The Landlady


The LandladyShe was of Mexican decent with beautiful brown tan skin, early 40’s, 5 ft 5 inches tall, with breast that stood like two ripe melons and a full head of red hair (like Peggy Bundy) with blue eyes. As I would find out later a 44-30-42 44G breast. Her husband died leaving her this place. When the family on the first floor moved. She moved in. So it began, her name is Tina.During the warm spring sun. I would find her tending to a fruit garden she had made in the backyard. Most of the time she wore tee shirt with shorts. Her tan skin was toasting under the afternoon sun. As she continued her shirt became increasing wet with sweet. While I sat at my window of my bedroom wondered what it lick her sweet off of her. As I start licking my lips and start rubbing my dick. Not knowing {so I thought} that I was looking she took off her top and I saw her tits. Then I grabbed a pair of binoculars to examine her fine body closer. With her tits swaying back and forth. My eyes saw all her BBW characteristics with a unbelievable hour glass figure, what a show she displayed. When rent time came. I braced against my rent “hitting the roof” or having the real possibility of moving. But Tina had other plans. As I handed her my rent check she took by the wrist and pulled me in. As Tina was holding the phone with the other hand. She was wearing a thin blouse that is cut real low that show off her irresistible breast. Her pants was thin from wear, they were tight outlining every curve and shaped around a sexy butt. I enjoyed watching those tits sway and wobble and her hips move.After she finished on the phone she hugged me. “Ahhh that feels wonderful” she said. It has been a long time. I though the trill had gone away never to return. This women would not mind a hug like that all the time. I’m a woman who wants to explore much more than my husband care to give. I long for a black stud like you to take part in my fantasies. Are you game or scared? If you are scared, walk out that door now, consider this your notice to move. It’s your chose.” As I look at her froze by what my landlord just said. I did not want to move nor was I expecting becoming a sex play thing for her enjoyment. I want to tell her that I have been lusting for her since she displayed her body in the back yard. But that was my secret! As I refuse to leave but I did not know what she had in mind. “OK let me have a closer look at your body. Strip right here and now so I may inspect the goods.” As she sat with her hand to her chin as I strip. Once nude she asked me to spin around then bend showing her my ass checks. As I feel her hands all over my ass, inspecting my dick and balls. Then she asked “how long have you been secretly spying on me? I seen you, so there is no reason to lie. It might make easier on you if you do not. Are you my peeping Tom. I though of calling the police”. “Please don’t anything but the police?”. I was embarrassed and shock by her actions and her statement. But it was true. As I confessed my crime and şişli escort pleaded for her mercy not the justice from the police. “Then you must prove to me that you want what coming to you” she said. Just then a cold chill ran through my body. As I fell to my knees and again begging for mercy. “Wait in the closet while I decide your fate” she added. In the next several hours of waiting I relived waiting for a jury that I am still on parole from. When she open the door. “Well it looks like I have a toy to play with” She said as she chuck. Tina had a short Satin & lace black robe on with a pair of “Daisy Dukes” denim shorts. My eyes were fixed on how these pair of jeans and robe could hold so much without busting. “You are now a slut, for my enjoyment. You are mine lock stock and barrel.“You will fuck me like the Peeping Tom slut you are. In fact that will be your new name Peeping Tom slut”. Let me hear you say your new name “Peeping Tom slut” I repeated in a low voice”. “I can’t hear you” she barked. “Peeping Tom slut” I repeated with my head down. She grabbed my hair, pulled my face up and got in my face and said “I still can’t hear you”. In my normal voice I said “Peeping Tom slut”. “And don’t you forget it” she said. Then she takes a pair of dirty panty and stuff it into my mouth. As she grabbed by balls and squeezed as I feel her sharp fingernail dug deep into my flesh. Which made me buckle at the knees. Then she said “are you sure you want me and not the police? I was in too much pain to say anything. When she moved her attack north to my nipples. Where her teeth bite, grind, pulled and twisted each of my nipples. Then she stopped and said, “you have the makings to be a good slut”. As my body rested from her assault. This is how it began.Our next time together we went to dinner and then to a hotel room so that we can have some space to work. As we arrive at the room I was order to strip, fall on my knees and put my hands behind my head. Then she laugh and said, “First your lips must become acquainted with my breast and pussy. I can’t wait to cum in your slutty mouth. Go to the bed. I want you to lie on the bed on your back with your head hanging over the edge. I’m going to lower myself onto your face and grind my sweet pussy against you until I bathe your face in cum.” As I lay on my back with my face hanging off the edge she come out of the darkness she was nude. With my head in this position everything is up side down as she comes closer but my lips were wet with anticipation. Then she stuffs one of her tits in my mouth as she says “Peeping Tom slut, make me hard, you bad boy!”. As she runs her nails across my stomach. It was not long before both her breast became has hard as a rock.Then she grabs my head and pushes my face right into her wet pussy. My arms are held down on the bed my her hands then in Spanish Tina said “Chupar en esta su sucia puta”. Which means “suck on this your dirty whore”!! Then a few seconds later “you can do better than that can’t you şişli escort bayan … we will be here all night at this rate”. As I began to work faster with her pussy, eventually she started to moaned her approval. Soon her juices began to flowed into my waiting mouth as I lapped it up. Like it was my last meal.“Now to your ass needs cleaning duty. Do a good job and you might be rewarded. Then I proceeded to clean her asshole with my tongue. Tina said to me, “That’s it baby tell me you love cleaning my ass.” She added, “let me hear you worship my asshole while you lick me clean.” I replied, “Oh I love licking your ass, your ass is so good.” In a few minutes Tina was satisfied. A few days later I was relaxing in my apartment. Then I heard the tornado warning horn. A few minutes later the wind picked up and when I heard sleet hit the window. I knew we were in for a bad night. Just then there was a knock on my door. When I open the door it was Tina. With her standing in the hallway my eyes was caught off guard with her voluptuous BBW frame. And a aroma that most men would die to inhale. She had a look on her face that was unforgettable. “Are you going to let me in? ” she asked. But I wanted to down her where she stood. “Ever since I was young I have been scared of bad weather” she continued. As she walked walked past me is saw her butt and breast jiggle with each step. My temptation was to reach and feel that butt while it jiggled like jello. When I turned on a light for her. She asked, “Are you cooking?” she asked. “Yes, I have to check on it .. be right back” I said. When I returned she raised one foot and sat it in the love seat. Displaying her pussy to me. With one finger from each hand she pointing to her pussy. She said “would you like this for desert?” I had other plans “I have a better idea … what about the main meal instead?” “Then take me my black stud” she said. Then she reached out her arms towards me and said “Come and give me another one of those hugs?” As I took off my clothes and walked towards her and our hands met. I wrapped my hands around her back then our chest meet. We both felt a closeness that we never felt before. Suddenly I knew I was not her Pepping Tom but at least for this stormy afternoon Tina is my hot Mexican sex stave lover. After a long sexual hug then we kissed at first they were quickies, quickly they became longer and more sexual stimulating. Then we separated but my hand stayed clamped to her firm ass cheeks. As she continued, “every time my ex had sex with me, it got boring doing it the same way every time. I wondered if there was a man who could sexually challenge me. This is just how I dreamed it would be as I lay on my back while my ex fucked me. Then after a few seconds turn over and fall asleep. I guess he thought he satiated both of us but he did not! And I did not let him know any different. He left me hanging, fingering my pussy until I was satiated. While he laid fast asleep. From our fist encounter I knew you were mecidiyeköy escort bayan the one. That you can wake up the passion that still lives inside me. The passion my ex almost killed. And never knew he was committing murder. The murder of this woman’s sexually.” I was surprise at this revelation. I was lost when there was a devilish glint in her eye. Her light goldenrod color skin, and brown nipples were calling me, as her scent filled the room. As I hugged Tina again. Tina softly bite my ear lobe, again another surprise. As her red hair softly rested against my shoulder. I cupped her breast in my hand. They were as soft as cotton. With my finger playing with one nipple. I put the other breast into my mouth. As she said “YESSSSSSSSSSSS” !!!! Then she went down to her knees and found my dick. She began sucking me slowly and deliberately, as her hands reached up and roamed over my chest. I gave in to her advances. As my dick gave a health supply of cum. As she accepts every drop. As I saw it go down her throat with each swallow.Then while my dick was limp from cumming she puts my dick between her tits. As her tit envelope my dick, as she uses her warm tits to stimulate me. She would move her beautiful body, riding my cock with her tits. Her big breasts, tit-fucking my cock between those immense mounds of flesh. Until it was ready for the next round. Then she said “it has been too long since I have been wanting a real man”.It was not long before as we went hand to hand into the bedroom for more sex. As we get to the bed she pushes me down and climbs on top. While Tina hold my hands above my head with one hand. The other is pumping my dick. And our lips meet again in wild kissing. Until Tina push my dick into between her pussy lips. My cock slowly completely disappears as Tina’s pussy swallow my cock whole as she starts to pump her ass up and down.Just as I start to cum in her pussy. Tina hops up and rapidly spins around to face and with my cock still shooting cum; she grabs it and jams it into her ass. Then her weight came down smashing my cock, felt incredible. It was my pleasure to be a participant in this women sexual fantasy. During this stormy night. Or in fact any night. It felt so wonderful as this BBW fucks me with a passion like no other have before. The next thing I heard was the birds chirping like they do every morning just before day. After a good period of sex we had fallen asleep “filled to the brim”. Tina was still sleeping so I proceeded to slowly open her legs and quickly position myself and starter to kiss her thighs licking her wet juicy pussy until she started moaning and woke up. Now that is how to wake a woman! With my lips between her legs. “Do you know you are one prize fucker. When can I have more? ” she said. “Anytime… any place …. I’ll be there” I said.Then we realizing what happen, we had enjoyed sex all night. With no regrets. She thanked me for a showing her how it felt to be satisfy. We promised to continue where we left off soon and kissed, as she left. Tina finally found the man she had been needing. A man who could touch her high sexual needs and challenge her intense feeling. This is the first night of many we would spend together. This began a rapturous relationship. For both of us.

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