The Neighbor


The Neighbor
One day after school i was going home on a different route. I don’t use that road often. When i passed my neighbors’ house i heard some one calling my name. I turned around, looked left and right no one was there. Then i saw my neighbor coming towards me and called me.

Let me describe her. She was a bit tall and had huge tits. A bit of belly but average size to a women that age. She was around 30-35. her tits were dd i think and had a round ass. She makes me hard every time i see her. She have two k**s but she is pretty. Her husband was in Japan. He comes three four times a year and doesn’t stay more than a week. She always make phone calles to him after she dropped her c***dren to the school. She was a house wife by the way. She always get trouble with her phone and laptop. She used to call me to.fix them. That day she was having a trouble with her laptop. I was also horney that day. She was very loyal to her husband. I knew she was not into sex very much but i wanted to ask her for sex. I said “i will fix this but you have pay me” i used to fix her things for free because she was our neighbor. My mom won’t let me take money. So she said “ok how much it would be”. I said “who said i want money”. She got confused. She sad a blank face. After a moment of silence she asked “what do you want then?” I said ” i want you to have sex with me” she got shocked. She was sitting in front of me. She stud up. And yelled “what were you thinking ahh? Did you think i would do anything to get my laptop fixed? You are crazy. You need to leave now. NOWWW ” she pointed at the door. I was looking down the whole time she yelled at me. I took my bag and left. I didn’t even looked at her face. I didn’t got any feeling while i am asking her that. But i got scared after leaving. Will she tell my mom? That’s the question came to my mind. I thought about it all the time.

After a few days i used that road again. I didn’t remember the thing happened a few days ago. When i reached that house i remembered it. I didn’t even look over there. I came home. I entered the house. I saw that women in the house talking to my mom. I got shocked. My mom saw me. She said “come here young man?”. Young man mom never called me that. I said ” why mom? Is there anything wrong?” Mom said “no she has a problem with her computer” looking at the neighbor. I said “ok i will fix that after i had a shower. It is really hot out there”. My neighbor said “ohh yes it is really hot”. I went to take a shower. After the shower i went to fix the laptop. I opened it and started to doing my things. Then my mom said “i want to go to the supermarket. Would you like to join me ?” My neighbor said “i have to ask him something about this computer”. Mom said “ok i will be back in a hour or two”. My mom left. I was alone with the women who rejected me. I didn’t even look at her. Then i felt something hot fell on my cock. I looked at it. Then i saw her hand on my cock. She started to rub it from out side. I looked at her. She was looking at the screen. I said “what are you doing?”. She said “what you want me to do.”. I said “but you said no that day why?”. She said “i got confused. I always wanted to have sex with you. But i didn’t ask. I thought you will reject me.” I said “ok then” and i looked at the screen. She took my cock out and gave me a hand job. I told her “this it not enough.give me a blow job” she said “you want me to put your cock inside my mouth” i said “don’t you like it” she said “i would love to taste it”. Then she bend over and took my cock inside her mouth. I was amazed to see how flexible she was. Then she said “ohhh this is so delicious”. I stoped my work and started to touch her tits. She said “don’t stop the work. Fix it fast. I need to go home. My k**s will be home soon”. I said “it will be over soon. Only your part is left.”. Then she started to suck my cock hard and fast. I wanted to cum. I said “i am going to cum. Here it comes.”. She sucked even harder and faster. I cumed in her mouth. She licked it all and sucked it more. Then she got up. A drop of cum was on her face. She took it into her finger and putted it in her mouth. She was enjoying the drop. She said “this is so tasty. I will have some more in the future”. I smiled and said “ok when you want you just have to call me”. She also smiled and said “is it finish now”. I said “yes. It is ok now”. She gave me miss on my cheek and said thank you. She left. After about 20 mins my mom came home. She doesn’t have a clue what was happened.

In the evening we received a phone call. My mom picked it up. I was in my room playing a video game. She came to my room and said “the laptop you fixed has a problem. The neighbor called. Please visit” i said ok and went there. I rang the door bell. She opened the door and putted her head out. She asked “are you alone”. I said “yes”. Then she told me to come inside. I went and looked at her. She was completely naked. Then i realized it was a fake call there is no problem with the laptop. She started talking. “You told me if i wanted more in the future, give you a call.” I realized she want to have sex with me. I said “yes i did” she came closer and hugged me. Started kissing. I hugged her tight and kissed her. I was hard then. I started to touch her ass. She didn’t say anything. She continued the kissing. After a minute or two she braked the kissing. Our lips were fixed together. We had to pull a bit to brake it up. The she said “you cannot go to bed like this” i asked “why what’s wrong with me?”. She said “you have to be naked baby?”. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and set on the sofa. She said “come here. Start undressing in front of me. I asked “what about your k**s”. She said “they won’t be here until 9”. I went there and took of my shirt and my short. I was completely naked in front of her she told me to come closer. I stepped two steps forward. Then she started to suck my cock again. It didn’t took long me to cum inside her mouth. After she licked all of my cum. I kneeled down. She raised her legs and spread them to give me more access to her pussy. It was a bold pussy. And her pussy was so wet. I started to touch it gently. She started to yell “ohhhhh your touch me so horney. It fells so good baby. Eat my pussy”. I knew she was horney. I started to lick it she mummed all the time. I started to put my tongue in her pussy as far as i could. She yelled “ohhh if your tongue makes me this much happy i cannot imagine how much your cock can make me happy”. I smiled while licking her pussy. I think i licked her pussy for 30 mins. At once she grabbed my head and pulled it to her pussy. I knew she is going to cum. I started to suck it hard. Then she cummed in my mouth. I didn’t swallow it. I kept her cum in my mouth and stud up. I grabbed her neck and pulled her. Then i started to spit her cum in side her mouth. She oped her mouth. I spited all in her mouth. Then i released her. She swallowed all her cum and said “you make me so horney. Please fuck me hard. I didn’t had sex in 2 years”. I said “what about your husband?”. She said “he is in to his work. He doesn’t even care”. I grabbed her hair and pulled it down then i kissed her on the lips.

We went to bed. She went to the middle. I climbed to the bed and started to kiss her neck. She looked up to give me more space. She grabbed my head and laied on the bed. I climbed on her. And laied on her body. It a bit sweaty. I move to her tits from the neck. I sucked her nipples and licked the entire tits. I kneeled down and she spreaded her legs. I rubbed my dick around her pussy and putted it in. It was wet and tight. I grabbed from her tits. She putted her hands on my ass. I started to fuck her slowly. She yelled “ohhhhhh this feels good. I want to fuck all day” i slowly increased my speed. She started to mumm and increased her mumming speed. After about 10 mins we changed the position. I laied on the bed and she came on me. I grabbed her tits. She grabbed my hands. Then we fucked for some time. Then i grabbed her waist. But she didn’t stop fucking. I saw her tits going up and down. It made me cum but i stoped her fucking and hugged her so tight. Then i kissed her. Her tits were against my chest i could feel her tits and heart beat. Her heart was pounding so fast. She breathed heavily and i could feel her warm breath on my face. I got a bit relaxed and i could fuck more. We went to doggy style and fucked some time. Again she came on me and lined her pussy with my cock. After about 20 min i yelled “I am going to cum” she also yelled with heavy breath ” i am cumming too cum with me” i couldn’t hold any longer. I shot a load of cum in her pussy. Then she also stoped. She said “i can feel your hot cum in my pussy”. She laid on me with my cock in her pussy. She was so sweaty so was i. But we hugged each other. I got a phone call from mom. I looked at the clock. It was 6 pm. I came here at 4 pm. It was a two hour sex. I answered the phone and said i am coming in a bit it is almost over. I hugged her so tight and kissed her. She said “i can go another round now”. I was also hard but i was late. Mom would kill me if i was late again. I said ” i would love to go another round but i am late. I have to go now”. She said “some other time then”. I said “yes some other time”. She rolled over me and i gave her my cock to suck for a bit. Then i dressed up. She was still naked. She opened the door. I went out side and hugged her naked body. She was so worm. She said while hugging “i am gonna miss you so much tonight”. I broke the hugging and said “me too”. I started to walk my way home. Then she said “see you again soon lover”. I turned back and smiled. Then i walked home. My mom asked me “what took you so long”. I said it was a big one and i had to finish it”. She said ok. Then i went to take a shower.

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