the hunt is on

Big Tits

the hunt is onSo, now that I was hooked I had to find a way to get panties on my own. A friend of mine said he was he was going to Best Buy and ask if I wanted to go along. The closest Best Buy is about 30 minutes away and in another town, since I didn’t get to go there often I quickly agreed. As we get near the Best Buy Store we passed a Walmart, a Kohls and a Marshals and I realized they are all just filled with NEW panties. I suggested that when we were finished at Best Buy maybe we should stop by the Kohls, since we do not have one lordbahis güvenilirmi in our town. I told him I wanted to look for new jeans. About half way into the Kohls store I was faced with about a million pairs of panties. He was right with me so I could not even look at them. We went to jeans department and I played like I was looking for my size. I had to get away from him. He said he needed to go to the restroom and walked away. Now was my chance, I headed towards the panties department and I had to lordbahis yeni giriş stop, he was looking at them, touching some of them and walking real slow through that area of the store. I had a pair of jeans in my hand and as soon as he got far enough away I grabbed three pair of bright red panties. I hid them with the jeans and headed to the mens fitting room. I quickly undressed and pulled on a pair of the panties and came all over myself. I had to clean up with my hanky and get out of there as fast as lordbahis giriş I could. I left all three pair of panties in the stall and returned to the jeans department. He was back there by then and said he was ready to check out. He was carrying a package of socks, a printed t-shirt and a package of 3 nylon panties. I didn’t say anything, couldn’t say anything and waited while he payed for his stuff. On the way home we talked about what we had seen at Best Buy but he did not mention his Kohls purchase. He dropped me off at my house and I ran upstairs to my room, grabbed a pair of my panties and headed to my bathroom. I put them on and with a couple of rubs, I quickly came again. Now that I knew where to find panties I had to figure out how to get them.——————————————————————————–

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