The Incident


The Incident
The Incident

**She was released from the hospital just that morning. She had called her girlfriend to come over and that they would go out to their favorite fetish bar. She spent all morning in the bathroom. After showering she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Though the swelling had gone down both her eyes were still black. She had two stitches in her lip from where it was busted open. Her right and left cheeks were severely bruised and sore to the touch. The punch to the nose didn’t break her nose but it did make it bleed severely. She sat down and opened up her legs so she could look at her ass. Her ass was bruised and sore all way around the opening. She had at least three stitches from where they split the skin a little.**

**Though she was battered and sore she wanted to go out. She wanted to spend her first night from the hospital at her favorite fetish bar. She picked her favorite latex outfit. She placed the latex panties on and then the matching garter belt. She then placed her latex stockings on. She looked at how shiny and wet they looked against her skin. She walked to the window that overlooked the city and begins to look out and got lost in thought. She was brought around by the doorbell.**

** She answered the door and it was her friend Alisa. Oh my God. She said I didn’t realize it was that bad. They went back to where her clothes were. What happened she asked. She began to tell Alicia the story. You had just dropped me off at my flat. As I was inserting the key. Four men grabbed me. They dragged me down the stairwell to the parking garage. They threw me into a van and sped off.**

** I tried to run for the door but was backhanded back up against the van wall. I tried a second time and he punched me in the nose. Blood ran from my nose. The masked assailant held up his hands. Then he said these gloves are filled with sand. If you don’t want more of the same you will stay the fucked down. They threw me a rag. I held it on my nose. I laid there wondering where they were taking me and what was going to happen to me. There was something on the rag and I felt lightheaded. She told Alicia. The next thing I knew I was waking up and bound. My wrist was cuffed and hooked into a spreader bar. I was raised onto my tiptoes.**

** When they saw I was awake. The man standing in the corner hollered she’s awake. After telling them. He began to remove his close. I could see coming into the door single file 20 men. That includes the one in the corner. With nothing on but boots and latex shorts that their cocks were sticking out of and a mask. All of them wearing laced on latex hoods. I could feel I was wearing my latex hood. I looked down I could see I was still dressed. The 20 men surrounded me. They started calling me a slut, whore, cunt. I even heard piss whore. They removed my skirt. You’ll stay dressed for this. Then he took a knife and cut a slit into my latex panties. The leader of the gang said don’t worry whore and tapping her pussy. We are not gonna touch your pussy. They brought out two blocks of wood about 12 inches long.**

**They stood me on them and lowered me down so I was squatting. He reaches back and patted my ass hole. Were going to take your ass he said. All 20 of us. Were going to fuck you like the whore you are and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom. He told her to do it there. You not going anywhere you fucking cunt. I held it as long as I could and then I peed and shited on the floor. One of the men wiped my ass and then stuffed that rag in my mouth. Spit that rack out! The leader said. He was holding a large ballgag and he shoved it in my mouth. We don’t need to hear this horse scream.**

**I was then removed from my restraints and move to a fucking table. I was forced to lay on my back. They push my legs back towards my chest and tied them as wide as they would go. I was at the perfect angle for them to fuck me in the ass. They tied my wrists together and then pulled them back over my head stretching me tight. All the gang members spat on my ass. Then the leader took his large cock and inserted it into my ass. I screamed with pain through my ball gag. As it penetrated. How big was the cock? Alicia asked. I saw them as they came in with their hard Cocks bouncing. Not one of them under 9 1/2 inches long and at least 2 1/2 to 3 inches in circumference. Alicia’s eyes bugged out and she said wow.**

**The leader shoved his cock as deep as he could go into my ass. I screamed in pain with every stroke of his cock. They kept backhanded me with those leather gloves telling me to shut the fuck up. I could feel both my eyes starting to swell. The leader hatefully shoving his cock into me and calling me whore and slut as he did. The leader grabbed my hips and increased his pumping into my ass. I could feel his cock pulling at my ass hole. He would occasionally spit on me to lubricate his cock some. He would raise his hands and slapped me hard with his gloved hands against my pelvis, belly, and tits.**

**The closer the leader got to orgasm the rougher he got. I could feel the warmth of my skin from all the beating he was doing. He growled loudly leaned over and grabbed my tits and squeezed and pulled them as he came deep inside my ass. He continued to pump until his cock softened and slipped out. The leader steps aside in the next steps up. The leader strikes me hard in the middle of my stomach and takes my breath away. Geez, Alicia said. With all the strikes to my face, I could feel my nose bleeding. Plus my lips stung from being split and bleeding into my mouth.**

**All the hatred coming from there fucking my ass was so incredibly painful. One after the other took my ass and with only spit fuck to me until they came. Some of them would piss on my face and chest. Three of them squatted on my face and covered me in s**t. I could taste it dripping into my mouth from around the ball gag. Each man shoved his cock in and out until they came deep inside my ass. Their hatred was palatable. As they fucked me they would beat me with their gloved hands. By the time the last one came in my ass. The others had there cocks all ready to go again. The leader ordered one of them to hose me off.**

** He came back with a powerful water hose. I choked on the water as it hit my nose. Once my entire body was hosed off. They started again. The leader shoved his stiff cock into the hilt. I felt his balls slapped my backside. As he fucks me he told me he hated me because I was nothing more than a fucking whore. He beat me as he fucked my ass. I could feel my tits getting sore from the abuse and my nipples being pinched and tugged on. He rammed his cock one last time deep into my pussy and hit me hard enough to take my breath away as he did.**

** The leader stepped out of my sight as the next guy began to force his cock into my ass. The leader soon came back and knelt just behind my head. He had a plastic trash bag. Whore your screaming too much. With that, he took the plastic bag and held it over my face. Alicia sitting there not believing what she heard. Their leader would bring me to the edge of passing out. Then remove the bag and slap my face hard to wake me back up. He did this over and over as each man took a second turn at my ass. Every time I was about to pass out. He’d remove it and slap me hard on the face and chest and tits.**

**And you said every one of them hated you? Alicia asked. Yes, they all hated me. You can tell him the way they were fucking my ass with such hatred. It seems my screaming and crying egged them on. They left 40 loads in my ass hole. My body was bruised and battered and my ass hole was sore. It felt like the skin was split a little. Then they’d unhooked me from the table. I can feel their load sloshing inside my ass. As I was dragged to the center of the room. I thought it was over then. I just had 20 Men fucked my ass brutally and relentlessly. I don’t know if it was blood or cum leaking out of my ass and down my leg. Before they untied me they covered me again in piss in s**t. The ball gag and my mask was completely covered in piss in s**t.**

**Like I said. I thought it was over. Because the rest had left the room. I was sadly mistaken. He placed his gloves back on his hands and proceeded to beat me. My wrists were tied and then my hands over my head. I could not move away. He struck me repeatedly in the face chest stomach and Knocking my breath away. I was dazed when he put my skirt back on and cut me down. He picked me up and threw me over the edge of the table. Then he held me down and put the end of the powerful hose up my ass. Then he pulled the trigger and began to hose out my ass. Screaming at me and telling me that I’m nothing more than a worthless cunt. He said he will not leave any proof of what happened. When he was satisfied that he got all the cum out of my ass he dragged me to the bathroom.**

**He released my wrists and left me in the bathroom. I Weakly got up after a few minutes to take a shower. Thinking about what happened I couldn’t help myself. I had to masturbate and bring myself off to what just happened. Alicia gave her a questionable look. This was ****, wasn’t it? Alicia asked. She looked at Alicia and said. Yes, and as she turned around Alicia caught a small grin on her face. Alicia wonders what this was all about. Was it a set up for one of her fetishes or was it a real ****? Is that all Alicia asked? No. After a bit. He came in. I assume he was cleaning up the place. Because I heard a lot of noise going on.**

**He came in and wrapped a bag around my face. In my weakened state, I could not put up much of a fight. I soon passed out. As I started to wake up. I heard the door of the van open up. I was shoved half-conscious into what looked like a parking lot. That was the emergency room door area Alicia said. They just dumped you and the emergency room. Alicia said. Yes, you answered. You wouldn’t talk to the police Alicia asked. Now they all were wearing masks. So I could not identify them. Okay. Let’s get going and stop talking I want to have a party my first night out for the hospital.**

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