The Hunt Part 4


The Hunt Part 4So Many MenBelinda’s lips clenched tight, feeling the hot, wet cock sliding over them. She already had the cock spearing up between her legs and now she had to contend with the cock that was trying to breach her mouth. She could feel the cock painting her lips with the wet cum, a finger prying into the corner of her mouth until she had no choice. Her lips curled up, the man forcing the head of his cock between her pierced lips. The cock was still semi-hard as her lips curled around the thick head.“Lick it clean. You’re pussy will drain them, your mouth will clean them.”Michael shoved his cock farther into her reluctant mouth, hardening as it slid over her hot, wet tongue. A tap to the side of her face and he felt her tongue slide out from beneath his cock and begin the task of licking the dying cum from his cock. He felt a tingle in his balls as his erection continued to grow in her mouth.The cock between her legs felt like it was trying to drive through her body and enter her womb, slamming hard against her cervix with each powerful thrust. She was forced to perform the laborious and disgusting job of cleaning the cock in her mouth, it stirring in her mouth, sliding in and out of her lips as she bathed it with her tongue and spit.“Good job, Belinda. Two cocks for you.” Michael slipped his cock farther into her mouth, enjoying the way she was working on making him erect again. John was pounding away into her pussy, riding her had and fast. Belinda’s blowjob gave them all the stamina to fuck her longer and faster. Wait until she took all three of them buca escort at once. They would ride her hard and fast, moving from hole to hole without cumming until it would feel like one giant cock that was r****g her.She couldn’t move a muscle, tied and spread while two of them fucked her hard. She felt the one in her mouth growing harder, afraid it would fuck her over and over again, each time her mouth forced to bring his erection back to life. He finally pulled out of her mouth, the one inside her finally getting ready to cum, Belinda feeling the head swell, his body stiffening as he jetted his hot cum deep into her body. He pumped her over and over until finally he was drained, feeling his cock slip out of her, a river of cum falling it out. She knew what to expect, another hard cock shoved into her without any preliminaries, the wet cock sliding over her lips until she opened her mouth and took him inside. The one inside her was thicker, sliding in and out, forcing her to open up, relieved at least that he was gliding in and out on the cum the other men had dumped in her. Her mouth was covered in the foul taste of another man’s cum, her tongue lathering it up with spit.Sam fucked her slowly, drawing out his orgasm. He looked at her sucking John’s cock; his would be next, once he came into her. Her pussy was hot and tight, in spite of Sam and Michael cumming into her. His hands slid under her ass, drawing her body up so he could fuck deeper inside her, rotating her hips, her muscles gripping his cock so nicely. His fingers dug into her buca escort bayan cheeks, pulling them apart, fucking her hard.She felt her ass cheeks pulled apart, feeling her anus straining open by the pull of his strong fingers. His belly was slapping against her as he fucked her too hard, but she couldn’t do anything or say anything, her mouth still full of the other ones cock. She tried to clench her buttocks shut, but his fingers were too strong, inching closer to her anal ring, already straining to keep shut. “MMMGGGG,” she tried to protest when a finger strayed over her anus, but the cock in her mouth only pushed in deeper, choking her. She felt the finger probing at her anal ring, the muscles going into spasms from the unnatural touching. She should have expected this.Sam felt her new enthusiasm when his finger pressed against her asshole, not so much enthusiasm but trying to escape his probing finger, but the tight bondage served him well, keeping her spread and open to whatever he wanted to do to her. His finger pressed against the tight knot of her asshole, her sweat making it easy as he put a relentless pressure on the muscle. He felt her slowly opening, her anal ring forced to open to accept his finger as he began to penetrate her asshole. Her pussy tightened harder onto his cock as his finger pushed into her asshole, her body driving up to meet his cock in her pussy. Her cries of protest were only mumbled sounds, John’s cock filling her mouth. His finger wiggled up her asshole until the tip was deep into her rectum, her escort buca muscles rippling along the fingertip in protest.He was trying to split her up the middle with his finger, Belinda forced up onto the cock inside her, trying to escape the finger that wormed its way up into her backside like a tiny a****l. Her hips were moving as far as they could, anything to keep the finger from going deeper inside her.“You got her moving nice. What are you doing to her?” Michael saw her squirming beneath Sam as though she was enjoying the fucking.“You can control a woman with just one finger. As long as it’s up her ass. This one is so tight, and it makes her pussy clench so nicely on my cock. I’m not going to last much longer.” Sam fucked her hard and fast, his finger never stop moving in her asshole, feeling the way her muscles rippled in protest, knowing how it would feel when his finger was replaced by his cock and he could sodomize her.Finally, the cock was taken from her mouth, but the finger stayed buried in her backside, never stopping, pushing hard against he soft muscles in her rectum. She could feel his knuckles stretching her anal ring, sliding in and out. His cock finally jetted inside her, blasting her with his hot cum. It was long minutes before he pulled his cock out, the finger following. She opened her mouth, not needing to be told. He made her stick her tongue out, his cock sliding all over it, coating it with his thick crème. She finally took it into her mouth, sucking on the head, her tongue licking it until it was clean and already hard. He pulled out of her mouth. She felt her hands and legs released from the bed, hoping they were finished with her and she would be set free. Then she heard those words.“Flip her on her belly. Only tie her hands. I want her legs free so I can feel the action when I sodomize her.”To be continued

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