The maids first time – part 1


The maids first time – part 1
Sally had wanted to be a proper maid for so long, she had dressed in her maids dress many times but always on her own on so she could be watched on cam but she had never dressed in the company of others. A chance meeting in a chat room had led to this night and the opportunity Sally had been waiting for, for such a long time. She was told that she looked great and the admirer asked if Sally had ever been a maid for real. Sally replied that she hadn’t but had always wanted to. The admirer asked if she was free next Tuesday because he was having some friends round and I could really use a maid to serve drinks and food and keep his friends happy.
Sally found that tempting and said she would really like to do that. The admirer, who was later to tell Sally his name was Richard, told Sally he was going to make her wish come true and did she know the Old Rectory on the Oxford Road? Sally said she did and Richard told her to be there the following Tuesday at 6.30pm dressing in her maids dress but to wear a coat over the top.
The following Tuesday Sally got out of the bath at around 4.00pm, having washed carefully and shaved completely. She dried herself and then rubbed in body lotion all over. Looking at her naked body in the mirror Sally had to admit she looked good and ran her hands over her smooth skin one more time. She sat, naked, in front of the dressing table mirror and attached a new set of false nails which she then painted a seductive bright red that she had chosen to match her lipstick. She turned to the bed and standing up she slowly started to put on the new underwear she had been saving, it was a lovely black lace set with full back panties but with high cut legs. The suspender belt was first to go on followed by the stockings, Sally had thought long and hard about the stockings but in the end decided against the black fishnets in favour of the sheer black lace top stockings with the seam. She was very careful to get the seam straight on both stockings and the 6-strap suspender belt finished off the look well. The panties were next and finally the bra, Sally turned and looked in the full length mirror, she looked wonderful and was sure she would please the people at the party that night.
Next was the make up, quite full Sally thought and put on the base coat of the foundation, as it dried she moved to her eyes and put on several shades of pink from light to dark, which made her eyes look very good. This was followed by eyeliner and finally the false eyelashes she has been dying to wear. The foundation was now dry and so face powder was followed by blusher and finally the red lipstick that matched the nail varnish, Sally looked in the mirror and was very pleased with the result. She tool her wig off the stand, it had to be the shoulder length blonde one with just a feint curl tonight, and she pulled it on and gave her hair a last brush.
Next came the dress and then the full petticoat which made the skirt of the dress stick out at a good 45 degrees and rustled as she walked. This was followed by a small pinafore and the final touch was a pink flower which was to go in her hair. Finally the black patent heels with the 5 inch heels completed the outfit. It was time for a final look in the mirror and Sally saw the whole outfit and she was more pleased than she could have been with her look, right down to the slight glimpse of stocking top below her petticoat. She was ready.
Sally had ordered a taxi for 6.15pm, it had taken her 2 hours to get ready, so she went downstairs, checked the doors were locked and put on her coat, she didn’t have to wait long for the taxi. The driver made conversation and wondered if it was a fancy dress party she was going to, Sally said it was to keep him happy and to avoid any further questions and they were soon at the Old Rectory. She got out of the car, showing a little more stocking than she had planned, gave the driver a £20 note and walked to the door. Ringing the bell she heard footsteps and the door was opened by Richard, he said he thought that the staff usually used the back door and winked at Sally before asking her in and taking her coat. Richard took a long look at Sally and Sally asked if she was what he wanted. Richard couldn’t take his eyes off Sally, particularly her legs and stockings, and the growing bulge in his trousers told Sally that she was exactly what he wanted.
Calling her through to the kitchen Richard showed Sally the food that was to be served and the drinks that she was to offer to the guests. He instructed her that firstly she was to make sure they all had a drink and it was to be topped up at regular intervals, that she was not to serve the food until told by him and finally, and most importantly, Sally was to look after the needs of every guest, male or female and to give them whatever they asked for. Sally was both excited and nervous but really looking forward to her first time as a proper maid.
Just before 7 the bell rang and Richard indicated that Sally should open the door and let the first guests in. As she opened the door Sally saw the first two guests standing there, Robert had a tight red shirt on with the first 3 buttons undone, black trousers and black shoes with no socks, she thought he looked very sexy. Sue was a little shorter than Robert but had a wonderful pair of breasts, 38DD Sally guessed, but she had a good view of them as Sue’s dress was tight and sheer and it was clear she had no bra on and only a small pair of panties, hold up stockings and 6 inch strappy heels. This was going to be quite a night and Sally couldn’t wait to see how the evening was to develop …………….. to be continued.

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