her and me.”But for now, I have to get knocked up first. I see your dick stirring and straightening out. I can tell you’re getting aroused by the mere thought of what I’m saying. You’re just like me. You liked Jerry too, but you know you get off on doing this to him.””I guess you’re right Judy. You know some people thrive on being presented with constant adversity and humiliation. I think Jerry maybe is sort of like that.””And you know what Jim darling, I wouldn’t be a good wife and you a good friend if we didn’t do things to give him what he needs to tick. So gimme more of that big fuck stick and load me up with more baby making goo. Here, let me lick it first.””Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!”The sound of her unabashed licking and sucking on Jim’s cock was a perfect masking noise for me to slip out of the house and back to my car.I was in a surreal daze as I drove off. With watery eyes, I pulled into a nearby park to try and recover from all I’d heard.I had been used and tricked and was being made a fool of as I sat there. Yet my anger was tempered by the fact both my wife and my supposedly good friend, did have sincerely good feeling for me, even if their dark sides needed to abuse and humiliate me.I felt so helpless as I sat there knowing that my wife was home getting well inseminated by her lover while I sat in my car angry, but unable to do what any real man would do, get revenge. She was right, I did truly love her. And it came right into focus. If it meant willingly putting up with whatever she wanted to dump on me, I guess that’s the way it would be. I mentally accepted myself as being her pussy whipped wimp husband.If they hadn’t said that they still cared for me, I could feel better about hating them both. I was angry at myself for not truly hating them more. I was also angry at the hard-on I got from listening to them as well as knowing that I’d been fighting getting aroused from being humiliated. After a half-hour of pondering what to do, I came to the conclusion the best thing to do was nothing. The script had been written and my role had been determined. If I revealed to them I’d heard them plotting, that would take the edge off their amusement. As a friend and good husband, I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t disappoint them. After all, even though she considers herself my best friend’s whore, she’s still my wife, “for better, for worse.”THE BABY SHOWERAs planned by her, my wife again became pregnant. I pretended to believe I was responsible again.Our moms held a baby shower for Judy and us. I didn’t want to be there, but my wife insisted.At one point, there were so many family members over that our moms enlisted my aid in helping out since I knew where things were in the kitchen and so forth. It was agreed that Judy didn’t need to be on her feet.After all, I did a lot of the cooking for the twins when Judy was out on dates with Jim.By the way, Jim showed up also. To my chagrin, my wife and our moms had invited him. “He’s just like my other son now dear.” Mother’s words hit me like fire place poker, but what could I say.Jim also brought presents. Something for the new baby and a gift for me. I was surprised. However it was practical and I could use at that moment. It was a brown chef’s apron, with a series of Cuckoo clock designs on it and words that seemed to be written in a mixture of French, adiosbet güvenilirmi German, and Spanish. I thought nothing more about them, assuming they were culinary terms. I wore it as I helped with the serving and kitchen clean up duties.Both Jim and Judy both commented on how smart I looked in it. Later, after the crowd of family and friends had departed, and the k**s were in bed, I snuggled up with my wife in the family room.She was especially amorous and cosy as we sat by the blazing fire place. This moment was what I needed. It was times like this that made up for all the other bitter emotional turmoil I had gone through and most likely would again. As we kissed and petted just like we did when we were dating, she constantly had me rub her slightly swollen tummy. I couldn’t help but think about her conspiratorial plans for us raising the bastard c***dren she and Jim were going to make in the future. To my chagrin and helplessness, I couldn’t stop becoming aroused at being the dupe for her.I truly loved this woman and I knew she loved me in her own special way.THE SECOND ACCIDENTIt was déjà all over again. The baby was a boy. This time it didn’t take as long for Jim or my family to declare the baby as biologically not mine. The k** was a spitting image of Jim.It hurt for me to see my own parents congratulating Jim for his role in being the new father. Jim seemed to be treated in the highest esteem by Judy’s and my parent, while I seemed to be just tolerated, even though I was the legal father.Often I found it easier to sit insignificantly when Jim was over at the same time as our parents, as he and Judy were more like man and wife than she and I. I often wanted to leave the house during these times when our parents visited, which was two or three times a week for Sunday dinner and other routine occasions, but my wife often made sure I stayed. My parents also would not hear anything about me leaving either. I could tell they really liked Jim and his smooth talking ways also. My own father let me know he thought Jim was more of a man than I. What could I say.”Dear son, you’re lucky to have a good friend like him to help you with starting and expanding your family for you.” Mother said to me when we were alone for a moment on the sundeck after a recent family Sunday dinner.I looked at her with a blank face. Before I could think of how to reply, Judy’s mom also came out to sit with us. “The k**s really have a great time playing in the yard and they really adore you for being such a good daddy.” She commented.Mother reiterated her earlier comment to my mom.”I told Judy a few moments ago how lucky she was to have a husband that loved her enough to support her the way you have. That is, to see that her needs are being met, even if by another man, and then to accept her accidental babies from the other man. I’m proud to have you as my son-in-law Jerry.”Blushing, I meekly thanked her, even though I wasn’t sure if this was a left handed or back handed complement.”They are such pretty c***dren too, aren’t they?” My mom asked Judy’s mom.”Yes and they all favour Jim.” Judy’s mom’s words made me cringe inside as I tried to turn my face so they wouldn’t see my facial expressions of displeasure at their comments.”Son, it’s good we’re alone.” Mother said in a more serious tone as she lowered her voice and looked at me.”Yes it is Jerry. Your mom and I have been talking, and we, well… it might be better if you tell him.” Judy’s mom directed her glance at my mom.”Well son, in view of what’s happened and, well in getting right to the point, we think that any future c***dren y’all have, should be Jim’s.” Mother held one of my hands and Judy’s mom the other.I was crushed. I had a lump in my throat that felt like a baseball. I couldn’t speak.I had expected my wife to come up with some sort of wild story to lay this on me. Never in my wildest dream did I think our parents would. I was truly speechless. I felt shorter than short.The two women went on to explain how it would be unfair to any more k**s to have a different father.”It would just cause unnecessary sibling rivalry and confusion. Besides it’s clear that Jim and Judy make pretty babies together.” My mother-in-law added. My mom again agreed.I felt so downtrodden and mentally trapped. I was too shocked to say much. It was clear they wanted me to agree with them. I diplomatically replied “I-I’ll leave it up to J-Judy.” I didn’t know what else to say or do anyway.The fact was that Judy really had the upper hand anyway. First I loved her. And second, I couldn’t afford to leave her and then have to pay c***d support off my salary and not be with her and the k**s.Both moms kissed me on the cheek. Judy’s mom went in to have a similar talk with her. Mom and I sat and made some small talk until she told me there was something else she wanted me to know.”Son, another thing, Judy’s mom and I have also decided that unless it’s an emergency, we will not baby-sit for y’all when your wife is out with Jim. We both have come to the conclusion it’s best for you to be home with the c***dren while she’s out dating. It’ll help your bonding with the k**s.”I gave mom a look of disbelief at her statement. I never got a chance to reply to her for it was then that Judy came out and my mom excused herself so we could have some privacy.”Mom told me all about your little chat out here. I’m afraid I agree with them darling. It’s probably best for all our k**s to all have the same real daddy. Don’t you see that as being the best for the c***dren darling?”Judy looked very happy, even gleeful, as she got my reluctant answer. I know I looked very pathetic. She too kissed me as she returned inside the house. I was sure she would go directly to Jim and report the news that our parents had unwittingly helped them in their conspiracy against me. I was sure that I’d reached the bedrock of humiliation and that I couldn’t get disgraced anymore than I had already.ANOTHER EAVESDROPPING EPISODESome weeks later I bought a baby monitor to listen in on our newest family addition, from the baby’s room. It was actual designed as a picture that hung on the wall and not really noticeable as the usual type monitor. My wife was not aware I’d purchased it and neither were the k**s, as nobody was home when I brought it in and placed it on the wall. It just looked like another baby room picture.It was suppose to have excellent range and clarity. It had a tiny remote listening device that doubled as a portable FM-AM Radio with a speaker and an ear plug.While my wife and the k**s were out I thought I’d do some yard work and other chores. As I worked I used the listening device in the radio mode.About an hour later my wife and the k**s came in from the mall.To my surprise Jim was with them. He’d followed them home in his car.As I was in the farthest part of the back yard, I just waived at them and went about my chores.After a few minutes or so, I thought of the baby monitor and the remote monitor listening device. I decided to give it a test as this was the farthest range I’d ever want to use it.Sure enough, I could easily hear the voices and noises from the house over 150 feet away.I easily heard Judy walk into the baby’s room and talked baby talk as she changed him and put him in his crib with a bottle. I also heard her tell the twins it was okay to watch TV. She also told them “Tell Uncle Jim to come here.”Later I heard Jim’s footsteps.”Yeah baby, what you need?””You darling.” I heard her say just after hearing a door being shut. Then there was silence for a moment. Then later the low suction sound of a broken juicy kiss could be faintly heard. I only had praise for the quality of the monitor.”He looks so cute and just like you darling. How many more of your babies do you want me to have?””You really think Jerry is going to put up with me willingly knocking you up again without any pretence?””Jim darling, he knows his place and he knows I’m your woman, even though I’m his wife. I’m yours to impregnate as often as you want. Our folks let him know they preferred you sire the c***dren in this family. Both our moms want lots of grandk**s. Jerry is only going to accept it and has agreed with his mom and mine, that it’s best for all our k**s to all have the same real father.””It’s only been three months babe, so I’m not ready to have you plumped up again so soon. Say why don’t we put a year between `em.””How about eight months?” I heard my wife reply in a sensuous babyish talking tone.”Eight it is. You drive a hard bargain. You little devilish slut.””I’m your baby making slut darling.”There was more silence and once again the soft sucking sound of another juicy kiss breaking.As I listened, my emotions ran from somewhere between just accepting to hating myself that I couldn’t really do anything about what was going on.”Both our moms have told me that we ought to have a least three more babies. Neither sees anything really wrong with me having another half dozen.”I gasped upon hearing that bit of news from my wife and had to take a seat.”Poor Jerry, he’ll have to get a second job to handle the extra mouths, since you’ll be busy home being the loving mom taking care of your brood.””That’s what his father said too when I was over at their house last week. Both knows he’s a wimp and they, like us, get a kind of cheap thrill from dumping on him. We all love him, even though we each do in our own different way. But even his mom says he shouldn’t mind working an extra job or two and ought to be grateful for what you’re doing for him. You know, giving him such handsome and pretty offspring to carry the family name. But I know they’re going to help us out if we need it, since they want me to have the k**s. They want to make sure that Jerry doesn’t think that he doesn’t have to do his part though. My folks feel the same way.”I couldn’t listen anymore. I was too overloaded by what I’d heard. As I sat on a retaining wall in the yard, I pondered my fate and repeatedly asked myself “Why me?”At the same time I cursed myself for the erection I had. Why did I have to get excited from such gross humiliation? Was it Mother Nature’s way of helping me cope with my small prick? My inadequate sexing stamina? My non-confrontational, unpretentious nature? I knew my wife would more than likely not be around to help me take care of it later tonight, that is if she came back home at all tonight. As this was Saturday and it was always reserved for dates with Jim. As usual, I’d be watching the k**s. After putting the k**s to bed, I know I’d probably have to jack off to get some sleep, while Jim would be enjoying the warm wetness of my wife’s lush pussy.A FRIEND VISITSLarry, an old high school friend, who’d moved away from our town years ago, made a surprise visit as he was passing through. Larry was now a Ph.D. and I considered him a genius. He spoke several languages fluently. It was a Saturday evening and I was babysitting and cooking burgers and hot dogs on the grill outdoors for me and “our” k**s. My wife Judy was out with Jim, so I was chief cook and bottle washer. Which was literally true as “our” nine month old son was still on the bottle.I tried to put it out of my mind as I was reliving old memories with my high school chum. However, I still hadn’t quite gotten over fully accepting that my wife was out eagerly trying to get impregnated by Jim, with my full knowledge, if not my full approval.She had basically confirmed, in no uncertain terms, what I’d overheard when eavesdropping on she and Jim, some time back with the baby monitor. That is, when “our” baby son, James, turned eight months or so, they were going to start on a new brother or sister for him and the twins. My wife didn’t bite her lip in the least as she told me. She also added that she for sure had planned to have at least three more k**s – “all from Jim of course” – her words. Additionally, while she was trying to get pregnant, she also let me know that rather than risk a ruptured rubber, sex for me was to be limited to pussy sucking and being jacked off, either by her, or on a do it myself basis.The most tormenting and hurtful thing to me was for both our parents to encourage and endorse my wife’s precautions to ensure that only Jim had the chance to inseminate her.I think the fact that it was done by them with Judy, myself and Jim at the dinner table was the most embarrassing and painful to me. The k**s, except the baby, were playing outdoors.As if that wasn’t bad enough, mom said to Judy “Now don’t let Jerry suck your pussy out until Jim’s cum has had a few minutes to settle.” Her words caused me to almost choke on the apple pie I was eating. I became more flustered and flushed in the face. I didn’t even know our parents knew I sucked my wife’s cunt after Jim fucked her.I felt so small and ridiculed as everyone’s eyes quickly flashed at me.The looks was somewhere between disdain and a cruel mocking smile. Especially those of my father and father-in-law.That discussion left no doubt as to my role of being a truly subjugated cuckold.I mentally came back to the present as I flipped burgers and restarted my conversation with Larry. I was wearing the brown chef’s apron that Jim had given me as a gift, at “our” nine month old son’s baby shower.Larry took an interest in the apron, especially the designs and began translating the multi-language wording. He looked slightly embarrassed as I prodded him to tell me what they meant. He then suggested to me that it must’ve been a prank on someone at one time before it was given to me. Sensing there was a trick to the wording, I lied and told him I’d bought it at a flea market.He advised that I definitely remove the words . When he told me what they said, and the designs implied, I took the apron off, threw it down and turned red as a beet in the process.We both laughed at the incident and then went on to talk about other things.After he left, I bathed the k**s, read them bedtime stories, tucked them in for the night and cleaned up the kitchen. I spotted the apron I’d had taken off hastily. I got angry at what Jim, and my wife had done to me with the apron. But as before, my anger was tempered since I somehow felt I deserved their degradation of me. The mere thought of having worn it at the baby shower, and numerous times since then, gave me an involuntary hard-on. I recalled on more than one occasion how my wife and Jim, her full time lover and real man, would comment on how good I looked in it at various times when I was grilling during a cookout. I was just beginning to recall their unusual smirking smiles, which I’d dismissed numerous times before as just my imagination.I looked at the Cuckoo bird clock designs. Larry told me about the Cuckoo bird. It was a bird with the habit of laying its eggs in another bird’s nest. He said it could be considered a symbol of cuckoldry. The words, on the other hand, when translated, left no doubt as to their meaning. They read:”A better man makes babies in my wife. I change ’em and raise ’em”.###END###

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